Typhoon #NinaPH: the struggle for Leni Robredo’s PR image is on! #Nockten

To observe someone’s true colors, especially leaders, it is best done when they are in situations they cannot plan for, or cannot entirely control. An easy example, of course, would be to see how one takes charge in the aftermath of natural calamities. That in itself is a crisis situation that can easily go awry.

During the relief operations of Typhoon Haiyan (local name Yolanda), Filipinos were exposed to the true colors of then president Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino, and future Liberal Party (LP) presidential candidate Mar Roxas. BS Aquino will forever be remembered for, “You did not die, right?”, and Roxas for, “You must remember that you are a Romualdez, and that the president is an Aquino.”

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A third LP member is being put through the storm (pun intended). Presumptuous, I mean presumptive, Vice-president Leni Robredo is feeling the heat from her critics as Typhoon Nock-Ten (local name Nina) came and went through parts of southern Luzon, including the Bicol region.

On one hand, Robredo’s critics are scrutinizing her decision to go to the United States, not in an official function, but as a personal trip, despite Nock-Ten’s date of impact being predicted and its trajectory plotted several days in advance.

On the other hand, Robredo’s defenders are insisting that despite being in the US, she is still in a position to help by coordinating relief with various agencies. They also claim that the trip was planned already way in advance, a year ago, so it seems. They are also trying to deflect criticism of Robredo by asking the same question of president Duterte: where is he while the storm was hitting? Where was he during other “similar” situations, like the Davao bombings?

As a colleague points out, drawing parallels between the Davao bombings and Typhoon Nina is mostly incorrect. President Duterte cancelled a state visit to Brunei to be in Davao, his hometown. Plus, as mentioned above, Nina’s trajectory was plotted in advance; the bombing was sudden. So, to make an apples to apples comparison, perhaps it is fair to ask, why hasn’t Leni rushed to Naga yet in the aftermath of the storm?

It was easy to be skeptical when Leni said “she was coordinating”. Sounds familiar, much like what BS Aquino said when his absence during the southwest monsoon and typhoon Maring was criticized.

President Duterte was reported, on December 25, as visiting the hospital where victims of a bombing in Midsayap, North Cotabato, were brought. Supposedly, he is also on his way to Bicol, if he hasn’t already arrived. Meanwhile, relief operations in Bicol are underway, Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Judy Taguiwalo is already present at the site.

What many seem to miss is that there is a very good reason Leni Robredo attracts scrutiny the way she does. People are more critical about those who are more “vocal”. She is perceived as an empty rattling can, who talks more than she should, has no idea what “quiet achievement” means, and whose idea of accomplishments is things still in process. Duterte and the rest of his cabinet, on the other hand, have a big load of credit on their side. Duterte’s swift presence at the Davao bombing site, the DSWD’s swift response to Typhoon Lawin – his cabinet is proving capable at doing its job with minimal fanfare. And their status updates are devoid of any fluff or self-aggrandizement – a far cry from the perceived buhat ng sariling bangko exemplified by BS Aquino’s administration.

There is something to be asked, however, of those calling for Leni Robredo to cut her trip short and take a more active role in relief operations:

What value does Leni’s presence bring to the crisis site?

It is up to her, ultimately, if she is satisfied with the perception of being a spare tire, or if she wants to show how she can add value to a cabinet that has, so far, shown that it can respond to crises on its own.

15 Replies to “Typhoon #NinaPH: the struggle for Leni Robredo’s PR image is on! #Nockten”

  1. It is amazing what Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte can accomplish and does not care who gets the credit.

    As for the so-called “Vice President” Maria Leonor “Leni” Santo Tomas Robredo, she has a Liberal Party upbringing of getting the credit all by herself.

  2. A lot of people I talked to during the last presidential election told me they’re okay with “anyone but Roxas”. I suspect that’s the reason why the LP was heavily reviled because of the questionable performance of their candidates at the polls. So given that scenario—fanatic support for a charismatic president and passionate loathing for anything related to the yellow brand, these plotters (along with their US backers) are really asking for it.

  3. Leni Robredo, the Bobo, and the fake Vice President is more interested in posturing like a “model” in a magazine, than serving the Filipino people.

    The trajectory of the typhoon is already plotted to hit her political turf, the Bicol Region. Yet, she goes on, enjoying her vacation, in the U.S.

    Leni Robredo’s enjoyment is a priority; more than her service , to her people in the Bicol Region.

    If she has some Sympathy or Empathy to people. She should had cancelled her trip to the U.S., and attended to the needs of her people in the Bicol Region.

    What you see in her, will be what you get. No more, no less !

    The woman is self serving Bitch and a political opportunist !

