The Philippine Liberal Party, its allies and its supporters are the real enemies of the Filipino people

Trillanes and Alejandro at The Hague, The Netherlands: Using taxpayers’ funds to destabilize the Philippines

Some of us have always thought that Filipinos in general are both gullible and pushovers. This notion lends itself to the fact that Filipinos have been sidelined by their neighbours in South East Asia – people who started out with countries as backward as the Philippines. But the belief all Filipinos are slow is not fair to other Filipinos who are now fighting against tyranny from within. We have to be more specific. Most of the stupidity in Philippine society is evident in the behaviour of members of the Philippine Liberal Party, its allies and supporters. More than three decades after the Liberal Party supported a coup d’état to oust former President Ferdinand Marcos, not much has changed. But now that a new leader is at the helm — someone whose approach is different from previous administrators — the Liberal Party, their allies, and their supporters cannot accept their defeat and still stand by their brand of mediocre leadership even though the Philippines already suffered under their rule.

What do the people behind the Liberal Party stand for, really? They do not stand for liberalism or liberty and equality in the real sense.  It seems they only stand for patronage politics and advancing their own personal interests. Take the case of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, a long-time ally of the Liberal Party. With his cohort and former fellow soldier friend Magdalo Partylist Representative Gary Alejano, the two recently filed what they claim is a supplemental complaint against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte before the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, Netherlands in connection with his war on drugs.

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This was after their impeachment bid against Duterte failed miserably. Their own colleagues in Congress ruled against it on insufficient grounds since the complainants only based their impeachment complaints on unverified media reports or hearsay that Duterte authorised extra-judicial killings in his drug war. Alejano even admitted during the deliberation in Congress that he had no personal knowledge even though he swore under oath that he did have personal knowledge of his allegations. In other words, Alejano lied and was just trying his luck in his bid to pull Duterte down.

Others saw the impeachment complaints as a prelude to a more sinister move on the part of those who want to oust Duterte. It is now apparent that Alejano and Trillanes and whoever else supports them are using the junking of the impeachment complaints to justify asking for international intervention. They have now moved on to Plan B, which is to prove to the ICC that Congress is no longer acting independently of the Executive branch. Their persistence in destroying Duterte is notable. They are like a dog with a bone.

Trillanes and Alejano – both members of Congress – are inadvertently telling the international community that they and their colleagues are useless in going against Duterte. How can they when Duterte hasn’t violated any laws to begin with? The two so-called lawmakers are acting naïve. As if they, Trillanes in particular, don’t or did not play the game of patronage politics. Some even call Trillanes the Liberal Party’s attack dog since he acts like the Liberal Party’s public defender and attacks those who oppose the LP agenda. He was one of those so-called senator-judges who voted in favour of impeaching the late former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona using the lame charge of inaccurate filing of Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net worth (SALN) just to please former President BS Aquino who wanted Corona out.  That was just one of those instances when Trillanes seemingly paid back a favour he owed to BS Aquino for a pardon he granter him while he was in jail for being a convicted mutineer. Trillanes also played the attack dog well when he relentlessly bullied former Vice President Jejomar Binay when the Liberal Party thought he was a threat to Mar Roxas’s bid for the Presidency in 2016. Trillanes was in the media for almost a year crucifying Binay. It’s a good thing his overexposure did not win him a lot of votes in the last election. A lot of people saw through his cunning moves.

Trillanes and Alejano’s motives are quite suspect. Filipinos do not stand to gain anything from their actions. They are just embarrassing the country and risking destabilisation. What do they want to happen? They want Duterte out of the way so the current Vice President Leni Robredo – another loyal Liberal Party member – could take over the Presidency. We all know what a disaster that would be. Robredo has become a laughingstock and would only be a lame duck if she becomes the President or worse, a puppet for the yellow oligarchs. It can only be bad news for the Philippines if the complaint filed before the ICC progresses. The international court does not know the real situation in the Philippines. Trillanes and Alejano are the wrong people to brief the outside world. These two are not objective. They want chaos so they can grab power. It’s a recipe cooked up in the 1980s.

Trillanes is also against Duterte’s Martial Law in Mindanao. He came up with six proposals to defeat the terrorist group Maute without the need for Martial Law:

1. Sustained military operations

Time and again, the AFP has consistently crushed the enemy forces it has faced.

2. Increased intelligence funds of the AFP/PNP

Realign Malacanang’s P18B Intelligence/Confidential Funds (this includes the P1.4B of Sec. Andanar’s PCOO) to augment AFP’s P1.6B Intelligence Fund.

3. Intensify intelligence operations

Once the Intelligence Funds of the AFP/PNP had been augmented, the intensified intelligence operations will effectively pinpoint the exact location of the terrorist cells throughout the country without affecting the way of life and freedom of the Filipinos.

