CHR and CBCP’s solution to traffic congestion: Stop killing criminals and multiply like rabbits

Peaceful solutions don’t usually work in the Philippines. Take squatting for example.

  1. The land owner kindly asks the squatter to leave (while even dangling some P30K pocket money).
  2. The squatter shows the land owner the finger and cries out against the violation of his rights.
  3. CHR comes in to remind the land owner that the 1987 Yellowtard Constitution guarantees the squatter can stay as long as no housing on a silver platter elsewhere is provided.
  4. The land owner is now pissed off, while the squatter and media add insult to injury by demonizing the land owner labeling him as a greedy anti-poor bully who has no compassion or consideration for fellow humans. Meanwhile politicians side with the squatter because they are easy votes needed for election day.
  5. The land owner is forced to take plan B: VIOLENCE. Armed men in black hoods then come into the picture to terrorize the squatter with arson or outright use of lethal force.

It seems violence is the only language Pinoys will respond to. Any threat that falls short of spilling blood is simply shrugged off as just a minor nuisance. Jaywalkers just won’t quit – not until we station snipers at overpasses as a check on misbehaving chaos-contributing pedestrians.

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The war on drugs is likely a natural phenomenon for the survival of Pinoykind. When a species overbreeds to the point that is no longer healthy for its ecosystem, then a natural culling mechanism kicks in to bring the population back to levels conducive for quality living to exist. The first to die off are the least essential to the community: namely, the trouble makers.

What is CHR and CBCP’s solution to traffic congestion? They just cry out like a madman against the killing of criminals and encourage the poor to make more babies: Stop the killings and multiply like rabbits. When precious commodities such as fresh air, living space, drainage, justice, transport and communications become scarce, the mob will turn violent and survival of the fittest will be the name of the game.

Duterte’s iron hand is but the answer to the cry of Filipinos who have grown weary of all the corruption, crime and drugs that have gripped the nation. It’s a natural human reaction to go on a killing spree when you see roaches, rats and flies infesting your house. Don’t tell me you’ll just allow these critters to breathe all for the sake of animal rights.

Animal rights are only for dogs, cats and dolphins. You never wave the “animal rights” card to defend cockroaches. So why is CHR and these activist groups crying out “human rights” when drug lords, rebels, terrorists and criminals are being culled and gunned down on the streets? Where’s the logic?

19 Replies to “CHR and CBCP’s solution to traffic congestion: Stop killing criminals and multiply like rabbits”

  1. If I own land in America (I do) then if someone squats on my land I just call the police and they are removed by the police. In reality I’ve never heard of that happening because we are civilized and don’t squat on other people’s land in the first place.

    1. Not in the Philippines. The Roman Catholic Church encourages squatting as long as it is not within their properties and premises.

      There is always a ready security guard in every church in the Philippines ready to drive away any beggar who happen to enter church premises to sleep or rest.

  2. zaxx, there are a couple of problems with your argument, the most salient being this: even though way too many Filipinos are useless, horrible oxygen thieves, they ARE still humans (barely). They still represent a little bit of God’s creation. The reason people like the CHR try to uphold their rights is precisely that it’s so easy to just treat them as the cockroaches that they are. The CHR are not exactly protecting the criminals. They’re protecting the karma of the people who might otherwise forget who they are.

    There’s a very simple Christian commandment: thou shalt not kill (or in some interpretations, thou shalt not murder). It doesn’t say, thou shalt not kill unless this this this. It’s very clear and simple. The underlying reason is that, once you decide that killing is OK under circumstances A and B, it’s far to easy to decide that it’s a good solution for C through Z as well. Or to do other unspeakable things in the name of “justice”. This isn’t purely theoretical: it’s been borne out by human history over millennia.

    There have been a whole bunch of Filipinos who have done horrible things to me for no good reason. They’re simply bad people. I wouldn ‘t lose any sleep if they were run over by a bus tomorrow. But if I knew that I only needed to make a call to the Police and tell them that such-and-such is a drug dealer, and it would all be taken care of, I’d be horrified. It wouldn’t even be on my list of possibilities.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Filipinos accept evil solutions because they’re evil people. They have no culture of morality and so receive no moral guidance from parents or society during their formative years. What’s wrong is right and what’s right is wrong. It makes me LOL every time I hear Filipinos proclaim that they’re the “only Christian country in Asia”.

