Elitist mentality of UP “activists” on display following Mocha Uson event at Diliman campus

A quaint gathering of student ‘activists’ at the AS Steps

It’s no wonder the Philippine Opposition led by the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) and the commies continue to fail at recapturing the loyalties of the vast base of voters they lost back in 2016. As hard as they try, they are unable to shake off the elitist image they inadvertently project as an ironic result of their incessant virtue signalling.

A statement issued by the University Student Council of the Diliman campus of the University of the Philippines on Twitter in response to a Lumad event graced by former Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson illustrates this pompous and presumptuous nature that keeps the Opposition out of touch with the public sentiment…

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Mariing kinukundina ng USC UP Diliman ang ginawang program ng ilang nagpakilalang mga Indigenous Peoples na pinangunahan ni Mocha Uson sa Quezon Hall. Dumalo at magpadalo sa kilos protesta ngayon sa AS Steps!

Basahin: https://t.co/CFQfProNcb


Translated: “The University Student Council of UP Diliman vehemently condemn the program organised by a number of people claiming to be members of communities of Indigenous People’s headed by Mocha Uson held at the Quezon Hall. Attend and participate in protest action [against this] at the [Arts and Sciences (AS)] Steps!”

It seems these “activists” are forgetting that the UP is a public facility and that no one group or organisation of students could claim authority over who can or who cannot participate in public events held within its campuses.

A meme posted on Twitter by the UP Diliman USC that illustrates the pompous nature of their so-called activism

For that matter, the USC does not represent the general sentiments of the UP student body and has no right to lay claim over the concept of iskolar ng bayan (national scholars). That is a privilege granted to every UP student by the state.

UP students are better off focusing on their studies and ensuring they learn what the really important skills needed to contribute real value to the effort of building a strong nations. Subscribing to the obsolete sloganeering of the communists that infest the USC is not one of those pathways to becoming a productive citizen of the modern society Filipinos aspire to build.

22 Replies to “Elitist mentality of UP “activists” on display following Mocha Uson event at Diliman campus”

  1. “”ELITIST” mentality of U.P. activists”

    “ELITIST”? That is unacceptable. Isn’t U.P. a government-run University? With socialized tuition? How could they be “ELITE”? They have no life-altering contribution (singular) to the world. Now, scratch all the crooks in the government … and … what you’d find are graduates from University of the Philippines.

    What exactly does U.P. teach their students? S2PDT? Idio-C? Crookery?

    Gloria Arroyo taught in U.P.
    Binay Crime Family all graduates from U.P.
    Who else? Fill me in, please !!!

    Has any U.P. crooks sent to jail? Who are the lawyers of U.P. crooks? Well, of course, their comrades-in-school.

    Educate me. Entertain me. Why are graduates from U.P. Elite? Elitist? This is reprehensible.

    1. Let’s see how “entitled” these sonnavabitches feel once President Duterte pulls out the state-supported tuition programme from right under their Nike- and Adidas-clad feet.

      If I were Duterte, I’d have UP closed down lock stock and barrel and every last one of their students herded into the fields to plant rice 12 hours a day under a hot sun with NO lunch breaks – so they can feel how living in a COMMUNIST utopia feels like!!! If these brats even try to sneak a yosi break, it’s truncheons and cattle-prods up their arses!!!

  2. INCREDIBLE !!! University of the Philippines has taken down the WARNING banner in their UPCAT website !!! I congratulate that infamous blogger that attacked U.P. incessantly.

    The WARNING banner? That U.P. is not authorizing UPCAT reviewer !!! Today they are OK with UPCAT reviewer. !!!! What took U.P. so long that UPCAT reviewer is not detrimental to the success of supplicants.

    In the U.S. we encourage students to take refreshers for SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). They enrolled in advanced mathematics and English in extension classes in Ivy schools like Harvard, UCLA, Brown and others. They sit beside regular University students. That is how we take exams seriously.

    *** And, U.P.? Yes, Virginia, they got that huge big bold blinking WARNING when students and parents go to UPCAT website ***

    Aha! Ha! Ha! Ha! It took U.P. regents centuries to know that reviewer or reviewing is like going to school. If they fail UPCAT what they learned from UPCAT reviewer is for them for keeps.

    U.P. is students for the foolished … yes, Virginia, past tense.

  3. I remember one foolish crazy weird accusation against the Crime Family of Binay that Jejomar bought Boys Scout of the Philippines Mt. Makiling. I did a double take. Wait a minute. So I dig, dug and dugged and digged. If it were true, Benigno Aquino was involved in the sale because Benigno Aquino was Scout Master at BSP. To sell Mt. Makiling it has to be approved by BSP Grand Council. And one of them is Benigno Aquino.

    When that blogger harangued and attacked Benigno Aquino’s name was taken down from BSP in Wikipedia.

    Who took Benigno Aquino’s name after the fiasco of Mt. Makiling sale? I do not have the idea. I know who the culprit was. A Yellowtard.

