#LabanLeni Robredo’s parasitical relationship with Malacanang finally comes to an end


Rather than be a team player, “vice president” Leni Robredo behaved like an entitled spoilt brat the whole time she “served” in the Cabinet of President Rodrigo Duterte. The expectations Duterte had of Robredo were quite simple as articulated in the official Malacanang statement on her removal from the Cabinet

As a Cabinet member, the Vice President is expected to be a team player where differences in policies and issues are discussed during Cabinet meetings. The President in turn respects any decision agreed upon by his Cabinet.

However, it has become quite apparent that Robredo has so far been an utter disappointment…

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Recent events, however, showed the differences between the President and the Vice President as becoming irreconcilable and public.

The key word is how it was all aired in public.

Many observers will agree that the “vice president”, rather than act like a professional and address her gripes up the management hierarchy that she was a part of, instead used the media as her sounding board. Ask any professional in the madla and any sane person will agree that hanging your boss out to dry in public is a career-limiting move. In essence, Robredo has made a nuisance of herself in the Duterte Cabinet. How, after all, do you move forward when your own “vice president” is undermining you at every step?

But Robredo has been a lot worse than a mere nuisance. Leni Robredo has been a parasite. A parasite is an organism that eats its host from within. That is essentially what Robredo has been from the onset — the Yellowtards’ insider into the workings of the Duterte administration. The trouble with Leni the Mole is that unlike most cluey spies, she drew attention to herself thanks to her incessant schmoozing with the media. A true and effective spy would have first — and quietly — earned the confidence of her hosts and then proceeded to gather actionable intel and transmit these to her handlers.

From that perspective, Robredo not only failed the Duterte administration, she also failed her Liberal Party (LP) handlers. In Robredo’s removal from the Duterte Cabinet, the LP has lost a valuable insider and effectively cut itself out of the Malacanang loop. Not only is Robredo phyisically holding residence outside of Malacanang, she is now by all accounts a total outsider.

That’s what happens when you elect dum-dums to the highest public offices. You are left with a useless and inutile dum-dum for your trouble.

24 Replies to “#LabanLeni Robredo’s parasitical relationship with Malacanang finally comes to an end”

  1. Good riddance. Now if only she will resign as “alleged” vice president and save herself further shame. She should learn from Gina Lopez and Judy Taguiwalo – class acts. Strong women. Women of action. Decent and with delicadeza.

    1. Yes, they are women worth of respect and appreciation as they don’t politicize their respective jobs but do it for the welfare of the Filipino People and the Country.

  2. Leni Robredo’s resignation from the Duterte Cabinet is a great early Christmas gift to the Filipino people. Thank you Lord! Now, a proper housing czar can be appointed who actually knows how to do the job, and the government can be rid of this pretender who is only using the HUDCC to promote herself as some kind of socialite princess of the poor.

    I remember a few months ago, Robredo and her campaign manager Bam Aquino held this anti-poverty summit that was supposed to be one of her “accomplishments” in her first 100 days. And what grand solution did they present? An inane ritual where Robredo and her guests went up the stage and took turns holding up pictures that formed a puzzle, then reciting a corny, cringe-inducing pledge about fighting poverty. Kulang na lang mag-“trust fall” sila sabay-sabay. Try searching the video on YouTube. It will make you laugh and gag at the same time. Idiotic gimmicks like this are vintage LP/Leni. This was their brilliant plan for helping the poor. God help us if Robredo stayed one day longer at HUDCC.

    The press has been trying so hard to pass Robredo off as the Hillary Clinton of the Philippines that Robredo herself has lost all sense of reality and fallen for her own PR. When she looks at her face on that silly Esquire article, does she even notice that the picture doesn’t look like her at all? Does she even see that her very big eyes and eyebags were photoshopped so much that she actually looks chinita, and her cheeks were so digitally contoured that her wide squarish face became narrower and more oval? A true advocate of women’s rights would have objected to this digital fakery, but not Robredo. She seems to actually enjoy having her pictures airbrushed to model perfection, so she keeps hopping from one photo shoot to another.

    Robredo was a plain jane who became the darling of the yellow oligarchs overnight, and she doesn’t want to wake up from her Cinderella dream. Notice the words she used in her cabinet resignation statement: “I won’t allow the Vice Presidency to be stolen”. Apparently, for major-doma-turned-doña Leni, the office of the vice president is her own personal hacienda. It belongs to her, not the Filipino people, so she will not “allow” it to be taken from her, not even if the courts rule that her “win” is riddled with anomalies.

