The Aquinos are traitors: Time to remove their faces from the 500 peso bill


As the call to change the name of our premier international gateway back to “Manila International Airport” gains steam with another high-profile movement, some other steps still await implementation in our mopping-up operations to clear our system of putrid phlegm-colored Yellow-LP crap.

The yellow-colored 500 peso bill still needs cleaning up. Congress should pass a bill that forbids glorifying one’s family name using recently deceased relatives through the erection of public monuments, renaming government buildings and roads, or affixing their faces on currencies, if someone stands to obviously benefit politically. The political dynasties only use this as a back-door opportunity to illegally campaign for re-election through name recall using our very own taxes.

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Like pumping out pus from a half-dead carcass, we need to blast away every last remaining vestigial trace of Yellow contagion bacteria in Philippine institutions if we seek to salvage whatever life and common sense the country still has.

Yellow Traitors Exposed

Under the guise of freeing us from “tyranny”, the Aquino-Cojuanco clan has just used clueless Filipinos as their tool to gain a foothold of control on this country. Now that more Filipinos have been awakened from their zombie state with the arrival of the tough-talking mayor of the South, we should all the more tell the rest of the sheeple to snap out of the Yellow hypnotic spell. Here’s proof the Aquinos are traitors:

  1. The Filipino is worth dying for” (by Benigno Aquino Jr.) actually means “My political fantasies are worth dying for”.
  2. Regarding Cory’s Laban sign, “The Filipino is worth fighting for” more accurately translates to “Our Hacienda Luisita is worth killing for” (Hacienda Luisita massacre).
  3. In the case of Noynoy, item 2 also stands for “My hope of getting a Nobel Peace Prize is worth leaving the SAF44 out to dry for”.

Wasn’t an Aquino behind the loss to Malaysia of Philippine claims to Sabah, and wasn’t an Aquino behind the emboldening of China to creep into our Spratlys front yard? These are traitors seeking their own glorification and the preservation of their precious hacienda, elitists and opportunists who bask in the praises of their brainwashed cheering Laban “Never Again” supporters.

Their audacity (kakapalan) and heartless incompetence (kakupalan) have been fully unmasked – thanks to the last Aquino president. Then they try to blind-side the masses by fielding yet another clueless Cory-copycat (VP-kuno Leni) using their tired old necro-political playbook tricks.

Ang Pinoy ba ay uto-uto forever? Sorry, but it’s time to ask Duterte to wipe those smirking faces off of our 500 peso bills. Otherwise, the ever growing number of enlightened citizens will have to rise up and simply cross out the faces themselves as a sign of protest.

Remembering the Fallen SAF44

As we commemorate the second anniversary of the fallen SAF44 this month, why don’t we propose to change the faces of the Aquinos on our currency with the symbol of the SAF. Who do you really think are the real heroes: the Aquinos who by their scheming false EMO-based propaganda got away with gross negligence, massive billion-peso mismanagement and lack of foresight – virtually flushing the country into a black hole for decades, or our brave SAF44 who stood their ground to the death to fight for a traitor president who wouldn’t even grant them the honor of his presence when their remains were flown back to Manila?

Ultimately, if we cannot get Noynoy jailed for his reckless incompetence leading to that costly homicidal carnage, we should at least get some ounce of justice by depriving the Aquino dynasty the glory they once enjoyed.

Good thing there is no Benigno the 4th to perpetuate Yellow DNA. Filipinos have had just enough of glaring Yellow incompetence. If the Yellows keep crying out “Never Again to Martial Law”, which saved a country on the verge of a full-scale Vietnam-type civil war, then simply snap back at them with a resounding “Never Again to Incompetence!”

And to all the EPAL politicians who keep flying their names and faces on banners and billboards for public projects using taxpayer’s money, don’t worry social-media-equipped Filipinos see through all the hypocrisy and know better now than to vote for you next time around.

Next stop: cleaning up our public school history textbooks…

51 Replies to “The Aquinos are traitors: Time to remove their faces from the 500 peso bill”

  1. If Cory becomes canonized by the Latin church, I will oppose reunification of the Latin and Orthodox churches. I don’t want my Orthodox church to share the dirt of the Aquino-Cojuangco curse. Even if it means Catholics and Orthodox remain separate from the Schism of 1054.

  2. no need to change the image in the 500 peso bill. pilipinos should not accept it in all transactions…period!

    1. That’s impossible! Maybe if President Duterte will die in our country soon & he’d made our country as great as Singapore & successfully converted our country into a modern federal republic, then he’ll be a replacement to the 500 Pesos bill. That’ll be nice! 😉

      1. Troll, duterte is far from god-like. He’s a human rights violator who kills his fellow countryman, he’s worse than foreign conquerors!

