Maria Ressa’s obsession with Facebook is like that of a jilted lover over her ex

Rappler CEO Maria Ressa just can’t stop once she gets started about Facebook. Indeed, she got started on Facebook way back when she threw a massive embrace around the gargantuan social media platform in the early days when she pitched her organisation as a “social news network”.

Like many media organisations at the time, Rappler built an entire business model around the traffic referred to its site by Facebook and other social media networks. The model worked until Facebook started tweaking the algorithms that determine what content gets priority space on users’ timelines. Suffice to say, this didn’t go down too well with businesses clinging on to the Facebook referral gravy train. Rappler was one of these.

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What did Ressa do? She went on a rampage to discredit Facebook and went on to asset that the content Facebook “allows” on its platform “threatens the country’s democracy.” She went further to assert…

“We’re seeing our democracy eroding in front of our eyes and Facebook is the platform where it’s happening.”

That shrill tantrum was chucked by Ressa way back in January 2018. It’s now the end of October and democracy has neither died nor is “under threat”. Free speech hasn’t been suppressed either as the online and street “activism” scene in the Philippines continues to thrive.

It is really only Ressa who remains hung up over her organisation’s former squeeze. Perhaps it’s time she let go and move on. That’s not gonna happen too soon, however, seeing that she continues her cling-on relationship with Zuck. She now fancies herself some sort of “stakeholder” in the efforts Facebook is mounting to “clean up” it’s supposedly dirty act…

On the eve of the midterms, get a timely and up-close look at how Facebook has responded to election interference, misinformation and hate speech – and where insiders say the platform goes from here. #FacebookFilmPBS premieres 10/29 on @frontlinePBS.

…”dirty”, that is, according to the spoilt brat mind of Ressa whose idea of “clean” social media is one where referrals continue to pour in by the gigabyte load to keep Rappler‘s Web servers busy enough.

21 Replies to “Maria Ressa’s obsession with Facebook is like that of a jilted lover over her ex”

  1. Is Maria Ressa a Filipino? If she is then there is no surprise her obsession of Facebook like any other Filipinos. Filipinos are known to have pre-existing condition of Facebook. Even before there was a Facebook Filipinos were already addicted to Social Media. It is the Filipinos that catapulted Friendster into number one Social Media back in the days before its demise.

    Filipinos love to be liked and loved in Social Media but once it turns against them they hate it like Maria Ressa.

    Facebook like Politics are only opioid addiction to brown Filipinos not to “White” Filipinos who are generally left-behind turned-industrialist colonists which has COLONIAL MENTALITY.

    Like what I have been harping for the longest time COLONIAL MENTALITY IS GOOD because even Maria Ressa of Rappler cannot find anything wrong with the last remaining colonists-turned-industrialists … OR THEY MUST BE BOUGHT OR PAID …. or …. AFRAID TO ATTACK THEM if they have some morsels of gossips … if brown Filipinos have an iota of gossips MARIA RESSA and FAKE NEWS RAPPLER WOULD ATTACK THEM AT A DROP OF TSISMIS.

    Oh, poor Filipinos so literate yet so dumb … except …. except … POLITICS … this is the only subject they are good at. THEY THINK POLITICS CAN CHANGE THEIR TOXIC RETROGRESSIVE CULTURE. This should be studied … of course, not by graduates from U.P. but by foreigners.

  2. Maria Reesa came from the Fake News media ABS CBN, the propaganda machine of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. She founded, during the advent of social media, in order to continue the Aquino Cojuangco hold on the mainstream media, as their propaganda machine.

    Rapper was both news and blogging. Other websites came in to be in competition with Maria Reesa and her financiers, put money on, until they become bankrupt.

    Social media is a new discourse venue of people. It informs; it tear down political leaders on their pedestals; it brings out the nauseating smell of their corruption; etc…

    It is like the GRP. It is a venue, where we can be informed; misinformed (if you are that stupid); and roasted with virulent attacks, from fellow bloggers. We must be ready to fight back and give a good rebuttals for any attack. It is like to old “Wild wild West”; where “pistoleros” give a good shot at you for any reason. Be alert to shot back…

    So, in social media…it is still a ‘dog eat dog” world. Most of the casualties are the corrupt politicians on their pedestals !

  3. The main issue with Blogs like GRP is that there do not adhere to any sort of journalistic standard. Where are your sources Benign0?! It’s like you pull things out of the TITS of mocha unson.

    At least “thinking pinoy” bothers to put references when building his argument.