    This trademark LP sense of entitlement, this eagerness to live in an illusion, this addiction to the flattery of the yellow media—these are the reasons why Robredo’s downfall is inevitable. Even though other winning candidates for national positions have consistently won in NCR and overseas absentee voting, except her, Robredo still refuses to acknowledge that her “win” is highly suspicious, and she refuses to accept that she owes it to the Filipino people to submit herself to a recount or a rematch.

    What are you afraid of, Leni? The truth will set you free. Get out while you still can. When the sh*t hits the fan on the election investigation, someone’s head at the LP is going to roll, and you can bet your LP masters will make sure it’s your head, not theirs. Just ask Leila de Lima.

    But maybe Robredo really doesn’t understand the concept of a graceful exit. President Duterte tried to give her one with that private text message from Secretary Jun Evasco advising her not to attend cabinet meetings anymore. If Robredo was an intelligent person, she would have read between the lines and quietly handed in her resignation the next working day, then gone on to whatever else she does with her life, like attend events and pose for magazines. But no, Robredo was incapable of reacting in a professional and mature way. Instead, she ran crying to the media, gave them screenshots of Evasco’s text message, then issued a bizarre melodramatic statement about someone trying to steal the vice presidency from her, interspersed with lame excuses about why she failed to accomplish anything as HUDCC head.

    Ayan tuloy, Leni, nalaman ng buong Pilipinas that you were fired. Had you not given in to the urge to throw a public tantrum, you could have maneuvered this situation to make it look like it was you who decided to resign. President Duterte precisely tried to give you that, through Secretary Evasco’s PRIVATE text message to you, so you could save face. But what did you do? You proved yourself to be the insidious snake that most Filipinos already think you are, by sending Secretary Evasco’s text message to the media in a cheap bid to gain sympathy. You’re so caught up in your bubble that you don’t even realize it’s very hard for the public these days to believe you’re a victim, thanks to the fawning of the yellow media and all the magazine covers where you projected yourself as the darling of high society.

    President Duterte tried to give you a chance to show that you would put the interests of the Filipino people above the interests of your party when he gave you a cabinet post. But instead of doing your job, you used the position to backstab and undermine the President at every turn, and act as the chief mouthpiece of your party’s selfish interests. It would be an insult to the President’s team for you to continue sitting at the table with the other cabinet secretaries who are working so hard to protect the interests of ordinary Filipinos, so thank heavens you’re out. Now the long suffering people can have a new, competent HUDCC head who will really put their concerns first. Good riddance, Mrs. Robredo, and enjoy your mid-life modeling career while it lasts.

    1. Wala kasi siyang delikadesa, imbes na respectful removal via not publicizing it pero ano ginawa niya? NAG-INGAY NA PARANG BATANG KINUHANAN NG KENDI.

      Nagpapa-epal nanaman siya para manira at magpapansin. Hay naku walang Pilipino bumoto sa kanya maliban nalang sa mga binayaran at magic picos machine.

      Ayan nanaman Yelloe Media Sinesensationalize/Pinapabango nila ang Dilaw nilang fake vp.

    2. Considering Hillary has her own collection of scandals and many Americans do not trust her I think the comparison is very appropriate.

  3. I truly believed she did not win the election. I think She used the machinery of the Aquino administration to cheat her way to victory. Duterte knows that and is weary of her.

  4. I have never seen any more stupid politician, than Leni Rob redo.

    It is also the fault of Pres. Duterte, that he put an incompetent government official in that position. Leni Rob redo has no working experience in Housing and Urban Development.

    In developed countries; Housing and Urban Development is a Technical course, taught in Universities. You can even get a Masters and a PhD degree in that field; and specialize in it…

    How can a woman, who won the Vice Presidency by fraudulent means; who is clueless on that field, will know anything in that position.

    Leni Robredo is just the “Cling of Hope” of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, to have them return to power.

    This is the reason, she was ordered, by Aquino and Mar Roxas, to ask for a cabinet position in the Duterte cabinet !

    Good Riddance !

    1. Duterte did that as move of trust and goodwill. Unfortunately Leni has her own political ambition to be President. She’s a destabilizer and should be ousted. Almost everytime, the vice president becomes a pest to the objective of the President. There should be no VP elections next time. Pres and VP should come from the same party. Or else we will end up again with a dog trying to catch its own tail

    1. I don’t really feel anything when either side bash and flame each other, but I chuckle and cringe when people praise to the heavens De Lima and Robredo for being “courageous” and having “paninindigan”.

  5. Robredo needs to quit so BBM will be VP soon and many want to return

    Martial Law was not that bad.

    We believe that Marcos Propaganda is hip for its own good for vision of New Society.