  3. marius: You bring up a good point. Does the Christian faith really rule out killing? We should probably get back to basic definitions first:

    The Difference Between Killing and Murdering

    Recall that Saul was rejected by the Almighty to continue as king of Israel for failing to kill (as commanded) everything that was breathing in Amalek (both man and woman, infant and nursing child, ox and sheep, camel and donkey).

    Killing itself is NOT evil. It’s the reason behind the act that makes it either good or bad. If killing 1 drug lord will eventually spare 1000 young Filipinos a future of crime, violence, and murder, then this war on drugs should have everyone’s blessing.

    Yes PH – the only predominantly Christian nation in Asia, now killing criminals on the streets. And when Christian America dropped the A-bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing thousands of innocent civilians just to end the war – they were probably praying for success and God’s blessing as well.

  4. zaxx: You are correct in your reasoning until you say American killed thousands of innocent civilians “JUST TO END THE WAR.” Historians are united in the assessment that “killing thousands of innocent civilians” saved hundreds of thousands of lives in the long run. The people were under orders to resist until the last man, woman and child was dead. That death toll would have included probably hundreds of thousands of Allied fighters, many of whom were Filipinos.

    1. No zaxx, killing is always evil. Just because killing person A will save persons B and C does not make it any less evil. I had a relative (he died recently) who was haunted until the end of his days by the killing he did in WW2. He knew it was both necessary and evil, and he could not reconcile those two things.

      I’ll quote from your link:

      ‘The Hebrew word for “murder” literally means “the intentional, premeditated killing of another person with malice.”’

      Well, we don’t really know exactly what that word meant, in those days. But let’s take that at face value.

      In the case of the “drug war”, there’s a lot of malice. People are rubbing their hands with glee at the idea of drug addicts being blown away. It’s exciting. It’s a big cockfight, except with humans. As with Benign0’s recent article, it’s the Pinoy’s favorite revenge fantasy playing out, except THEY don’t have to watch the blood spill and the light go out of the eyes.

      I’m pretty certain (most) Americans didn’t pray for God’s blessing when they dropped the A-bomb on Japan. There were certainly some people who wanted to do it out of malice (Eleanor Roosevelt, I recall, was one). What they mostly prayed for, as far as I can gather, was forgiveness. I’ve read quite a lot about that subject.

      Anyway, you’re rather missing the point, which is that killing requires a killer as well as a victim. It creates a society in which lethal violence becomes acceptable and normal. Just because someone deserves to die (and I’ll happily concede that a lot of Filipinos do) that doesn’t give anybody else the right to carry out the execution. If you discount killing as an option then it forces you to consider solutions that might ACTUALLY solve the problem at hand.

      Filipinos are always looking for the lazy way out. Killing is lazy, and Filipinos are always killing not just each other, but a lot of the other species they share the planet with. They never, ever examine what has brought them to the situation they’re in. They never wonder, what have I done to cause this problem, and how do i reverse it?

      Now, you called drug dealers/users “cockroaches”. Which they are. Here’s what happens when you have a dirty house full of cockroaches and you kill them: six weeks later, another tribe of cockroaches moves in. Why? Because the house is an ideal environment for cockroaches. Likewise with the Philippines. Clean up your house, and you’ll find a lot of the cockroaches leave of their own accord.

    2. NO ZAXX, the reason the ATOMIC BOMB was dropped on Hiroshima and NAGASAKI was to show the RUSSIANS that they better NOT over-run Europe or they would have a bomb dropped on them too.
      It is amazing that over 70 years later people still DO NOT know the real reason the ATOMIC BOMB was dropped on HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI. The JAPANESE ARMY was decimated, the people were ready to overthrow the Emperor and yet people like you and the IDIOT Jerry Lynch still think the ATOMIC BOMB was dropped to save US Soldiers lives, what frikkin idiots. The USA Government doesn’t give a good shit about its soldiers. TO WIT: They dropped Agent Orange on them in Vietnam, they gas them in Basic Training FFS, and you think they care about them ? Yes, as CANNON FODDER and that is all.

  5. At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy nut, I have always felt that these purported “Exctrajudicial” Killings are performed by cops under orders by certain people from the opposition. I mean, if my goal is to discredit the current administration, it’s so easy to pay off any group of cops to perform these killings and point to the current leadership. If truly innocents are getting killed, who benefits? Certainly not Duterte right?

  6. Human Rights can be interpreted in several ways. The criminals can interpret it, to cover his crime. The self serving Politician can interpret it, to promote his/her political agendas; and demonize his/her political enemies. The Drug Dealer can interpret it to promote his/her illegal Shabu drug business.

