A lesson for Ica Policarpio’s family: When you appeal to the public for help, you owe them closure


A lot of people are annoyed. A social media storm was successfully raised after 17 year old Ica Policarpio “went missing” which kicked off a series of events — and the heavens being “stormed with prayers” — that led to her being “found” alive and unharmed today. It started with an appeal for help posted on Facebook by her sister Bea Policarpio soon went and, soon after, over Twitter.

The social media campaign was so successful that even celebrities were tweeting and retweeting appeals for assistance and prayers with no less than Kris Aquino, Pops Fernandez, Anthony Pangilinan, Gary Valenciano, Anne Curtis-Smith and Sharon Cuneta contributing their star power to the cause.

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Now that Policarpio had been “found” the question Netizens are asking is a natural one: What really happened to Ica Policarpio?

According to National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) chief Director Oscar Albayalde, there was no indication Policarpio was kidnapped. Instead, “police are looking into the possibility that someone influenced Ica to run away from home given that she was a minor.”

Many Netizens, it seems, find the experience of being sucked into an emotional rollercoaster then left scratching their heads after the happy — but secret — ending akin to a love affair that ended without proper closure. Indeed, it raises the issue of future social media appeals no longer being taken seriously following what many are starting to describe as a boy-who-cried-wolf spectacle.

For that matter, an even more confronting question is now floating around: Why do certain individuals warrant this sort of massive attention and support while thousands of other similar cases languish in obscurity? In short, the question is: What is so special about Ica Policarpio?

It is interesting to note that “social news site” Rappler ran the story within a day of the first Facebook post fielded by sister Bea on the 21st of December. The speed with which the story was picked up by a certain clique of Netizens and by the social news site known for certain affiliations has raised eyebrows. This is in considering that Policarpio is a niece of Jose Jaime Policarpio Jr., who served as Presidential Legislative Liaison Office chief of former President Joseph Estrada. It needs no mention too that Ica Policarpio is a student at an exclusive school.

The Policarpios are, of course, entitled to their privacy. But the public who were brought into this gigantic emotional loop are also entitled to their curiosity. Turning to social media for “help” is like signing a deal with the devil. You get what you think is a free ride until it is time to get off at your destination. Then you get the bill.

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127 Replies to “A lesson for Ica Policarpio’s family: When you appeal to the public for help, you owe them closure”

  1. In my neck of the woods we do this differently using an entire different system.
    When a child is gone missing, we use the AMBER Alert system. For more info regarding this system, pls read the wiki (only available in Dutch) and the official Amber website. There is also an Amber Alert Europe.

    Do I personally care NOT getting (dis)closure about the found missing person? No, not at all.


    1. Probably because you don’t treat real life as a telenovela that needs conventional heroes, villains and endings to make sense.

  2. Non sense. They owe us nothing. They asked for help. If you wamt to truly help, you do that without asking or needing anything in return. Not with an expectation.
    Someone went missing. Now she is found. That is good enough.

    -The end-

    1. And yet, this is just your opinion. Thousands others who were sucked into this melodrama may not feel the same way. Don’t be too dismissive of other people’s feelings.

      1. Those thousands of others chose to be sucked into A MELODRAMA that they created on their own. These people have an absurd sense of entitlement and are chismosos/chismosas who didn’t even try to help and just wanted to follow the drama. Now that the situation has been resolved, they feel that they need answers? Just goes to show the hypocrisy and insincerity commenting words of support just to make them feel good about themselves.

        The family don’t owe any of us any explanation. There is an investigation going on, if the family or the police decide to reveal the results or what really happened, then good. If not, let them be. Just be glad that she is fine. Move on with your lives. Get over yourselves

        A daughter is missing. The family used social media to be able to reach more people. No she is not special, anyone who has a missing kid would probably do the same in this day and age (because of technology).

        1. Yeah, anybody would use social media. Thing is she IS SPECIAL. So many people have appealed online with the same problem. Sa espasyo ng Facebook hindi na bago yung ganito. Pero pinublish ba ng Rappler, ABSCBN, celebrities? Ica Policarpio grants herself a unique slot sa mga ganitong konteksto kasi hindi naman lahat nabibigyan ng ganitong pribilehiyo na mapagtuunan ng pansin at atensyon. Lucky for her, the girls who found her at a San Pablo Starbucks were aware of her appearance. Thanks, of course, to the power and privilege of Policarpio family. Yay.

        2. Red herring. That’s besides the argument in the article. The family doesn’t owe the public any disclosure.

        3. So what if it was published by rappler,apscbn, celebrities? Maybe they knew someone from rappler, abscbn or the showbiz industry. How does that entitle those who followed/shared, to be given an explanation/closure as to what really happened? Are you not content with the thanks and gratitude that the Policarpio family shared to all those who REALLY cared and DID something? You just clicked the share button and followed the “melodrama” and suddenly you think you deserve and explanation? That’s some effed up logic right there.