  3. More Marcos bullshit propaganda. I am no fan of the Aquino’s but this is just a bunch of carabao shit. Martial Law for 15 years. Rigged elections and Marcos turned what was the Pearl of the Orient to the Sick Man of Asia in 20 years. Just look at the photos of Manila prior to Marcos coming to power and look at photos in the early 1980s. The peso to dollar was 1:1 prior to Marcos coming to power. When he was kicked out, the Peso was P22 to the $US1 . Again, more Marcos propaganda bullshit, courtesy the $US Billions stolen by the Marcos Family.

    1. Aquino clan is just a bunch of opportunists. They just used the mounting unpopularity of Marcos in Manila to gain power. Newsflash, outside of Imperial Manila, Marcos remains popular.

      And in their opportunism, none of the “wrongs” committed by Marcos were straightened out. They are just content to let these issues seethe and fester so that they can always point to the past and prevent Pinoys from moving forward.

    2. lol, what can you possibly expect from a bunch of marcos aplogists and the Ilokanos? They want the filipinos, especially the victims of Marcos, to move on and forget about the past. I could sense the author’s anger at the aquinos, I think he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and I can imagine they keyboard on his laptop took a lot of beating when writing this piece of proverbial B.S.

      They are revisionists and they want people to think that Marcos was the best president ever, lol! I am not fond of the aquinos either but the most evil and corrupt of them all is Marcos. Dream on, GRP!

      1. And what can we expect from someone who loves to circlejerk his own argument with his own brand of hearsay and LOL Evil Marcos. That’s why nobody here wants to take you seriously. If it’s not for your emo-inducing tantrums perhaps we can tolerate you a bit.

      2. They are revisionists and they want people to think that Marcos was the best president ever, lol! I am not fond of the aquinos either but the most evil and corrupt of them all is Marcos. Dream on, GRP!


        Comments like this are one of the reasons why the Philippines will remain a basketcase. Dream on, emofag. Nothing’s gonna change if you always rely on emotional outbursts rather than logical thinking.

      3. Says the hypocritical, one-sided, puny-minded douche who keeps on insisting that everything is better after 1986, approves the massive corruption and the human rights violations of the post-Marcos years and even hailing shady figures like Ramos and Enrile and terror groups like the Light-A-Fire Movement as ‘heroes’. Need I say more?

    3. Martial Law only lasted for 9 years 1972-1981, not 15 years. Sick Man of Asia? Marcos was respected in the whole world during his time. That was the reason why the US worked so much to oust him. You are blaming Marcos for the raise of the dollar to peso exchange rate? That’s silly. Don’t you know that that was a part of the plan to oust him? I don’t need to explain this, just do your research to straighten your knowledge in history, you clueless being.

    4. Yours is more bullshit since it’s all trolling and emo-induced shitposting.

      Rigged elections happened before Marcos came to power and the ‘Sick Man of Asia’ term for the Philippines happened after he left. You can never blame on the peso-dollar exchange rate on Marcos because it’s more like on the expiry of the Laurel–Langley Agreement.

      Again, more emo-filled shitposting and trolling, courtesy of the Yellowfag named J Bautista and the hundreds and billions of dollars stolen by the post-Marcos figures, including the demigod Aquinos.

      1. If we compare the money that Marcos allegedly stole during his reign, to the amount of money the supposedly “Heroes of the EDSA Revolution, Chinese businesses, and political dynasties have been stealing from the country–and depriving the people of their quality of life–for the last 31 years after martial law, it would be safe to assume that Marcos did not steal enough.

  4. To act without a conscience, but for a paycheck, makes anyone a dangerous animal. The devil would be powerless if he couldn’t entice people to do his work.

  5. I am neither yellowtard or redtard or any political turds whatsoever.

    We need complete historical revisionism to justify and glorify Marcos and demonize Aquinos to the same extent as Kim Dynasty in N.K. and think Martial Law would not exist as Holocaust Denial.

    It needs to sanitize Filipino History. Should PH become isolated like North Korea?

    Makes me no wonder that only a dream and speculation of what Ninoy and Cory Aquino were replaced with Kim Il Sung in PH Bill.

    1. You’re already a political turd with your posts like that. Perhaps you should grow and you should’ve done better than trolling on this site.

  6. Zaxx,
    your country has far more and far deeper problems that needs solving than changing a bank note and changing the name of an airport.
    Please stick to top priorities.

    1. Those are top priorities. Who are causing division among Filipinos? You’re right. the Aquinos. As long as their names and pictures are all over the place, including the 500 peso bill, the Philippines will remain as broken as when these two evil couple first came to power.