    Pinoys are gullible and easily misled. Cleaning up Facebook separates the truth from the BS that bloggers like to portray as truth. It is basically a public service.

    If Bloggers can’t provide any of its SOURCES or have OBJECTIVE DATA. It should be branded clearly as an opinion and shouldn’t be parading about as true.

    1. @DM:

      Blogs and Blog sites are just opinions of bloggers and Web Masters. Sometimes, they are the truth; sometimes they are not. It depends on the understanding of the readers of the blog, if he/she is gullible enough to swallow them.

      Blogs could come from political paid hacks; paid hacks; or, other nuisance bloggers who are pain in the ass; or some just nonsense people who try to probe, if you have common sense or not.

      When reading blogs, it is your duty to research , if the claim/opinion is true or not. If you are hit in the ass by a nuisance blogger; it is your part to refute or not. Let us just keep that blogs are the opinions of faceless and nameless/ aka (also known as) nuisance people in the cyberspace… the opinion could be the truth or outright falsehood . It depends on how you look at it… Happy Blogging !

      1. @Benign0
        LOL Boi. I am not the one publishing anything. I dont have to provide any argument (or defense of one). You are the publisher of this blog. You are the one who wiped his ass and published what came out on the internet.

        You claim to love science / technology yet none of your articles would pass any basic academic rigour. An analysis without data has no rigour.

        You should learn BASIC JOURNALISM. Instead of bashing the work of true journalists. Take points from rappler.

        You should get a phD (maybe in economics??) so that you can present arguments with data to back up your claims.

        Filipinos believe anything , hence the dangers of FAKE NEWS. The main fact that GRP doesn’t support any of its opinions with any sort of data is deeply disturbing.

        Benign0 here would make an assertion pulled out of the TITS of mocha unson with NO PROOF to back it up. No objective data. Just conjecture. And fools like Benjamin, Geiz, Oratio would lap it up and soon enough the entire community is circle-jerking around these bad ideas.

        1. So you prefer to be spoonfed rather than to make a discussion? That’s what we call lazy thinking. And you’re shooting yourself in the foot if you think blogging and journalism are the same thing, while it’s not.

          And yes, Filipinos believe in anything, and that includes what the media is always telling them. Yep, lazy thinking is much deeply disturbing that you exhibited right there.

          And DM here would prefer to pull out the vileness and viciousness of Jover Laurio with only ad hominems and red herring to back it up. Just to be spoonfed. And you sir, aree circlejerking here in the first place with your ad hominem and red herring nonsense.

          You need to take a breather here…

        2. @Darth Mortis, the enlightened:

          “If you have no proof, you have no right to have an opinion”, is the most stupid thing that I ever heard. …If I believe that the moon is made of cheese. Would I have no right to believe that the moon is made of cheese ?

          Some centuries ago, people believed, the world is Flat. The Roman Catholic Church, even burned people on stake , who believed, the world is round. The mistaken opinion/belief of some people become the gospel truth.

          I believe in good thinking, having opinions, and sharing them with people. I don’t believe in shutting up people, because they have contrary opinions than mine. Proofs can be manufactured, like the SWS False Asia surveys. Lies can be accepted as truth, thru the propaganda machines of the proponent of lies.

          You don’t come here and blog, with a bundle of proof to present. People are busy earning a living. They have few time researching for your allege ” proofs” !

  4. I love how Rappler still bothers your mind Benigno all this time after you and other bloggers continue to write against Rappler. I remember Ilda once wrote an article entitled “game over for rappler” after SEC decided to throw tantrums against the former as sanctioned by the evil Calida and with the blessing of Duterte. Poor Ilda, it slapped her in the face and it still remains a big threat for her, which is why she and others are screeching in anger by the fact that Rappler remains standing up to this day and delivers 24hour-news non-stop day in and day out after the court junked SEC petition. LOL! What can you do, when your breakfast, lunch, dinner and even midnight snacks you depend so much on the news information coming from Inquirer, Rappler and Abs-Cbn, that you labeled them as yellow media and yet they complete your day for your ultimate sources of info. and references in crafting your own articles here? Also, I find it ironic to the Dutertards who vocally hate these news outlet but in truth and in fact continue to depend on them for their news every day.

    On to the topic, Rappler, as believed and sanctioned by facebook on safeguarding its community against fake ideas, is doing what it thinks is right for Filipinos. Since most Filipinos are addicted to social media and are gullible and lazy enough in counter-checking the facts, and they would easily be fell trap and be imprisoned on the spoon-feeded fake ideas/opinions just like your articles here, it is just right that facebook community needs some sort of filter on what goes in and out on its feeds, and thanks to Rappler for doing its part.

