The Mess the 1960s Created

The 1960s was a fascinating decade. It’s where all the most lasting modern fixtures in both popular and underground culture were set. This is where we got the free-spirited, free-wheeling, rowdy, casual, “hang-loose” attitude associated with American culture that is commonplace today. I like that attitude too, and it’s a stark contrast to the stiff European formality Philippine society is used to. There’s also the better treatment of people with mental illness and disabilities, greater knowledge on health and disease, human rights recognition, anti-familial abuse measures and anti-discrimination laws, among other things. But it’s also a mixed bag. We also had lots of messy narcotics, silly subcultures and loose emotionalism.

This was also the time when questioning authority became a fashion. While it is justified in some cases – such as campaigning against racism and discrimination – it made protesting for its own sake a rage. If you hate something, or feel you need justice, go to the streets, demonstrate, shout stuff there, sometimes make threats, etc. Sometimes, that’s all they did. Sometimes, they’d protest the wrong thing. Sometimes, they’d do dick moves just for the heck of it – because of the stupid idea that dick moves can be “cool.” The impression is that during this time, protests were effective in getting the American government to withdraw from the Vietnam War. The government saw it, they heeded.

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But it isn’t quite like that. The protests only symbolized opposition to the war that was already welling among politicians. The cost of prosecuting the war was going overboard, along with other reasons. Protests alone rarely achieved results; the real action happened in the halls of U.S. Congress. The same goes for human rights and anti-discrimination laws at the time. Legal action was going on, such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Act, anti-discrimination laws and provisions for people with disabilities. They could have happened with or without street protests.

One explanation about the kids of this decade was that they never went through hardships like the Great Depression and World War 2. These kids became the rebels (prefigured by James Dean’s Rebel Without a Cause) that found first-world problems already troubling. “What’re you gonna do with your life” is often shouted in homes, and the young people get hurt by that. They wanted only a good time. So they became the ones who took drugs, became the flower children and promoted free love and all that. One could consider them the predecessors of “snowflakes” or “millenials,” the terms for those felt to be soft and irresponsible in society.

There’s also this romanticization of the “rebel.” There was already discontent against corporatism in the US at the time. Some people might have willingly embraced communism because they simply thought it was the best way to oppose US corporatism. However, they would find out later that it was a lousy way to do so. Questioning authority was a fad; simply being against something became “cool.” I would say the rash of people’s dissatisfaction with their governments these days could have roots in ‘60s attitudes. Of course, some questioning of authority did go out of bounds (like the Weathermen and Light a Fire).

These former hippies, bohemians and rebels are the old people of today. Some of them had kids, and those kids (such as us) barely went through any terrible hardships. The economic crises of 1997 and 2008 might have been the worst we in developed countries underwent, but they’re just flies on the wall compared to what’s happening in places such as Ethiopia and Syria. But some of these kids find the prospect of not being able to go to Starbucks every day already disturbing. They’re worried about whether their fashion or their selfie can outdo their peers’ stuff. If it doesn’t, they probably cry.

The recent “Walk of Life” activity of the local Roman Catholic Church demonstrated that some people here still held the mindset of the 1960s (and perhaps even way back) even if it was already the 2010s. They just went to the streets, as if they had influence just by being there. They however couldn’t be as daft as the Buddhist monk who self-immolated during the Vietnam War to show what he really felt.

We should realize one thing: our view of the world is heavily influenced by western postmodernism. It’s what I defined in a previous article as “there being no universal truth,” and it mainly led to people trying to avoid “getting hurt” (I quote author Matthew Raley again). That unfortunately is what the 1960s hippieism rubbed on us: the attitude of wanting to avoid hurt. Yet, many of them still have the same attitude as the people they profess to oppose: if they don’t agree with me, hurt them. It’s a generation of people (including the older people who still feel that way) who, when they feel that they’re right, expect the world to follow them when they shout that wish in the streets. They may embrace the idea of positivity, but are the first to peak negative about things that displease them.