      1. I couldnt care less whose image is on any bank note. All I need to know is : will I pick the right note out of my wallet to pay. So, all I need to know if it is that 500 note or a 100 note.
        And ergo, it is not important at all whose on that note.

        Again, you have far more and far deeper and far more serious problems in your country. The dysfunctional society for instance, the mess in traffic, the in-efficient public transport systems; some very stupid laws…

        Need I to continue?

        1. Aphetsky,
          I am flattered by your invitation to help you(r country).
          I just dont think that PH people will listen to what I have to say, coming from a foreigner and coming from an atheist. And even when they do, 100 years later I will be accused of being yet another colonizer.
          So, who am I? I am a practical guy wishing and wanting to overthrow all stupid PH laws. But I immediately realize that doing that will not solve the dysfunctional PH society.

          So what I am doing here at GRP? I want to share my opinion and my view(s) based on my trips to PH in order to make the Philippines a better organized and structured country. But the people has to do it themselves. I cant demand it from them bec that wont work. But what is happening now (the current mindset and the current behavior) is NOT working towards a better country and/or towards better individuals.

        2. Your suggestions and opinions are not enough. In fact, they are unsolicited and we don’t need them. If you are really concerned about the Philippines and the Filipinos, you would find, or at least help find, a solution to our miserable state of affairs. Then come to our country, have one-one talk with our President and present your solutions. I am sure he will listen to you. Meanwhile, if there is nothing that you can do, maybe it would be good for you and us Filipinos if you just zip it and avoid poking your nose where it does not belong. We Filipinos will survive. Thanks but no thanks.

        3. Lasa,
          What do you want for yourself as individual?
          What do you want for your country?

          Because all I read (here) is that Aquino must hang, the Lima must hand, Robredo must hang. In short, everybody from former administrations must hang (put to jail or even be killed). Will that change your country? Will that change your country’s dysfunctional mindset and behavior?

          What are your ideas, plans and views how to get your country out of being a poor 3rd world country?

          So far, I didnt read a decent good plan that worked/works. So it seems to me that most PH people dont want to change anything and certainly dont want to change themselves.

        4. Robert: you’ll never win this particular argument with Filipinos. Aphetsky is using Standard Argument Number 3 and Number 7. I’ve heard these repeated at least 9,468 and 3,145 times, respectively.

          I reckon they have a special class for this in high school, Top Ten Rules Of The Crab Bucket, in which they memorize Government-approved “arguments” to shut down any criticism of the country.

          Number Three:

          “This is all none of your business because you’re a foreigner and YOU JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND”.

          Reality: in the late Middle Ages, Europe was exactly where the Philippines is today, and the solutions we argue for are the solutions that worked back then.

          Number Seven:

          “If you’re so clever, why don’t come and fix this for us?”

          Implication: we don’t want to do anything at all to change our situation. We have to be forced to do it by somebody else. Oh, but we like blaming other people and killing them if possible, so we’re going to do that and pretend it works.

        5. Marius,
          Thanks. I thought I answered his comments politely and decently. I let myself carried away by his first, initial comment. How dumb of me.

        6. Marius,
          Well, the crab bucket mentality. I never learned that in high school. Neither did I in college. But what I know and is common knowledge is that if you criticize, along with that all-needed criticism of yours is a solution. They say, if you have nothing better to say then don’t say anything at all. That’s how simple it is. Now tell me, do you have better solutions to the ills of our country other those plans laid down by the government?

        7. Admiral: it might not be exactly ten. This could get quite long, so I’ll give you some of my favourites:

          1) If you don’t like it, go back to your country!

          There are a number of variations on this one, eg., “The Philippines is for Filipinos, not you foreigners!”.

          Of course, if foreigners applied to same logic to 2.5 million Filipino OFWs, there would (rightly) be a lot of loud squealing about racism and unfairness.

          2) That won’t work in the Philippines.

          When Filipinos ask for solutions, they often listen politely and then dismiss everything offered with this simple rebuttal. Sometimes they’re correct, of course, but they can rarely explain why.

          3) You’re a foreigner, and you don’t understand anything about our country. Mind your own business.

          Might be true of those fresh-off-the-boat who start doling out advice, but those of us who have been here for years or decades do have eyes and brains. We’ve probably travelled a bit and seen how other people solve problems. But no, apparently this is all completely irrelevant once the foreigner arrives here, because the Philippines is unique – see (2).

          4) It’s our culture.
          This one is very convenient for dismissing criticism of blatantly bad behavior, like shooting live rounds into the air at New Year, or causing a riot over some pagan idol.