4. Pass the National ID System Bill

This will make it difficult for terrorists and lawless elements to go through checkpoints and airports, and to conduct other activities.

5. Provisional Enlisted Personnel Bill

This will allow the AFP to recruit 20,000 troops to augment its present force and therefore be more effective in dealing with different national security threats.

6. Vigilance of the civilian populace

Everyone should be empowered to participate and contribute to our national security.

With the exception of item number one, which the military is already doing, most of his proposals will not even address the immediate damage to property and lives terrorists are causing right now. He is proposing bills that need to pass legislators and seek executive approval. This could take months or years. Meanwhile, the rest of Mindanao is at risk of falling in the hands of terrorists. Trillanes is simply being lame. For a guy who couldn’t pull off a successful mutiny (he failed twice and went to jail for it) and who came out last in the Vice Presidential Election, Trillanes doesn’t have the credibility to win any battle.

Under fire for seemingly being more sympathetic to the Maute terrorist group than to affected civilians: Sen. Risa Hontiveros

Another member of the Liberal Party Senator Risa Hontiveros has earned the ire of the public for seemingly defending the terrorist group Maute who are currently wreaking havoc in the Marawi City in Mindanao. In an interview with Get it Straight host Daniel Razon, Hontiveros thinks that Duterte’s Martial Law is not justified since she doesn’t consider what the Maute group is doing as “rebellion” nor an “invasion”. She said that since the government forces initiated the military operation, it does not fall within the “parameters of Martial Law”. Never mind that all the Senators including her were shown a video of the terrorist group plotting their attack, which the military only pre-empted. She has angered a lot of Netizens for showing more concern for terrorists who do not think twice about beheading or killing who they consider “infidels”. It is baffling why people like Hontiveros do not see the urgency to nip the situation in the bud. As usual, they want to be reactive and not proactive.

These are the kinds of mediocre thinking that the Liberal Party, their allies and their supporters are promoting. They cause loss of lives, damage to infrastructure and impede the country’s growth. They have perpetuated this kind of loser mentality since 1986. One can be forgiven for thinking it is harder to defeat the mentality they espouse – a mixture of arrogance and irrational thinking – than the terrorists themselves. It’s too bad there are still gullible Filipinos who fall for them.

[Photo courtesy ABS-CBN News.]

14 Replies to “The Philippine Liberal Party, its allies and its supporters are the real enemies of the Filipino people”

  1. Nowhere in any articles about the current affairs in the Philippines is anyone asking WHY IS THIS HAPPENING ? Or more accurately WHY DID THIS HAPPEN WHEN OUR PRESIDENT WAS IN MOSCOW,RUSSIA TRYING TO MAKE AN ARMS DEAL WITH RUSSIA?

    The Risa Hontiveros and Antonio Trillanes of this country do no matter worthy a fiddler’s fart, SORRY THEY DO NOT. Once you people grasp what is really happening you will realize why all this is happening.Until then you will be hit over the head with MSM BS, or more nonesensical BS about internal conflicts concerning who the fuck knows what…..its all because Dueterte has pissed of the USA by going to Moscow,Russia to make deals with Putin….and that is all.The conflict in Syria is about the USA is trying to remove the Russian Naval Base at Tartuk,Syria and that is all its about….and until that happens there will be war in Syria……and yet nowhere in the media does anyone hear about the battle to get Russia’s Naval Base out of Syria, NO?

    So baffle each other with BS about what Trillanes ior Hontiveros or whoever is doing , but just realize WHY he/she/it is doing it……..the WEST doesn’t suffer fools like Dueterte very long….and his time is just about up.

  2. I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any potential threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within which, opposed to all of our great traditions, have gravely weakened the structure and tone of our way of life.

    1. @OMG….
      The West make sure that the leader of a country that they would want deposed suffers the consequence of being completely defamed and forgotten. This was what happened to former PFEM. Unfortunately, Macoy’s reputation was so tarnished that everything good that he did was trashed and never became part of our history books. Digong’s time may be up. But he will not go down like Macoy. With more supporters (21M, alleged, and counting. Consider them fanatic and for all the right reasons.), it will be a very tough job for the West to remove him without the people arming themselves to protect their President. And civil war could result. Digong’s patriotism serves as his weapon to remain a hero in the people’s mind, never mind the fact that he offers his life for their sake and the country. The West would think twice to counter the kind of loyalty the Digong supporters display toward him. In the end, they (the West) would be helping create a national icon instead of one with a besmirched personality, like Macoy. Remember Hugo Chavez? And the West do not like that.

      As a side note. It should be Trillanes et al whose time should be about up. Remember De Lima? Nothing lasts forever, you know.