  4. This is the irony of the activism in our times. The leftists who condemn Facism, use Fascist’s tactics to silence their opponents. They do not let their opponents speak.

    The University of the Philippines, is a communist minded university. Most of the prominent communist leaders came from that university.

    Elitist activism will always be with us; because of political manipulation; Obsolete ideologues; or plain stupidity !

    1. That is exactly what’s happening in the US. Since the Left dominated that they want to shut down or silence people who had different opinions than them; it even led the rise of Donald Trump as the current president of the United States.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if these UP activists are PC (political correctness) people. They’re gonna rustle their own jimmies when someone quoted the late George Carlin:

      “Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners.”

      1. I have enough of political correctness. I am drowning in it. I cannot even say 4-letter words. I am not Democrat. Nor Republican. I am Independent.

        I am beginning to dislike legislated political correctness. It reminds me of that sci-fi movie of Sylvester Stallone which they are ticketed for every 4-letter words. Was it Judge Dredd?

  5. UP is overrated. If there’s one thing that helps in having a UP degree, its getting a job locally because filipinos are so obsessed with BRANDING.
    Basta galing UP matalino? yeah, right! the UPCAT is hard… if you dont fucking study well (not hard, mind you) in the first place!
    What did i learn in UP (I did not graudate there mind you)? I learned to smoke, grow weed and party (protest) in style! If only back then i had the discipline to ignore the activists and commies i met at my short time there and focused on my studies, i wouldve finished without a hitch. Im not saying that finishing UP wouldnt have given me a better life, but it would have saved my poor parents the grief back then when i told them i dropped out.

    1. Fake American Filipinos that cannot afford colleges and universities in the U.S. send their children to U.P. According to their children, U.P. UPCAT exam is soooooo easy !!! Piece of cake!!! To Filipinos in the Philippines it is difficult.

      I bet those who passed UPCAT if they were given SAT exam they’d be scratching their kukote.

      The Philippine Fake Media is proof U.P. graduates are not intelligent people. Just read their fake news journalism. IT IS TOTALLY REPREHENSIBLE.

      One thing I do not understand these U.P. toddlers cover Malacanang Presidential Praise Release whereas those journalists that cover the White House are experienced journalists. SICK PEOPLE. SICK COUNTRY. SICK CULTURE. SICK SCHOOLS.

  6. You dropped out, I had friend who got killed because of fratwar over a girl and he did not even know her.I do not know what’s going on in that school but all I know is that education is supposed to make you civilized, not to become barbaric.
    And suppose to be, joining fraternities is to help you out look for a job after you graduate and not to become gang member.

    1. yeah, those were my times. i reckon fraternities now have dance-offs and are less of gangs right now than they were 2 decades ago.
      luckily millennial introversion is slowly killing off the appeal of communist ideals.

    2. Aha! ha! ha! Funny you mention FRATERNITIES. Fraternities in the U.S. is totally different from Fraternities in the Philippines.

      Fraternities in the Philippines sole objective is to protect those brothers & sisters from their corruption; 2ndly, it is binge drinking …

      Nothing more.

    3. I suddenly remembered GMA-7’s public service ad back in 1995 when I was a kid. With Rammstein music, that commercial still ingrained in my mind and somewhat scary, about these false fraternities. These kind of false frats did torture and it even leads to death.

  7. There are two types of freedom UP activists are willing to die for to defend: freedom of assembly and freedom to be assholes.

    Either case, the “Arts & Sciences Steps” venue is the perfect place to showcase these misguided UP students’ backside-inspired elitist mindset.

    Pamantasang hirang – UP pride my …

  8. University of the Philippines is not ELITE. It is e-Light ! Light in intelligence. Light in impact. Light in somethings but heavy in corruptions.


  9. Here is my qualm about University of the Philippines they do not have stats out of x number of students how many of them got socialize tuition. How many are destitute and deserving. How many are wealthy. THEY DO NOT HAVE THAT STATS unlike Harvard, Brown, Stanford, UC system, NY system and others. Maybe U.P. has it but not releasing it.

    Do they really produce left-leaning students? Or, is it a rite-of-passage. A tradition. Because most students work in private companies and government jobs for the money of it.

    Are they left-leaning? Or, simply Elitist under the guise of social guilt? Their lefttist ideals is just for show like Filipino houses where I go in it is the most tidy cleanest orderly place in the house … just do not venture into their kitchen or CR as what they call restroom. Living Rooms is just for show beyond that curtain is the real Filipino, dirty. Where you can find dirty kitchen. Yes, Maria, it is aptly meant dirty.


    *** I got your attention ***

    “Meredith Corp. on Friday agreed to sell Fortune Magazine to Thai businessman Chatchaval Jiaravanon for $150 million.” – AXIOS

    Yes, you peeps have not heard of Axios. It is huge in the U.S. who are addicted to POLITICS.

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