Political blocs allied under the ‘Yellow’ flag are the reason the Philippines is unstable

Filipinos are being pulled in different directions nowadays as various political blocs battle one another for dominance in a landscape characterised by turmoil and unrest. Looking just a short time back, the mid-2000s was the same. It was also a time of frequent street rallies and accusations of “human rights violations” among others being thrown about.

What is emerging is a common denominator that characterises the Philippines’ most turbulent times in the last several decades. These troubled times seem to be times when the Yellowtards (political blocs and their supporters most closely allied with the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clans) were in the Opposition. This is not surprising considering that Yellowtards are in control of the biggest corporate mass media organisations in the country as well as enjoy the backing of the Roman Catholic Church. Yellowtards, though they deny it, also have close ties with the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) who, themselves, pack an instrument of unrest that still remains lethal albeit diminished — the terrorist New People’s Army (NPA) which continue to terrorise the country’s hinterlands.

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These “assets” give the Yellowtards an unmatched capability for inciting unrest and sustaining destabilisation campaigns against governments they do not like.

Lack of stability is never good for a country and it is quite amazing that the Philippine economy remains quite resilient and exhibits healthy growth despite the prevailing turmoil today. As such, it is quite evident that the political “activism” of Yellowtards is not really meant to further the national interest (of which stability is an important thing) and, instead, create an environment that provides fertile ground for their next power grab. These blocs, after all, are famous for their use of extrajudicial means of changing leadership (which they sugarcoat and package as “people power” movements). The goal of the Yellowtards, in short, is a return to power rather than contributing to national development.

Filipinos need to see through this fake patriotism and understand what the Yellowtards are really up to. The ideology and political platform of the Yellowtards, quite simply, do not add up. They claim to be aligned with Western liberalism but remain a superstitious and “prayerful” lot who believe the edicts of medieval institutions. They espouse diversity in lifestyle and inclusiveness in points of view yet remain within the embrace of a de facto state religion opposed to divorce, reproductive choice, and homosexual marriage.

Filipinos should step up their critical scrutiny into the belief systems of the Yellowtards. Only in doing so will they appreciate the hopelessly intractable inconsistency in the thinking they define themselves with. Such inconsistency makes them incompatible for advancement in today’s modern world.

5 Replies to “Political blocs allied under the ‘Yellow’ flag are the reason the Philippines is unstable”

  1. The Aquino Cojuangco political axis, gained power in the Philippines, with the help of the: U.S. /C.I.A., U.S. Dept. of State, under Former Sec. Schultz; from the Roman Catholic Church; from the political opportunists; from military adventurers of the PC and AFP; from Hakot demonstrators;from the Propaganda Machines of the Oligarch Media; etc..

    They think that people are as stupid, as when they gained power. So, they are doing what they are good in doing; that is; doing political agitation in order to gain power. They cannot win in any election. They won by cheating, thru Andres Bautista’s HOCUS PCOS and SMARTMAGIC. You can see how deplorable, these people are in their addiction to power.

    We have to be vigilant, that these unfortunate political events, will never happen again in our country !

  2. As anywhere else, political instability provided an opportunity for local scores to be settled, for personal grievances to be aired, for heroes to be acclaimed and discarded, giving full reign to the fickle fortunes of war.

  3. One look at the very yellow picture of those old hags and I had to resist the urge to retch. Do I really want to entrust my future with these people and their families that have held on to power for so long?

  4. The country is unsteady because the people are splintered between the likes of the thieves that run the little fiefdoms that dot the country…..THE COUNTRY IS FUCKED AND ONLY WHEN A LARGE SCALE REVOLT, A REVOLT THAT ROUTES THE POLITICAL DYNASTIES AND OLIGARCHS THAT RUN THE COUNTRY, IS UNDERTAKEN …WILL ANY-FUCKIN-THInG CHANGE FOR THE BETTER IN THE COUNTRY.
    Just look at what is happening since Dueterte took office, nothing but dead- bottom-of-the-social ladder killings have taken place. There are still no decent jobs, no industry to speak of, still the highest electricity rates…IN THE WORLD are stifling any new business that may be attempted…nope, the guy has done nothing, and in 4 1/2 years time the same shit will happen that has been happening since 1965….and FLIPS FLOP FOR IT EVERY TIME !!!

    1. Bottom-of-the-ladder killings were always there, just weren’t sensationalised as much. Define “decent” jobs. Like the “decency” of the opposition? Now who’s to blame for high electricity rates? Wasn’t it Cory Aquino who refused to continue the power plant because she didn’t want the memory of Marcos to live on?

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