        4. I totally agree. Someone needed help. I shared, as that’s the only way I knew I could help out. I know exactly how it feels to have someone go missing. “Closure”-ina nyo! Are you saying because you shared a post you are now entitled to pry into their lives? That kind of entitlement should immediately be dismissed. Some people live miserable lives and one of the ways for them to feel a little bit better about themselves is to find drama in someone else’s life. Matuto kayong maging masaya sa mga buhay nyo, para hindi kayo naghahanap ng pagkagaan ng loob nyo sa masamang pangyayari sa buhay ng iba.

        5. I totally agree with you. Finding the girl IS the CLOSURE. Bless the hearts of everyone who helped without question and are respecting the family’s request for privacy. THAT is what you call genuine concern.

        6. Are you kidding me??? I believe hindi para makichismis ang intensyon ng mga taong gustong malaman kung anong totoong nangyare sa kanya. Bea dragged the public to a thought that something life-threatening happened to Ica. Tinulungan sya ng publiko. Baka naman gusto nyang tumanaw ng utang na loob by sharing kung ano talaga ang nangyare kasi kung anong nangyare sa kapatid nya, pwede ding mangyari samin, or sa mga kamag anak namin. They owe the public a warning that certain “dangers” happen in real life. Para naman makapag ingat din kami diba.

          Ang babaw ng nakikichismis. Ano to, sila lang ang tutulungan pero pag nakuha na ang gusto, wala nang pakialam sa publiko na tumulong sa kanila??

        7. Gdragon: Bea didn’t drag the public to anything. YOU and those who followed this CHOSE to be dragged into it. You could have scrolled past. Clicking the share button and following what happened does not entitle you to anything.

          Pwede naman talaga mangyari kahit kanino yan. Ang tanong, how does that affect you? How will it help you kung nalaman mo na naglayas lang pala kasi nakipagaway sa bf, or pinagalitan ng tatay?
          Baka lalo ka pa magalit sa nalaman mo (na di mo naman talaga concern na, really)

          Ginagamit mo lang yun dahilan kasi nga feeling mo enitled ka malaman kasi nag share ka at finolllow mo ang storya. Kalokohan yan na kelangan mo malaman totoong nangyari sa isang kaso ng paglalayas na just so happened na nag viral (out of many). Anu ka pinanganak kahapon para di malaman ang certain “dangers” na nangyayare sa real life?

          Tumanaw ng utang na loob. Nagpasalamat sa lahat ng mga tumulong. Di pa kayo makuntento. Ikaw ba may tinulong? Nag form ka ba ng search party? Nag share ka lang in thte comfort of your home or cp or wherever. Tapos feeling entitled ka?

          Move on with your lives. Like I said, kung mag reveal sila or ang police ng results good. Pero if not be happy di nag end sa tragedy at naging safe sya.


        9. Bobo k pla eh. Ang tulong meaning taos puso mong ibbgay ang mggwa mo ng wlang kapalit o kabayaran. Hnd ito pera n dapat pgbayaran mo. Pero hnd kita masisi dahil mahilig k sa mga tsismisan at muka naman wlang kang buhay kundi fb. Pucha sana ikaw nlng makidnap. Sana hnd k nrn makabalik. Maganda gandang storya yan.

        10. we need to know. for the general public. becuase this could happen again. especially if the one missing is a special child.

      2. And that is what keeps people wallowing in their own misery. It is none of your business. But even that is up to you. Merry xmas.

    2. it can’t be good enough if she really joined the 48 hour challenge. She was reading a book at a cafe when everyone was looking for her. How can she not know that she’s missing or lost?

  3. Yes, the family owes the state an explanation.

    Statistics on runaways tell us that a DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY ENVIRONMENT INCLUDING SEXUAL / PHYSICAL ABUSE constitute a big percentage of why adolescents run away.

    The state should, at least, investigate the reason why she ran away.

    1. If you have been following the news, the police are investigating. The family and police said they would reveal the results of the investigation.

      Statistics? What is your source? What does it even have to do with this? Do you have any insight on what actually happened?

    2. Wow! That is insanely presumptuous. There is zero explanation revealed and you throw out sexual/physical abuse like you’re a kid in a candy store. THIS is how chismis is created and results in defamation. Be careful when you choose to throw your assumptions around based on absolutley nothing.

      They owe the public nothing. Zero. Zilch.

  4. True..”we” all wanted this ‘saga’ to end in a positive note. Whatever the reason it is true..the family has the right to their privacy. Like the artistas who shared their concerns of the situation. Am sure they know the meaning of.privacy. however, i hav no comment abt big sisBea being in rappler..she is just a concerned big siater… We all know wat rappler is.