    1. I FOR ONE LOVE RAPPLER INSISTENCE OF ITS EXISTENCE. Because it reflects the gullibility of the Filipino people. Once Rappler is gone it means THE MATURITY OF THE FILIPINO PEOPLE.

      I love Rappler. But I do not read Rappler. BECAUSE IT IS ADDICTED TO POLITICS. Politics do not change Filipinos. Filipinos change politics. But they are not.

      To this day, Rappler and other politics-addicted Fake Media never asked the military why kill drug addicts instead of investigating them WHERE THE SOURCES OF DRUGS THEY GOT IT FROM.

      WELL, SINCE RAPPLER IS RUN BY FILIPINOS, who are naturally idiots, THEREFORE, THE NEWS IS IDIOTIC AT BEST. And that is what what Filipinos wanted because they are addicted to looney dowdy gaudy The Filipino Channel tele-drama series iyak-iyakan. I BET YOU ARE A SUBSCRIBER OF THE FILIPINO CHANNELS.


    2. That’s some Rappler whiteknighting right there. I know for the fact that it turns out that they’re a Yellow Media outlet when they took part in the impeachment trial of the late chief justice Renato Corona. And then the rest is history.

      And please, their fact-checking is nothing more than a fiasco that they even had a fair share of fake opinions/ideas. I remember how they even fact-check an article from Adobo Chronicles, which is a SATIRICAL WEBSITE that even it’s webmaster made a statement, saying that they “should go back to school and learn what SATIRE is.”

      Yes, Rappler is doing their job… as a corporate media entity. Like the New York Times is coddling the Democrats, the radical Left, and the Liberals in the US, Rappler is coddling the Liberal Party. Try to connect the dots.

  5. When someone is whiteknighting any corporate media entity here, I just want to quote the late Malcolm X:

    “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

  6. @Benjamin Poindexter
    Is it lazy to ask for proof rather than believe everything your ‘idol’says ?! Critical thinking I guess is absent for a SHEEP-erson like you

    You can believe whatever you want. You can believe the moon is made of cheese or the earth is flat. Its a free country (THANKS TO NO “BENEVELONT DICTATORSHIP”). You have free reign to be a dumb-ass.

    It’s your blog, you can do whatever you want. But as of now, you basically have the same credibility as a FLAT-EARTHER or an ANTI-VACINEER.

    Just some random bloke on the internet spewing dangerous opinions with absolutely no backing with a flock of dumbasses circle-jerking (never questioning) your message.

    Having proof differentiates OBJECTIVE vs SUBJECTIVE judgements something you write pinoys lack yet in a twist of fate prove yourself via example.

    1. @Benjamin Poindexter
      Is it lazy to ask for proof rather than believe everything your ‘idol’says ?! Critical thinking I guess is absent for a SHEEP-erson like you

      I ALWAYS do critical thinking BTW, by reading and researching. And yes, it IS lazy to ask for proof if you treat blogging and journalism being the same thing. You just want to be spoonfed, that’s all.

    2. It’s your blog, you can do whatever you want.

      @DarthMortis: Whoa! You just quoted a FACT right there. Is that really you Mr DarthMortis?

      There’s still hope for you! ?

      1. With the additional nonsensical mumbo-jumbo he added, I think he doesn’t get it.

        What he’s trying to shove is blogging and journalism are essential the same. Which we all know it’s not a fact.

        Back then I thought fact=opinion and vice verse. I think this is what DarthMortis wants to shove. I call it being immature.

    3. @Darth Morttis, the wise:

      OMG, first you were enlightened, now you are wise…you are wise in your own conceit. If you think, I am a dumbass, so be it…I think of you more of a jerk.

      We blog here to give opinions, if you don’t agree with my opinions, thank you. If you agree with my opinions, thank you also. Just don’t prevent people from expressing their opinions, because you believe they have no proofs…

      You forgot to know, that people have eyes…they can see what I am telling them. People have brains and some have common sense. They can think and figure out, what I am pointing to them !



    But brown skin politicians are FAIR GAME TO HER ….

    THEREFORE, MARIA RESSA IS ANTI-FILIPINO …. BROWN-SKIN FILIPINOS …. she has never attacked left-over colonial masters ….. BECAUSE SHE IS AN IDIOT …

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