Winning an election is a skill the Philippine Opposition needs to learn again

The Philippine Opposition led by the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) is directionless and spreading itself thin. It is raising a stink around one outrage fad after the other and not focusing on the single biggest factor to success in Philippine politics — winning an election.

If one looks across much of recent history, one will find that the Yellowtards never actually won an election in honest terms. I’m not talking here about election fraud, which, needless to say, is also worthwhile to consider. My main point is around the way it pitches itself to Filipino voters at an intellectual level. The Yellowtards have always won an election on the back of either a necropolitical platform or on a pedigree platform. Well, actually, those two went hand-in-hand. In 1986, the late former President Cory Aquino “won” (we are told) on the back of the “martyrdom” of her husband the late former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. Having set themselves up as “national heroes” the Aquino pedigree became a potent enough brand to then catapult to power the son, Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III in 2010. There was also the added bonus of that younger Aquino scion getting a powerful boost to the top from the death of his mother Cory.

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Given those two political “success” stories of the Yellowtards, it can be said that this camp never really learned how to win an election the conventional way. And this is likely the reason why the Yellowtards are so ineffective as the presumptive “leaders” of the Philippine Opposition today. Today, there is actual work to be done by the Opposition in terms of crafting an alternative prospectus to the Filipino voter, one that is compelling enough and relevant enough to ordinary folk to make it competitive enough to go head-to-head with the party of the incumbent President Rodrigo Duterte.

Unfortunately for the Yellowtards, there is no longer a “laban” (“fight”) to be had much as they continue to insist that they are “fighting” for something. The use of the Laban Rhetoric has become a sad habit that the Yellowtards are finding extremely difficult to break, perhaps because it was such an effective shortcut and, worse, coverup of their intellectual bankruptcy for so long. For decades, the Laban Rhetoric had served the Yellowtards well as a substitute for any semblance of a platform of substance — perhaps to the point where any capability to envision something for the Philippines over a six- or even just a three-year horizon at least had all but atrophied.

Nowhere is this lack of substance more evident than in the words of top personalities of the Opposition like “vice president” Leni Robredo, for example, who recently encouraged Filipinos to defend “what remains of democracy” implying, it seems, that this form of government had been, in some way, depleted by a measure she does not care to mention. And yet, one could just as easily ask, What exactly “remains” of democracy? Or, more precisely; How much “democracy” is left? Those are, of course, silly questions, but they are nonethess, the right questions to ask of a silly lady.

We can easily see that such statements raise dead-end questions. And that is what the Opposition essentially is today: a political “force” (to use that term in its lightest sense) that is at its deadest end. Again, and for the umpteenth time, the first and possibly the biggest step the Opposition could do to regain its mojo is to ditch the Yellowtards. They are a liability and routinely subtract from the efforts of the handful of true Opposition minds that could actually lead the Opposition to a position where it could really contribute productively to an intelligent exercise of democracy in the Philippines.

9 Replies to “Winning an election is a skill the Philippine Opposition needs to learn again”

  1. The Aquino Cojuangco political axis was placed in power by the U.S. State Department and the U.S. /C.I.A. It was not a legitimate political power that was elected by the Filipino people.

    Now, these people still have a hangover, hoping the U.S. will put them to power again, in our country.
    So, they never bother to have any political platforms, that would be a good alternative to the political party in power. All they do is hope for, another, SMARTMATIC and HOCUS PCOS, and a corrupt to the core, COMELEC guy, like , Andres Bautista, who would rig for them, to win elections.

    Or, they are hoping, for another coup d’ etat, that would put , Leni Robredo, the Fake Vice President, to replace, Pres. Diggong Duterte. This is their best wish. Or Diggong Duterte, would drop dead and die…

    They are going to various international entities like : the UN Human Rights Commission; the International Criminal Court; the European Union; U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio; the U.S. State Department; the U.S./C.I.A.; etc…begging these entities, to remove Pres. Duterte, and put them in power.

    What a pathetic way to run an opposition party. They are all politically and intellectually bankrupt. Just look at who is leading the opposition party.

    It is now the Age of Information Technology. So, propaganda machines, do not work anymore. EDSA type of mindset is out of date. The Propaganda that , Cory Aquino is a Saint, and Ninoy Aquino, Jr., is a hero, is not working anymore. The Aquinos have shown us, what they can do. It was all incompetence and widespread greed and unrestricted corruption.

    Besides, the Filipino Bloggers, are here with their social media tools, to inform their fellow Filipinos. The YellowTard trolls and internet hackers, paid by the opposition and the Aquino Cojuangco political axis cannot compete with these social media warriors.

    The opposition should go back to the Basics, in the formulation of their comprehensive and clear political platform, on what they can offer to the country, and to us, voters. And, these platforms can be debated in the social media, with all participating.

    The Philippine political landscape is maturing politically. We hope this will be the start of a better political system, that was corrupted by the Aquino era.

    1. bwah ha ha !!! good luck with that !!!! bwah ha ha !!! it started with the Aquino Era ? BWAH HA HA !!!! OH, and Marcos was not a thief either, BWAH HA HA !!!
      Seriously? Get your head out of your ass, you will know you have done it when you hear that big POPPING SOUND !!!

      NEWS FLASH !!! EVERY SINGLE POLITICIAN IN THE FILIPPINES IS A THIEF AND HAS BEEN SINCE 1948 !!!! They are all thieves and need to dealt with, SEVERELY !!!! Until they are, you will be FUCKED!
      and if you do not know this, you are a true MORON, and there is no hope for you !!!

      1. An Aquino YellowTard paid troll, trying to portray all
        Filipino politicians are as corrupt as Cory Aquino and Pnoy Aquino. Trying to blur the evilness of the Aquinos ?

        The Aquino era was where corruption became unrestricted and widespread. It is because, they controlled the media; and put politicians under their control, by enriching them with DAP and PDAF, with Pork Barrel Bribery, in order to continue their ownership of Hacienda Luisita.

        Hacienda Luisita was the Root of all evils, in Philippine politics; including the NPA rebellion.

    2. and in case you do not think so, what has Dueterte done so far ? The country still has the highest electricity rates in the entire world! 33% of Filipino’s live on $2/Day. The stock market and energy sectors are still front run on a continous 24/7 basis…..

      Dueterte has changed NOTHING that matters, killing his fellow citizens doesn’t count for anything except being a criminal, like all the rest of the politicians.

      The ‘Political landscape is maturing…’, BWAH HA HA !!! OMG, you just make this shit up !!!

      1. @Jerome:

        You are a YellowTard Aquino political paid troll shit. Your idiocy does not work here in GRP.

        Sorry, Aquino Boy…take your stupidity elsewhere…

  2. BWAH HA HA !!!! Filipino’s THINK they live in a Democracy ? REALLY ?

    The Republica de Pilipinas is a KLEPTOCRACY !!! Run by Criminals for the benefit of criminals, nothing more and surely nothing less.

    OMG, WAKE UP…Get a Clue, they are free !

    1. @ Jerome:
      Criminals like Cory Aquino, whose family scammed the Philippine government of Hacienda Luisita. And protected their crimes by being politicians, and establishing the NPA.

      Criminals like Pnoy Aquino, who is the worst thief, with : DAP , PDAF, Pork Barrel bribery, Typhoon Yolanda Fund scams, etc.

      Pnoy Aquino, has no conscience. He even murdered children with Dengvaxia vaccines, just to get the commission of the sale of the vaccines.

      The worst political dynasty that came out of Philippine politics are the Aquinos.

  3. In a democracy, someone who fails to get elected to office can always console himself with the thought that there was something not quite fair about it.

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