The lynching of Renato Corona: 2012 goes down in Philippine history as a year of infamy

On one hand, it is quite gratifying to see some folks belatedly realising the error in their ways when, in 2012, they joined the Moron Bandwagon to vilify then Chief Justice Renato Corona as he bravely stood before the Senate Impeachment “Court”. But on the other, it is difficult to forgive people in general who, rather than take a bit of effort to think things through, habitually go down the easy, safe, and popular path.

The late former Chief Justice Renato Corona is dead. His was a preventable tragedy. Like the enormous death tolls exacted by many “natural” disasters that hit the Philippines it would have taken just a bit of foresight and modern thinking to avert doom.

It would have been less baffling if ordinary people had engaged in the wholesale sloppy thinking that swamped Philippine society in the midst of the media circus surrounding Corona’s trial in the first half of 2012. What is astounding, however, is how the pre-eminent erstwhile bastions of “truth” had, themselves, succumbed to the Jim Jones syndrome.

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The Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) was amongst those that led the Mob, fielding headline after headline of dubious reports on Corona’s “crimes”.

“All of these front-paged articles were proven wrong!” – Bobi Tiglao

Even the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) was suckered into propagating the lie that was Corona’s alleged “82 dollar accounts”. Back in 2012, there certainly was none of the “investigative journalism” that the venerable PCIJ supposedly champions.

“Even PCIJ was recruited into the lynch mob!” – Bobi Tiglao

Ordinary Filipinos can be forgiven for lapping all this up. What cannot be forgiven are the editors of the once-respected channels through which information critical to the intellectual wellbeing of an entire nation is piped through. Even more unforgivable are those who wrote up all that fake news.

Many of us spent countless hours doing our part to raise small voices amidst the din generated by the bigger clique of mutual-high-fivin’ social and mainstream media chatteratti during Corona’s “trial”. More to the point, many of us exhibited the presence of mind to step back from the ambient ignoramity of the situation and apply clear minds to winnowing out the truth from the fakery propagated by the mainstream and logic and sense from the vile emotional demagoguery of the latte-sipping iPad activists who drank up the Kool Ade.

In short, those who were equipped with the brains but did not use them when it mattered cannot be excused.

* * *


In advanced societies, people who drink and drive are arrested and made to pay huge fines and even lose their licenses. Those who had caused fatal accidents are thrown in jail. There is no saying “I’m sorry I should not have gotten behind the wheel after drinking those eight bottles of beer.” You don’t get to make excuses when someone is dead because of your stupidity and your apologies will forever ring hollow.

36 Replies to “The lynching of Renato Corona: 2012 goes down in Philippine history as a year of infamy”

  1. NO NO NO NO, I’m callin BULLSHIT, Coroana was a puppett of the ‘ELITES’ just like all Filipino politicians. Corona went along with the scam trial, SUFFERRED NO FINANCIAL LOSSES, DID NOT GO TO JAIL, and got off SCOTT-FREEE for his bribe taking and flip=flopping on the PAL Eployee’s case. In that case Corona received $100,00,00USDollars to chabge the Supreme Courts decision from for to AGAINST the PAL employee’s. This was enough to have him imprisoned, but that part of the case was conveniently left out of the impeachment complaint.
    THE TRIAL WAS A SCAM AND A COVER-UP FOR THE DAP SCANDAL, CORONA(Just like GMA, sufferred no losses and could not have cared less about ‘losing face’, Corona was smart enough to know that caring about losing face is the lot of the idiotic ‘MASSA’). Corona was robbed of only one thing: THE BEST ACTOR AWARD PORTRAYAL IN A DRAMATIC PERFORMANCE FOR HIS :”MY MOTHER SUFFERED AT THE HANDS OF MR. JOSE BOSSA.”. Corona laughed his ass off after he left office,just like GMA who also kept all of her ill-gotten gains.

  2. Renato Corona was obviously guilty the moment he walked out of the senate hearing; otherwise he could have simply been proven innocent IF HE REALLY WAS INNOCENT.

