Filipinos need to believe in “Satan” because they need a scapegoat for their failures

Nowadays we see a lot of references to “Satan” and the “evil” this character of Medieval yore supposedly creates. Filipinos, the superstitious lot that they are, make liberal reference to these notions because they lack a strong tradition of evaluating cause-and-effect when confronting the many problems that beset their society.

The trouble with this habit of deferring to superstition is that it assures habitual failures that their failures are a result of forces outside of their control and, worse, that the solutions depend on an equally superior force that can vanquish their “Satan” and remove the cause of the “evil” that is supposedly at the root of their problems.

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This is a cognitive disease that needs to be eradicated from Philippine society. More importantly, the political discourse needs to be purged of such primitive lines of thinking to make way for a more modern logic-based discourse to take root. Only when Filipinos take personal accountability for both their individual and collective problems and use their intelligence rather than their prayers to solve them will they prosper and achieve in the modern world.

The biggest roadblock to achieving the goal of modernising Filipino thinking is the ascendancy of a political class that continues to encourage Medieval thinking. The Philippine Opposition led by the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) embodies many of the traits of Medieval ruling classes, ones that have historically not only allowed themselves to be entwined with powerful religious organisations but also prop up irrational notions of a birthright to political power and moral ascendancy.

The interesting thing about Philippine society is that it is supposedly beholden to democratic ideals. Yet many poltical “activists” decry outcomes of the very democratic processes they supposedly embrace. But, under a democracy, cause-and-effect is far more transparent than systems in which shamans make their followers believe that theirs is the voice of a god, so the idea of people being “shocked” by the quality of Filipino politicians and the outcomes of their public “service” is ludicrous at best.

Unfortunately for Filipinos, the Yellowtards continue a tradition of this sort — propping up perceptions that they are the favoured political bloc of God and asserting a birthright, no, ownership over the “right” practice of “democracy”. It is ironic that “thought leaders” of this political bloc would presume to be the first to point fingers at their enemies and call them “Satan”.

It is high time Filipinos wake up to the reality that “thought leaders” who habitually drop names of supernatural beings cooked up by shamans of antiquity are not really thought leaders. They are mere wannabe religious leaders. And more religion is the last thing Filipinos need if they are to be truly serious about aspiring to be a modern society.

23 Replies to “Filipinos need to believe in “Satan” because they need a scapegoat for their failures”

  1. Do Satan exist ? I don’t know, but evil exists in this world. I have doubts that a being with two horns and a tail, with pitchfork exist. However, evil exists in the personification of : Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, the ISIS and others who have done evil things to people.

    “The devil made me do it.”, is not an acceptable reason in Courts. Filipinos are still superstitious, with thinking in the Dark Age. Some still believe in : kulam, diablo, tikbalan, higante, dwende, and other supernatural beings. The Age of reason has not yet reached us. Inspite of the fact that we are now in the Information Technology Age.

    The Roman Catholic Church is minding the political decisions of the President. They are very much involved in politics. Especially supporting the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. Maybe , they have not yet moved on, from the Divine Rights of Kings Age. Or, they want to resurrect the Holy Roman Empire, where the Roman Catholic Church Pope crowned Holy Roman Empire Emperors.

    Or, the Priests and Bishops, are corrupt themselves, that they receive some favors in kind or in cash to support such political entities. I will not be surprised, since they covered almost 300 priests, who are pedophiles. The Roman Catholic Church, is itself corrupt to the core.

    Going back to Satan. We cannot blame all the evils done in this world to this infernal being. Some were the result of our own stupidity , ignorance and bad decisions. There aremore than a billions of people in this Planet Earth, and maybe we have a billion Satans who influence a billion of people to do evil things. It is absurd thinking …

  2. God created evil and he gave it to the fallen angel as an eternal curse for his disobedience. And that same devil duped and dared god to kill Job and his family for no reason at all. And many still believe this medieval narrative.

  3. Imagine if we could replace Virgin Mary in EDSA Shrine & erect a huge Satanic statue there along EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue. There we could reflect the evidence on how Metro Manila will looks like as a “Gates of Hell” as noted by the Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown in his book, Inferno just like this video that I’d saw it last week where a controversial statue was erected in a city in Arkansas, USA:

    Well in fact, Metro Manila is already a Gates of Hell with so many traffic, poverty & crimes in here! Virgin Mary will never gonna like it if she’s sees many problems on this city that it is already in hell, maybe Satan would love it.

    So replace Virgin Mary with a giant Satan statue in EDSA Shrine there, ASAP & I don’t care if the Yellowtards & the Catholic Church will go outrage on that action, if that will happen. Welcome to Metro Manila, THE GATES OF HELL (i.e. PROVINCE OF SATAN)!!! ?

    1. Seriously, at least we can replace Virgin Mary statue in EDSA monument with Ferdinand E. Marcos and Imelda Marcos/or Lapu-Lapu/Jose Rizal/Andres Bonifacio/Emilio Aguinaldo in EDSA monument statue as EDSA is the biggest failure; Martial Law was the best thing to happen, what Cherry Cobarrubias once said.

