Duterte critics who wish him dead have no respect for human rights

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is alive and well — to the disappointment of his critics.

Members of the Philippine Liberal Party and their supporters are feeling a sense of schadenfreude lately.  They delight in the thought that President Rodrigo Duterte could be sick. Some of them even claim that he is in a coma.  Apparently, someone has been spreading the rumor that he is in a coma. This was after Duterte decided to skip the Independence Day rites this week. Since they haven’t heard from Duterte for a few days, they assume the worse and think that he is ill. For people who are against fake news, they spread fake news really fast.

There’s just no pleasing his critics. When Duterte goes on a tirade, they complain that he is rude and lacks manners. When he is quiet, his critics go on imagination overdrive and assume his cabinet is hiding the real state of his health and well-being. It’s as if Duterte doesn’t have the right to rest anymore. They seem to forget that Duterte is 70 years old, not 20.  

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Duterte’s critics are contradicting themselves. They act like they are advocates of human rights, but wish harm on their enemies. They make a lot of noise and accuse Duterte of perpetuating extra-judicial killings, but they wish death on Duterte. When you see their posts on social media, you will lose faith in humanity. Some of them wish Duterte is dead already. It would have been different if they wish Duterte was prosecuted for what they accuse him of. At least that would give Duterte a chance to clear his name or provide justice to those killed in the war on drugs. But, no. His critics simply want him gone. They have no respect for human rights at all.  

Yes, Duterte’s critics, some of whom are from the Liberal Party and their supporters do not want to give Duterte the presumption of innocence. They claim to be advocates of the rule of law, but do not want to give Duterte his right to due process.

The Liberal Party and their supporters think they own righteousness. They act like they have a monopoly on being right. They blame all the current woes on Duterte and ignore the fact that the Liberal Party was at the helm for six years. They expect Duterte to fix, over a short period of time, all the problems that former President BS Aquino left behind. This just proves that they are vindictive and apply double standards. They did not complain about problems when BS Aquino was in charge, but magnify all the problems now even when they were neglected during his term.

An example of a major problem that BS Aquino government neglected is the management of the Metro Rail Transit. Despite a budget of 3.8 billion pesos, the train system did not improve. It didn’t help that the previous administrators purchased new train coaches that are too wide for the existing train tracks.  This was a major blunder that seems to fly above their supporters’ heads. Obviously, the current coaches cannot accommodate the growing number of passengers who use the MRT. In other words, the incompetence of the previous administration is affecting the current administration today.

It would take miracle for the Liberal Party and their supporters to admit that the previous BS Aquino government was neglectful and should take accountability for the current woes today. Unfortunately, taking accountability is not their greatest trait. Even when they were in power, they blamed other people like the previous administrators. Now, blaming the previous administrators only worked when they were still new, but the public got tired of the blame game when BS Aquino still blamed his own shortfalls on former President Gloria Arroyo and sometimes even on the late Ferdinand Marcos.

The Liberal Party and their supporters don’t seem to learn. Their tactic of using negative propaganda is only exposing their own hypocrisy. They should have noticed by now that Duterte doesn’t even play the blame game. Indeed, the only people who spread hatred in Philippine society are ironically the ones who are complaining about human rights abuses.

10 Replies to “Duterte critics who wish him dead have no respect for human rights”

  1. Leni “The Bobo” Robredo, was on a photo opportunity, saluting like a President, during , Independence Day. She is practicing to be a President; and her followers are happy about it.

    People need rest and recuperation. The duty of a President is stressful. Aquino and his incompetent cahoots, who ran the government; did nothing but incompetence; thievery of the national treasury; graft and corruption scandals of tremendous magnitude.

    Now, they are blaming Pres. Duterte, pretending they did better, when they were in power.
    They are like “vultures” flying around Pres. Duterte, on the wait, when he will fall down, and give up his spirit…

    They spread Fake News, which they are good at; and looking opportunities, where they can spin a tale of bad news against the present administration…

  2. If they really want him dead just to get back into power, they’ll have to wait. There’s still the hurdle of the electoral protest filed by Marcos Jr.

  3. That’s too bad for Duterte’s fundamentalist- extremist critics. The President seems unfazed and is not backing down even with the ISIS threat on the country. Empty criticisms would just go straight to the garbage.

  4. There’s no real value even in listening or reading what the opposition’s utter these days. They are a bunch of spoiled kids who thought that they are always right, but do not accept responsibilities, keep on blaming others – yes, just little spoiled brats.

    We should always be mindful that those people pretending to be always righteous (esp. they felt that being products of “exclusive” and expensive schools) as if they know the pulse of the majority of our people could not offer any substantive, constructive or beneficial alternatives with what the current government of Pres. Duterte has been doing already.

    The next coming election would further erode any power and influence left for these oppositions.

    1. They will still win as long as smartmatic is still being used. Case in pont; how did drillon has more vote count than the President. We need to remove and dismatle this machine and ban them, or jail them for their crimes!

  5. A utility exists in the death of Duterte – think back to the trolley problem – Shall we let one sick old man die to avert the deaths of thousands of others. I personally view the death of Duterte as holding a net positive outcome when it comes to the welfare of others.

    *Have you ever written an article justifying Dutertes actions without letting your obsessive anti-LP complex take over, constantly resorting to those same whataboutisms in every article makes for a dull reading, additionally most criticising Duterte would be more than happy to point out the wrongdoings of previous administrations.

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