      1. @ TOKWA, NO, in the Philippines the system is rigged. IF YOU ARE TO DUMB TO KNOW THAT THE CORONA ‘TRIAL’ WAS A STAGED PERFORMANCE , well you are an idiotic Flip-tard that there is no hope for. FILIPINO POLITICIANS ARE ALL THIEVES, it is a FACT…and the ‘MASSA’ put up with this thievery. At least the NPA doesn’t accept them as their government, at least they have the balls to stand by their convictions, no matter what they are, than be ruled by a bunch of SCUMBAGGING LYING THIEVES, like the people in office since 1965. The passport to a life of a rich person is obtained by getting into the government and getting access to public funds….DON’T BELIEVE IT ? ASK YOUR SELF: WHY SOMEONE WOULD MURDER A POLITICAL OPPONENT FOR A SHIT $1,500/month job ?

        1. @NU WAVE

          How was Corona’s trial a stage performance?

          “At least the NPA doesn’t accept them as their government, at least they have the balls to stand by their convictions.”

          Kindly educate me in the NPA’s conviction.

          And using insult would not get your point across any better.


  4. Whether the late Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona was a “Son of a Bitch” or not. He is already dead, and cannot defend himself.

    I find it amusing that the tactic that demonized the late President Ferdinand Marcos , Sr.; was the same tactic, that was used on the late Chief Justice Renato Corona. It is again the same tactic, that is being used on Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.

    An overwhelming Force of Fake News, from various Media outlets. Claims of large amounts of U.S. dollar deposit. Teams of YellowTard “Attack Dogs”. Claims of “Bad behaviors ” on the part of the person being demonized. Bad Mouthing the person, that is being demonized.

    This is the usual tactic of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis !

    I believe that the late Pres. Marcos Sr. , was demonized with the help of the U.S. State Department, because of the U.S. military bases here in the Philippines. Pres. Marcos, Sr. , wanted not to extend the U.S. bases agreement.

    In the late, CJ Renato Corona case. He was appointed by former Pres. Arroyo. And the Aquino Cojuangco Hacienda Luisita decision was being enforced by the late CJ Corona.

    We can see, that the Aquino Cojuangco family, even sold the Hacienda Luisita to the RCBC Bank, to milk it to the last drop; and prevent the farmers, who are the rightful owners, to own it…

    Greed is the true nature of this Aquino Cojuangco family. “Mga Ganid sa Lupa at pera” !

    As for Pres. Duterte; it is power, the Hacienda Luisita and the crimes committed by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis and their cahoots, during the term of Pnoy Aquino.

    They cheated in the 2016 election thru the SMARTMATIC voting machines; and made Leni “The Bobo” Robredo, win the Vice Presidency.

    They put a “Plan B”; that is: impeach Pres. Duterte, on crimes of Extra Judicial Killings and other crimes. Then, let the Fake Vice Pres. Leni “The Bobo” Robredo, take over the Presidency…

    All crimes, thefts, drug dealings, massacres, etc… will then be covered up !

    They expected a former Pres. Erap Estrada type of overthrow. Unfortunately, it did not happen…the people were awakened. Leni “The Bobo” Robredo, who has a lot of political baggage, herself, is not popular and credible. Leila de Lima, the drug dealer and nymphomaniac, is now in prison. Trillanes and his Magdalo gang are “howling to the moon”..Mar Roxas, who stole the Yyphoon Yolanda Fund is in hiding…Pnoy Aquino is numbed with fear , to be thrown in prison. Porky Drillon is concerned, if the Death Penalty is passed in the Senate…this Hacienda Luisita Swine is terrified of his crimes of plunder, and the death penalty to be implemented on him !

    Lastly, their patron in the U.S., Hilary Clinton lost the U.S. Presidential election. Pres. Donald Trump, became the President…

    So, abangan ang susunod na kabanata !

  5. now that luisita is under the full control of its farmers beneficiaries, president duterte should declare martial law once the yellows initiate anarchy. they will never surrender luisita.