    We want to bring back Nutribun, Magasana 99 and Kadiwa.

    So Pro-Marcos Loyalists, especially Ilda and Benign0 are wishing to go back to the days of Martial Law as golden years.

    1. @Bong Panda:

      We are talking here about the firing of Leni Rob redo…not the Martial Law years of Marcos Sr.

      If you are one of those who is brainwashed by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis; and is afraid of the bogeyman of Marcos Sr.

      Then, you can enjoy your own stupidity and ignorance.

    2. Robredo quitting Duterte’s cabinet does not immediately cause BBM to be reinstated, although the latter’s case would be possible if the recount is to occur and results turned out different than the elections.

      So they say, Martial Law “wasn’t bad” for people who live their lives and followed the law, but was hell for the activists during that time. Some people even call the non-activists “cowards” for letting themselves to be “herded” by the evil dictator.

      I wasn’t born during that time so I could believe either side, or none of them.

      That said though, we still need to hold Ramos and Enrile at least accountable for their part in the Martial Law atrocities.

    3. Nice red herring, son. Please stay on topic; you’re fooling yourself. But what do I expect from an EMO crybaby Yellowtard trollfag like yourself?

      If I were you, please set your priorities for once. You’re vehemently exposed.

      1. Why is everyone your ‘son’, dio? Are you one of those Filipinos who believes in spawning as many illegitimate offspring as humanly possible?

        1. If you’re not familiar with American culture or even American military lingo, perhaps you need to seek help.

      2. Hey Dio, I know military lingo, but we are not in the fucking army here. I was already tempted many times to ask the same question Marius asked. No matter what bullshit someone posts, calling them son is condescending. That aside, would you really want an idiot to be your son? So please drop it, okay? It’s annoying.

  6. Incidentally, Leni Robredo explains how Bongbong Marcos can steal her position of the Vice-Presidency!

    In a TV Patrol interview (Dec. 05, Philippines), the wisdom of VP Leni:

    (@ 25:35-27:14)

    Noli: Ano hu ba ang ibig sabihin n’yong nanakawin ang inyong posisyon? Sa paanong paraan po?

    Leni: Alam n’yo marami na kasing senyales na talagang si…yung kampo ni Bongbong Marcos ginagawa yung lahat para matanggal tayo dito. Yung pinakahuli na pruweba namin na kabahagi ito ng kanyang mga ginagawa. Nung tinext ako ni Cab.Sec. Jun Evasco, wala pang nakakaalam nun ako pa lang, mga anak ko at saka kaunting miyembro ng aking staff. Kaunting-kaunti lang ang nakakaalam. Pati nanay ko di ko pa sinabihan. Pero yung kampo ni Bongbong marcos meron ng mga tweets na naggu-goodbye na sa akin! So gustong sabihin, “in the know”. Lalong nagpapalakas ng ating pagduda na bahagi ito ng kanilang mga ginagawa.

    Noli: (repeats the question…) So, paano mananakaw sa inyo!?

    Leni: (obviously startled…) Na ano, kabayan?

    Noli: (asking more emphatically…) Paano mananakaw sa inyo ang posisyon na kayo naman ay halal?

    Leni: (stutteringly answers…) Kaya nga…ah…aguy…alam naman natin na…alalalam n’yo bawal kasing pagusapan yun kaso dahil yun ay…ay kabahagi ng ating sinumpaan. Kabahagi iyun ng commitment natin. Alam naman natin na nag-file sila ng protesta. Nag-file sila ng protesta na kahit na alam naman nila na wala naman basehan ang kanilang protesta.

    Noli: Ah…Ang ibig n’yo po’ng sabihin ang pagnanakaw sa inyong posisyon ay mangyayari na may kaugnayan sa protesta ni Bongbong sa inyo po?

    Leni: Kabahagi ng malawak na plano’ng patalsikin tayo sa posisyon!

    Noli: Opo.

    Wow, simply classic!

  7. In her interview with Noli de Castro, Leni Robredo said she had no ambition to be president.

    Yet look at what she’s been up to in the few days she’s been out of the Duterte Cabinet:

    “The woman who could take down Rodrigo Duterte: His soft-spoken even-tempered vice president”

    The yellow PR machine is already grinding out Robredo puff pieces in foreign media, positioning her as the alternative to Duterte in the event of a takedown.

    Don’t be surprised if Robredo takes her modeling and pabebe routine to international audiences soon. She has so much free time on her hands, now that she’s jobless.

    Just another reason to fast-track the passage of the death penalty law. Leila de Lima can be first in line for drug trafficking, Leni Robredo for treason.

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