VP Leni Robredo on Senate reorg — yet another failed grasp at relevance


This is the latest “statement” from “vice president” Leni Robredo related to the recent reorganisation of the Senate that resulted in certain Liberal Party (LP) senators being relieved of their committee chairmanships…

When we were given the mandate by the people, we were determined to work with this administration to put national interest before politics. But despite our sincere efforts, it is now clear that the Duterte administration is incapable of tolerating dissent, no matter how constructive…

And here is why the efforts of the “vice president” to make sense in this latest statement failed on three counts:

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(1) “national interest before politics”

This is, of course, coming from Robredo who presumably represents the interests of the LP. The LP, if we recall, primarily characterised its representation to the Filipino people with the use of the colour Yellow across all of its branding paraphernalia. No less than former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III preferred to wear a yellow ribbon to symbolise his national leadership.

If the LP was really serious about that focus on nation rather than on politics that Robredo talks about, they would have long ago ditched the use of those Yellow symbols and that “L” hand gesture in favour of true national symbols and colours.

(2) “despite our sincere efforts”

There was never any “sincere effort” coming from the LP to work with Duterte. In the lead up to the 2016 presidential elections, the LP campaign against current President Rodrigo Duterte was nothing short of vicious. In the heat of the campaign, Aquino himself called for a united front against Duterte. Aquino also referred to Duterte as “a future threat to democracy”. Roxas, for his part, mounted an agressive campaign to follow-through on that messaging and, in the final stretch to election day, attempted to forge a last-ditch “unity” alliance with another rival candidate, Senator Grace Poe, presumably to combine their respective voters’ base in the hope of beating Duterte who was, by then leading the polls.

Roxas reportedly described that call for unity as “a call for decency”, as if implying that Duterte’s government would be one that would be lacking in that decency. Roxas clearly harboured an intent to emotionally blackmail Poe into bowing out of the race under the assumption that her votes would go to him.

(3) “the Duterte administration is incapable of tolerating dissent”

Setting aside the fact that the “vice president” is woefully inarticulate considering that she is but a heartbeat away from the presidency of a country of more than a hundred million, the Duterte administration seems to have been quite tolerant of her presence as a dissenting voice in the Executive Branch.

Indeed, Robredo has abused that tolerance by being a party to to groups and communities directly engaged in the planning and instigation of activities meant to destabilise and, eventually, overthrow the government of President Rodrigo Duterte. She is currently being investigated for her ties with Nicolas-Lewis relating to allegations that her campaign for a seat in Congress in 2013 was funded by foreign sponsors. Under Philippine law, foreign contributions to election campaigns are illegal and politicians caught receiving foreign contributions are subject to permanent exclusion from running for office in the future.

Contrary to popular belief, the Philippine media remains the same rambunctious community of “thought leaders” and “journalists” since Filipinos “won their freedom back” in 1986. It is nothing close to being like the broken cowering community of “victims” that Robredo is trying to paint them as. So, by all accounts, there is no evidence that the Philippine government is engaged in any conspiracy or concerted effort to suppress dissent.

So, again, it seems “vice president” Leni Robredo is acting and making statements way outside of her element. She is part of the Executive Branch of the Philippine government and does not speak for the Senate which belongs to the Legislative Branch. Furthermore, senators, being senators, are a tough brass-balled bunch who can take care of themselves and don’t normally represent themselves to their constituents in the girly sugar-and-spice manner that characterises Robredo’s lame political act.

Best that Robredo find other ways to make herself relevant. She can start by firing her PR team for gross incompetence.

11 Replies to “VP Leni Robredo on Senate reorg — yet another failed grasp at relevance”

  1. Unfortunately, we do not have credible opposition to speak of at the moment. LP is merely reacting on whatever cues from the government. The more the LP would be led by Lenie, slowly they will further lose their grounds like standing in a sinking sand. Benigno’s observations or analysis are all valid.

  2. Whenever Leni’s name was mentioned it corroborates by massive cheating in the last election.
    Remember Noynoy said that he would bring in the people’s power votes for his candidates and what he got from his calling was a slim margin higher number votes over BBMarcos? Leni’s winning is a joke.

  3. With Leni Robredo as the face of your political party, the likes of Trillanes as your senate minority head, de Lima representing your idea of justice, & Paredes as your staunch advocate, what does that tell you about the kind the LP really is?—-It’s an embarrassment!

  4. MAYBE SHE MEANS LIKE THIS: ‘When we were given the mandate by the people, we were determined to work with “saving hacienda luisita” to put national interest before politics. But despite our sincere efforts, it is now clear that the Duterte administration is incapable of tolerating dissent, no matter how constructive.

  5. if there’s a meeting going to happen between de lima and pnoy, it should be recorded for the people to hear. it’s freedom of information we’re having now.

  6. what if the people cry and rally on the streets for the death penalty nationwide, can the senate opposed that? this is a people’s war for a better philippines and not of the executive, legislative, and judiciary. they just say ‘yes’ for what the pilipinos want.

  7. Leni “the Bobo” Robredo has no Credibility. What “mandate” of the people, she is talking about ? She won the Vice Presidency , thru the manipulation and cheating of the HOCUS PCOS and SMARTMAGIC machines. She should not be in that position, in the first place…

    Leni “the Bobo” Robredo is a Puppet of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis…the axis of greed and evil. The Liberal Party, has so many scandals, including being involved in the Shabu Drug Cartel. That, they put Leni Robredo, as some sort of Plan B, to get back to power; and cover all these stinking scandals.

    The more this woman opens her mouth; the more nonsense comes out of her !

  8. these LP’s especially trillanes should keep their mouth shut and let pnoy himself talk and fight to save hacienda luisita. see what happened, the executive, legislative, and judiciary is at war against each other instead of as one for the pilipino people to prosper. they didn’t know i hope that they’re fighting to save hacienda luisita for the aquino-cojuangco clan.

  9. The trouble with “vice president” Maria Leonor “Leni” Santo Tomas Robredo (include Jaime Ramon “Jim” Paredes in the equation and the Liberal Party or LP) is that she/he thinks politics is a fight for justice. Politics is a profession.

  10. So it looks like another member of the Lousy Party could be implicated in narcopolitics. A lot could tell she’s not a sharp one but her innocent pabebe act turns out to be another sham. Now it’s no wonder she joined the LP.
    By the way, has anyone else noticed that some Dilaw members , as if on cue, are connecting some senseless murders to “a culture of killing” under the Duterte govt? Something smells.

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