      1. @ Foresaken, Great Nation ? WTF? The Nation’s avg. daily wage is less than P500/per capita and there is nothing great about that. The country has had the living shit plundered out of it for the last 50+ years and it could have been a great nation if the fuckin LYING THIEVING WEASELS THAT RUN THE COUNTRY had given one good shit about that ‘NATION’ you speak of. Sorry Kid, but you need to hear the facts of the matter….what that country needs is the removal of all the fuckin thieves and their scumbag families, ONCE AND FOR ALL, by any….ah forget it.

    1. @ Alpha Fetska….. Try to UNDERSTAND THIS: THE USA doesn’t give a shit what the leader of a given country, in Marcos case, the Philippines, does to its citizens.Look at Duterte, he is murdering people that are gulity of minor drug related offense’s,MAYBE, and the USA doesn’t give a shit. BUT, the second these guys step-out-of-line and start thinking they are going to cozy up to RUSSIA and re-arm their militaries with Russian weapons systems? UH, NO WAY !….its ON, or should I say, ITS OVER ? IDK, but at least you get the point. FFS, tryin to get through to people sometimes is really difficult.
      AND Yeah, I remember Marcos, he may have thrown a few bones to the people, more than Aquino did, but he was NO PRINCE…IN FACT, he was a tyranical scumbag that robbed the country (and WESTINGHOUSE CORP. too,and they did not forget either!) frikkin blind and used Martial Law to not only stay in power but to also make sure his plunderrings went un-oppossed….and every second Martial Law was in effect, Marcos was scared shit looking over his shoulder for that snipers bullet or poisoned food etc etc, he must of really got a laugh, and Breathed a heavy sigh of relief, when he realized how he was being deposed from power and Aquino got shot instead of him…….

  3. >> Most of the stupidity in Philippine society is evident in the behaviour of members of the Philippine Liberal Party, its allies and supporters.

    Seriously, I think you just disproved your thesis simply by writing that sentence.

    My day-to-day encounters with Filipinos suggest that a good 40-50% of them are have moderate-to-severe mental disabilities, or perhaps pretend to in order to avoid responsibility for their actions (I still haven’t figured out which it is). Another 10-20% have debilitating personality disorders (debilitating for the people around them, that is).

    Why this should be is anybody’s guess. My hunch is a combination of brain-rotting junk food, bad parenting, and laughable education, which cuts a wide swath across most of Filipino society. So I seriously doubt there’s a one-to-one overlap, or anything close to it, between that group of dumb and/or crazy people and Liberal Party supporters.

  4. Trillanes and Alejano are failed coup d’ etat enthusiast. They want to remove Pres. Duterte thru the ICC.

    Hontiveros is a know nothing person; who does not even know the history of Islam.

  5. what a turn around in history. now the yellow dynasty’s enemy is their own 87 constitution. their 87 constitution will jail them all. ‘IT’S THE FALL OF THE YELLOW DYNASTY’. the SC is in hot seat now.


    1. @ REALLY, OH YEAH! didn’t you know that? the yellow dynasty is done. now they’re fighting their own constitution. the AFP said, ‘MARTIAL LAW WILL STAY’ ..and Aguirre will investigate those destabilizing the duterte admin and to arrest them. and the good news is, hacienda luisita is now in the hands of the farmers and they’re just waiting for the right time for a genuine land title. and you still don’t believe what you see? OMG! AM HERE ENJOYING HOW THE YELLOWTARDS TWIST THEIR OWN CONSTITUTION WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO BE THEIR PROTECTOR, BUT NOW THEY BECAME ENEMIES of their own constitution., OMG! the ball is now in the hands of president duterte. and you still won’t believe it hehehe the yellow judiciary now is dead, both the ombudsman and the SC.

  6. @REALLY:

    You are just talking to walls…people barely change…their mindsets are brainwashed; their intelligence are below normal…they all want to get rich quick …

  7. In straightforward terms, those with enough common sense pretty much know what would happen to the country once these people get back into power- the drug trade and narcopolitics would be business as usual and get on with zombifying people. Parts of the PH would be easily taken over by the ISIS terrorists.
    However they deny it, they’re acting as de facto agents of what could make the PH a failed state.

  8. Ang mga Yellowtards ay iba’t ibang klase, “BAYARAN” o “KAMAG-ANAK/PAMILYA” o “KAIBIGANG” nakinabang sa kalokohang pinaggagawa ng mga pulpol na Partidong Kultong Dilaw sa loob ng 3 dekadang pagpapabaya at pag-aabuso sa Pilipinas.

    Kaya yung tinatamaan “UMAANGAL” gaya ng isa diyan.

    At trabaho nila mang-uto, manlinlang, magpropaganda, manira, magsabotahe, atbp. kalokohang paraan para siraan at pabagsakin ang gobyerno para mabalik sa kapangyarihan ang Kultong Dilaw.

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