          5) We are very respectful towards our parents. You put your parents in old peoples’ homes, don’t you?
          This one can be deployed against foreigners who criticize the godawful parenting style in this country, which ranges from complete neglect to raising spoiled, entitled little brats who grow up into spoiled, entitled little man-children.

          If there’s one critical thing that’s missing from Filipino culture, it’s respect. Nobody respects anyone or anything else: the aim in life is to piss on as many other people as possible. The “respect” accorded to parents (using the word “parent” in the biological sense only) is more of a sullen, cowed obedience.

          It’s pointless explaining to Filipinos that only the rich, or those who have run out of options, send their aged parents to care homes, which charge fees of several thousand US$ a month. In foreignland, everyone has a money tree in the back yard. Foreigners all hate their parents and send them off to die at the earliest opportunity, and that’s all there is to it.

          6) You are rich. We are poor. We can’t do what you do.
          This one indicates how poorly the speaker understands the nature of riches and poverty. Picking up your trash does not need money. Teaching your kid not to run around a restaurant screaming does not need money. Saying “thank you” or “sorry” does not need money. Hell, even eating right doesn’t need much money.

          And if you really don’t have much money – in absolute terms, the government doesn’t get much tax revenue – then find creative ways to get best value from it. Instead of wasting it or stealing it on the basis that “huh, we can’t buy what we need anyway, so why even bother?”.

          6) We don’t need your advice. Filipinos are clever. We can solve our own problems!

          The speaker is, of course, blissfully unaware that:

          (a) This contradicts Argument No. 7 and
          (b) one only has to look at the last 50 years of Filipino history to refute this one. Of course, facts are of no interest here.

          7) You foreigners are always criticizing but never offer any solutions. Why not just tell us how to fix this mess?

          This one’s for you, Aphetsky.

          The fact is, most criticisms leveled at the Philippines contain their own solution. Example: Filipinos are always ripping each other off. Solution: stop ripping each other off.

          OK, that’s seven. I hear these so often that I’m convinced they must form part of the school syllabus, despite Aphetsky’s denial.

          Anyone want to add some more?

  7. This an example of THE PRIME REASON why the Phailippines will not progress past the SHITHOLE that it is. The Filipino people have been presented with the same two families to lead them for the last 50+ years and the people have been fucked out of the future they may have once had.

    It is IRONIC that the GRP bloggers that spew the Anti-Aquino vitriol, at a nauseating level, would have been imprisoned for writing such an article during the rule of Ferdie Marcos, Marcos being the patron saint of GRP.

    Until Filipino’s figure out how to get rid of both families, once and for all, they will be stuck with this same shit over-and-over-and-over again.

    1. Again with the irrelevant hypotheticals about GRP writers “being jailed” under Martial Law. You seem to imply this veiled threat whenever someone dares to give Marcos the benefit of doubt.

  8. I have always advocated an independent Truth Commission on the Marcos years and Cory’s reign so that the Filipino will see the comparison.

    Since the Marcoses claim that they have nothing to do with thr killing of Ninoy and the Aquinos blame it on Marvos, whoever is afraid of an Independent Truth Commission must be the mastermind, agree?

    1. Just ask yourself – why wasn’t Cory interested in unveiling the truth about Ninoy’s assasination?…

      Ninoy Aquino was not a saint. He had an insatiable lust for young girls.He cheated on Cory for so many times that even Ninoy Aquino himself could not recall how many children he had from other women. Cory just turned a blind eye to it and pretended or just went along to the charade that Ninoy Aquino was a saint. I am one of those children of Ninoy Aquino born outside marriage. I know of two more.A female and a male.

      Taken from the Comments section of…

      1. um … according to the messed-up values of the CCP, I’d say that does actually make him a Saint. Irresponsibly spawning lots of kids seems to be a cornerstone of that particular “religion”.

  9. The Aquinos put their nasty faces in our currency, to glorify themselves as heroes and saints.

    It is also one way of campaigning , even if it is not election time.

    They also named : airports, stadiums, buildings on themselves…these are our taxpayers’ money.

    The Aquinos are the worst narcissists, that I have ever seen in politics !

    It is time to erase all their names in any public funded airports, stadiums, buildings, etc… their nasty faces, do not belong in our currency !