      Blame Padre Damaso for having Filipinos multiply like flies? Looks like we have around 110-120 Million Filipinos.

      Without family planning, divorce, condoms, Catholics would give Filipinos abstinence, causing more poverty and multiplication of the population. This needs to be stopped.

        1. I don’t get it. Why argue my post. I do not spam. I take posts seriously. Advice from DIO/KRChronicle/BrokenMe is what I want so take my shitposting to nowhere else so no one could.

          The point is… Catholics are NOT helping many people. They made our people multiply like flies.

        2. I don’t get it. Why argue my post. I do not spam. I take posts seriously. Advice from DIO/KRChronicle/BrokenMe is what I want so take my shitposting to nowhere else so no one could.

          The point is… Catholics are NOT helping many people. They made our people multiply like flies.

          You ARE actually spam, trollfag. Especially with your modus of impersonating other users. You’re just here to seek attention.

  4. I choose the principles of the ordinary people, and these are:
    1 Be not a burden!
    2 Be independent!
    3 Be practical!
    4 Be just equal!
    5 Be more educated!
    The reason for this is that these are principles I can securely uphold and without any worry of being corrupted. It is not hard for me to uphold these principles simply because I get access to the provisions established by society, and these are the school, the industry, and the market, so for as long these three major provisions are accessible to the people, they will not have a problem upholding those five basic principles, because those principles are made just for the human being.

    But if they are for human being, how come there are many others who seems to be having a hard time upholding them? Simple answer, who owns and control the school, the industry, and the market? the elite of society. They make sure that only a few selected population gets access to school(limiting education to few), only a few gets access to industry(limiting employment) and the results, income gets limited thus only a few gets access to the market. The majority of the population are deprived of education and proper employment and what we now call the “poor”.

    Now that the “poor” exist, the elite and the so-called “educated” try to find a solution to take care of them and that solution is (with the blessing of the church) imposing and indoctrinating the idea of hero-martyr-saint as the basis of morality, that is, on the part of the poor they must try to endure hardship, pain, and misery and call this a test of God, while on the part of the elite and the so-called “educated” they must act as the savior-provider that the “poor” must looked up to and rely upon, and most, be indebted to.

    But what is the problem with the idea of hero-martyr-saint as basis of morality? They are made for non-human being, not for human, they are transcendental principles that is if anyone try to uphold the principle, they become above the ordinary, and once you become above ordinary you are expected to do extra-ordinary task until it takes a toll and you hear the call of humanity within you and realize you are just human but too late, you are already corrupted. Even those who are expected to practice what they preach could not hold on securely that morality as in the case of the Pennsylvania Roman Catholic scandal in US.

    People are corrupt because we have been trying to uphold the wrong morality all along.

    1. If all the people in the world choose “the principles of the ordinary people”, you won’t be able to post your comments here, If you are more than 33 years old you may be dead by now and we might still be in the bronze age today. Early shapers of the world disregarded the norm, questioned authority , blazed trails and unbound themselves freely setting new scientific discoveries without the burden of dogmatic and canonical interference.

      1. What? Did you even understand those principles? While you might reasonably argue over what “equal” means, for example, there’s nothing in there about being a compliant drone.

        1. Yes you’re right “Be equal” could mean a lot of things, for now, it means:
          a) I don’t care what the color of your skin is, what your physical figure is(standard of beauty), your sex orientation(man/woman/gay/lesbian, young/old), in short, you are all human to me.
          b) try not to be left behind of new knowledge when the majority is moving ahead, try to catch up or if you are ahead of the majority in knowledge try, don’t be selfish that you would only keep it to yourself, make the majority catch up with you.
          c) Be fair in your decision and this just about the only saintly thing I can do to others.

      2. I said “I choose” not “you or we should choose”, I choose those principles because they work for me, and I’m just sharing them for others in the hope that they might work for them too, what’s wrong with that? I do not prevent people from playing hero-martyr-saint, if they chose to be a hero, a martyr, a saint then do so, but please , all I’m asking is just do it, just don’t preach it, don’t be a hypocrite.
        Do you think that the idea of hero-martyr-saint is not dogmatic and canonical?
        Perhaps you have a better principles to show, because that is what we need right now, principles we really can uphold upon, or stand up with. As far as I know it, Dignity is or are made of principles one is/are able to uphold proudly.
        What’s the point of having principles that in the end you cry “I’m only human” or “to err is human”, wtf is that?

        1. @sarda: just to be clear … I was replying to Sancho, not to you. It seems like he/she doesn’t even understand what those principles mean. Which doesn’t surprise me. A lot of Filipinos I’ve met would literally not understand the meaning of “don’t be a burden”. They think it’s perfectly normal to spend their entire lives “barrowing” money and never paying it back.

          To err might be human, but to err over and over again, without ever learning from your errors (and in fact arguing that your own errors are all somebody else’s fault) is uniquely Filipino.