    1. OH NO Sonny, SORRY, just because someone dies it does not erase what the ‘SCUMABGS did. Marcos and Corona are two of the same thing, CROOKED POLITICIANS whose self-serving agenda improves the lives of their families and once-in-awhile they throw someone a bone. These ‘SCUMBAGS’ ,just like every single member of the HOR House and Senate should be fired, put on trial and either jailed or exiled. Exiled is better.They and all the other thieving SCUMBAG politicians in the country. LOOK, they are all thieves, lying SCUMBAGS, why would someone want to kill their opponents in an election for a $1,500/month shit job? IF you need to be told the answer to this question, there is no hope for you. The country is fucked, I suggest you leave as soon as possibe and never go back. Unless you are a ‘BONE’ catcher.

    2. @ 555TORO, CORONA FUCKED THE PAL EMPLOYEE’s in the case against hos benefactor, Henry See and the PAL Airlines. Corona received $100,000.00 to reverse the Supreme Courts decision, delivered two weeks prior to his receiving the CA$H, and your fellow citizens got fucked out of their jobs,health benefits and their pensions because CORONA WAS A SCUMABG. IDGAS what else Corona did that may have been good in his whole life, he should have rotted in jail for what he did to those PAL Employee’s. AND THEN to add an insult to the injury the part of the impeachment complaint that would have thrown him in jail, the PAL CASE, was coveniently left out of the trial at the last second. The entire Trial was a SHAM, from the opening statements by that dip-shit Congress,man that quoted Oliver Cromwell (JUST GO..) to Corona whining like a little girl for his ‘MOMMA SUFFERED AT THE HANDS OF MR. JOSE BOSSA’ to Enrile’s bull-shit “Lock the doors of this chambers..”, all of it was SATGED. The 5 day recess before the end of the trial that was called was so the people running the country could figure a way out of having Corna interoggatted on the stand, and he NEVER ANSWERED A SINGLE QUESTION, NOT ONE, but never before in a trial Corona was allowed to make a 90 minute statement before staging a fake heart-attack and being carted out of the proceedings. WHAT A BUNCH OF SHIT, A COMPLETE DISGRACE TO A COUNTRY’S JUDICIAL SYSTEM….AND THE PEOPLE LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT WHILE AQUINO WAS ROBBING THE PEOPLE BLIND WITH THE DAP ‘SCANDAL’, WAKE THE FUCK UP !! AND if you believe the bullshit that Benigno is trying to pull in this article ,your an idiot. Benigno is now one of the servants of the Oligarchs, Marcos especially….and he knows it. and so do I and so should you !! Let him post this, huh?

    3. if you think that Woman,De Lima, is in a jail cell you are dumber than any rock I ever stepped on.You really think Estrada and those other two SCUMABGS are in jail cell too? LOL, they are in Macau at the Roulette wheel waiting for the call to come back and become part of the ‘GANG’ again. They take turns doing it, and act as if they hate each other and that there is some sort of political rivalry, when none exists except for the RICH ELITES AGAINST THE FILIPINO PEOPLE,YEP ! Do you have any guess’s as to who is winning? Here is a hint: The Rich Elites are not losing anything. Filipino’s are the dumbest people on earth, falling for the same shit over and over and over agin since 1965, it really is incredible, the level of sheer stupidity, its astonishing. LOOK, they are are lying thieving scumbags, that is all you need to know, then act accordingly as to what should be done with lying thieving scumbags. Filipino’s would have far far fewer problems if they woke up..

      1. @NU WAVE:

        As I had stated , whether the late Chief Justice Renato Corona may be a “son of a bitch” or not. He is already dead, and cannot defend himself.

        The timing of CJ Corona’s Demonization and Impeachment, was when he was enforcing the decision of the Hacienda Luisita.

        This was an Obvious Move/Glaring Move of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, with Pnoy Aquino as President.

        CJ Corona was replaced by Lourdes Sereno, who did not move a finger, to enforce the Hacienda Luisita SC ruling.

        Pres. Duterte, is enforcing the Hacienda Luisita Supreme Court ruling. This is one of the reason, he is Demonized.

        And the reason of the Plan B, of Leni “The Bobo” Robredo bogus/fake Vice Presidency. It is also one of the reason they do everything to make Pres. Duterte be impeached…

        Whatever reason, you try to convince me and other Filipinos. These lands, the Aquino Cojuangco family, scammed from the Filipino people, and the Mexican gold coins they stole from the Philippine government, are the “roots of all the evils”, that we have with this greedy family !