  10. Tama yan….rebelde yang mga Aquino na yan..sila at ang mga alipores nila ang naghikayat sa mga mangmang na pinoy at mga gagong raliyista na mga squater at hindi aral at bayaran, kasama ang mga baklang pare at sunudsunurang madre at mga santong kabayong katoliko, na magrebelde sa gobyerno….kaya nga may Martial Law dahil sa public disobedience at kawalang respeto sa batas…..yung mga mangmang na hindi alam ang martial law, mag aral din kayo pag may oras hindi panay showbiz ang inaatupag nyo….palitan na yang pangalna ng airport at ibalik sa MIA, tanggalin ang mukha nila ninoy at cory sa 500, sibakin na rin sa pwesto si tuta ng dilaw na si trillanes. Palayain ang sa kamay ng mga dilaw and make
    Philippines great again!

  11. Marcos BAD? WOW! your brains really shrinks yellowtards 100%. didn’t you know that our Motherland the Philippines stands respectable globally to date because of Marcos’ infrastructure projects. it’s the only thing that holds the pilipinos together. wherever you go you see that. and it’s one the yellows cannot destruct. it is for the unborn to decide history that Marcos is a real HERO. it’s a standing monument for the pilipino people.

    1. Wait, what? The Philippines “stands respectable globally?”. Where did you get this idea from?

      And what infrastructure are we talking about here, exactly? The power system that doesn’t stay on for more than 20 hours at a stretch? The roads designed by children and made with third-rate materials? The railway system that, er, doesn’t exist?

      You seem to be living in some mythical Philippines built entirely inside your head.

  12. CIA documents reveals news report that Cory Aquino requested an airstrike from U.S to kill the soldiers against her government

    Posted on 19 January 2017 by pinoytrending

    A shocking document from Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been declassified and it shows that there were some news reports that former President Cory Aquino requested assistance from the United States of America to crush the rebels led by Colonel Gregorio Honasan and other soldiers loyal to former dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

    Former Colonel and now Senator Gregorio Honasan together with the members of RAM.

    The CIA documents were published in several foreign news websites like CNN and BBC news and the document published in Mindavote was discovered by Carlos Munda.

    The document disclosed by Munda is only one of the 13 million pages of documents published by the CIA after a non-profit freedom of information group, MuckRock, sued the CIA to force it to upload the collection.

    According to the document, Cory Aquino asked for U.S assistance to crush the rebels who wanted to topple her government by using F-4 Phantom Jets.

    Fortunately, American officials refused to bomb and strafe because of political risks of killings Filipinos. The F-4s flew over Metro Manila in a show of force that sent a clear message to rebel soldiers of what was in store for them if they persisted with their Cory ouster moves.

    The documents also showed that 12 opposition congressmen condemned the action of United States of America and the Aquino government for asking military assistance from a foreign power.

    Former President Corazon Aquino faced six failed plots to overthrow her government.

    The most serious coup attempt happened during December 1989 when members of Reform the Armed Forces Movement (RAM) led by former Colonel and now Senator Gregorio Honasan almost captured the presidential palace.

    But it was completely defeated by the Philippine Government on December 9, 1989 with the help of U.S.

    Posted on 19 January 2017 by pinoytrending

    This is what the document said.

    MON DEC 04 8:58:12 1989








    MONDAY DEC 4, 1989 06:53

  13. Remembering the fallen SAF44

    you are really talking about something above your pay grade.

    Do you really think a president has any knowledge about military combat strategies, tactical and technical?
    So ultimately the only person responsible and accountable for that carnege is the general. And nobody else. He sent those guys into that zone. Maybe on orders by the president. But the general compiled THE tactical and technical plan how, where and when to combat. And if those 44 were really elite then they would still be alive today.

  14. I was right all the time for writing that Cory Aquino was installed as a U.S./C.I.A. puppet. Ninoy Aquino, Jr. was also assassinated by the U.S./C.I.A., with the help of the anti Marcos group in the Philippines…

    The U.S. Dept. of State, under Sec. George Shultz, was responsible in removing, the late Pres. Marcos, Sr.; and installing Cory Aquino.

    This was the reason, Pres. Marcos Sr., was kidnapped and taken in exile in Hawaii, U.S.A.

    The reason was, the extension of the U.S. Bases Agreement. The late Pres. Marcos Sr., was against the U.S. Bases extension…

    It needs the Philippines, as a strategic base, to oversee the behaviors of: China, North Korea and the former Soviet Union…

  15. it’s clear those who supported the yellow dynasty at the edsa1 can’t take it that they were duped by the yellows. they are now the so called ‘yellowtards’ in the philippine society… supporters of revisionist of historical facts of the philippines. what they didn’t knew, they’re being pushed to commit treason.

  16. The Filipinos are better enlightened now with the phenomenal growth of the social media. The traditional media in the Philippines have slowly eroded their credibility basically because most of us have realized that they are owned by people of influence esp. in politics, oligarchs and most could not be relied upon to render independent reporting. The hypnotic effects of the yellow will not work anymore.

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