If anything that I said about government tells us, it’s that the usual shenanigans of politicians still happen despite protests. The protesters often don’t want to participate in the political process and discuss things. They’d rather rage against those with different ideas. That’s why these people have been recently blamed for empowering the likes of Donald Trump and Rodrigo Duterte. But in another sense, it could be seen as the world as a pendulum swinging the other way. The world as we see it today is again going full circle, as it always does. The dominant mode goes back and forth from Democrat to Republican, Conservative to Liberal, authoritarian to freedom-loving, old-school to free-spiritedness…. and back. And the pendulum keeps swinging.

We were made to believe that the world was getting modern and was all love and kisses and human rights since the 1960s. But in truth, the same violent world domination race that led to World War 1 is still around. Then came World War 2, and the U.S. became the clear winner. That country’s power brokers learned well, and so we modern people are given a false sense of control in our 1960s-inspired western-influenced society. As said in the documentary Century of the Self, companies found how to placate people by appealing to their self-righteousness and false sense of control. They were able to incorporate in their products ways to make people believe they were helping even when they were not, such as “organic,” “non-GMO,” “environmentally-friendly,” “vegan,” and more. And aside from lapping these products up, the willing consumers are also trying to invent a new gender, take a selfie on a cliff without killing oneself, finding something to like a post on Facebook to make a show that they “care;” and, as always, catch up with the latest gossip. Ways were invented to keep us distracted from doing anything meaningful. This is what webmaster Benign0 talked about in his article about inequality making the world interesting.

In an earlier article, I mentioned counterculture as one of the sources for change in society. While it had some good ideas, the counterculture of the 1960s did not bring about much change. It blew its chance. This is because some hippies were more about attending to their egos instead of changing oneself. It’s the classic “they all want change, but don’t want to change” meme. Their mindset is that they want other people to change, but not to change the culture in a massive way, including one’s own culture. Being part of the “street rebellion” against the world order won’t work if you’re still buying the products of that order. You’ll have to rethink your own habits, your own consumption patterns, and your own ego if you want to be part of a more effective and authentic counterculture.

Recently, we’ve seen former singer Jim Paredes in his recent confrontation with pro-Duterte suppoters. He proved my ideas about some products of the 1960s – talking big about peace, zen, love and all, but is intolerant of people who believe differently from him on, of all things, a political stance (like John Lennon singing about a better world, but he beat his wife). If one is serious about world peace, he wouldn’t be beholden to any political side. In the end, if people just don’t realize that the world isn’t theirs to control and that they can still be happy despite that, they won’t find peace… and might themselves become the ones taking away that peace.

35 Replies to “The Mess the 1960s Created”

  1. Yes, the hippies were about protesting for the sake of protesting. They had little to no substance behind their rage, other than an excuse to get high, have sex and scream in the streets.

    The modern protests we see are bullshit as well. People join political parties so they can ‘fit in’ and have an identity. They don’t have any principles, other than to make up lies and protest about their fictional grievances.

    An example of this in my country is the anti-Trump “protests” ( they are not protests but Leftist, violent riots with cars burned and people attacked) in which the protesters complain about Trump being a “fascist.” These ignorant morons complain Trump is a fascist and misogynist; however, these same drones support Islam and its radical system of oppression/rape/murder of women and other people. They call Trump a racist and fascist because he wants to stop violent, young Muslim “refugees” from coming to America and raping women. This is already happening in Western Europe, where there is an epidemic of violence and rape being committed by Muslim migrants. Sweden is now known as the rape capital of the west. This underscores the fact that the Leftist whackjobs don’t actually care about abuse of women, hate and misogyny, otherwise they would be protesting the world’s greatest form of slavery and human rights abuses.

    There is a total lack of intellectualism in modern discourse. The Socratic dialogue doesn’t exist with these young, weak victim mentality snowflakes. They have no arguments and if you present facts they call you a racist/ zenophobe, etc. and scream names at you. They are brats who were spoiled by their parents, and who were never raised properly. These weak, Leftist brats have no idea what they are even protesting about, nor do they have any idea what is going on in the world. It’s a trend to hate Duterte or Trump. It’s nothing but a political trend.

  2. “Make Love, not War !”, was the mantra of Hippies in the sixties. Millenials, were not yet born. We have no computers, selfies, blogs, Information Technologies, etc…during that time…

    The ’60 Hippies were having communes, where they do their things, including smoke pots….until they are crazy enough to do stupid things.

