Opposition’s lack of a strong leader and vision secures Duterte’s hold on power

Sieg heil!

What were the Opposition thinking when they came up with their latest media stunt? It’s an aping of the Hunger Games salute that came across like the Nazi Sieg Heil! salute. Talk about double-whammy fail! If this was attempt at a rebranding to distance themselves from the Yellowtards, it seems they made things worse and further revealed just how confused their collective movement is.

The trouble with the Opposition is they are all form and no substance. What exactly do they stand for? What is their vision for the Philippines? If they do not like the way current President Rodrigo Duterte is running things, what alternative do they propose?

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At the moment the only change they are demonstrating is a change in colour theme. It seems, white is now the partisan colour of choice. In place of the “L” hand gesture is the snappier Girl Scout salute. Still, what does all that mean?

Perhaps the Opposition might argue that they espouse a “return to decency”. But that is a call that only makes sense with regard to the low bar they insist the Duterte government has set for aspiring to “decency”. In short, the Opposition proposes nothing new in that regard — only a return to the way things were, specifically the way things were under their watch. That’s not a very forward-looking position for an Opposition to take. That’s just being oppositionist, period.

A rollback of Duterte’s “change” initiatives overseen by the current Opposition can only lead back to the old “Daang Matuwid” regime, the situation Filipinos found themselves in during the administration of former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III — the very situation that had caused the mass frustration in which the seeds of Duterte’s victory were planted. What the Opposition therefore fail to do today is envision an alternative to both (1) Duterte’s Way and (2) the now-discredited “Daang Matuwid”. The opportunity the Opposition seems to be missing is that perhaps there is a growing willingness amongst Filipinos to be open to considering an alternative to Duterte’s approach as long as it does not bring them back to the “Daang Matuwid” scenario.

The million-peso question the Opposition need to formulate a coherent answer to is this: What is this 3rd option?

Changing the partisan colours and salute does not go anywhere near answering that question. In fact, all that traditional posturing does is insult people’s intelligence. Worse, seeing that the same uninspiring personalities are behind the Opposition — Antonio “Trililing” Trillanes, Risa “The Kidnapper” Hontiveros, Leila “The Alalay Killer” De Lima, and Leni “Lugaw” Robredo, it will be a hard-sell to convince Filipinos that theirs is a better alternative to Digong “The End Justifies the Means” Duterte. Filipinos will always assume that the Opposition continues to stubbornly stand for the 30-year Yellowtardic era of necropolitics, victim-coddling, and voodoo Catholicism that they voted against in 2016.

The Opposition needs to be a bit more creative and a bit more original in their pitch to Filipinos. Perhaps it needs to consider changing its leaders. For that matter, the Opposition seems to be, for now, managed by a committee of the above bozos. That’s just too complicated a structure for Filipinos to buy into. What works is a strong single personality who could unify the Opposition into a political force strong enough to take on Duterte’s popular regime. Unfortunately, the Opposition seems to be making do with these ineffectual clowns and missing a window that is about to close.

21 Replies to “Opposition’s lack of a strong leader and vision secures Duterte’s hold on power”

  1. They’d changed the color from yellow to white, and that means they’re gonna surrender to President Duterte since the white color symbolize a ceasefire or an armistice when there’s a war operation. Indeed, the Liberal Party is now loosing the psy-war of Duterte & why they’re loosing right now? If Sun Tzu & Niccolo Machiavelli are still alive today, they’ll know their answer to this issue. So happy National Day of Protest on Sept. 21, everyone! 😀

  2. The Opposition consists of the same people, who were involved, or were even elected in the 2016 election cheating; that was the evil work of COMELEC ‘s Andres “Si Latigo” Bautista.

    If they cannot be honest in elections. Would I believe they are honest in their purpose of leadership for the country ?

    They have to explain to us, why they had cheated to be elected in those position they are now holding. They have also to explain to us the massive graft and corruption, they had done, when they were in power…

    The COMELEC Chairman Andres “Si Latigo ” Baustista, unexplained wealth and being the “mastermind” in the 2016 election cheating must be cleared to us first.

    The Opposition has no viable and feasible programs, they can present and offer to us, to solve the country’s problems. We don’t want these problems to pile and pile over each other like garbage dump. They must be solved now !

    We are tired of “more of the same ” politics. Opposing, or being against something, for the sake of being against something…More of the same. Or the Same Old shit !

  3. Same old tirade.

    I used this analogy in a previous article but let me reiterate it here:

    You have to mow a 3000 square feet lawn (the Philippines). Your lawnmower (rule of law) is broken. What do you do?

    (a) Use the broken lawnmower. [Yellow/Opposition way]
    (b) Burn the whole lawn down and plant a new one. [Duterte way]
    (c) Fix the lawnmower and then start mowing. [Third Option]

    Outcomes of each Option:

    (a) Preserves the Status Quo and progress at a snail’s pace or, worse, none at all.
    (b) Bloodshed but arguably produces results in the short term.
    (c) Real Results–the Lawn is Mowed.

    I believe we can conclude that neither party wants the third option because:

    (a) The third option does not benefit the opposition.
    (b) The third option is too slow relative to the administration’s expectations.
    (c) Requires compromise from both sides.

    There’s your answer. The opposition and their supporters can whine all they want about human rights and EJK’s but if they do not present a third option, it will only make Duterte popular amongst the masses. They are full of shit and are clearly in it to further their personal agendas, not the nation’s.