  5. LOL!
    This author is just another chismoso who has a sense of entitlement. They don’t owe you anything.
    The moment you felt that you are entitled to answers, made you and the others like you a bunch of fake, insincere and hypocrites. You made it about you, instead of about the family reunited.

    The family don’t owe any of us any explanations. There is an investigation going on, if the family or the police decide to reveal the results or what really happened, then good. If not, let them be. Just be glad that she is fine. Move on with your lives. Get over yourselves

    A daughter is missing. The family used social media to be able to reach more people. It is that simple. No she is not special, anyone who has a missing kid would probably do the same in this day and age (because of technology).

    1. For me, hindi chismoso yung author. Pinublicize nila ito, what do you expect? The public is concerned, curious. You cannot feed them with “respect privacy” arguments.

      Besides, if I should follow your line of thought, for the sake of discourse, the public is worthy of praise dahil they are critical of the flow of events. Stop reducing what happened to what happened. Privacy? Chismosa? The published articles could be lying. Psychological condition daw? Investigation? There’s a lot more to tell from broadsheets, from the manipulation of the media.

      I want to finish what I have to say by saying how realistic this article is. Ica is not just lucky for being found, she is blessed with her family’s access to power, politics, and social media. If not for these things she would have not been found. The storm of prayers? Hell, so many people having been praying for their lost loved ones too. And because they are powerless and less privileged, they remain missing, still.

      1. If GRR Martin or HBO decides to cancel the book or the show Game of Thrones, then we as the public will want to have “closure.” And though all our fanboying will “storm the heavens” and social media pleading to give us an explanation as to why said show got cancelled, more often than not, they don’t— not to our satisfaction at least. Maybe it was the ratings. Maybe. We feel that they “owe” us because we, the people, are an audience that they need to please.

        The policarpio family, IS NOT a show. Ica’s disappearance, no matter how “melodramatic” is not governed by ratings. Her being found, though HELPED by selfless people through technology, is NOT a season ender that fell flat. They are PRIVATE CITIZENS who asked PEOPLE, THROUGH social media, for help because their family member was lost. It would have been tragic if they didn’t find Ica, let us just be thankful that they did.

        Had my own daughter, or family member been lost, me and my family would have exhausted ALL means necessary to find them. Regardless of clout or influence. This was a missing persons issue, nothing else. Let’s not blow it out of proportion just to satisfy the “curiosity” that we were left hanging.

        Let us always keep kindness and compassion above all, now more than ever.

  6. Another KSP thing by some attention-hungry people, aye? Not to mention the timing with this news of a 48-hour “disappearance” game on Facebook. It would certainly be better if the family could confirm if Ica was fooled into following that. Also, Rappler should be attacking that game, if they’re so angry at social media as they are now.

  7. She is entitled to her privacy! Thr devil always wants a pay back, the glory, but the bible says when you help do not expect anything in return. Why can’t we think that way and be happy for the family that we were all able to help! And that the family has her back for Christmas!

  8. I agree the family does not owe the public an explanation. It’s privacy.

    The thing is, ginusto nila ipublicize itong #FindIca tragedy. The public will follow the story, whether you like it or not.

    But get this. The issue here is not a matter of privacy. In actuality, it’s a web of problems.

    Una, there are two endings presented by the media: the (1) ABS-CBN version, and the (2) Rappler version.

    Sa article ng ABS-CBN, it states Ica was found weeping in a carinderia somewhere in the city of San Pablo, thanks to a woman from a barangay council who contacted the Policarpio family. TO ADD: the family, quite explicitly, indicates how a “psychological condition” can be traced to their daughter Ica.

    Sa article ng Rappler, the plot thickens. Ica was found sipping quietly while reading a good ol book in a Starbucks branch in San Pablo City. Miraculously, as if deus ex machina, a squad of girls chanced upon her and decided to address the encounter. Contacted the family, then later, et viola: Ica was found.

    Mas interesado pa akong pagtuunan ng pansin kung gaano kahalata na ginusto naman ni Ica yung nangyari. I mean, to put it way better: SHE WAS FOUND IN A STARBUCKS, READING A BOOK. Any reader would clearly determine na she is at peace. Buo yung loob niya sa desisyon niya. Nagkataon lang na nahanap siya. Reading a book, sipping frappe, really? Sinong nawawalang bata na kesyo nakidnap, nadakip, ang nasa ganong mental state? Safe to say she wanted that soul searching.

    Power plays a major role here too. Let us not deflate the mass annoyance in social media dahil hello, a lot of people also lose their family members to what, mental conditions? And here, we see Ica, showered with so much fame and attention, when in actuality, ginusto naman niya yung own life choices niyang maglayas. The point is, because she has relatives in politics, nagkaron siya ng ganitong pribilehiyo sa isang espasyo ng bansa nating lubog sa socioeconomic problems.

