Wow Yellowtards can morph into Whitetards. Should we all clap our hands?

The recent rebranding drive the Yellows are undergoing is just pathetic and outright laughable. Is this how badly they take Filipinos for fools? Indeed, the insecurity and desperation run deep as the once powerful hegemonic political party comes reeling from the rise of the kings of the South who have been enthroned by the people to the highest executive and legislative seats of the land.

Pardon me – this might be a bit like beating on an already half-dead horse, but I just have to contribute my little nail on their shining white coffin.

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People are a bit confused what to make of the reappearance in white of these once yellow-sporting trapos that represented glaring and relentless incompetence of the highest order. As if they’d expect Pinoys to shout “wow galing!” as the clowns pull out one more magic trick behind their sleeves, the TH (trying hard) Yellow generals and their minions have now taken on a new strategy but simply fail to amaze. Is this all you’ve got? Is this the dreaded “Alas” card you’ve been holding on reserve all along?

Yellowtards have likely realized how the once-gullible but now social-media-equipped masses everywhere locally and abroad have become so revolted by the color of poop, phlegm and pus (PPP) that their mama Cory represented so as to ostracize and treat them like a leprous scourge that they have finally changed their banner. They are now presenting themselves as the White Cult – just the way white-supremacist Ku Klux Klan (KKK) did in the olden days of American black slavery.

Why white?

White can stand for the white flag of surrender. They may be affirming and proclaiming that they are indeed a bunch of losers in their fight to oust Duterte. Well, Pinoys don’t need any further convincing that they are really just a gang of incompetents – as was very well displayed to us by the fumbling SAF44-slaying BS Aquino administration.

The color white these bozos are now wearing can stand more accurately for that white sheet that is laid across the body and over the face of a person who just died in a hospital. Everyone around them knows the Yellows are practically politically dead already. Yes, it’s like bad breath or body odor – everyone notices it except the culprit. Even if Duterte later on declares Martial Law nationwide, there is just no seeing these Yellows coming back to regain power through wooing the masses into protest action and rebellion. Ask anyone on the streets if they would be willing to die for Leni, and you’ll get a consistent and unanimous answer.

Why the Scout sign?

Opposition re-branding: Losing the ‘loser’ hand gesture in favour of the Girl Scout salute

A bit more disturbing is their new hand symbol – holding their arms high and flashing the Scout sign. By doing so, they corrupt a once innocent symbol we all hold dear as former boy/girl scouts. It does appear like an awkwardly perverted version of the “Heil, mein Führer!” salute though; does that mean they have a new leader behind them or a more sinister plan or doctrine inspired by racist Hitler himself?

Some theories about what the three-finger salute could really mean:

  1. It may be a countdown starting with 3, then 2, and finally with 1 (middle finger left erect), where they cry out in unison “F.U. Dutertards!”
  2. Three probably stands for their holy triumvirate who they highly revere and worship: the “hero”, the “saint”, and their “special child” of  “holy white” Daang Matuwid fame.
  3. Then it can also stand for the “Third force” that they purport to be: nope, not Yellowtard, not Dutertard but the new “heroic freedom fighters” on the block, the Filipino’s bastion of criminal and gay rights. Or if they are really so Adolf-inspired, it may stand for “Third Reich”.

But will the distancing scheme work? Hardly anyone is held in suspense.

Too little, too late

The Yellowtards probably heard about the recent AWESOME challenge here at GRP and convened a secret emergency assembly of the core leaders to do some soul-searching and reflection up in an exclusive Tagaytay Villa overlooking Taal Lake and came up with this excellent idea.

You can probably imagine them deliberating over what to replace the Laban “L” symbol with – something that was eye-catching and emotion-provoking. Trilliling was likely giving a long winding litany justifying the new proposed hand symbol prior to the vote. Hontivirus was probably all smiles gleefully convincing everyone to take on white as their new color, reminding them all of their commitments to the Illuminati.

Reminiscent of how kids at school are tasked to come up with a skit or present before a class the meanings and color symbolisms of a school art project, these hardly innocent “children” are now again cooking something up while playing politics with the lives of millions of Filipinos, but to no avail.

Their recent change in color (rebranding) just comes out as a move that’s too little too late for a once powerful political party. This is like trying to sell QWERTY-buttoned Blueberries in an age of swipe- and voice-responding augmented-reality-capable smartphones.

As you see these Yellows-turned-Whities raise their hands flashing their new signature three-finger salute, there’s no need to clap your hands guys; just wave back at them with a friendly “bye” to bid them farewell as they sail off into the horizon… to the land of irrelevance and obscurity.

5 Replies to “Wow Yellowtards can morph into Whitetards. Should we all clap our hands?”

  1. Whatever rebranding the oppositions will use as long as it consist of groups of tapos who are pretentious, insensitive esp. to the plight of the masses and ill-directed, they’llfor just be the same bunch of clowns and parrots!jr3

  2. “A Leopard will never change its spots; nor a Tiger change its stripes”, they usually say…

    Are those YellowTards, now WhiteTards selling “Tides “?

    Who cares, if they change colors. They are the same people who were responsible for the : Andres “Si Latigo” Bautista multiple Offshore Bank accounts; the 2016 SMARTMAGIC and HOCUS PCOS election cheating; the DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery; the Typhoon Yolanda Fund disappearance; the Mamapasano massacre; the Hacienda Luisita massacre; the Mendiola massacre; etc…

    Their new salute is like Hitler’s “Sieg Heil ” !

    German Nazi salute is their new salute. The “L’ salute for “loser”, does not attract attention anymore…

    The opposition does not understand the effect of Information Technology on people. They still cling to the old political gimmicks of colors; hand salutes; etc…

    We the people, want you to explain to us, the massive graft and corruption, that was prevalent, when you were in power…clear yourself first to us…wearing white shirts do not absolve or clear yourselves on the evils, you’ve done when you where in power…

    We want you to explain to us, the tremendous incompetence, that you’ve exhibited in your terms of office…Would we believe, you could do better this time ? You are the same Scammers and Con People, who conned and scammed us…

    Present to us, programs that will solve our country’s problems. What are you Vision for the country ?

    If you present to us these requirements; we will have a thorough thinking, if your proposals and programs are possible , attainable, sustainable and feasible…

    Otherwise, you can do all kinds of gimmicks that are already politically obsolete and are nonsense …And we will never heed them !

    Do not waste your time on such nonsense !

  3. If these so-called “Opposition” are on social media, and they are not learning, not evolving, not being inspired or not networking, then these Yellowtards and their so-called minions are using it wrong.

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