    This Human Rights issue is a diversionary tactic to cover the Andres “Si Latigo” Bautista unexplained wealth, and his being an accomplish in the 2016 election cheating.

    It is also a diversionary tactic to cover the offshore Bank accounts issues of the “Trililing” Trillanes.

    Many plunders and thievery of the National Treasury, were done by Aquino and his fellow thieves. So they need this “human rights” issue to divert them from their evil deeds.

    Mar Roxas needs this “human rights” issue, to divert the issue of the Typhoon Yolanda Fund, he had stolen.

    The parasite, Gascon, needs this “human rights” issue to keep his being a parasite by keeping his useless job in the CHR.

    The Roman Catholic Church priests and nuns, need the “human rights ” issue; to promote their Church agenda, to let the Filipinos multiply like “rabbits”…they also promote the rights of squatters, to squat on any land, they don’t own. Except on Aquino’s Hacienda Luisita, where they will surely be massacred, if they ever squat on that land…

    Human Rights issue is a Garbage and Trash issue, not even worth our time. We have many serious problems, that needed attention and to be addressed . They are waiting for solutions. We have serious plunder and unexplained wealth cases of corrupt officials, needed to be prosecuted…

    And we are all wasting our time, debating on this idiotic issue of “Human Rights” !

    1. Wrong, the Filipino’s elected Dueterte because he said he would hand out medals to people that killed druggies, then, in typical FLIP fashion, Dueterte renegged on his word. I am still waiting for the lying thieving Dueterte to hand out the medals he said he would hand out. Dueterte is FULL OF SHIT, just like every other Pinoy Politician.

  7. Marius, killing may not always be evil. Because, what if someone slipped while holding a knife and suddenly plunged a knife into someone else’s heart, accidentally? Is he or his act evil? Not for me. The wrong king of killing is the one with premeditation in it. But I’m guessing you do rule out accidental killing.

    What Zaxx talks about, as I see it, is the “culling.” The belief that nature in certain ways, like earthquakes, accidents and other ways (like this killing chaos we see now), controls the human population by ending lives prematurely (premature according to our view, that is). So let nature take its course, and CHR and CBCP are trying to block nature, is that what you mean, Zaxx?

    Also, as I see it, it is also about the lack of solutions to make our country comfortably liveable for all involved. At the current, there is always risk of death, not just from criminal elements from the poor (and maybe the rich), but from lack of food, disease and other things. People who could enact solutions to these problems are not concerned. Then there are people who cause discomfort for others, and they just don’t care and like it, as it is to their benefit. CHR and CBCP believe Duterte is behind the killings nd will stop once he’s removed…, but the truth of that is dubious. Even if Duterte is removed, killings will continue.

  8. >> Because, what if someone slipped while holding a knife and suddenly plunged a knife into someone else’s heart, accidentally?

    Well, if you were on the receiving end of the knife, I’m guessing you’d use words like ‘evil’, even though no malice is intended.

    I suppose one important point here is that very few accidents are actually accidents, ie., unforeseeable and unavoidable. Not waving a knife around, for example, would go a long way to avoiding the situation you mention.

    An acquaintance of mine was recently smashed up by a guy on a motorcycle. It’s going to cost him about 100K for orthopedic surgery. The guy was drunk. Most “accidents” aren’t quite that egregious, but they are often avoidable. Or at least the worst consequences are avoidable.

    As for “culling”, the problem as I mentioned is that (except in the case of drug addicts who cull themselves) there must be people DOING that culling. That’s not good for your national karma. As someone else said, you can’t have it both ways: you can’t advocate an advancement in Philippine Civilization while at the same time suggesting retrogressive measures. Civilization MEANS not reaching for your gun in the first instance.

    There are lots of solutions to the Philippine’s problems. I’ve mentioned possibilities over the past few months and years. Consider those thousands of drug addicts who surrendered to police, for example. What are you going to do with them, with no tax money to spend on rehab and no national expertise in such matters? Sure, you could kill them. That works. Sort of. But let’s just say, no, killing is NOT an option. We’re not going to split hairs over whether it’s evil or not. We’re not going to try to rationalize whether it’s justifiable. We’re just not going to do it. What then?

    Well, here’s an option: get them to sort out their own rehabilitation. Call in some foreigners who know how to build low-cost housing (and sorry, with the exception of nipa huts, which are just the right thing in certain circumstances, Filipinos don’t know how to do this). Get doctors with experience in managing withdrawal symptoms. Then get the addicts out in the middle of nowhere, and give them an ultimatum: you’re going to raise a city here, or you can walk away and die in the jungle. Your choice, guys.

