Filipino Twitter Titas shriek “The sky is falling!!” on prospect of Chinese telcos entering Philippine market

Self-described feminist and “accidental writer” Beth Angsioco in a tweet recently posed this question to the Titas of the Philippine Twitterverse…

Will you subscribe to a Chinese telco? Throwing this question to Twitterverse.

True to form of Philippine Titadom, the responses were shrill.

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There is hope though. One of them, after deciding “Absolutely not!”, at least bothered to ask the sensible question, “I just want to know though, if the Chinese telco will be the third player, will our entire national telecoms be compromised anyway?”

Well. There is no short answer to that — certainly not something that can be resolved in a Twitter thread. To be fair, the Philippines is not alone in seriously considering the implications of embedding Chinese hardware deep in its telco infrastructure. The British, for one, had taken that plunge some time ago and is reportedly experiencing “buyer’s remorse” following concerns “aired in a 2013 Intelligence and Security Committee report”…

“The Chinese state may be able to exploit any vulnerabilities in Huawei’s equipment in order to gain some access to the BT network, which would provide them with an attractive espionage opportunity,” the report says.

And it went on to say such vulnerabilities would be hard to detect and prevent and would enable the Chinese “to intercept covertly or disrupt traffic passing through Huawei supplied networks”.

Apply a bit of perspective to this “issue” and consider that China already has stolen so much from the free world. The Internet and practically everything that runs on it are products of the US military and the awesome might of its vast private enterprise. These are technologies a communist country like China would have been unable to develop and deploy to the scale and timeframe the West had achieved. It is therefore ironic that the West now faces an adversary wielding weapons of its own creation.

People scared of China stealing information or anything for that matter should fear not. That’s a fear that comes too late to be of any further consequence.

26 Replies to “Filipino Twitter Titas shriek “The sky is falling!!” on prospect of Chinese telcos entering Philippine market”

  1. So, Filipinos are afraid Chinese TelCo might steal information from the Philippines?


    Remember when Hamilton-class was bought, sailed to Philippines and docked then mobbed by the press and the PMA Captain came down from his perch to address the Philippine Fake News Media, “This vessel has only 50 caliber machine gun the phalanx and other canons were stripped off before we sailed”

    China need not steal information … just send those clueless fake journalists to interview equally clueless PMA Captain

    PMA Sinas of Cebu told the Fake News drug dealing Peter Lim will soon be arrested after Warrant of his Arrest are printed signed and notarized. Soon afterPMA Sinas was looking for Peter.

    … and so many faux pax … no not faux pax … it was intended to be faux pax …


    1. In the Philippines they publish warrant of arrest in Philippine clueless fake news media before they arrest the person in the warrant of arrest by the time they knock on their doors to slap the warrant of arrest on the person named in the warrant of arrest the person in the warrant of arrest is already gone abroad …

      Who needs Telcos stealing information from the Philippines?

      When the Philippine government raids Binay family BinayLand Lawmaker Lootenant told the Philippine Fake News Media he is going to BinayLand …. by the time they got there the BinayLand is no longer there.

      All Chinese TelCo has to do is buy Chinese-made microphone … a Press ID … stand where they want to steal information from at the door of their residence … shove the mic and voila they get information from the horses mouth.


    2. Guess what? I would like to do a #CesarMontanoChallenge & get my body naked while I’m greeting a birthday message to my friend, film it & then upload that video on youtube. And if my telco provider is China Telecom & they want to steal that video then that’s fine with me for as long as that viral video of mine should be streamed on to China without censorship from their government. ??

  2. The theft of Technological designs has already happened in the United States. The Chinese Technology spies, have stolen a lot of U.S. technological patented designs, that made them more competitive in world trade. They have also put spies, to spy secrets into the U.S. government agencies.

    The Chinese wants to surpass the United States in all aspects of trade, politics, defense, Science and Technology. So, they put industrials and technological spies, and various spies of all kinds, in various/vital places in the industries /government of the United States.

    China has already dominated most of the countries in South East Asia. What the Japanese Military Imperialist, tried to do in World War II, like the “SouthEast Asia Co Prosperity Sphere” program. The Chinese has already attained it …Anyway this was what Benigno Aquino, Sr. was trying to do with the Japanese Military Imperialists, in the Philippines, during World War II. What Benigno Aquino, Sr. failed to do, may have enabled the Chinese, to accomplish it, with the help/blessings of some collaborator politicians !

