Leni Robredo finally wore out her welcome in Duterte’s administration


Current Vice President Leni Robredo has tendered her resignation from her position as chairperson of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC). She cited many reasons for relieving herself from her duties but it seems it simply boils down to irreconcilable differences between her and President Rodrigo Duterte. This parting of ways was inevitable considering Robredo made her displeasure of some of Duterte’s policies and quirks known to the public. For his part, Duterte has made his lack of respect for Leni known to the public as well especially when he makes her the butt of jokes during cabinet meetings.

I don’t think a lot of people were surprised that the relationship between Duterte and Robredo went pear-shaped less than six months into their terms. This was very predictable. The problem with Leni is she doesn’t know when to quit talking to the media. She actually loves to talk about how she disapproves of Duterte’s policies. That’s not very smart of her. Her relationship with Duterte hasn’t even warmed up yet but she’s already behaving like a backstabber – all smiles when she’s facing Duterte, but then says a lot of negative things about him as soon as his back is turned. She would have gotten more respect if she had the guts to say what she wanted to say to his face.  

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What did Leni expect Duterte to do when she openly attacks him in front of the media? Did she expect him to kiss her rear end?

As mentioned before, it’s obvious that Duterte doesn’t respect Robredo. It could be because Robredo doesn’t come across as smart. She comes across as clueless. After all, she acts very clueless about why people think her win as vice president is fraudulent. Duterte probably knows that she had nothing to do with the alleged electoral fraud, but the fact that she believes without a doubt that she won the election and is quick to dismiss claims of cheating even after evidence and testimonies of irregularities in voting precincts were presented says a lot about her. For one, it is a sign that she has become delusional – all the praises she is getting from her supporters has gotten into her head. She must be thinking that she is actually more popular than former Senator Bongbong Marcos and that, of course, she won the election.

To a casual observer, Duterte seems to be simply humouring Robredo until the time the Supreme Court decides on Marcos’s electoral protest. Duterte knows that Robredo speaks ill of him behind his back.

Robredo cited in her statement that the plot to steal the Vice Presidency from her is in motion. She insults the Supreme Court justices by implying that they will not even bother reviewing the merits of the electoral case filed by former Senator Bongbong Marcos and simply declare him the winner of the recent election. For someone who holds a high position in government, Robredo is suggesting that the justice system in the Philippines cannot be trusted to bring a fair outcome. I suppose that if the Supreme Court decision is favourable to her, she will call it “fair” and truthful. But when it favours the complainant, she will cry foul and say that her post was stolen.

Robredo is the one trying to cause division in Philippine society. She seems to be trying to rile her supporters to go out in the streets and rally behind her. I say bring it on! Let’s see if Robredo really has 14 million supporters. It’s about time to prove if she has that so-called Cory “magic” bullshit.

Robredo should focus more on the electoral case if she thinks that there are people out to steal her position rather than spend time posing for glamour magazines. With all the time she spends on public relations to boost her image, one would get the impression that she is doing an excellent job as chairman of the HUDCC. It’s actually the opposite. It turns out, she has a lot of problems that she is only now telling the public. She claims that the budget for housing was cut and is not enough for key shelter agencies. She should blame former President BS Aquino for not giving priority to her agency. After all, Duterte administration did not come up with a budget for 2016.

Robredo also claims that “inaction on appointment recommendations and the executive order to make the HUDCC more effective” was cramping her job. Whoever will replace Leni as chairman of HUDCC will prove to us whether Leni is telling the truth or not about the “obstacles” in doing her job. She seems to be the only cabinet member who complains a lot. She can’t even find ways to work around her problem without telling the media. She definitely reminds me of BS Aquino. The former President was full of lame excuses for not doing his job. No wonder they belong to the same political party. They have the same victim mentality and both suffer the same persecution complex.

Robredo may have been forced to resign after she reportedly received a text message from executive assistant Bong Go saying she is no longer welcome to attend cabinet meetings in the future. While that move was very insulting and shows lack of respect, there is something to be said about the fact that Robredo doesn’t seem to command respect from the rest of the Cabinet members at all. They probably don’t see her as their equal. It doesn’t help that she is a member the opposition and is quite vocal about her opposition to a lot of things. In other words, she cannot be trusted with sensitive information during cabinet meetings.

Sending a text message that you are no longer welcome to meetings is equivalent to being given an office in the basement with no window to make you resign. It’s good that Robredo got the message sooner rather than later. Although a lot of people would be happier if Robredo resigned from her VP post. Filipinos don’t need someone so melodramatic like Leni in a very high government position. She’s not very rational. She’s vindictive like BS Aquino. Just imagine if she took over the Presidency. Six years would be spent just blaming the Marcoses.

Oh well, Robredo should look at the bright side. She will have more time to attend photo shoots for glamour magazines and make guest appearances in talk shows. Who knows? Maybe this could open the doors to her showbiz career. She seems to enjoy it more than her government post anyway.

