Bullied Ex-President Noynoy: Not Handsome like Ninoy and called Panot and Abnoy

Genetic regression in the Philippines is a reality. When parents look more handsome or prettier than their kids, it’s kind of sad to see those good chromosomes disappearing from the gene pool of the Philippine’s next generation. Noynoy/PNoy could have looked better or at least more presentable had Ninoy chosen to tie the knot with Imelda Romualdez. Instead, for some strategic (yet genetically tragic) political advantage, he ended up marrying the hacienda heiress: Corazon Cojuanco.

The lesson here is – consider how your children will turn out to look when choosing a mate, especially if you have political ambitions. Had PNoy looked a bit more like his dad, people wouldn’t have been bullying him with all these condescending labels: Panot (receding hairline) and Abnoy (abnormal). In fairness, PNoy has not been rabid in fighting off all the negative comments and name-calling that he’s bombarded with – despite the fact that it was not really his choice to become a baldy or a “special child”.

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As a president, you need to project and emit and aura of confidence. You are “the face” of your people, representing them in the international arena. It’s possible PNoy goofed up a lot during his term (esp. in geopolitics) simply for lack of confidence. Recall how difficult it was to watch him slouching inside his big chair during his interview by Vice Ganda; a posture so unbecoming of an executive (royalty). Just do a mental juxtaposition of George Clooney and Noynoy for a second and you’ll get what I mean.

By contrast, we see Rodrigo Duterte and Ferdinand Marcos Sr. generating a succeeding generation of politicians that can weather the harsh political landscape of needing to look pleasing to the Filipino critical “galing man-lait” eyes. These are the real political strategists that have left no stone (including the gene factor) unturned.

The sad fact is: To be a politician in the Philippines requires popularity, with the need to have your face flashed on headline news on an almost daily basis. It will take much longer for Filipinos to see the merits of becoming a meritocracy. For the time being, as we still need to grow up from our overly entertainment-centric points of view, wanna-be politicos need to have the looks.

Ninoy seems to have made many wrong moves. Becoming a celebrated “hero” for being in the right place at the right time (in the path of a kinetic projectile) may have served his family’s political dreams well. But the genes passed on to his son were not something Noynoy could really be grateful for. (This could be a clue to why Noynoy does not have a son.)

Those early days just after Yolanda with Mar exploding with those painful words “You are a Romualdez and the president is an Aquino” would not have been that so politically charged and more lives could have been saved if only Ninoy married Imelda. Well that’s the butterfly effect. So choose your mate carefully, even scientifically (weighing all the pros and cons in a table).

It’s probably time for Pinoys to stop jumping into a relationship just because of emotional highs or potential financial benefits, but rather with a good sense of genetic foresight included in the equation.

By the way, why wasn’t Noynoy present in the recent Mactan-Cebu International Airport Terminal 2 inauguration (a project his admin was  a part of). Is he too ashamed to show his face in public already? What a huge fall for a man who used to be the most powerful official in the land.

14 Replies to “Bullied Ex-President Noynoy: Not Handsome like Ninoy and called Panot and Abnoy”

  1. Regarding the words of PANOT and Abnoy of Madpnoy kulangkulang99 names is not related to his Physical Appearance, its a term that describes Performance in Philippine politics, He was before a Senator that had Zero laws pass in the Senate, the other words of madpnoy kulangkulang99 is because of his Presidential Tenure where it has created four million Pilipino addicts, there was never a physical appearance attacks but really its base on Political activities Performance..

  2. Maybe his awkwardness during the Vice Ganda interview was due to him being “kilig”. Seriously in his 6 years as president who has interviewed him? CNN – fail. Boy Abunda and Vice Ganda- softball questions for an equally uncritical audience. Remember the closest thing he ever came was during the campaign debates . We knocked FPJ for doing so little debates. Why did Noynoy get a pass? This was from

    Noynoy’s vow not to steal

    Saturday, 16 January 2010 00:00

    By Efren L. Danao

    ” At the same presidential forum, Sen. **** Gordon asked Noynoy what he had done during his nine years as congressman to help his constituents in Tarlac. Noynoy dismissed this undeserving of a reply since it comes from a survey tail-ender. How honest can one be? Spoken like a true son of hacienderos!”

    1. Well to rephrase that… “I am an Aquino and you are only a Gordon. How dare you question my incompetence!”

      As palusot king, the guy has mastered the art of not only apathy (disconnection from human suffering, including his own), but also of evasion (dodging bullets/interviews).

      Regarding criticisms, he doesn’t seem to mind being called “Panot” and “Abnoy”; he probably doesn’t feel a thing. In some way, it could be an asset – allowing him to survive 6 years of being the object of mockery by the entire nation. His smiling/smirking face with SAF44/Yolanda/Dengvaxia victims in the background will be his lasting legacy.

  3. Pnoy Aquino was a “special child” of the Aquinos. He is not well endowed with charisma and charm. On the side of intelligence, he is much lacking, in intelligence ; he never excelled in school. He never excelled in college.

    It was the Aquino myth of” heroism” and “sainthood” of his mother, fueled by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis media, with the aid of former COMELEC Chief Andres Bautista’s HOCUS PCOS, that elected him to become President. In addition, his mother , Cory Aquino, died…sympathy votes…

    It is the same way, Leni Robredo, the fake Vice President, that elected her to become , Vice President.
    Her husband died; and with the Andres Bautista’s SMARTMATIC HOCUS PCOS.

    On the side of Genetics, we don’t know what kind of ancestry, we have in the past. Sometimes the defective side of your genes, can come out in any generation. So, you produce , mentally retarded children. Children that do not look good; even the parents look good.

    There are still many unknown factors, why these things happen in producing defective children in generations. Genetics is not yet an exact Science.

    Pnoy Aquino was not fitted for the Presidency. This is the reason, he was terribly incompetent. He was born with “silver spoon” on his mouth. Son of a very rich and famous parents. All his needs, were given to him . He did not have to work for them.

    With YellowTard followers; combined with the myth of his parents’ heroism and sainthood. The Presidency was handed to him like a “free gift”.

    This is what we get, if we don’t examine carefully, who we are electing in public office. And, we are carried with : myths, slogans and false promises.

  4. even if he looked like Richard Gomez, and he performed the same way… the ridicule will just don’t go.

    he is incompetent like his parents, he is without genuine concern for the country, like his parents again, and he is just fond of degrading other people and not getting anything done, like his parents still.

    you can also look at the PANDAK that he hated and maligned. SMALL BUT TERRIBLE is the only way that this physical attribute was described and remembered.

  5. those were explained in the ‘mendelian law of heredity’ that if you inbreed the undesirables (recessive traits) will come out the so called culls. it could easily corrected if you continue the filial generations of the same blood by taking out the undesirables but the outcome will be smaller generations like the aetas.

    1. You’re missing the point. There’s no need to tell that because you are actually one. Instead of doing discussions, all you do is just attention whoring.

      No one’s gonna fall for your bait, kid.

  6. One thing is sure PNOY is a classic example of genetic trash. He did not inherit Ninoy’s self-perceived charisma nor Cory Aquino’s so-called humility.

  7. Did the future generations of Aquino-Cojuanco clans came from their original ancestors of General Antonio Luna & Ysidra Cojuanco? I don’t know how did those clans came on these results like they become oligarchs, politicians & celebrities but I guess it’s in their genes? :\

    1. that’s a secretive genealogy that time will forgot. only their clans knew who among the 4 sons of melencio the son of antonio luna and isidra.

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