    1. You’re saying Chinese will steal “FILIPINO TECHNOLOGY”. Oh, pleeez, GOD FORBID. Imagine if China steal Filipino Technology and install that technology in all Philippine Airlines aircraft …. THAT IS HORRIBLE !!!

      I will never steal Filipino Technology. People would be laughing at me.

      1. @Oratio Imperata:

        I never wrote: ” The Chinese will steal Filipino Technology”. The spying in the government agencies communication is the one in jeopardy…we, Filipinos will steal Chinese Technology and use them as our own !

    2. China steals technology …
      Filipino steals people taxpayers money …
      They cart it off to the U.S. …
      Build “mansions”. What the crooked Filipino think a mansion actually is just another cookie-cutter tract-houses.

      Why it is easy for China to “steal” technology? Apple sends their manufacturing to China. China “copies” it. Filipinos call it “technology transfer”.

      OF COURSE, PEOPLE, YOU HEARD OF TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER when “tech companies” put up shop at Export Processing Zone and the government gloat about it in the Philippine Fake News.

      1. Do Filipinos has the wherewithal to steal technology? Once they have stolen technology do they know what to do with it?

        Let us be reminded Filipinos has the highest literacy rate in Asia. They have U.P. P.M.A. la Salle and Ateneo … what has those graduates contributed to the world? NOTHING !!!! NADA !!! ZILCH !!! ZERO !!! WALA !!!

        Since Filipinos have no life-altering contributions to the world they contributed Manny Pacquiao.

        1. @Oratio Imperata “Let us be reminded Filipinos has the highest literacy rate in Asia.”

          Is this a joke you’re doing, or something people really say? These are the most recent UNESCO overall literacy figures from Wikipedia, however reliable those are. It doesn’t include data for Israel, Japan or South Korea which will obviously be higher than Philippines (Japan is around 99%):

          North Korea 100% (definitely trustworthy, don’t question it)
          Armenia 99.8%
          Azerbaijan 99.8%
          Georgia 99.8%
          Kazakhstan 99.8%
          Tajikistan 99.8%
          Russia 99.7%
          Turkmenistan 99.7%
          Uzbekistan 99.6%
          Kyrgyzstan 99.5%
          Maldives 99.3%
          Taiwan 98.7%
          Mongolia 98.4%
          Jordan 97.9%
          Qatar 97.8%
          Singapore 96.8%
          Palestine 96.7%
          Thailand 96.7%
          Brunei 96.4%
          China 96.4%
          >>>Philippines 96.3%

  3. @Benign0
    GAWD this article is so poorly written and filled with circular logic. Even the twitter thread had a more coherent argument

    What are you saying? It’s ok to have a Chinese Telco?

    Well it is not. Not especially to a country that is HOSTILE to the Philippines.

    1. The point is what’s so bad about a Chinese Telco? You’re just grasping on straws since can’t even explain how hostile China is to the Philippines.

      And no, don’t give me that “territorial dispute” BS because it’s not enough.

      1. Yes a country claiming your territory is considered hostile. That’s the very definition of hostile. China never bothered to claim those islands until very recently with a flimsy excuse.

        It’s too bad Philippine history is filled with cucks like you who are willing to sell out to every foreign invader for a buck.

        What happened? Your BALLS FALL OFF? lolz. Don’t give me that BS about China being “bigger”. Look at Israel. It’s all about the willingness to fight. Even Pnoy fought in his own way..


        1. Says the actual traitor who is blinded by his EMO-inducing rage.

          Only EMO-induced Pinoys would think that a dispute for such tiny islands are would think of ‘hostile’.

          And speaking of cucks, why don’t you include the rich families who monopolized everything, including our industries and service, etc.? Please, you need to do better than that.

          Using Israel and PNoy are waaaay off. Israel keeps on fighting for its right to exist. And stupid PNoy is just grandstanding, pretending that he fought on his own way, because he had the US on his back. This, along with Trillanes’ meddling, where he messed things up. That’s why Duterte keeps things at bay using diplomatic means.

          Sorry to tell, but everytime you post here, your intent and emotional outbursts makes you TRAITOROUS. Admit it.

    2. @DarthM

      So are you trying to boycott China because of this nonsense topic & the issue on the disputed Spratly Islands in South China Sea/West Philippine Sea?

      Dude, try to do that & I tell you, that will NOT WORK!!! And you know why? Then read this URL link from Quora to know more in which I’d made a question regarding on why it’s impossible to boycott Chinese products & even their services like telecommunications (e.g. China Telecom) or banks, and there’s a book/documentary film about an American family who’d tried to prevent purchasing all of Chinese made products but in the end they couldn’t:

      1. @mrericx

        No need to boycott every product. But leave sensitive industries out of the hands of hostiles. Industries like steel, food, telecoms and power are heavily protected in smart countries.