24 Replies to “Leni Robredo finally wore out her welcome in Duterte’s administration”

  1. Thank you Lord for touching Leni and prompting her to resign as HUDCC chairman. She is a non performing asset . She can’t attune herself with Pres. Duterte, her Boss; that’s her fault. She’s a backstabber to the President in so many instances and issues. The latest of which is the Marcos burrying at the LNMB; contrary to her President’s decisions.
    Her resignation is a good riddance and we are glad she did that.

  2. I didnt vote for Duterte. But Im mature enough to accept defeat and give my support to the elected President.

    I used to support Leni, but after this circus show, not anymore. She’s definitely a backstabber. Now every LP supporter will do the same. Disgusting. This is nothing but Plan B in the works

    President should shock everybody by replacing her with somebody who’s far more trustworhy and competent

  3. Tsk tsk! The yellow legion is sooo out of tune with the times. 19-kopong-kopong style pa yang estilo ninyo nang kontrolado nyo pa media. Iyak na lang kayo at di nyo makaya mga “trolls”.

  4. I guess, the reason that she’s no longer welcome at the cabinet meeting, could be due to her divulging “cabinet secrets” to her party-mates!My analysis, she could have been outsmarted lately by Bong Go and caught her red-handed when Bong Go pretended to be the one who ordered General Bato to reinstate Police Superintendent Marvin Marcos.

    It could be, that aside from Digong- the Ultra-master strategist, Bong & Leni, intentionally there were no other cabinet members around when Go pretended to be calling Gen Dela Rosa of Marcos’ reinstatement to practically test & catch the LP spy Leni! And they did just that! After this “test”, De Lima was already talking to reporters about the issue saying that she got the info from her “very reliable source” in the Palace!

    Well, the big fish was just caught swimming in a dry ground and cornered like a rat! There’s no another way out but to resign of course! She cannot even face Bong Go for texting her that she is no longer welcome to cabinet meetings!

  5. What can a clueless housewife, do in a cabinet position ?

    She blames people, because she does not know how to run and manage the government position, she was assigned to manage. She does not know what she was doing !

    What does Leni Rob redo know about Housing…much more about Urban Planning and Development ?

    The woman does not even know , how to read Construction Blueprints, or any Engineering Blueprint…

    She does not have any managerial experience, or managerial education. She has no Technical knowledge in that field, she was assigned to run…

    Leni Rob redo is the Hope of the YellowTards, to cling back to power. This was the reason, the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, made her win, by hook or by crook the Vice Presidency !

  6. In her “cluelessness” and unawareness that she got the VP post through fraudulent means, she was acting and speaking as if the has-been prominent pol. party that she belongs to are still the ones in charge. PDuterte just reminded her (and/or them) of their rightful place in politics now, or even in society for that matter.

  7. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Talk to people the way you want to be talked to. Respect is earned, not given.

    As for “Vice President” Maria Leonor “Leni” Santo Tomas Robredo, she won’t get any of that, not even close, and never will.

  8. It was reported in the media that Duterte had called her countless times on her cell, but she never answered. So that was the time they just send her the text message.

    Not only is she incompetent, but she shows her true face now. After travelling around and making promises while spending tax payer money she now just resigns. So what if she can’t attend the cabinet meetings? Is that really needed to do her job? I thought she cares sooooo very much about the poor people she promised to help. What a plastic bimbo!

    And I agree, they cant have her there during cabinet meetings, she is nothing but a spy.

    Please resign the Vice Presidency also, you were never truly elected in the first place and then go and jump into a volcano for all I care and take DeLima and all the other piss drinkers with you!!!

  9. I remember mentioning in this forum just after the election that Soros of Smartmatic orchestrated the win of Robredo. I think it was Ilda who said that it was just some conspiracy theory at best or some thing to that effect.

    Soros has been know worldwide of destabilizing countries with leaders of authoritarian streaks or partial to Russia. It was done in Ukraine and I bet it will happen to this country.

    God forbids I pray but the resignation of Robredo may be the signal for street protests to undermine the DU30 government.

    With DU30’s incredible defense of Marcos the police officer not the burial of that late Ilocano genius, I bet EDSA86 would be repeated.

  10. Leni Rob redo, allegedly won the Vice Presidency position. She won it thru Fraudulent means, manipulated, thru HOCUS PCOS, by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis.

    They thought they could duplicate, what Gloria Arroyo did to oust Erap Estrada !

    This was the reason; Leila de lima, became a Senatong, thru the NARCO financing politics. Their priority was the Human Rights issue. At the onset of the Duterte administration; there was an investigation of Human Rights violations, by Death Squads…

    They hope that U.S. Pres. Obama, will remove Pres. Duterte, as President, and replace him with Leni Rob redo.

    Unfortunately, the Drug Lords came out…There was a Ronnie Dayan sex video with Leila de Lima. Drug Barons, like Aquino and Mar Roxas, stayed in the background. The Chinese Triad Drug Mafia was exposed…

    The Democrats in the U.S. lost the election. Hilary Clinton lost the U.S. Presidency; Pres. Elect Donald J. Trump became the U.S. President Elect.

