The Aquinos are traitors: Time to remove their faces from the 500 peso bill


As the call to change the name of our premier international gateway back to “Manila International Airport” gains steam with another high-profile movement, some other steps still await implementation in our mopping-up operations to clear our system of putrid phlegm-colored Yellow-LP crap.

The yellow-colored 500 peso bill still needs cleaning up. Congress should pass a bill that forbids glorifying one’s family name using recently deceased relatives through the erection of public monuments, renaming government buildings and roads, or affixing their faces on currencies, if someone stands to obviously benefit politically. The political dynasties only use this as a back-door opportunity to illegally campaign for re-election through name recall using our very own taxes.

Like pumping out pus from a half-dead carcass, we need to blast away every last remaining vestigial trace of Yellow contagion bacteria in Philippine institutions if we seek to salvage whatever life and common sense the country still has.

Yellow Traitors Exposed

Under the guise of freeing us from “tyranny”, the Aquino-Cojuanco clan has just used clueless Filipinos as their tool to gain a foothold of control on this country. Now that more Filipinos have been awakened from their zombie state with the arrival of the tough-talking mayor of the South, we should all the more tell the rest of the sheeple to snap out of the Yellow hypnotic spell. Here’s proof the Aquinos are traitors:

  1. The Filipino is worth dying for” (by Benigno Aquino Jr.) actually means “My political fantasies are worth dying for”.
  2. Regarding Cory’s Laban sign, “The Filipino is worth fighting for” more accurately translates to “Our Hacienda Luisita is worth killing for” (Hacienda Luisita massacre).
  3. In the case of Noynoy, item 2 also stands for “My hope of getting a Nobel Peace Prize is worth leaving the SAF44 out to dry for”.

Wasn’t an Aquino behind the loss to Malaysia of Philippine claims to Sabah, and wasn’t an Aquino behind the emboldening of China to creep into our Spratlys front yard? These are traitors seeking their own glorification and the preservation of their precious hacienda, elitists and opportunists who bask in the praises of their brainwashed cheering Laban “Never Again” supporters.

Their audacity (kakapalan) and heartless incompetence (kakupalan) have been fully unmasked – thanks to the last Aquino president. Then they try to blind-side the masses by fielding yet another clueless Cory-copycat (VP-kuno Leni) using their tired old necro-political playbook tricks.

Ang Pinoy ba ay uto-uto forever? Sorry, but it’s time to ask Duterte to wipe those smirking faces off of our 500 peso bills. Otherwise, the ever growing number of enlightened citizens will have to rise up and simply cross out the faces themselves as a sign of protest.

Remembering the Fallen SAF44

As we commemorate the second anniversary of the fallen SAF44 this month, why don’t we propose to change the faces of the Aquinos on our currency with the symbol of the SAF. Who do you really think are the real heroes: the Aquinos who by their scheming false EMO-based propaganda got away with gross negligence, massive billion-peso mismanagement and lack of foresight – virtually flushing the country into a black hole for decades, or our brave SAF44 who stood their ground to the death to fight for a traitor president who wouldn’t even grant them the honor of his presence when their remains were flown back to Manila?

Ultimately, if we cannot get Noynoy jailed for his reckless incompetence leading to that costly homicidal carnage, we should at least get some ounce of justice by depriving the Aquino dynasty the glory they once enjoyed.

Good thing there is no Benigno the 4th to perpetuate Yellow DNA. Filipinos have had just enough of glaring Yellow incompetence. If the Yellows keep crying out “Never Again to Martial Law”, which saved a country on the verge of a full-scale Vietnam-type civil war, then simply snap back at them with a resounding “Never Again to Incompetence!”

And to all the EPAL politicians who keep flying their names and faces on banners and billboards for public projects using taxpayer’s money, don’t worry social-media-equipped Filipinos see through all the hypocrisy and know better now than to vote for you next time around.

Next stop: cleaning up our public school history textbooks…