  6. The good solution is to go to Parliamentary form of government, or Federal form of government. Abolish the Office of the Vice President; Senators and Congressmen…

    Enforce the Land Reform Program, started by the late Pres. Marcos Sr. This program was shelved by Cory Aquino, to protect their land holdings.

    Remove the Aquino Cojuangco myths, that are in the textbooks in our educational curriculum…they are garbage and political propaganda…

    We must have NEUTRALITY, in foreign affairs. Not allied to any foreign power. But, friend to all countries !

    Implement a very reliable voting system…Guard the integrity of the ballot, and the decision of the Filipino people…

    Let us junk this Presidential system of government….it does not work on us …

    Change the Cory Aquino constitution. It is garbage, and it works for the Feudal Oligarchs !



  7. now that robredo paid her first installment of 8 million, they should rightaway start the recount 8 hours a day everyday. it won’t take a month to finish that. pilipinos are already tired of delaying tactics we already know that.

  8. do not impeach robredo at this moment. it will delay the protest recount of bongbong marcos. it’s the same outcome, her out of office.

  9. some of you guys here don’t even know where and when it all started. it started in 1957 at luisita. hacienda luisita has a curse. nobody can own it except the decendants of the real owners of that land. when the spaniards came to the philippines, they sequestered that land from the farmers. the governor gave it to his friend the lopezs’. two clans tried to steal it but didn’t work. luisita is the wealth of its motherland the philippines. justice corona did the right way base on the signed agreement in 1957. it’s not a gift from god, that belongs to the farmers.

  10. Rationalization is a process of not perceiving reality, but of attempting to make reality fit one’s emotions.

  11. We have to exorcise the “Demons” in our political system.

    The first step is to Realize that these people, who promote themselves, as heroes and saints, are not really heroes and saints, but are Fakes, Phonies and Vicious Scammers….

    They are Lowlife Swindlers, and have taken refuge in our political system. They even named themselves: airports; buildings; roads,
    etc…to perpetuate their scams ! They even have a Shrine and a national holiday…

    They have well financed political machines…they can pay foreign agents, to work for them. They have people in our political system, to promote their false agendas…

    They Faked our history…in our textbooks !

  12. for the yellow dynasty, they should tear down all their landmarks for the upcoming youth generations not to remember them as the plunderers of the Nation and the authors of what is good is evil, and evil is good.

  13. counter sue the yellow dynasty at the ICC for luisita and mendiola massacre. and enact death penalty, include plunder so that yellows can’t run away. ferdinand marcos is the real hero.

  14. “In short, those who were equipped with the brains but did not use them when it mattered cannot be excused.”

    What’s ironic in relation to this piece is Vitaliano Aguirre II, then volunteer prosecution lawyer in the CJ Renato Corona Trial, having been rewarded with an appointment by the President as Secretary of the Department of Justice!

    (Senator-Judge Miriam Santiago at that time slammed the prosecution for suddenly announcing it was dropping five of the eight articles of impeachment and was resting its case against the Chief Justice. Miriam described Aguirre’s very disrespectful act of covering of his ears “a galactic act of epal”. Aguirre got away with only a slap on the wrist from her.)

    We are reminded people’s perception/reception of Philippine Justice tends to lean being a mixed bag of some sorts but we are always perennial suckers for those who, for the time-being, are winners!

  15. 888Hyden007Toro9876778776.99999 and salagintong bukid,

    Do you think you are a pro-Marcos loyalist to write against Aquinos, Yellows and Robredos to dream of junking Cory constitution to bring back Marcos constitution to want iron fist and to glorify Marcos and treat him like a god as he is the most decorated war hero and to have forced veneration, adulation and divinization of Ferdinand Edralin Marcos as a god regardless of religions no higher than God/Allah/Buddha whatsoever. I don’t get it why it would be like that.

  16. @Propaganda Boy:

    I am not a loyalist of any politician or political party; past or present. I am only righting , what is wrong in our country, brought up by Fake News, that became a Fake History…the Aquino Cojuangco political axis is guilty of this false propaganda…

    We have to junk the Cory Aquino constitution. It is tailored for the Feudal Oligarch like the Aquino Cojuangco families/political axis.