    I say revise this article; don’t fish for closure. Rather, explore how the Policarpio family displayed power and privilege. Ica was not missing; she clearly left. Explore why, in the many people who’s sincerely, actually, and genuinely missing, seldom do we see a happy ending: the old women with Alzeihmers, foreigners scammed, old men all the way from the provinces making ends meet to survive the day and keep sane, in the absence of their family, in the loss of hope.

    And here we #FindIca in a Starbucks safe and unharmed.

    1. Yes I agree. There is room for more thorough “investigative blogging” here. Lots of conflicting and inconsistent information floating around the Net to sift through. There is a thickening plot still worth pursuing and we have mainstream media to thank for that.

    2. Reading comprehension po. December 23 yung tweet ng mga babae na nakita nila si Ica sa Starbucks, nagbabasa. This helped police find her the next day, crying sa isang carinderia. There’s no two sides of the story.

    3. “I say revise this article; don’t fish for closure. Rather, explore how the Policarpio family displayed power and privilege.”

      But how? Should we consider asking for help in social media by the Policarpio family for a missing dear daughter Ica an exclusive display of power and privilege… when it’s clearly an open available option to everyone else?

      Is there anyone in the public, that anyone knows here, that manifested that they acted to extend a help against their will?

      It seems jealousy, sometimes, leads one to a sort of an entitlement!

      “I mean, to put it way better: SHE WAS FOUND IN A STARBUCKS, READING A BOOK. … Safe to say she wanted that soul searching.”

      And so…, what then?!

  9. I agree with Anne Joler. Hindi closure yung dapat problemahin dito e. It’s how much power and privilege have led to the finding of Ica. Bakit yung mga nawawalang mga lolo at lola na may Alzeihmers hindi naman nabibigyan ng pansin? May nagviral nga na nanay, nag post siya. Yung anak niyang PWD, hindi pa rin niya nahahanap. E kasi dahil may pera naman tong pamilya Policarpio, nagawang umapila sa media. Yung aso namin nung bato ako nawala, hanggang ngayon hindi bumabalik. Kung may pera pamilya ko edi sinabihan na namin yung media para mahanap din naman pala agad.

  10. It is just a case of Fake News. Rappler and other YellowTard Media, that wanted your attention. It is one way of hoodwinking the public.

    Who is this Policarpio girl anyway ? Many other Filipinos are missing. Yet, they don’t warrant attention. Some were massacred during the Aquino Cojuangco reign. Nobody raise any alarm for them !

  11. I’m surprised how much attention this missing case attracted, considering that there are a lot of other missing cases that need help given that the missing persons are not of sound mental state or the missing persons are too young to find their way back home.

    1. I guess it has something to do with what they call ‘self-identification’, as in the study of Sociology. Most probably self-identify with someone who is viewed as a damsel in distress and perhaps there’s an ’emotional attraction’ to what appears to be a very cute, young Ica with a nice sweet smile.

      Somewhat similar is what happened to a UST student hazing-victim Atio. Many privileged and powerful people, both in private and in the government, some even associated with Atio’s family, identify themselves with the case. But unfortunately, NOT with someone like Kian, a 17 year old murdered by police operatives in Caloocan.

      A lot of angry people here, seeking entitlements, are naturally poseurs and hyphocritical. We can only wonder if what they are fighting for can pass the “SO WHAT?!” test…

  12. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL ! We thank the GRP, the WebMaster: Benigno, for giving us the opportunity to blog on his Web site. Sometimes, we may not satisfy our readers. However, we are trying our best, to blog to give good information, pertinent to the present situation and condition of our country.

    We thank, even our “adversaries” in this GRP Blog Site, in making the discussions of the subject matters, very interesting. Different point of views are given. Some cannot agree. Some agree.

    We hope that these opinions and discussions will open the eyes and ears of our countrymen.

    For a better Philippines ! Happy Blogging !

  13. “Chismosa” (gossip mongering) is when you intrude into the affairs of a person or family who expressed their wish to be left alone from the very start.

    In this case, the family pulled the public into the affair then, when the affair was resolved, simply shut the public out.

    1. We are only entitled to know about what we are brought into. The Policarpios only asked for help in finding Ica.
      We are entitled to know whether she is still missing or was found because they asked for our help in that matter.

      We, the public, however, are NOT entitled to know the reasons behind Ica’s disappearance because they didn’t ask for our help in investigating the issue. If anyone, only the police authorities are entitled to know the story behind the matter because they are being pulled in to investigate.

  14. Next time the public will know better. Thanks to this… Whatever you may call it. People do learn fast. Social media might just wear out for the real and more serious cases. People just might not believe anymore. God will deal with those who lie anyway. So if some think that those who need closure are simply chismoso, remember, these are the people who rallied to help but now are labeled. Woe to the next child who might really be victimized. People will learn to stiffen their necks.