  4. I just wish lightning strikes the jet she flies on in her return trip.

    Fuck typhoons, I guess that why Leni flies off to the US, so she can experience a truly American “White Christmas” with her new-found BFF Loida (the n1gg3r-lover) Nicolas-Lewis.

    Not a gawd-forsaken rain-soaked Christmas with her pathetic con

    1. No. I won’t wish that “lightning strikes the jet she flies on in her return trip.” I wish she’d stay put in New York with her BFF “Loida (the n1gg3r-lover) Nicolas-Lewis” and never come back. She would surely spare the country the trouble of coddling a VP, who is not just a fake but a useless unelected official whose agenda is self-serving.

    2. Now now, if you’d be wishing for some person’s demise, make sure the bystanders don’t get snagged along the way. Think about the poor pilot and crew, and the rest of the entourage… who may or may not share the noted person’s ideals.

  5. if it’s really true that leni is pregnant, she might not comeback till she delivers the baby. the father will not allow it to be aborted.

  6. Only the dense would not know the very purpose of Robredo’s going to the USA instead of going to Bicol and help her fellow Bicolanos.

    It must be much much more important than helping the victims of Nina. And what is more important than being a useful tire, not an spare one?

    2017 is another 1986, I suppose.

  7. “They also claim that the trip was planned already way in advance, a year ago, so it seems. ”

    As with any other reunion, a planned reunion is normal for Filipino clans. So using this as an excuse is at best, another PR disaster.

  8. “They also claim that the trip was planned already way in advance, a year ago, so it seems. ”

    As with any other reunion, a planned reunion is normal for Filipino clans. So using this as an excuse is at best, another PR disaster.

    1. Any scheduled plans can be rescheduled. If unforeseen events happens, like the devastating typhoon. Can that Leni “the Bobo” Robredo, reschedule the trip ?

      it is a weak alibi , for a Fake Vice President, for a planned trip, that cannot be rescheduled !

      Her enjoyment in the U.S. vacation, is a priority…over the sufferings of her people in Bicol…

      What you see in her…is what you will get ! Me first !

  9. The latest on Leni and her BFF Loida…..I managed to get a peek at the explosive “#LeniLeaks” Yahoogroup before it was switched to private (yup, it took the yellow twats half a day to change the settings after the thing went viral). My thoughts:

    1. This yellow group calls itself GFDC, which stands for “Global Filipino Diaspora Council”, but I think “Geriatric Filipinos Destabilization Council” suits them better, because the most active members of the group are senior citizens with long careers in ouster plotting (i.e. Loida Lewis, her sister Imelda Nicolas, Vicky Garchitorena, Yoly Ong, Fr. Villarin of Ateneo, Black and White Movement, etc). Tumanda na, sila-sila pa rin. From Marcos to Erap to Gloria, oust pa rin ng oust. Yan lang talaga ang alam nilang gawin.

    2. The yellow dinosaur demographic might also explain why a) they’re still using yahoogroups, b) they didn’t notice their posts were set to public, and c) they think they’re the saviors of the Philippines despite their epic stupidity.

    3. From the manic tone of Loida’s rants in the egroup, I think she may be seriously off her rocker. This could explain why she thinks she can play God with the lives of Filipinos and dictate who can and cannot be president. It’s like she thinks she’s some kind of divine being, and all the rest of us are mere hampaslupa who should obey her commands. There was even one message with her name in the egroup that referred to the Marcoses as “Dracula” and claimed they stole $100 billion. Yes, 100 BILLION dollars. That’s bigger than the net worth of the Sultan of Brunei and Warren Buffett, combined. That’s bigger than Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Kaya pala kalahati lang ang budget ni Bongbong Marcos sa ginastos ni Leni Robredo noong eleksyon.

    Actually, I feel kinda sorry for Loida. She reminds me of one of my aunts who was victimized by charismatic groups because she was bored, insecure, and had lots of money. They got her into all sorts of idiotic causes, milked her for donations and sponsorships and consulting fees. They made her think she was supporting some worthy cause so they could squeeze money out of her.

    I sensed this when I read that latest smear article on President Duterte that came out in the Guardian. The article was so lame and haphazard, and it wasn’t even written by a Guardian writer, but a “contributor” from some bogus-sounding NGO, and it was published in a section for outside contributors. One of my friends in advertising called it the “hanapbuhay” section, which all newspapers have. That’s basically where editors publish prepared press releases, in exchange for a (cough!) “honorarium”. The PR agency is taking shortcuts, and doesn’t seem to care what happens with Duterte either way, as long as the billionaire client keeps paying the bill.

    And from the looks of things, the PR money might as well be flushed down the toilet. After flooding all the biggest global media outlets with all sorts of shocking stories and videos and pictures, Duterte’s approval rating is still a whopping 83%! Si Leni ang bumabagsak! Mas lalong masisira ang ulo ni Loida nito 🙂

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