    We have the Vietnam War going on. America was afraid that Asia will fall to communism !

    Comparing to today’s millennial; these young people, who protest against the establishment. Some don’t know what they are protesting for…there are Anarchist, in their midst, influenced by Hilary Clinton and Obama. Their teacher is Saul Alinsky, a radical left winger.

    The Pendulum had swing to the left, during the election of Obama. Now, it is on the right, with the election of Pres. Trump. Liberalism is now changed by Conservatism….

    We are still fighting Radical Islamic terrorists. Civil war in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, etc… are still going on. North Korea is a pain in the Ass to the U.S., and its neighbors. China is growing strong militarily and commercially. Russia, is interested to take back the territories, it lost during the collapse of the Soviet Union. Communism is now a failed ideology.

    What can we expect in the next decade…it is a dangerous world…and continues to be …

    With the U.S. , Russia, China, and the rest of countries on nuclear weapons club having thousands of missiles with nuclear warheads. We expect the total destruction of this Planet Earth and humanity, as a whole.

    We who are of the YUPPIES generation, are praying for peace to prevail…that the hotheads will come to their senses !

  3. Personally, I think the 1970s were far more dangerous than what happened during the 1960s. The RAF, ETA, IRA can maybe be compared to today’s El Quadi, Taliban, ISIS and the sorts. Most people that look back at the 60s, do that as something innocent. Flowerpower, Woodstock etc.. What happened in the next decades were much more violent.

  4. This nice article could have been better if there were references also given as to how we are during 1960s Philippines. The so-called “1960s mess” vis-a-vis its effects and impact in our socio-political, historical and cultural thinking and behavior that it may give insights as to what lead us to the events of that era and continue to help explain to understand why are we still like this today. Most of it concentrated on, like 98-99%, actually about 1960s America!

    In a way, I realize you’re apparently correct to point this out?

    “We should realize one thing: our view of the world is heavily influenced by western postmodernism.”!

    1. @Robert Haighton:

      Hey Robert…what did you do in the ’60s ?

      Maybe you were one of the Flower Children, who smoked Marijuana, until the smoke comes out of your ears…

      Or , you were a member of the Dutch School of Radical Criticism.

      Or, was an active member of the “Socialistiche Partij ; if not, the Communistiche Partij Nederland.

      It fits your profile , because you are an Atheist !

      1. Hyden,
        I am not that old. I was born early 60s (to be more precise 1963). So that means I didnt experience the 60s consciously. Why do you hate atheists so much? (I sense it by the words you use).

        I never did do drugs, I never went to protest. Although we can sign petitions and there are also official legal referendums. To make a change in laws and regulations (in my country) one has to stand up and let his/her voice be heard. To stay silent and only voice ones opinion during elections is not enough. Laws are changed bec of people speak out (at least in my country).
        Thanks to the 60s, we now have contraceptives but not thanks to protests but to scientists and the pharmaceutical companies. But mind you, those contraceptives are not for free. You have to pay for them. Not even condoms are for free.

        Re: criticism
        Its part of how we are raised and its also promoted and encouraged in school by the school (all levels of education. From kindergarten to university), even at work and among friends and family.

      2. Hyden,
        pls allow me to promote my country in a way you probably didnt know (yet).
        Previous, current and future Dutch governments always said, alwys say and always will say that foreigners (like you) are welcome in the Netherlands (when they meet the requirements) and they can bring their own religion and their own culture with them to my country. Nobody will kill you, nobody will prosecute you. And the Dutch government and the Dutch laws will always protect you.
        Your future neighbours will not interfere with your life and they will not harass you.
        However, to be successfull, its best that you are able to and will speak Dutch. Many Dutch people may know how to speak English but most will find it weird to speak English in their own country. English is not reaqlly our 2nd language. Its only used during vacation (abroad) and when working in an international working space.

  5. @Robert Haighton:

    The Filipino Communist leader: Mr. Jose Maria Sison and his communist comrades , sought refuge in exile in Amsterdam, Neatherland… This communist bastard is nothing but a political opportunist. He got rich collecting “revolutionary taxes “, from businesses and people !