    1. geez, all you did was what? and all of a sudden you feel you are owed an explanation? get a life, no one owes anyone anything!

  15. @benignO,

    You agree that, “The Policarpios are…entitled to their privacy” but then you believe that “the public who were brought into this gigantic emotional loop are also entitled to their curiosity”.

    Entitled to what exactly?! The public’s curiosity?! I beg to differ! I smell entitlement!

  16. I have read this article about a challenge wherein kids would runaway for 48 hours. I can’t help but think that it is the reason for this girl’s disappearance

  17. They owe nothing. Dafuq? Tutulong nalang kelangan may halong chika dapat? And sa mga sinayang DAW ang oras nila… ORAS FOR WHAT? ????????????

  18. 1. The Policarpio Family did promise the public an explanation, BUT IN DUE TIME.

    2. How dare you say that “the public who were brought into this gigantic emotional loop are also entitled to their curiosity”. The public is owed NOTHING.

    3. This “curiosity” is your fancy way of saying “chismis”. Your article is just going to add fuel to a fire that’s already burnt out.

    Ica went missing, the family appealed for help, social media delivered, and she was found safe and sound. End of story.

  19. What an ass. If you helped in any way and she was found, and the family chooses to close it the way they want to, then leave it be.

    No social contract was established that if you share and help, you’d get an explanation as to how it ends.

    If we will follow that line of logic – if you can call it that – then we must also demand every couple who posted hundreds of their #couplegoals photos in social media and suddenly ended their relationship to explain in full detail what happened to the once happy relationship.

    Get real? Get a life.

  20. Well, people should get this: you’re not entitled to your privacy if you made your stuff public in the first place. First enlisting public help, then suddenly shutting out when the window of attention is on them is quite dishonest.

    1. The public is only entitled to know about what they were brought into. The Policarpios only asked for help in finding Ica.
      We are entitled to know whether she is still missing or was found because they asked for our help in that matter.

      We, the public, however, are NOT entitled to know the reasons behind Ica’s disappearance because they didn’t ask for our help in investigating reasons for her disappearance.

    2. On natural law. This natural law means, you make us worry about your child, then say nothing about what really happened? It’s like being given the runaround, or being taken for a ride. That’s why for people like Ilda, it seems fishy.

      1. Quite ironic for ChinoF, the GRP blogger’s insistence to hold on to one’s assumption as argument, which, clearly is just ‘based on emotion’ (“you make us worry”)… and with conviction at that!

        What’s more worse is the feeling and/or claim of being the aggrieved party (“It’s like being given the runaround, or being taken for a ride.”) in this whole affair without realizing even, that, he’s in fact, just reveling in his victimhood mentality and entitlement!

  21. Putangina. I decry all the infidels that think they “deserve” more of an ending than knowing Ica is back with her family.


    Please, I refuse to believe that we as a community and as a people need to invade the privacy of a family so recently reunited, just in time for the Yuletide celebrations. Please, Philippines. Please, Filipinos, prove me right, just this once. Let this matter lie.

  22. hope this person who wrote this article will suffer the same. Lets see how this asshole going to handle the stress and paranoia. Pathetic! Get a life you Bi***!

  23. This is nonsense. I understand that their social media campaign may have alarmed others- with the possibility of kidnapping, assault, being killed especially in this day and age where violence against women is rampant. I understand some news articles were also misleading, but those are cases of irresponsible journalism. But the family does not owe us anything. Yes, they used social media to find her- appealed to celebrities, influencers and news platforms to find her. But would you have not done the same? Having to spread awareness regarding the missing status of your family member? Yes they made it public. The very purpose of that was to find her. And she was found with the help of social media. That’s it. The problem is solved. Now everyone can breathe in peace that the incident was not a kidnapping- but the Policarpios deserve the privacy especially with what they must’ve gone through.

    They do not owe us closure. Ica being found is closure in itself. We are not entitled to anything. This very article is a reflection of one of the flaws of our culture- being pakielamero. Let them have their peace. Merry Christmas

  24. Ica Policarpio’s family owes the public nothing! and the writer of this article is nothing but an opportunist who used Ica’s disappearance as a topic for an article. Get real Philippines my ass

  25. Also, just because celebrities shared it doesn’t mean Ica has some special entitlement. Her family did whatvthey coukd to spread the word. Regular people get trending all the time now a days and this is nothing new.

  26. As a psychology student, I was left with countless of questions on maybe Ica Policarpio was suffering some sort of psychological problems that could influence or govern her way of thinking that time. Maybe she was depersonalized or derealized at some point or maybe she had dissociative fugue for quite some time. Nevertheless, the idea that her being influenced by someone else should not also be taken for granted. Or maybe she was just too fed up with her environment and surroundings. It really puzzles me but yeah, the Policarpio family has the right to keep secret what happened to Ica.