    1. You nailed it.

      Thing is, in your above analogy, the third option is already well-defined. In real-life Philippines, it has not even been conceived. It does not even occur to either party (incumbent and Opposition) that this third option even exists.

      1. They know it exists but choose not to acknowledge it or take the necessary steps to bring it into fruition because their agendas come first. What annoys me even more is people who fall for their scam employ straw man tactics to defend their arguments. For simply saying that we need to lay off the Duterte insults and start focusing on a real alternative solution, you get bullied and shamed as an advocate for EJK’s and Human Rights violations. This is beginning to sound like the western leftist narrative where criticism of anything they stand for is labeled as racist, islamophobic, misogyny, homophobic, etc. Civil discourse is impossible unless yellows and Duterte supporters realize that silencing the other party does not work.

        1. This is beginning to sound like the western leftist narrative where criticism of anything they stand for is labeled as racist, islamophobic, misogyny, homophobic, etc.

          That reminds me of Jonathan Pie’s take on Donald Trump’s win of the presidency last year. He’s on point when he says this:

          “When was anyone being persuaded by being insulted or labeled?”

          That’s why since those people who had a different opinion, they put their own choice not on words, but on the voting booth. And Trump is the result.

          The Left should be blamed on why Trump won.

        2. Ah, liberal passive-aggressives.

          Sympathizing with Kian’s parents at one moment, then spewing venom at them when they met with Duterte.

      2. That’s essentially where the liberals failed – they took political correctness too far and it killed rational debate. When rational debate died, the evolution of liberal narrative (one of excessive focus of blame on social issues and less on personal accountability) became cloistered within an echo chamber that increasingly became more exclusive and less inclusive of differing ideas and opinions.

        And so started an entire generation of inbred schools of thought out of the perverted liberalism bred by these crybabies.

  4. @ interxavier:

    The third option is the most pragmatic. However, the Opposition does not understand the third option; or they refuse to understand it.

    It is up to us, the Filipino people, who must enforce the Third Option, to any candidate or political party. We have to be more demanding to these candidates running for offices. Popularity, good looks, fake resumes, family political affiliations, will never define a good candidate for office !

    1. >> It is up to us, the Filipino people, who must enforce the Third Option, to any candidate or political party. We have to be more demanding to these candidates running for offices.

      No, HydenToro. It’s time to stop sitting on your collective ass and expecting the guava to drop in your mouth. It is NOT going to happen. Duterte will not save you. No politican will save you. Nobody, in fact, in public office is going to lift a finger to help anyone except themselves. so put down the bottle of Red Horse, stop being victims, stand on your feet, hold up your heads, and DO something.

      You know what needs doing. The government will of course try to stop you, but that’s no excuse to just sit there saying ooooohhhhh, it’s all so DIFFICULT.

      1. @marius:

        I’m doing my part, and I have a life and a career. I have also a family. Blogging can make the difference…

        I was not elected in public office, to solve such enormous problems of the country. If you , yourself will lift even a finger to better things in our country. Perhaps, it would make a difference…

        Being a running dog of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, which is you are, will only worsen our situation…anyway, that is how you earn your living…

        1. No, wait, I thought I was being paid by the CIA? I’ve clearly missed a money-making opportunity here.

          What good do you think you can do from public office? Nobody has EVER done any good from public office. You know how it works: the first thing that happens to a new Mayor is a queue of people arriving at his door asking for money. Oh, and the same thing before they elect him, of course.

          If I tried to “make a difference” I’d be deported. Or worse. I do what I can do, which is set up demonstration projects that other people can copy … if they want to. Nobody does. They acknowledge that, if they did what I do, they’d be rich. However it all looks too much like hard work. They’d rather sit around saying complaining that they’re poor.

          No, your only hope for the future is smart people. The rest are lost. Get the smart people DOING something. Set up “bureaucracies”: pension services, health services, education. You can create the world’s first private-sector government.

          Or you can carry on making excuses and blaming the “Aquino Cojuangco political axis”. Your choice.

        2. @marius:

          You are a foreigner, who is afraid to be deported. You are hired as a Paid Troll by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis.

          I don’t believe you are doing it for Free in defending them, and trolling me.

          I will continue to attack and blame the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, as long as they are in the political scene in my country. Whether, they are ” pulling the strings”, behind any phony opposition groups, or not.

          This evil political axis is so Evil. That even, Mar Roxas and Aquino stole the Typhoon Yolanda Fund, allocated to poor Typhoon victims as relief of their suffering…

        3. Well, you got one thing right: I am trolling you. Your illogical, semi-literate nonsense is just such an easy target for mockery. It brings out the worst in me.

        4. Incidentally, I have absolutely no idea why you think I support the Aquinos. The extent of your “if you don’t support Duterte then you’re a yellowtard” delusion is astounding.

          As I’ve said in nearly every single one of my posts, I believe 50%+ of Filipinos are dishonest, hopelessly incompetent, and deliberately sabotage anything that might do them some good. When it comes to politicians, that figure rises to 98%. I cannot think of a single elected official, past or present, who doesn’t belong in a mental hospital or in jail.

  5. Removing the usual no-credibility oppositionists from the picture, a potential contender must offer its specific stance and practicable solutions on issues. People are getting tired of the vague, unproductive, lame sloganeering of the Opposition. They have no vision because It’s all posturing. They benefit from keeping people in the dark.

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