    No thank you, I don’t want to live with those communist bastards. Nor, do I want to have fellowship with those Agnostics, Atheists, etc…those who do not believe in God. There may even be Devil Worshiphers in Neatherland…

    I do not want to go for sight seeing in the red light district, where anybody can shop for a prostitute, like shopping for a piece of meat.

    Some of these human aberrations are in America. However, I protect my children and my family from these extremist liberalism !

    1. First of all, the bible promotes prostitution and rape of women, so where did you get the notion that prostitution is something that is ‘liberal?”

      Second of all, the word liberal is misused often. The word comes from liberty and western Leftists (often termed liberals) are anti-liberty. The proper distinction must be made so as not to confuse things.

      Thirdly, what constitutes morality in your mind? Every Christian theocracy (Philippines, El Salvador, Mexico, Hunduras) is a 3rd world shithole, rife with poverty, rape, disease, corruption, theft, murder and chaos. It is good that you are not raising your children in Christian Philippines, and instead raising them in the U.S., where there is some degree of civility and modernity. The Philippines is straight out of the 19th Century.

        1. Correction: ‘MURICA

          Hey Greg, Is living easy with eyes closed?! You intentionally forgot your beloved country, the US of A?! Where the PORN INDUSTRY (Child Porn included) is among the HIGHEST in the WORLD!

          But I have to give it to you… ‘Murica is the best at creating super-rich people, at the expense of everyone else!

        2. American Pig,

          I would be careful about insulting pigs if I were you. They are more evolved than many humans and, unlike humans, are not responsible for the majority of the world’s problems. Cock-fighting is an example of primitive, animalistic behavior that humans do, so try looking into the mirror.

          Since you can’t respond to the facts I presented, you change the subject. Where did I state that American culture is perfect. I am as critical of American culture as anyone. However, a girl growing up in the U.S. will generally learn independence and self-respect, unlike in the Philippines where she will learn to obey men and be submissive.

          The porn industry is big in the U.S. Child trafficking and child porn is huge in Catholic Philippines. The U.S. is not a Christian theocracy, so there would be no hypocrisy for porn to exist. Since Filipinos have millions of kids they don’t care for, there are millions of homeless street kids, many of whom have surrogates and are trafficked for prostitution. No one cares about them. Filipino culture throws them into the garbage. There may not be a legal porn industry in Phils – but instead men fuck every woman they can, get her pregnant, and abandon her. Maybe the men should stop fucking like rabid, low animals and actually act like a human man and adopt self-responsibility and discipline. Find me a pig who knowingly behaves that poorly.

          The U.S. Government is controlled by foreign banks and governments; it has been since 1913. This is why no war the U.S. engages in has anything to do with America. Most politicians here are globalist whores, who are not Americans. I don’t vote for any of them. Multinational corporations do exploit 3rd world people to get rich; Filipino politicians do the same, and that’s why they are rich and the people are poor. Look into the mirror.

          Some Americans are rich because they are intelligent and very hard-working. You can’t become rich by being lazy, drinking Red Horse and going to cockfights all day.

          Lastly, Christian Philippines would be fucked if not for America. One of its greatest GDP sources is OFW remittances. The Philippines is too much of a shithole to produce jobs and infrastructure to employ its own people. It is good at producing cheap women for sale, poverty, disease, sex tourism, corruption, crime, laziness and many other things.

  6. Mr. Haighton :

    I do not hate Atheists, Agnostics, etc…I only disagree with them. I was born in the ’70s…but I have a good research method in every era of our civilization…that is why I am somewhat knowledgeable in the field of history …

    1. Hyden,
      what is most important is that todays youngsters (worldwide) start to fight (not physically) for complete individual freedom so that they will have a bright and propserous future. And that bright future starts with good quality education. Education is everything.
      Youngsters growing up in poverty do not have a future and are a lost generation. That is why I sincerely hope that parents (all over the world) will start to think twice before they start to procreate.

      I am only ‘afraid’ that you will not support that opinion.

  7. There are two missions we are obligated to carry out during our life journey. The first, is to seek Truth throughout our lifetime. The second, is simply to be good. Engrave it in your mind that life is just one big board game where you have to make it from start to finish by being good. That is all you have to do.