  27. The family only asked the public help in looking for her, but not in solving their family problems or dealing with Ica’s depression (if she has). The only closure needed in this issue is the fact that she was found. Period.

  28. I disagree; the family does NOT owe the public anything. What to expect when posting an appeal like theirs is for it to be shared out of compassion and hope by the public. The fact that people are asking for closure is like asking for a reward after doing an act of kindness. It defeats the purpose of the act. The family did not promise any information, and people are surprised and annoyed when they didn’t release any? Come on.
    And the bit about the Policarpios being privileged with connections? I honestly did not know that, and I don’t think I need to know that. When I saw the post, I shared it for the purpose of helping a lost girl get back to her family. Nothing more. Perhaps, yes, her story was far more widespread than most. They had connections, and used them to spread the story. But if I had connections, I would definitely use them to spread a story if someone I knew was missing. The family cannot be blamed, especially for withholding information.

  29. “The social media campaign was so successful that even celebrities were tweeting and retweeting appeals for assistance and prayers with no less than Kris Aquino, Pops Fernandez, Anthony Pangilinan, Gary Valenciano, Anne Curtis-Smith and Sharon Cuneta contributing their star power to the cause.” — Ah, those Yellowtards, talagang gusto nilang magpapansin sa isyu na to. What’s next? They’ll gonna rejoice the news of the resignation of Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte? Oh by the way, it is a news right now & sad he couldn’t take the issues that he’s facing it: http://www.interaksyon.com/paolo-duterte-resigns-as-davao-vice-mayor/

    1. “They’ll gonna rejoice the news of the resignation of Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte? Oh by the way, it is a news right now & sad he couldn’t take the issues that he’s facing it.”

      This comment is totally out of line, exceedingly out of topic! The discussion here has nothing to do whatsoever with Mr. Paolo Duterte’s dubiously showy resignation. KSP talaga ha?! O Dutertard lang? Naku naman, maisingit lang! Tsk…Tsk…

  30. So…na kidnap ba sya o hindi? kung hindi, edi tapos na storya. okay na nakauwi na si Ica. Pero kung na kidnap sya, sino sino yung na involve dun? pano sya na kidnap. Ano nangyari nung na kidnap sya para masabihan ang ibang mga bata at ma prevent to mangyari sa iba. Sana masagot lang ng family nya or kahit sinong may authority sumagot regarding this question. Na kidnap ba o hindi?

  31. This is really stupid. No the public doesnt need closure and you arent entitled to knowing personal family matters. You share the missing person report because it is what is right. Knowing she returned home safely should be enough, to those who shared it thank you and you can rest knowing you helped contribute to her return- but that is the end of your role here.

  32. Something happened, and people want to know what and why it happened so people can avoid falling into the same situation. Knowing how the girl got lost will prevent same thing happening to someone else. That is the reason I want to know. That is not entitlement.

  33. insight the family can share on this unfortunate incident that happened to them can help a family that might find itself in the same unfortunate situation in the future. It’s not about some sort of sense of entitlement or pagiging chismosa but perhaps to express their gratitude for a public who never thought twice to help them in their predicament, one hopes they might feel a sense of obligation to pass it forward by providing closure and sharing gained wisdom that arose from this lost and found story. It’s no different from human interest stories in news broadcasts where families appeal for help publicly for their ailing child. The news program in later broadcasts always does a follow up story to appraise the public of the results of their aid and how the child is doing now. You know they actually need not do it since one helps without asking for reward, yet they do it just the same.

  34. uy baka may makakita ng will to live ko. Huling kita sakanya is noong 2015 pa, nawawalan na ko ng pag-asa guys halp. so far si kuya willie pa lang ang tumutulong sakin

  35. Although it is now very unlikely that the incident resulted from an abduction, kidnapping or similar crime, at the very least the family or someone in authority is IMMEDIATELY OBLIGATED to inform the public on whether this was what transpired (or not). That they have not done so is highly irresponsible, and quite frankly, selfish as all hell.

  36. NO, no explanation needed. Like there are actually people in the world who don’t need acknowledgment for doing a good deed or for helping others… as there are actually people who DO NOT NEED to pry further into private affairs. — But YES, the girl should have publicly apologized for worrying her family and a thousand netizens. I think what ticks a lot of people is the perceived selfishness of her running away and worrying her family which led her sister to a desperate public plea. —- NO, social strata has nothing to do with the high number of shares in Twitter or FB. It is the fact that at Christmas time, there is a collective spirit of having people reunite with their families.
    — YES, Rappler, as usual relies on these social network trends to pick up a story instead of looking for other lesser known stories that need further help.

