The Philippine Opposition’s only REAL goal is to SABOTAGE the Philippine economy

Evidence of organised efforts to foment instability (or at least the perception of it) seems to have been mounting in recent weeks. First is the spate of labour “activism” that was accorded substantial media mileage by the Philippines’ Big Corporate Media. Second is a demonisation campaign against China and its citizens which inadvertently is causing collateral damage to the Filipino Chinese community who find themselves caught in the crossfire of ill-thought-out “news” reports.

Most recent is a set of expensive-looking banners unfurled on highly-visible sites apparently along the route to be traversed by busloads of Chinese visitors the other day. The banners display the words “Welcome to the Philippines, Province of China” which can be interpreted in many ways specially taking into account the inconsistent meaning of the English words to the Chinese characters included in these banners.

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These are, of course, all on top of the general din of the banal destabilisation campaign being carried on by the Opposition led by the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) who, for lack of any vision for the Philippines, gavitate down the easy path of quibbling on the trivial and superficial. The “issues” the Yellowtards seem to focus their chatter around don’t extend beyond grammatical and spelling gaffes, the use of generic memes and GIFs on social media as crutches to mask their lack of articulation skills, and making sophomoric “analyses” on the back of unsound logical inferences that are then lapped up by followers who lack critical evaluation skills.

The underlying thing that is notable amidst all this is how the Yellowtards are working closely with elements of the Communist Party of the Philippines in opposing the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Many of the labour protests covered by Media have a common denominator — they are all supported by the usual suspects: communist-infiltrated “activist” organisations that draw their supply of warm bodies and hollowheaded “idealists” from university campuses across the country. This is evident in the familiar red flags being waved amidst rallying crowds and protest marches, the familiar “US-[insert name of current president here] Dictatorship” slogans being chanted, and the same personalities who have made “careers” out of leading these rallies.

Filipinos should recall that communists have only one mission — the violent overthrow of “reactionary” governments and the establishment of a Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Right there is a modus operandi consistent with the events unfolding today. The alliance between the prayerful Yellowtards (supposedly moderate liberals who are a bit confused by their religious conservativsm) and the atheist communists may seem counterintuitive at first on an ideological level. But this is, after all, the Philippines where loyalties to personalities overwhelmingly trump ideological sensibilities hands down. Thus it is not surprising that the unifying personality in all this is none other than the late Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr who was known to have strong links with Filipino communists and, at the same time, is the founding “martyr” of Yellowtardom.

All this explains why the Yellowtard-led (and, by association, communist-led) Opposition cannot seem to be bothered to offer a vision and prospectus alternative to the Duterte path. It is because they already have a singular motive — to grab power the communist way, through yet another “revolution”. In this light, it is easy to see why no priority had so far been given by the Philippine Opposition to crafting a coherent and legit strategy to acquire power legally (i.e. by winning an election). They do not even bother to put up a credible and competent leader and, instead, have opted for the lame-duck “vice president” Leni Robredo to front up for them.

In this effort to achieve their singular goal of acquiring power for the sake of power, the Yellowtards and their commie allies are not above laying waste to the Philippine economy even as millions of Filipinos work hard to keep it chugging along. They are doing this by inciting labour unrest, undermining investors’ confidence by creating an atmosphere of political instability, creating division rather than unity around practical goals, and encouraging the application of primitive religious thinking rather than modern scientific critical thought. To keep Filipinos ignorant, insecure, and confused is what the Yellowtards and their commie allies really want. And they plan to acquire power on the back of all that.

5 Replies to “The Philippine Opposition’s only REAL goal is to SABOTAGE the Philippine economy”

  1. YellowTards and the commies, thrive in negativity and trouble in the country. They sow confusion and chaos, in order to foment trouble. Like all communist and any revolution, all they want is power.

    They have no vision or programs to solve the country’s problems. All they want to do is take over the government in a violent way; then rule us all with iron fist. The communists had produced mass murderers like: Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, etc…

    Let us all be vigilant that we have to be protective of our freedoms and our rights.

  2. I can think of few things more fearsome than a “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” run by Filipinos. It’d be like the darkest days of Cambodia if that ever happened.

    Question,though: how do you sabotage something that barely even exists?

    1. The Philippine economy exists sort of like that contraption where a plastic ball is kept suspended in the air by a pipe continuously blowing air. It depends on a continued stream of cash inflow and consumption to prop up the numbers. It’s a volatile and unstable situation.

      The equivalent analogue for a First World economy would be the same ball propped up on a solid pedestal (or at least resting on a relatively thinner layer of moving air that tops said pedestal). With a solid fixed asset base, a First World economy does not have far to fall if consumption and trade suddenly dips.

  3. Duterte seems to already be doing a fine job laying waste to the economy (near record lows for the peso and near record highs for inflation), though it can always be worse. Wasn’t one of the communist leaders a mentor of the president when Duterte joined the Kabataang Makabayan?

    I think if the NPA is really to be dealt with, the cause for their grievances must be addressed. In WW2, the Huks formed the main force and suffered the majority of the losses during the Philippines insurgency, while the principalia lived the high life in cahoots with the Japanese occupation. The Huks were promised greater rights after the war, but they never materialized. The landed plutocracy, which worked with the Japanese occupation, continued to control the land and kept most of their farm labor in a state of de facto slavery.

    Incidents like the hacienda luisitia and mendiola massacres only encourage the notion that there are no political solution with the current parties. Their grievances should be acknowledged and addressed, and a solution proposed that’s mutually agreeable. It may be politically difficult, because the landed clans will not want to give up power. But, measures to increase farming productivity per sqkm and profit-sharing agreements might help to make it a win-win for everyone. The other “solution” is to drag out this nearly century long conflict, which would be bad for everyone.

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