Noynoy Aquino lauded for merely showing up at Congress inquiry on Dengvaxia


So former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III gets a medal for mere effort after having shown up at the Senate inquiry into the Dengvaxia debacle. Seeing BS Aquino’s face on TV again is quite the blast from the past. It reminds Filipinos of the culture of mediocrity that prevailed over the six years of his administration and, overall, the 30-year reign of Yellowtard thinking that blanketed Philippine society.

Under such a culture, presidents get elected because of a pedigree of martyrdom — something that binds Yellowtard leaders together: BS Aquino who campaigned on the back of the death of his mother, the late former President Cory Aquino, in 2009 who, in turn, was catapulted to power in 1986 on the back of a series of events following the death of her husband former Senator Benigno Aquino Jr in 1983. And not much else.

To be fair, it is right that Aquino himself face the music today. He is known to be a man who is used to getting his way and not comfortable with taking on board suggestions and considerations that run counter to what he wants. As such, Aquino is definitely accountable for how things turns out. As president, the buck stops at his office. As a character who is averse to having his views challenged, he bears sole responsibility for his decisions. Indeed, as Manila Standard columnist Jojo Robles points out;

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If he had not developed a culture where his officials were so afraid of opposing him while he was president, Noynoy would have heard the opposition to his Dengvaxia program – and it would certainly have given him pause.

There certainly was opposition enough, and from very credible, apolitical sources. But the World Health Organization and the various local public health specialists who advised caution before the rollout never had a chance.

Herein lies the trouble with this perverse form of hero-worship Filipinos have been made addicts of over the last 30 years. “Heroes” can do no harm in the eyes of those who worship them. Worse, they don’t even need to achieve anything to be worthy of their adulation. There are many smart people who did the right things that, at the least, prevented disaster and, at best, laid the foundations for success. Unfortunately it is the “heroes” who seemingly swoop in to rescue people from perceived threats that become stuff of legend. defines “legend” as…

a nonhistorical or unverifiable story handed down by tradition from earlier times and popularly accepted as historical.

Yellowtard “heroes” such as BS Aquino did not need to achieve anything. They only need a narrative — a legend — based on a manufactured “villain” upon which their legacy could be pre-built.

6 Replies to “Noynoy Aquino lauded for merely showing up at Congress inquiry on Dengvaxia”

  1. That perverse form of hero worship Filipinos have been addicted to has been promoted and used by the Oligarchs and the corrupt politician using the bias media to retain control of the government. noynoy was a puppet president but his arrogance and delusions prevented him from realizing that.

  2. Aquino appeared in the Senate, with a prepared speech. He, together with Garin, and Abad were responsible in the procurement of the Dengvaxia vaccine. They ignored the warnings of the World Health Organization, and some vaccine expert, on the negative effects of the vaccine..

    The Filipino children who were vaccinated of this Dengvaxia vaccine, are now dying one by one. And those YellowTards are applauding that their “hero” Aquino, appeared in the Senate.

    No one is concerned of the dying Filipino children. The YellowTard has now become a cult of the Aquino legend, sainthood and heroism !

  3. I don’t think so. His replies were cogent and on point. For instance, allocating the money early was so it wouldn’t lapse. Once lapsed the process required targeting new income sources. He’s not getting credit for appearing, he’s giving good reasonable answers while he’s being smeared by hysteria from the opposition. Why no mention his good answers? Part of the smear? Do you ever try to be fair?

  4. Yellowtard BS Aquino and his brand of minions seldom let facts get in the way of perpetuating a legend, although a few facts add seasoning and make the legend more believable.

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