        Too bad everyone is all about MAKING money and selling out the country.

    1. Death of Facebook is death to Filipinos.
      Filipinos live to Facebook.

      It was the Filipinos that catapulted Friendster to become number one Social Media … when Filipinos migrated to MySpace Friendster became web derelict? When Filipinos transferred their affection to Zuckerberg’s Facebook MySpace was a goner?

      This is only what Filipinos are good at … SOCIAL MEDIA .. to post their selfish ..

  4. HUAWEI MATE PRO SMARTPHONE HAS GERMAN LEICA DUAL LENSES … Leica is known for exotic extremely expensive lenses and cameras …

  5. L.A. Area FILIPINO GROCERY stores only sells 15% Made-in-Philippines products which are owned by left-behind colonists and Chinese.

    What is 99%? The Tienderas … and Tienderoas.

  6. TYPICAL PILIPINO TITADOOMs … Responses from Titadoms are typical of Filipinos. They’d rather roll out their fiber telco strings to connect both ends with used Carnation Evaporated milk cans to talk than bring 1stWorld Internet technology in 3rdWorld Philippines.

    I AM NOT SURPRISED !!! Here is a good examples:
    1. Tanon Strait. Between Cebu and Negros Islands. Potential for oil. Habitat for bottled-nose dolphins. Exploration of oil: DECLINED. For the reason it destroy the habitat for bottled-nose dolphins. Brown-skin Filipinos would rather have their children starved to death by depriving them of oil than destroy and kill bottled-nose dolphins. FILIPINO BROWN-SKIN RUN GOVERNMENT PREFERS FILIPINOS DIE THAN DOLPHINS. Well, I somewhat agree. If Filipinos are useless might as well kill them all and raise dolphins. Because dolphins are friendly and loyal than two-legged Filipinos.

    Give oil proceeds to fishermen. But approvers of oil explorators would rather have the money all by themselves nothing to fishermen. THIS IS NOT ABOUT REDUCED CATCH IT IS ABOUT HOW MUCH THE FISHERMEN GET FROM OIL EXPLORATION.

    1. 2. AMERICANS PROTECT FILIPINOS … Americans protect Filipinos from foreign invaders like China … and … listen to this ….. drum roll pleeez ….. brrrrrrtat …. FOR FREE !!!!! Yes, my U.S.A. protects Philippines from intrusion, invasion and attack FOR FREE !!!! LIBRE !!!!

      When American destroyer destroyed Philippine coral reefs after they ran aground off Palawan, PHILIPPINES CHARGED THEM $1,500,000.00 US MONEY FOR WANTON DESTRUCTION.

      Am I lying? No, here:

      AMERICANS ARE SECURITY-GUARD-FOR-FREE …. yet, penalized ….. !!!


      Lookit, who gets to see these majestic corals? Not you! I get to see them because I can afford them. I can scuba to western seas of Palawan to enjoy its natural beauty. Who else gets to see them? Of course, the last remaining Spanish Colonists-turned-industrialists …. and the Chinese … errrr …. Filipino-Chinese …. BROWN SKIN FILIPINOS CAN EVER SEE THIS because the money they earn is the money for LOAD TO TEXT.

    2. 3. MY PINAY GF WANTED TO SEE BAGUIO … hi ho, hi ho, off to Baguio we go … The place is absolute trash … Now that my Pinay GF has gone to Sequoia Park, Bryce and most parks in the U.S. she realized Baguio is over-rated over-hyped and over-sold …. There are just too many hawkers, hookers and scammers in Baguio. My Pinay GF told me when she was in grade school Banaue Rice terraces used to be the 7th wonder in the world …. TODAY IS DOWNGRADED AS 8th wonder in the world …. Tomorrow it will be dropped to “what is wonder full about it rating”.

      Despite Filipinos wanting to save the environment habitats and corals they destroyed Baguio.

      *** Oh, by the way, do not drink their water. Bring bottled water. if you want to loose weight go ahead drink their water …. it will flush your intestine clean … ***

    wasn’t it Snowden who exposed earlier on last 013 that the US with it’s FiveEyes are actually behind this nefarious business?
    China is on top and ahead of the digital communications game with its 5G technology
    while backward-assed US, having non-existent infrastructure to support this digital realm is salivating with envy and contempt against China taking the lead by leaps and bounds_hence the stupid TrumpTradeWar

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