  37. When an event garners national attention, there will always be those who will try to pry further into the details. This event is no exception. Ica was lost, the family utilized every tool they could to try and find her, and they found her. That’s enough for anyone. Thanks we’re given to those that helped, and shared the story. Leeches will latch on to events that make headlines to make bullshit articles trying to fulfill their “curiousity” when in fact, they’re just nosey. Let the family celebrate the return of their darling daughter. Let them hold her close and celebrate Christmas with each other now that they are whole again. All we need to know is that Ica has returned home and she is safe. That should be enough for everyone. Not all stories about missing children end up like this. Many, unfortunately, end badly. Maybe we shouldn’t waste time being whining about a successful story, and put some effort into making articles trying to help others who haven’t found their loved ones yet.

  38. There is one question to end this debate once and for all and this is it:
    The answer to this question will tell a lot as to whether they should really explain to the public or not.

    –If you clicked the share button because you genuinely wanted to help Ica, then why ask for something in return?…. When the soldiers who fought in Marawi risked their lives to save the hostages did they ask for anything in return from the people they saved??….. When president Duterte visited the provinces ravaged by the storm to bring them help, did he ask for any payment?? If the president himself does not ask for anything in return for the good he has done for the people then who the hell does these netizens think they are to be entitled for closure? Curiosity and closure pertains to something personal, so that means these people demands closure only for their personal consumption and not really for the good of anyone….

    –If you clicked the share button only because of “curiosity” (as the writer of the article above mentioned), then what does that make you?? Basically that makes you a hypocrite and a Dick who really had no intention of helping in the first place… So if they really had no intention of helping at all then what makes them think that they are entitled to get anything out of this??….. If these people are Dickless pricks in the first place then why should you let a dickless prick have their way…. If the only pathetic reason is to satisfy their curiosity,… well then FYI….
    1. Trillianes was curious about Paolo Dutertes Tattoo and he wanted closure to see if he was a member of the Triad, demanding that Paolo take of his shirt and show the senate his tattoo… Did Paolo Duterte give Trillianes what he was demanding??…
    2. Trillianes was also curious about President Dutertes bank account, even demanding he sign a waiver so he could see and gain closure as to the wealth of PRRD….. Did Duterte give in to trillianes??……
    BOTTOM LINE: Why give a Dickhead what they want…

    CURIOSITY IS A VERY LAME REASON TO COMPELL SOMEONE TO GIVE UP THEIR PRIVACY… CURIOSITY AND CHISMISS GO HAND IN HAND TOGETHER… The article above states it clearly… The netizens who are demanding and claiming entitlement to closure are just there for the chismis… Are we going to allow a family to loose their privacy just to satisfy the desire of the Chismoso’t / Chismosa?? By the way, I remember reading a quote that says: A thousand criminals telling you that stealing is good does not make it right.. Or in this case, a thousand netizens claiming entitlement for closure does not make them right……. So sad….

  39. If there were family issues, there was no mention of them to begin with. We live in Paranaque and my daughter frequents that coffee shop ALONE. Imagine the anxiety the family felt that there may be a gang in the vicinity preying on unaccompanied girls, who may be kidnapped, raped, or killed. I had to monitor my daughter every 15 minutes after the appeal came out. The worry was real and I would tear up thinking about what could happen to the girl. In the end, I’m still relieved Ica came home.

  40. Take this article down. You are creating a misguided nationwide impact, by feeding the mindset of people who already think this way. Your job is to educate, not to enable faulty thinking.

  41. Truly indeed. They have the right of privacy. Everyone deserves that. If you really want to help. You don’t expect something In return. Merry Christmas!

  42. No one is entitled to their curiosity when it involves private matters of a family.

    This article just goes to show how truly shallow and gossip oriented the writer is. Put yourself in the shoes of these people — would you have not turned to social media for help when your family member went missing? Why are we faulting the family due to their surname and position in public? How is it their fault that this became a social media concern, as people CHOSE with their OWN free will, to repost and share, consequently making it a big social media issue?

    Please. You have the power to write things of value; things that can move people to action and inspire others. Use that power wisely.

  43. Hahaha what the fuck do you want?! Get off your ass and do something worth while instead of over analyzing a piece of information. Ano namang mapapala mo sa closure na yan? Nag-effort ka pang mag research na bound by the rules of socmed kailangan nila maging transparent??? Hahahahaha what a load of BS! Props to your geek show tho. You want attention? Well you got it fam! Foot traffic din to sa website mo. Get real! Lol kaloka ka bwiset

  44. I guess it just boils down to character. There are people who just help because want to help, period. Then there are those who want to help so they can get something out of it, whether it’s a “feel good experience”, a “join the bandwagon feeling” or even so called closure for that matter. The former looks out for the good of others while the latter focuses on the self. C’est la vie.

  45. You owe them closure because you help or because you are a chismosa? So you are helping someone to expect that they will return something good for you. Damn, I pity you.