    Now: teach them the skills, give them the materials, the tools, food and water, treat them like human beings, and let them work through whatever withdrawal pains they have to. At the end of six months, they will have literally built a city. They’ll be able to point at something spectacular and say: I did that. That’s something very few Filipinos can do, and a complete lack of self-worth is one reason Filipinos sit around drinking, drugging and complaining in the first place. There are various different ways you could go from there.

    That sort of experience is unlikely to turn every drug addict into a wonderful human being, but it will give them a skill and some conception of what they’re capable of. Some of them will eventually be able to go off and live normal lives. Yes, some people are irredeemable. They’re just vile human beings, without a grain of goodness or value in them. Some just succumbed to the reality of what the Philippines is: a big playground for the Lord of the Flies.

  9. I was with you until your last paragraphs. How would you explain the killings due to false accusations? Have you ever considered that perhaps not all people being gunned down are guilty? At this level of recklessness, don’t you think a person can be gunned down because “trip lang ng pulis tapos gagawa ng cover story”? or perhaps “ay sorry, maling tao pala. peace, ha.”?

    Indeed, some gunned down people are really criminals, but reckless shortcut this is a rather dangerous one. I know Duterte isn’t directly responsible for EJKs, but he’s giving the impression that he’s encouraging it.

  10. Which part of the anti-drug operation make it a shortcut approach? What are the “lawmakers” doing about it? Are we willing to take the risks associated with being a narcostate over unintended damage? If we don’t act now to at least control the problem, people are going to have to be vigilantes to defend themselves when the Philippines ultimately becomes a failed State and the gov’t is largely taken over by drug protectors and drug lords. And it’s not just a possible scenario. It’s happening in certain countries.

  11. Image: In terms of an handing down a correct verdict, what’s the batting average of the snail-paced corrupt judicial system? What’s the probability of it hanging the wrong guy? Either way, judicial or extrajudicial, there’s always some innocent guy that gets run over in the process. Collateral damage is something you just have to live with. As of the moment, Pinoys want a speedier way of cleaning up society and dispensing justice – which is why they elected to have Duterte do what he does best (in the field of janitorial services).

    Marius: You seem to overestimate the capacity of Pinoys to adopt approaches that work in the first world. Recall that Pinoys are centuries behind in their mental and cultural evolution. The no-kill approach is idealistic, and we will likely get there after a series of stages (just as how Europeans got from using crucifixion as a deterrent to doing away with the death penalty all together). As of the moment, we just have to allow the natural self-correcting mechanisms that work for Pinoys (including culling) to proceed. As ChinoF also stated: let nature take its course, and CHR and CBCP are trying to block nature.

    As you mentioned “Clean up your house, and you’ll find a lot of the cockroaches leave of their own accord.”

    That’s exactly what Duterte did to Davao. He cleaned up the city and bureaucracy. One vlogger even noticed how disciplined Davao motorists are. Duterte told every drug dealer and criminal syndicate to leave the city or “I will kill you”. People want the same approach adopted on a national scale. But do you really expect criminals to escape to neighboring countries? China, Indonesia, Singapore all have “KILL” policies for drug-related offenders just the same. These cockroaches can leave the Philippines out of fear of Duterte only to be killed elsewhere.

    For many Pinoy criminal syndcates and rebels (such as the dreaded kidnap-for-ransom Abu Sayyaf group), the threat of capital punishment through the judicial process is not even a deterrent. When you have a mindset as hardened as this, do you really think some soft-glove approach through rehab will work? Many believe that a “shoot at first sight” state policy is the only thing that will work at this stage of Pinoy cultural evolution. Harsh, but at least they don’t infect the rest of the population.

    Jerry: Yes, many American lives were saved in the process of dropping the A-bomb. America seems to have perfected the art of justifying its decisions on pressing the KILL button. There’s that extra advantage too when you have media on your side to sell your story. Innocent people die in wars, but the trick is to see everything from an overall perspective. Pinoys need to not get distracted with the small incidents like the Kian case, but learn to appreciate the overall picture – how a period of cleansing can bring about a next generation of Pinoys who can live more like first-world Singaporeans rather than crime-infested slum dwellers.

  12. catholics can suck their dcks for all I care. their religion is piece of shlt. fucking hypocrites. we should ban anykind of worship. it is plain stupid

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