This year’s CBCP Halloween stunt: ‘A Night of Horror during Duterte’s Time’

It is quite laughable the way Inquirer columnist Rina Jimenez-David in her opinion piece today trumpets the role of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) in “leading” yet another political stunt (disguised as a religious “mourning” ritual) in the lead up to the Day of the Dead this November. She writes referring to “the veil of silence and indifference” to “those killed as part of the government’s war on drugs” that “seems to be lifting”…

[…] just as a priest is looked on as the “lead mourner” in our personal rituals, the Catholic Church is taking the lead in getting the nation to finally pay attention to the terrible losses we have endured and are still enduring.

Jimenez-David then goes onto the whole point of her piece — to plug the CBCP’s latest planned circus:

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The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines has marked out the period between Aug. 23 and Nov. 1 for these 40 days, which have been marked by the daily tolling of church bells. But on the last nine days leading up to Nov. 1, beginning today, civil society groups are calling on everyone to observe a special novena of remembrance. Called “Padasal para sa mga Pinaslang, Undas ng Kababaihan” (Prayers for all those Killed, Women in Mourning), the coalition EveryWoman is also launching several activities to mark these nine days.

Here’s a reality check for these quaint men-in-robes and the contrived piety in Jimenez-David’s writing.

The socio-political standing to the Church is no different to the that of the Yellowtards. It is an institution that grandstood to no end on how “pro-poor” its ideology is and how “close” to its impoverished flock its initiatives took them. Yet the “souls” these presumed choir of saints would like to think their movements “saved” remain amongst the most undisciplined, unethical, and “immoral” in the world. The extent to which Filipinos remain unhinged from properly socialised behaviour is starkly evident on the ground — in the way Filipino motorists disrespect one another on the road, in the banal thievery at every level in public service, in the almost routine doubletalk and doublecrossing that permeates every Filipino business venture and transaction.

Worse, the virtue of “giving” packaged by this bleeding-hearts clique as a unique Catholic “virtue” of the Filipino people has actually been perverted beyond recognition. It now manifests itself in the renowned padrino (patronage) that pervades Philippine politics and the mendicant culture of relying on dole-outs from the rich world and foreign-employed citizens that has kept the Philippine economy perennially starved for foreign capital thanks to a stunted capability for creating and growing capital indigenously from domestic activities.

It seems these CBCP stunts and the old Medieval trickery it employs to escape accountability — its incessant screeching about “fake news” bogeymen, its opaque stonewalling to attempts to critically scrutinise its doctrine, the pompousness in the way it herds its flock of lemmings produced by the tony institutions of learning it lords over — continues to find potency within a society that prefers to remain beholden to idolised “thought leaders” rather than commit to the hard work of thinking critically. People like Jimenez-David propagate this culture of superstition, deference to celebrity, and cognitive laziness that hobbles Filipinos’ march to progress in a modern world where an ability to compete and innovate is paramount.

At the end of her piece, Jimenez-David reminds her flock of sheeple: “Attendees are encouraged to dress as their most hated oppressor-oppression.” Go figure. Miss Rina makes no secret of the political agenda underlying this CBCP stunt:

To break the grimness of these rituals, EveryWoman will hold a “Gabi ng Lagim sa Panahon ni Duterte” (A Night of Horror during Duterte’s Time), described as a “protest party” and fund-raising activity “that will raise a mirror to the faces of those who continue to wreck our country.”

Happy Halloween!

12 Replies to “This year’s CBCP Halloween stunt: ‘A Night of Horror during Duterte’s Time’”

  1. CBCP was nowhere to be seen until someone who would threaten their standing, agenda and interests appeared, now they’re acting like Liberal university students who do stupid “creative and artful” protests.

  2. The “holier than thou” stance of the CBCP and it’s constant meddling with state affairs is evidence enough of it’s political leanings. Makes me wonder what CBCP is getting from the anti Duterte camp. Is it money or other forms of favor?

    To CBCP: Your failure to realize your purpose will be your downfall. As it is, the catholic faith is loosing its hold on the filipino at the expense of your support for a political agenda.

  3. CBCP is a political organization, masquerading as a religious organization. Its political/religious agenda is being used by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. Their political/religious agenda is nothing new. It was used by the Aquino/U.S. -C.I.A. , in overthrowing the late Pres. Marcos, Sr.

    The Roman Catholic Church is losing its power over the Filipino believers. Many competitors in the religious field, like the : Iglesia ni Kristo, Mormon Church, agnosticm, atheism, etc…

    We don’t want to remain a Feudal Oligarchy …do we ? Ruled by the Feudal Oligarchs, and dictated by the Roman Catholic Church, or any religion. The idea of religious leaders, as sources of “morally correct” characters, is a thing of the past. There are , pedophile priests, priests who have many wives, priest who steal, etc…

    The CBCP Halloween stunt is nothing but an idiotic way of showing that these religions, with obsolete thinking, and obsolete way of looking at our situation.They should not be taken seriously. They can make a fool of themselves, as long as they want!

  4. I am not an expert in the different religious branches and therefore I may have a silly or even stupid question. Does the INC also fall under the umbrella of the CBCP. I mean, end of the day, “we” are all Christians, right?
    If INC is a single entity and not fall under CBCP then I wonder why they (INC) do not cooperate with – the above – by Benign0 – mentioned – CBCP’s actions?

    1. INC isn’t even in the same umbrella as CBCP otherwise it’s foundation totally defeat it’s purpose(Not agreeing with some Roman Catholic’s teachings, etc.). And unlike CBCP, INC doesn’t intrude government’s affairs and follows the separation of church and state.

      1. Thanks Ronald.

        I was asking my “silly & stupid” question because maybe both (but at least CBCP) is/are afraid of losing flock when ‘supporting” Duterte. Duterte seems to be a bit more anti church/religion (IMO) than compared to the other PH political parties. If that is true (about Duterte) – in a way – I understand their (CBCP) move. Afraid of losing flock.

        1. You may not gonna believe this but INC is in good terms with Duterte even up to this day, they even endorse him during the presidential campaign much to the dismay of Liberal Party which is hoping to be endorsed by them. My former boss who is devoted with INC is still in favor with Duterte despite of those black propaganda against him.

        2. I actually do believe it (what you are saying). For as far as I am following mainstream PH media, I hardly see (= read) anything about INC.

  5. It’s farting time again for the CBCP. You can smell it a mile off.

    If they really want to dip into the political cesspool, why not create a new political party of priests? For sure, yellow-loving flies will conglomerate in their stink bomb rallies.

  6. The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) is, as always, meddling with government activities, a clear violation of the “Separation between Church and State”. Though not evident, it seems that they are desperate to remain in power at a time when everything is changing, and at a time when they feared of another worst nightmare in the form of President Rodrigo Duterte who is very Machavellian in his government policies.

  7. The goal of intellectual life should be to see and understand what is true, not merely to adhere to a prevailing orthodoxy.

  8. You mention about fake news, well the church had been peddling for more that a thousand years that mother of fake news called the bible in its entirity.

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