    The hardest part, is dealing with all the obstacles that prevent smooth sailing. The trick is, to always strive to be the right person in all situations – regardless of personal cost to you. Your aim is to make sure the right book on your shoulder weighs more that the bad book on the left. The scales are real. Regardless of your chosen faith, there is a measurement system to be found in all of the world’s religions.

    After all, does it make sense for all souls, good or bad, to end up in the same place? Of course not. To really secure the very best setting in the afterlife, the vibrations of your good deeds must surpass your death.

    1. d_forsaken,
      The first, is to seek truth throughout our lifetime.
      The second, is simply to be good.

      Can you pls shed some light how that looks like? To seek and look for truth? And how do you define good?
      I take it that you are religious. So, the truth is spelled out in the bible. So how deep do you have to seek while its right in front of you?
      If there are obstacles in your life, I am sure the bible will provide answers how to by-pass those obstacles smoothly.

    2. Opo, Ako ay Pilipino, na naninirahan at nagtratrabaho sa America. Ako ay isa sa mga maraming OFW, na sumakabilang bayan, upang maghanapbuhay !

  8. Anyway, Thanks Greg, for asking me, if I am a Filipino. Pango po ang ilong ko, Pilipinong Pilipino !

    1. Hyden,

      If you are Filipino, and despise the bastard Filipino Communists, then what is your opinion of the Spanish slavemasters who colonized the Philippines?

  9. @Greg:

    The Spaniards, who colonized the Philippines are ” sin verguenza”…they degraded us…the brought us the : culture of corruption; the “pasikat” culture; the Roman Catholic religion; etc…

    You can read the novel of Dr. Jose Rizal: ” Noli Me Tangere” and ” El Filibusterismo “, to understand the effect of our Spanish colonization.

    The Spaniards who ruled over us were the misfits, thieves, rapists, killers, etc…in Spain.

    Now, the Spanish colonizers are changed by Filipino politicians, most whom do the same, as the evil Spanish colonizers. Plundering the National Treasury. Stealing the gold reserve of our country. Establishing Drug cartel in our country. The Roman Catholic clergy is behaving, like the Spanish Friars.

    Our 300 years of Spanish colonization, had done more harm to us, than good !

        1. Fred,

          Why not post comments without the teeny bopper girl ‘OMG’ acronyms; it makes you look like an immature moron.

          No, colonialism being bad is not obvious to many Americans. Millions of Americans believed at the time (and still believe) that the U.S. invasion of Iraq, including the colonization and conversion of Iraqis (by force) to a “Democracy,” was our right and moral jurisdiction. Iraq had nothing to do with the 911 attacks – but the stupid American public can be deluded into thinking anything. When you have a narcissistic, colonial mentality, there is always a justification for imperialism. Christian America believes they have the right to a crusade.

          Again, personal attacks are not an argument. Get a self-esteem.

  10. YET another ATROCIOUS article about the USA by someone who has nevevr been there and most likely wasn’t even alive during the time period commented on.Another 15 minutes of life wasted on this: an idiotic article that presumes too much about too little.The 1960’s are a distant memory and have little to do with what is going on in the world today, other than the fact that what was happening in the 1920’s was happening then and what was happening in the 1980’s was happening then.

    YOU SEE, since the signing of the Magna-Carta, nothing has changed except names and technologies…GET A CLUE !!!

    1. FYI, all CLONIZERS are evil, doesn’t matter what nation they represent. To insist and inflict a way of life onto another nation of people, the fact that they exist for the benefit only of the inflicting nation is something to REVOLT AGAINST, as it is an intolerable situation and robs the Colonized of what is rightfully theirs.

    2. Fred,

      There is no need to be a prick, unless your self-esteem is so low you need to attack people to make yourself feel better. If you’re going to be an internet troll Rambo, go somewhere else.

      No, the article is not an “atrocious” article. The hippie 1960s changed American society permanently, and the Leftist, lazy culture it created is thriving even more today. Did you see many men with beards in the 1930s or 1940s? No, society would not allow a man not to groom himself and be a lazy, bum slob. Today, there is a large beard trend, thanks to the hippies. The same can be said of the tattoo culture, which makes people look like felons. The hippies started the undisciplined ‘I’m going to let myself go and not care about my appearance’ trend. This bum behavior would not be permitted in the 1940s.