  46. Susme, kailangan pa ba malaman yon? Whether mababaw or malalim ang dahilan, hindi kailangan mag explain. Wala ring kinalaman kung mayaman sila o hindi. Kung sa tingin mo hindi wasto na sila’y humingi ng tulong sa madla, ano’ng suhestiyon mo na sana’y kanilang ginawa?

  47. This is why I don’t get involved in these sorts of things in social media. Drama drama drama… Rich brats being attention-whores, people in social media wanting to know everything. This is like an episode of Black Mirror tbh. When did we turn into the USA, but in the worst way possible?

  48. O sige. Next time bago kayo tumulong, linawin nyo muna kung makakatanggap kayo ng notifications after. Sa mga magpapatulong naman, linawin nyo den kung hanggang saan lang kayo magshshare ng details. Ung kapag nahanap na ung missing loved one nyo ay ishshare nyo ba kung ano ang nangyari o hinde. Para umpisa palang malinaw na ang expectations at walang madidisappoint.

  49. the important thing is Ica is safe and reunited with her family.; wish them well na lang; let us not demand for a return favor by asking for an explanation, instead, let us respect their request for privacy; be kind, compassionate and loving, people! for after all, that is the message of the season; thanks.

  50. Kasi hindi naman totoong “nawala” yung Ica Policarpio. Nagpapapansin lang sila. Or di kaya, nakipagtanan. Kaya hindi nila masabi-sabi kung ano ba talaga ang nangyari.

  51. I disagree. They dont owe anyone anything. And to say they do, is nothing more than your need to satisfy your own personal curiosity. When someone asks for help and you agree, then you should do it because you have good intentions and without expecting anything in return. Moreover, I totally disagree that the rules for decency should change just because social media was used to ask for help.

  52. Bakit ayaw sabihin? Pwede gamitin as a public awareness. Malay mo na kidnap pala sya. Diba? Mag be benefit din ang ibang tao na maging cautious

  53. This is, perhaps, the dumbest, most insensitive thing I have read up on the issue. Their right to privacy outweighs your curiosity. The fact that she was found is closure enough, and sharing a post does not entitle you to whatever information their family might decide to withhold. Like everyone who thinks otherwise, your basis for your entitlement to as to why she was missing is founded on your desire to gossip. Genuine concern for the welfare of your fellow Filipino would not necessitate explanation or anything at all in return. Nakakahiya ka and kayo for thinking that you are entitled to anything from them just because they utilized the convenience of social media to locate their loved one.

  54. Let’s just give more attention to the victims of the fire and floods. Prayers or contributions are needed for the poor families . This disappearing issue will not help those who really need our attention and help. There are more troubled families who really lost family through natural disaster. Let’s divert attention and you will even be blessed by your acts of kindness.

  55. Whether we like it or not, the internet and the social media community is a gray area for what is morally right or wrong. There is a thin line between what is private and what is public about a person’s life when it comes to social media. In the case of Ica Policarpio, her disappearance can be considered one of the most viral issues of today. Hindi talaga natin maiiwasan na magkaroon ng ganyang issue about sa closure. Matagal nang issue ang privacy in social media, internet and news. Lalo na sa mga kumakalat na fake news online, hindi na talaga natin alam kung ano ba ang totoo or hindi. What the online community wants is the truth, and the truth only. For me, looking into the private life of the Policarpio family is not the right thing to do, but hiding facts is also a bad thing for the online community itself. The Netizens are the new paparazzi of online social trends and viral issues.

  56. Seriously? This is a ridiculous article. The family doesn’t owe anyone anything. If they wish to disclose then great. But it’s a private matter and the biggest reward for all who shared the post is having contributed to finding her.

  57. Oh c’mon! When you give help, do u ask something in return. This is just a spread of word. A little help with prayers. Isn’t it enough that she is found and be happy with that? Whatever personal problem the girl has, don’t make it worse by adding negative comments about it. Just be happy that she has been found with the use of social media that you’re a part of.

  58. To me it’s just a spoiled rich kid who got scolded by her parents and runaway from home. When I was a kid I was to prepare my butt for a spanking of the broom if I arrived late at home, was called to principal office, and shit. Typical Rich Spoiled Kid Problems. There are lot of missing old people mostly elderly due to health related issues like amnesia, but never I saw a media, nor online fads, or celebrities high socialite using their star powers at all. What a fucked up Filipino society it is. Seriously we need that 911 hotline instead like in the states, not Feysbuk! nor Twutter!

  59. it’s human nature ang pagiging curious naten. most likely this Ica is a special child. I know someone who, took an entrance exam on a school, didn’t show up on the classroom for the test. instead, the kid roamed around campus.

    buttom line, we deserve a valid explanation from the policaripios. they pleaded in public, they should close it in public.

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