Oddball Moments of Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña


So in my previous post, I wondered what was eating Cebu City mayor Tomas “Tommy” Osmena and recounted how I had met him six or seven years ago.

The portly local politician who feasted on endless rounds of Japanese barbecue with me and my friends certainly left an impression on me that night. His other stories, some I can barely remember now, reminded me about just how much more colorful our local politics is compared to the politics of nationally elected officials.

Calauan Laguna Mayor Antonio Sanchez and the Ampatuans accused of orchestrating the Maguindano Massacre could make it to a list of just how horrifically colorful politics on the provincial, city and municipal levels can get.

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Of course, I am not saying that Mayor Osmeña would make it to such a list because, so far, the stories that surfaced about him lately could scarcely compare to the terror people feel towards Sanchez or the Ampatuans.

Perhaps the closest that Osmeña’s name had gotten to something violent would be the time that his son was accused of harassing the daughter of a lawyer.

If I were to characterize news articles about mayor Osmeña similar to how people describe horror movies, I’d say that they seem to have an ominous feel about them — very much like the set-up scenes in Asian horror flicks like The Ring.

Insidious, really. There’s something a bit off about mayor Osmeña, but I just can’t put a finger on it yet.

For instance, there’s this story floating around that Osmeña’s name was included in a list of politicians who are accused of being protectors of illegal drug dealers. Then there is another story which suggests that Osmena is allied with Vice president Leni Robredo and Senator Antonio Trillanes which came out around the time people were anxious over a plot to oust President Rodrigo Duterte.

Of course, Osmeña denies both stories the same way he downplays accusations of corruption in the case filed against him for issuing a government bought ambulance to a civilian political supporter of his.

Then there’s this interesting tidbit:

Earlier, Osmeña was also directed by the OP to answer the four administrative cases filed by Cebu City Councilor Pastor “Jun” Alcover Jr. in August last year.

Alcover accused Osmeña of allegedly enticing policemen with cash rewards to kill people involved in illegal drugs; designating councilors allied with him as deputy mayors; designating his wife, Councilor Margot Osmeña, as deputy mayor, which is considered nepotism; and ordering that the flag ceremony at City Hall be held only once a month when it should be held daily.

But what cannot be denied so far is that he had shutdown all the branches of Banco De Oro operating in his city, a move that sent shudders throughout the Cebu business community.

At this point I am wondering, what will happen next?

4 Replies to “Oddball Moments of Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña”

  1. Okay, the old Mayor, is accused of enticing policemen to kill drug dealers in return for money; nepotism; Leni Robredo/Trillanes supporter; etc…

    Who does he thinks he is ? Mayor Duterte of Davao ?

    We can accuse anybody, including Paul Farol, of “crime against humanity”. And file a report to the International Criminal Court (ICC). The gist of the matter is: do we have a concrete proof , that Paul Farol , murdered 7,000 Filipinos, for any reason.

    As regards to Leni “The Bobo” Robredo, the Naga Leaks Queen, accused, with her husband, the late Jesse Robredo, of running illegal gambling; Shabu Drug distribution; and the murder of a certain whistleblower: Emil Aguilnaldo.

    Leni Robredo is also accused of cheating in the 2016 Vice Presidential election; thru SMARTMAGIC and HOCUS PCOS…the trouble is: she is stalling/blocking, any Recount of the 2016 Votes. Is she really guilty of cheating ? What is she hiding in the election results that she does not want people to know ?

    Trillanes is the running dog of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. He conducted a backdoor deal with China; during the term of Aquino. This resulted to the Chinese, grabbing the Scarborough Shoals; and building a military base there. The land fillings came from the Philippines. If this is not Treason…what is this ?

    Philippine politics is like a “zarzuela” play . There are no political ideologies…there are no platforms…there are no programs to improve the country. Whoever is in power; politicians will be allies to those in power…no political loyalty. Their loyalties are to themselves and to their stomachs !

  2. Liberty is a constant battle between government; who would limit it, people; who would concede it, and patriots; who would defend it.

  3. Allow me then, to explain this oddball. Everything Tomas does is due to his ego and pettiness. That’s it. He doesn’t care about the city but only himself. His sole focus is to punish his political enemies and everyone or anything related to them. Everything he does is politically motivated and works to either serve his own interest or stroke his ego. Most of his time is spent engaging in useless pissing matches with his rivals.

    When it comes to actual governing, at his best he’s simply mediocre. My beloved Cebu has everything going for it but will never take off with this buffoon in charge. He also delegates a lot of tasks to his underlings and allies. One has to wonder if he actually does any work at all or just spends his days making life difficult for others.

  4. Yeah nothing new about this idiot. What puzzles and frustrates me is why Cebuanos still make this man in charge running the city. And like one mentioned on here, he’s no Duterte at all! I know capable individuals out there in Cebu who I believe are far more capable of running this city than this piece of fat turd. I do not know why Cebuanos still let this guy become mayor. Why, Cebu?? You want to compete with dirty corrupt Manila now? Please, if you lot still have your brains intact, please take him out on your next elections.

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