        2. @marius, No problem, I am completely aware that your respond point to Mr Alconce, however since you have brought up the word “equal”, I might as well make a bit of elaboration of the 4th principle ie “Be equal”.
          Pilipinos seems to be not aware of what’s happening, you see, we accepted an economic system, the Capitalist system without formally accepting the principles that goes with it ,
          and those five basic principles are part of the package. They do not know that the very idea of freedom or the idea of being free is based on those principles, that without those principles, Capitalism will cease to exist.
          Without formally accepting the five basic principles, where most of us already base our own dignity as being human, ( just ask any working people), the ramification will not be pleasant one, like corruption and poverty and other ills that have come out of Pandora’s box.
          So, I am not trying to introduce something new, the principles have been with us the day we accepted the Capitalist system, and the reason why the three major provisions exist, the school, the industry, and the market, where the five basic principles are being applied.
          So if anyone say he/she never applied the principles in their life, they are outright lying.
          So the problem here is this, we are so indoctrinated by this idea of hero-martyr-saint that it ultimately suppresses the five basic principles.

        3. @sarda: you’re 100% right about the underpinnings of capitalism. Most Filipinos do not understand that, without the principles you describe, capitalism just doesn’t work.

          I’ve noticed a very fundamental problem with the Filipino approach to life: they don’t understand the idea of “win-win”. They think everything is a zero-sum game, where only one person can win and the other person must lose. In fact I’ve come across many situations where Filipinos desire the WORST possible outcome: I lose, and you lose too. They seem to enjoy this. They think it’s a successful outcome. It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.

          Capitalism is based on the idea that two people who trade can BOTH get what they want, even though their goals are basically in opposition. However this only happens when both parties respect and understand the other person’s goal. When people go into a trading relationship with the intent of cheating the other (as most Filipinos do) it all just breaks down.

          I also agree with you that the ‘hero-martyr-saint’ thing is a natural outcome of rejecting those principles. If people cannot trade with each other as equals (as you described) then the only alternative is to become weak and helpless, dependent on “heroes” to save you from yourself. I suppose it also explains why Filipinos are so enamored with Communism: because they don’t understand how to help themselves by co-operating with others, they think the solution is to force others to help them.

  5. At least Marcos Loyalists or our Filipinos should stay away from Catholicism and choose atheism at its best.

    Keep it up, Benign0, as a pro-Marcos loyalist.

    1. Hate to tell you, but Protestantism is a better way than atheism or Catholicism.

      Keep it up, trollfag, as an attention seeking whore.

      1. Would not care more or less seriously, Atheism or Muslim is much better. I don’t get an example what I care is, Emma Thompson who is an Atheist, not Protestant or Christian. Gotta keep it up for me being satanist. You bet that I have short attention spam lol.

        It might be inevitable that Muslims are going to outnumber and surpass Christians in few decades.

        Why not tell KRChronicle, DIO and BrokenMatt/BrokenME later to admit that I am a trollfag satanist.

        1. You ALREADY have a short attention span. And you keep on spamming with these kind of comments. No one is taking you seriously because of your attention whoring.

          My advice: get off the internet and seek a psychiatrist.

  6. God and Satan is just the same being. Anyone you worship is God, if you worship Satan then he is God. if you worship a hero then he/she is God, if you worship a martyr then he/she is God, if you worship a saint then he/she is God, if you worship a celebrity then/she is God, if you worship a politician then he/she is God. You will know when someone worship a God, all you hear are hails, praises and compliments no end.

  7. The lack of understanding that goes into this post simply exposes the problems of much of the “thinking” that goes on in the Filipino mind. In many ways, it’s almost as if Philippine intellectualsare trapped within the confines of the worst traits of the Anglo Enlightenment and the worst traits of the German Rationalist Counter Enlightenment.

    The need to constantly bring up excuses unfortunately manifests itself here. Yes, many of our yellow enemies love to portray anyone that disagrees with them as children of the devil. Extremely laughable, coming from people who then go on to advocate for myriad forms of degeneracy and lies merely because it’s what’s trendy in Liberal Circles.

    Conversely, you and your cohort do not have much else to offer. All you do is bitch and moan like the now dead and irrelevant New Atheists while thinking that REASON (Trademark pending) and vaguely defined intelligence will solve the problems of the country leading us to a new Democratic Utopia.

    Motherfuckers, the worship of reason and intelligence as a god, the lack of any true spiritual ideal, and the inevitable rule by the lesser at the expense of the nation as a whole caused by democracy are the causes for the problems that face our country.

    Attempting to solve the real problems of our country by pushing the very things that made people think they could out think God and the laws of the nature he has created is essentially akin to thinking that a national re-enactment of the Ourobouros is somehow the best way to avoid National Suicide. And while he might by a plagiarist, a charlatan, and degenerate communist kike, (((Albert Einstein))) said it best: doing something over and over again and thinking you’ll get a different result is the textbook definition of insanity.

    Doesn’t matter if the skin is different when the core is functionally the same.

  8. Modern society has sent men on a quest that is perhaps an inquiry just as thought-provoking as the popular question: what is the meaning of life. The question thrown at men by the society is one which many men struggle to answer, and that question is: What does it mean to be a man?

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