    Everything the Aquino Cojuangco plans to return to power went wrong.

    Now, Leni Rob redo is fired…they are facing their political demise !

    Leila de Lima will be disbarred and removed as Senator, due to immorality…

    I doubt, that Leila de Lima, will survive the Drug charges against her. Bong Bong Marcos may even win the recount in the Vice Presidency.

    Tapos na ang mga YellowTards !

  11. Leni Robredo’s tantrum over her termination from the Cabinet last weekend continued all the way up to the whole of Monday. Nagdadabog talaga ang lola!

    To follow up her lengthy “I won’t let the Vice Presidency be stolen!” press statement last Sunday, she held a press conference on the same subject Monday afternoon. And, as if that STILL wasn’t enough, she went live on every major TV news program on Monday night to talk about the same subject, which in truth is not even an issue of national concern and matters only to her and her party. Her stamina for marathon back-to-back live interviews just might dethrone Leila de Lima as reigning queen of press conferences and media overkill.

    While Robredo was busy carping to the press about pro-Bongbong Marcos trolls tweeting her goodbye even before she received the “desist” text message last Saturday, President Duterte was in Malacanang trying to solve the country’s gargantuan problems with the other Cabinet members. He took a break for the Christmas tree lighting, then resumed the Cabinet meeting late into the night.

    Here’s the video of the short speech President Duterte gave at the Christmas tree ceremony. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZYv-kmWIvY It’s one of his best. Extemporaneous as always, and cuts straight to the heart.

    After watching this video, I felt really sorry for Leni Robredo, because she will NEVER, ever come anywhere near the depth, substance, and authenticity of this man. While Robredo, the wannabe faux Smartmagic VP, was crying “I won’t let the Vice Presidency be stolen!” like a spoiled, entitled brat, Duterte the historic President who won by a landslide with no machinery and no money, and whose popularity even the international media can’t break, was humbly saying, “If I’m only meant to be in office for two months or two years, then that is my destiny.”

    From these statements alone, the vast difference in character between these two is crystal clear.

    Now that she’s out of the Cabinet, Robredo announced that she will be the opposition leader. Good luck, Leni. You’re going to need it. If people like me who normally don’t give a sh*t about politics have been so infuriated by your pettiness and hypocrisy that they‘ve started spewing online, I can only imagine how the millions of rabid Die-Hard Duterte Supporters are feeling. I know their rage is real, because I feel it myself. And now, all that rage will be directed at you, since you’re too clueless to see that the old hats of the Liberal Party are merely using you as their dummy for attacking President Duterte. To them, you are disposable like toilet paper, while they want to preserve their ties with the President to survive this political sh*tstorm.

    Someday, Robredo is going to look back at the text messages asking her to stop attending Cabinet meetings and realize that President Duterte’s men showed more compassion for saving her reputation than her party bosses did. She will finally recognize what it means to be given the chance to make a graceful exit, but by then it will be too late.

  12. Ilda can just weep her ass off when Leni becomes VP and Duterte is ousted which is happening real soon.

    The crap writers of this stupid blog can cherry pick comments and live in the illusion that no one hates them.

    You guys have been so notorious and everyone knows what crap this whole site is.

    You will get what you all deserve soon.

    1. Either you are missing the point or you’re just TROLLING. Because everything you’ve said doesn’t make sense either. Better for you to stop whining and grow up.

  13. Ilda you used to stand for rule of law and evidence in defending arroyo but now you just take duterte’s word that all 6000 murder victims are drug pushers who fought the police, including 5 year old danica may garcia. what happened to you?

    1. I was wondering the same thing. Ilda seems to have a thing for powerful, aggressive men; Marcos, now Duterte. The little guy? Who cares.

      I have to admit – and I know this is a terrible thing to say – those 6000 murder victims don’t bother me overmuch. Pinoys have been killing each other for centuries over the slightest trivial quarrel. I’m convinced that at least 10% of the population have borderline psychopathic personalities (manifested as a complete lack of empathy for others, black-and-white thinking, limited range of emotions, and poor moral reasoning skills).

      The fact is, those 6000 killings would have happened with or without Duterte; they probably did, but went unrecorded. With or without Duterte, there are thousands of Filipinos who, simply because of who and what they are, are likely to die a violent death at the hands of either their neighbors or the police. Such is life in the 4th world.

      Since nobody knows (and doesn’t want to find out) who exactly is doing the killing, and who the victims were, the whole debate about ‘justice’ is pointless. There is no such thing in the Philippines and probably won’t be until PLA tanks roll through Manila.

  14. @AJoeld Give Amara the chance to speak out. Demolish her argument with persuasive logic. We are suppose to be in a open society, where ideas/opinions are freely tested in the market.

    Unless you wish Amara be assassinated by riding-in-tandem paid killers.lol

    @Amara. Go go go ! speak out!

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