      Moreover, the drug/ welfare culture that exists in society is another wonderful change brough about by the hippy mentality. Millions of Americans have no problem sitting on their asses all day and collecting a check. The ‘I’m going to do it because it feels good’ attitude came directly from the hippies; this has had a major negative effect on society. The work ethic of 1930s America would not allow fat slackers to mooch for a living.

  11. OK, thanks for the comments, it’s response time.

    No dispute with Robert on the 70s being dangerous because of the rise of terrorism. I was just talking about the possible origins of the modern “snowflake.”

    Greg, while I don’t see all Muslims as terrorists, there certainly is a risk among refugees as pointed out by colleagues Ilda and Benign0 before, that I was slow to catch on. The problem with some countries was that they integrate the refugees into their societies immediately. Even before, my thought was to set up interment camps and leave them there most of the time. The camps just had to be provided properly (including security) and the refugees could create mini-communities there, while isolated from the main communities. But while there, the host countries could sniff out the terrorists. They had just been too intent on making a show out of accepting and helping, though the way to do it had not been well thought out. And there is also the case of terrorism being mostly Saudi- and Wahhabi-fueled, and the west still allies with these groups.

    And Philippine society is still the same as it had been for decades – based on trying to get what you want or need from someone else, instead of working for it. I believe in the 1960s, the Catholic clergy decided to ride on the championing of marginalized people to boost its image. Problem is, it seemed to follow the same emotionalistic approach as the hippie snowflakes and came out such absolute stances as no to contraceptives, masturbation, etc. And it also led to some Catholics being sympathetic with communists and others, but ignoring those people’s own faults, making it a double standard.

    1. ChinoF,

      When major companies like Pew (if I remember correctly)- do polls of Muslims – the answers are sobering. Very high numbers of British Muslims believe suicide attacks are justified; something like 40%. This number is high in all countries polled.

      The “refugees” being let into Europe are generally not refugees. The massive rape/ violence problem is a result of letting in regular Muslims. If someone was really a refugee – and just fled a wartorn country and lost his family – do you think he would be grabbing womens’ asses, raping and threatening the generous people of the country that just saved him? With his ‘pain’ I doubt that would be on his mind. These entitled migrants want to convert everyone by force to Islam. They should never have been let into the countries they hate and disrespect.

      1. Greg,
        in general I do agree with you but we have to understand that those refugees (asylum seekers; gold diggers maybe) come from and bring with them a complete different culture. In their country women are clothed/dressed from head to toe. And now they face/see women showing cleavages and wearing short skirts. If they go to a (any European) beach (and/or swimming pool) they will see girls/women wearing bikinis (or even less). I can imagine that some of those men will lose the plot. Moreover bec in their country women are not regarded as their equal but as 2nd rate human beings.

        1. Robert,

          Yes, the cultural differences are a big problem. The European countries are not vetting the migrants well enough; perhaps they don’t care. Multi-culturalism doesn’t work because certain cultures are not compatible with the west. Migration to Europe from these Middle Eastern countries is suicide. These barbaric savages want to convert Europe to a Sharia legal system. Many Europeans are ignorant of Islamic culture and, sadly, they will pay a major price.

  12. The happenings in every decade in our civilization, affects the present and future of every decade….sometimes : history repeats itself…

    On the Aquinos, we don’t want the Fake History of these people, to be continued to be taught in every generation. The FALSEHOOD, or Political Propaganda , must be Stopped ! They are part of our history, but they distorted history, by featuring themselves. as heroes and saints. In truth, they were placed in power by the U.S./C.I.A. and the U.S. Dept. of State !

    Down with all political propaganda that became history !

