Though unverified, the Upsilon Sigma Phi “leaks” are EASY to believe

Lots of buzz lately around the reported leaked group messages purportedly exposing hideous evidence of ingrained misogyny, racism, and criminal intent within the erstwhile illustrious Upsilon Sigma Phi (Upsilon) fraternity.

Yael Toribio, Student Council Chair and Upsilon member in the University of the Philippines where Upsilon is based had this to say…

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“In this light, I have tendered my leave of absence with my fraternity until those involved are identified and further proven to be members, and until this abhorrent and antiquated culture no longer exists,” read part of Toribio’s statement on Facebook.

“This is not the fraternity I joined. This is not the Imperative of Service that I joined for and I uphold in whatever I do,” he said.

One wonders, though, what it actually means to be on “leave of absence” from a fraternity you’ve sworn under pain of violent hazing to be unconditionally loyal to. What the USC and liberaldom should really be calling for is the total abolition of fraternities in Philippine universities. Fraternities in the Philippines are far more known for their toxic culture and deadly “rumbles” than any of the “civic” initiatives they undertake primarily for public relations (PR) purposes.

Thus, the bigger question is: Are fraternities really worth the trouble of tolerating?

This recent scandal brings this question squarely to the fore and right in the midst of an explosive “debate”. Out of the bowels of Upsilon have come some of the biggest names in Philippine business and politics. No less than the late national “hero” former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr and the late former President Ferdinand E Marcos are Upsilonian “brods”. Indeed, it is even quite ironic that Toribio, a chair of the UP Student Council (USC) which has long been known to be no more than yet another thinly-disguised front of the Communist Party of the Philippines, is also a “brod”. Well, to be fair, the USC is no different to Upsilon, both of which have long histories of pretending to be things they are actually not.

It’s high time Filipinos direct a bit more modern critical scrutiny into what are now mere historical curiosities in their higher education systems, with special mention of the University of the Philippines, the country’s premiere state university. While we are on Upsilon’s case, we may as well give equal critical thought to the future of the USC itself which finds itself guilty by transitivity seeing that it is headed by an Upsilon “brod”.

Funny how things come full circle. It happens when intellectual dishonesty underpins one’s ideology and culture.

16 Replies to “Though unverified, the Upsilon Sigma Phi “leaks” are EASY to believe”

  1. >> ingrained misogyny, racism, and criminal intent within the erstwhile illustrious Upsilon Sigma Phi (Upsilon) fraternity.

    Sooo … pretty much like Filipino society in general then?

    Secret societies, fraternities, and “bands of brothers” are very common in low-trust societies. This country is awash with them, and they exist for a reason: when you live in a place where it’s every man for himself, and nobody understands basic civilized concepts like “co-operation for mutual benefit”, a sensible way to survive is to form affiliations with synthetic “families”.

    If the culture were different, fraternities and the like just wouldn’t exist, because they would serve no useful purpose.

    1. Secret societies, fraternities, and “bands of brothers” are very common in low-trust societies. This country is awash with them, and they exist for a reason…

      This is so spot on!

      1. And as the “rationally minded” thinker masturbates himself to his imaginary superiority, he simply reveals himself to be what he truly is: A nihilist.

        Forget about all your high minded talk about intelligence or making the Filipino competitive or claiming to try to knock sense into your fellow man.

        All you care about is looking superior to everyone else while not lifting a finger from your comfy chair while the world burns.

        Must feel good to be smart, ey?

        It’s shit like this that makes people in all walks of life and politics agree with Pol Pot in killing the intellectuals. Now hybridize that apporach with Pinochet’s targetted killings and we’ll get the benefits of removing IYIs from the population without the brain drain and population quality drop that comes from indiscriminate smart people killing.

    2. Triggered much.


      No wonder you lot are such fools.

  2. I have never been a member of any fraternity, when I was in college. I was called: ‘the barbarian”, by those fraternity members. Fraternities are no more than gangs now, or mafiosis. Before you are accepted as a member, you are beaten up by those ” fraternity thugs”, sometimes , people are beaten up to the point of being murdered.

    Anyway, where are those fraternity boys, who murdered an applicant member ? Were they prosecuted ?

    I have a relative , who became a frat member. He told me, it helped him in his profession as a lawyer. His fraternity brods give him clients.

    Maybe , fraternities are assets to you; or maybe not, it depends on your situation !

    1. I AM NOT INTO FRATERNITY BUT I GOT PLENTY OF BRODS … they are white people … those are my brod … NO NEED OF FRATERNITY … and other brods that I have are those people of color with intelligence ….


  3. UPSILON & U.P. are breeding crooked corrupt students that will eventually work in the government to fleece taxpayers money and in private sector to get rich quick AND DUMB STUPID FILIPINOS THOUGHT THEY WERE COMMUNISTS ….

    U.P. Communists are just a cover for bigger goal … TO STEAL MONEY AND PROTECT the thieves …


  4. Fraternities are among the three UP “institutions” that parents often warn their children against joining. The other 2 being the communists and the atheist freethinkers. It’s just a bit sad because these fraternities were forced to bow down to the leftist-liberal-marxist thought that the premier State University is known for. At the individual level, the frat boy is the progeny of a well-to-do, often conservative and libertarian family. The fraternity could have provided the right-wing libertarian, and conservative counterculture that these left-wing progressives ruling UP need and contribute an alternative thought in the University. Sadly, they just joined and are content to mouth left wing principles. When outed, it just made them look like hypocrites, and UP thought remains just as inbred and one-sided as before.

  5. Pride is pride not because it hates being wrong, but because it loves being wrong: To hate being wrong is to change your opinion when you are proven wrong; whereas pride, even when proven wrong, decides to go on being wrong.

  6. If one wanted to know everything wrong with members of the Philippine Intellectual Dark Web, the opening sentences of this post prove everything wrong.

    You claim to not beheld back by polite society or your Catholic school upbringing…….. Only to then give credence to the very lies used to attack or villify anyone who opposes the true enemies of your people and your nation. Meanwhile, you don’t claim to support anything of value. You simply wax romantic about useless and meaningless abstractions, never once considering that they may very well be the cause of the very problems we face.

    We aren’t lacking in people talking in materialistic terms trying to solve long term problems with short term solutions. And we certainly are not lacking in people who claim to be above it all while just being effete, cowardly social critics and losers, completely unwilling to lift a finger to deal with important issues.

    That aside, it’s this kind of thing that makes you, the Left, and Yellows and degenerates so laughable that we have endless hours of entertainment coming from your verbal vomit.

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