    Convene a Constitutional convention, that represents all kinds of ideologies, religions, beliefs,tribes, parties, etc…it must be a broad representation to draft such constitution …

    We must change to Federal Parliamentary, like Germany…the government must be transparent…and the officials must be prosecuted, to the evils , they did while in office..

  17. @707Hyden007Toro26344.99999,

    It would be better if Marcos Loyalists want to bring back and re-establish Marcos-manufactured 1973 Constution to abolish Cory and Oligarchs’ 1987 Constitution.

    It needs constitutional authoritarianism what FM’s thesis said. It should be ultranationalism, isolation, and self-reliance to rid of foreign invaders whether tourists or not and Filipinos are not encouraged to go abrod unless they defect to other countries, but to re-declare Martial Law and re-suspend Habeas Corpus, and re-curtail freedoms and liberties. This must not be federal or parliamentary; it needs extremes of presidential authoritarianism with unicameral legislature in one-party state to abolish multi-party state and partylist, just like it did in Nazi Germany, Italy or North Korea which are totalitarian states.

  18. @Propaganda Boy:

    Marcos, Sr. is irrelevant to the political scene already. He has been dead for more than 30 years.

    Yet, YellowTards like you, relish in bringing up the Fake News and Fake History, that are the core of the propaganda of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis.

    We need to junk the Cory Aquino Constitution. It was made by Cory Aquino’s loyalists, to fit the Aquino Cojuangco political axis agendas.

    We need mature discussions here in the GRP. We don’t need childish people like you, who try to revive what has been dead a long time ago; just to downgrade what we have already gained, as a nation…

    Why not contribute for the betterment of this country ? We need sensible discussions !

  19. @888Hyden007Toro456444.777543,

    Marcos Sr. will be relevant to the political scene no matter what.

    Why not tell Benign0?

    Marcos Loyalists want to bring back 1973 Constitution manufactured by Ferdinand Marcos for constitutional authoritarianisn (and ultranationalism) for self-reliance (if not federalism and open market for free economy.). They love Marcos and Martial Law to arrest people being subversives IF Martial Law were re-implemented today.

  20. I am not a childish people; I am just a nonsense people like no other.

    Discussions must be sensitive no matter what.

    It would be better to junk Cory Aquino Constitution and to re-establish 1973 Constitution as downgrade to bring back unicameral legislature.

    This old 1973 Constitution needs to be re-established and revived in junking Cory Aquino 1987 Constitution, for legacy of late Ferdinand Marcos, to venerate and divinize the name of Marcos, and to sanitize Filipino history.

    We have to contribute something alternative.

  21. Why not tell Benign0 and Ilda to make Marcos Sr. and family relevant to the political scene until now, to prop up Marcos legacy who did good in his administration like Nutribun, economy richer than Japan, Magasana 99, Kadiwa and Green Revolution. etc.?

  22. @Propaganda Boy:

    We don’t have to bring back the Marcos Constitution…we will have to make a new constitution, serving all Filipinos.

    I never stated that: we bring back the Marcos Sr. Constitution or government system…

    Marcos Sr. is already dead for more than 30 years…you sound like a broken record ; repeating the same Aquino Cojuangco political axis propaganda.
    The YellowTard propaganda is boring, already… we heard them a thousand times, in the last 30 years…

    The Aquino era brought us tremendous corruption: PDAF, DAP, Pork Barrel Bribery, Gold Reserve Theft, Laglag Bala, Drug Lords, Shabu Proliferation, Irresponsibility, Chinese Triad Mafia, Political Patronage, Hacienda Luisista Protection, Massacres, Typhoon Yolanda Fund Theft, etc…

    More, if I have to enumerate ….

    Living with a YellowTard mind, is living in a Yellow World Delusion … You live in a Yellow “Reality” of make believe !

  23. Why 1899 Constitution, 1935 Constitution, 1973 Constitution and were not bringing back?

    Natonalists and Conservatives hate Yellows because they abhor the current 1987 Cory-infested Constitution.

    Why not tell Ilda and Benign0 about the old 1973 Constitution?

  24. Marcos Loyalists and Duterte Supporters want to bring back old Marcos 1973 Constitution to be re-established.

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