  13. Greg,
    Personally, I am not ‘afraid’ about the current influx of Muslim refugees coming from Syria and its neighbouring countries. What worries me much more, is what is happening right now in (the horn of) Africa. Drought, famine, crop harvest failures, increasing population (religiously or culturally rooted), civil war. That will bring – I think – the biggest migration in modern history ever.
    To keep those people there can probably only be done by investing (European) money into those regions. In short, to keep them away from coming to Europe, the EU has to ‘invest’ money. Either we call it ‘development aid’ or we will call it ‘bribe money’. And who knows where the money will go to? A corrupt government?
    So do we have other options? Build a wall in the entire Mediterranean Sea? Build a wall around the outer borders of the EU?
    I am in favor of sending back those people who are here illegally (undocumented). But then we hit a brick wall. Their home/original country doesnt want to take them back. Most immigrants dont even have official birth certificates, let alone a passport. And if they have either they will burn it or throw it away before the enter the EU. Now personally, I dont see the difference between a North Korean and a South Korean. Do you? And maybe they even speak the same language. So the vetting procedure is tedious and must take place in a humane way. Otherwise we – the Dutch – will be called racist or an inhumane country not willing to help the needy.
    Personally, I am getting sick and tired to hear those words/lines, that we need to help the needy ones.

    In my country, I am quite safe (bec of its location within Europe/EU) but living in Italy, Spain or Greece can become a hell when all those people from Africa will really start their migation journey.

  14. Robert,

    The main problem is being afraid to speak the truth, or be called racist. Worse, is the fear of death for it. This political correctness is about lying. Holland may be safer than other countries; however, based on reading Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s book and her description of death threats while in the Dutch Parliament, I am unsure of how safe your country Holland is. It sure wasn’t very safe for Theo Van Gogh, who did nothing but exercise free speech. The Muslims have succeeded in creating a sick culture there, if they can successfully threaten and execute people. They don’t believe in the liberal value of free speech, which the Dutch are famous for. I am sure Geert Wilders has the same situation. A large percentage of Muslims have radical religious philosophies and sympathies, which should scare the secular Dutch.

    1. What is our problem? We have a big chunk of Muslim Turks/Turkish and Moroccans. The first generation came here in the 60s and 70s.’We’ needed them bec the Dutch economy exploded. There was more work than there were Dutch people to occupy those jobs. Or they (the Dutch) didnt want to do those jobs. It was expected that those first generation immigrants would leave the country (Netherlands) – and go back to their own country – after a few years. But they didnt. And because they were expected to return back, the dutch government didnt instill on them to adapt and adopt to the Dutch open liberal culture. At that point the integration and assimilation failed miserably. Also, that first generation didnt speak any Dutch (why should they, they would return eventually, right).
      Now who were they? The Morroccans came from the Moroccan Rif/Riff mountainous region/area. Which is known to be un/under-developed, illiterate and poor.
      Anyway, that first generation never posed a threat to our open liberal culture. Only now the third generation becomes a nuisance. They are over-represented in Dutch jails. Which I am not so stunned about, to be honest.
      What are the characteristics of those people? They are proud people and they demand to be respected by us. Fat chance!!

      But now we have a new ‘problem’. Because the 2nd generation and the current 3rd generation is born here, they have the Dutch nationality. So, we cant deport them back.

      In short, I think many Dutch governments were too friendly, too lenient for our ‘guests’

      Geert Wilders’ (PVV) approach to this is the copy the Australian rules/laws and regulations when it comes to immigrants/refugees and asylum seekers (including closing the Dutch borders, leaving the EU and abolishing the Euro € and going back to the Dutch guilder). What Geert doesnt tell is how he wants to do it and what the consequences will be (economically and otherwise). So his plans may look good but again what will be the consequences and how does he want to do it?
      It is like saying, lets kill all women (or all men) and the problem of (over-)population is solved.

      Personally, I only see benefits of having the Euro and being a member of the EU. Maybe what we can and should do is to form/create a new EU (EU 2.0) with only the strong countries (economy, financial and governmental budget wise) and leave behind the weak countries (Greece, Portugal, maybe Italy) Havent you notice that the weak countries are in the southern hemisphere of Europe???). And while creating/forming the EU 2.0, also implement a new immigration (refugees/asylum seekers) strategy/laws that are tougher/stricter then the current ones.

      Furthermore, to obtain the Dutch nationality (passport) should be made more difficult for all foreigners. And there is no possibility to have dual citizenship anymore (<= my personal view).

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