Inquirer Editor and Leni Robredo team up in futile effort to talk up EDSA ‘revolution’ remembrance

True to form, no less than the Inquirer Editor himself gave out prime space today to Vice President Leni Robredo’s supposed thought leadership on all things politics. Lamenting how “President Duterte appears to have green-lighted the downplaying of the anniversary celebration of the Edsa revolt,” the Editor quoted the VP’s latest thoughts on the matter…

“Moving on and forgetting may leave us in danger of making the same mistakes all over again,” warned Vice President Leni Robredo, who underscored the importance of reverence for the past to “ensure quality of direction in our future.”

As if missing the irony that flew way over her head, Robredo, yet again, fails to understand that the only “never again” slogans ringing the loudest and rippling the furthest today refers to the Yellow regime that blighted much of the last 30 years of Philippine politics. The massive shift from emo rhetoric to the hardened crack leadership of today represents widespread disillusionment over the immense empty promise that was the Yellow reign — one that Robredo now fancies herself to be leader of.

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Indeed, if there is anyone to blame for the ascendancy of Duterte’s administration today and the robust following it commands, it is the leadership of the Philippines’ Liberal Party who, over much of their watch, turned Philippine-style liberalism from a potent political brand to a sad obsolete relic of the 20th Century. The institutionalised hypocrisy with which the Aquino-Cojuangco clan hijacked the 1986 EDSA “people power revolution” and fashioned it around heroic images of themselves and their clique of cheerleaders broadcast over complicit big corporate media channels simply caught up with the routine lying that had become the norm.

Unfortunately for Robredo she has big Yellow-branded shoes to fill to seriously fancy herself leader of today’s “Opposition”. Sadly she has neither the brain nor the statesmanship chops to fulfill that aspiration. She remains laughably inept at public speaking which is consistently in a style characterised by a cringe-worthy yammer that degenerates into mere colegiala-grade Taglish within the first minute after her trap first opens.

What the Editor of the Inquirer does not seem to get yet is that no amount of historical emo poetry waxed about an “evil” 1970s empire that Filipinos need to continue to “fight” against will undo the damage that Robredo and her ilk had wrought on their once powerful political brand.

7 Replies to “Inquirer Editor and Leni Robredo team up in futile effort to talk up EDSA ‘revolution’ remembrance”

  1. The fact that the yellows prefer color to the flag shows their lack of respect and patronage for the Philippines and the Filipinos. It is interesting that their rabid followers just cannot see through this fake aura of patriotism. Stupid is as stupid does. That’s what should describe the believing yellow minions’ adoration for a political entity that still feels relevant, whose rise to power resulted from brainwashing and pretense. It is much desired that it just goes into deep sleep and never ever awakens.

  2. Only idiots without common sense buy Leni Robredo’s act. The minute she thought of joining LP and her repeated mudslinging and her illogical pinning of sins at Marcos’ son says a lot about her thinking process. The list could go on, but churning out insults at somebody that clueless seems pointless for now. I cringe at their audacity which seems to be emboldened by the fact that they are supported by local and int’l propaganda machinery that could still shape perceptions esp. of those vulnerable to disinformation. Plus, they could easily win the elections with those automated machines. Looking back, Duterte still could have lost if not for the landslide numbers. If we want honest to goodness change, the election process is a good place to start.

  3. EDSA was a U.S./C.I.A. work to remove the late Pres. Marcos Sr. It is already in the declassified information in the C.I.A. archives, obtained from the “Freedom of Information”. We should dig deeper on the roles of: Fidel Ramos, Juan Ponce Enrile, the Roman Catholic Church, Cardinal Sin, the Aquino Cojuangco political axis.

    EDSA has the same coup d’ etat planning of the Turkey’s U.S./C.I.A. recent failed coup d’ etat against Pres. Erdogan of Turkey. This time, the Turkish people smelled the trick; and supported Pres. Erdogan.

    Leni “The Bobo” Robredo is a Puppet of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. The Liberal Party is their political tool. EDSA was a Fake News, during that time. It was used as a disinformation tool to remove the late Pres. Marcos Sr. The Roman Catholic Church, with the leadership of the late Cardinal Sin, who believed in “liberation theology”, was one of the leaders of EDSA.

    Let us ask ourselves: Who profited immensely from the “EDSA’ revolt ? What did it brought to our country ? Why is it that some of these “EDSA” disciples want this Fake history to be perpetuated ?

    The Aquino Cojuangco political axis and their minions, became exceedingly rich, in the 30 years of Aquino Cojuangco political reign. The Aquino Cojuangco family removed the Land Reform Program, and kept their Hacienda Luisita.

    There was massive corruption in the Aquino reign as President. Massive thievery of public funds, thru : DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery; etc…

    The gold reserve of the Philippines was looted by Aquino, Mar Roxas, Porky Drilon, Leila de Lima, etc…the gold loot is now in a bank in Thailand. This gold reserve must be brought back to the Philippines, to finance needed projects.

    During the Aquino Presidency; the Chinese Triad Mafia had an unholy alliances with high government officials, like : Leila de Lima, Mar Roxas, Aquino, etc…resulting to the proliferation of the illegal Shabu drug. Shabu addiction was on the rise…

    Blatant immorality of the former Secretary of Justice, Leila de Lima , who took several lovers; one of which was recorded in videos; De Lima and her lover , Dayan having sex.

    I have never seen such gross immoral act of a public official, than this outrageous sex video.

    The fake Vice President, Leni Robredo, who won her position thru the HOCUS PCOS machine and SMARTMAGIC. She is also doing “Charm Offensive” on us…

    Just don’t mind this idiot…she is a puppet !

  4. The Aquino Cojuangco political axis propagandists are writing Blogs, using my name. If the Blog is pro Aquino and pro YellowTard. I did not write them !!!

  5. The “Puppet Masters” in this Leni Robredo game are the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. They are “Axis of Greed and Evil”…we all must resist their Puppet, like Leni Robredo…they want to cover the evils they had done in their reign !

  6. One can talk good and shower down roses, but it’s the receiver that has to walk through the thorns, and all its false expectations.

  7. When are the Aquinos/Cojuancos going to obey the court order and hand over Hacienda Luisita? What is/are their excuse(s) for not having done so by now?

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