Trump’s win was a big FU to the Establishment


I would like to start off with a sarcastic humorous note inspired by conservative commentator, Bill Whittle. So a wildly despised loudmouth narcissistic blowhard ran in the recently concluded US elections. Although this candidate said a lot of things and promises during the campaign the truth is that this candidate does not really subscribe to anything but personal ambition and gain. This candidate jets around hobnobbing with rich corporate fat cats from New York and other places. The thought of this egomaniac sitting behind the desk of the President of the United States of America is truly revolting. But enough about Hillary Clinton, it is time to talk about the winner of that election, Donald J. Trump, and why he won despite the odds being so stacked up against him.

Of course the simple answer to the question of why Trump won is that Trump’s victory was a big F U by the American electorate to the establishment – the Democrats, the Republicans, the elite and even the mainstream media. It was never really about racism or sexism that clueless arrogant liberals would like to paint it as. The American electorate has simply had enough of the failed policies of the ruling class. They wanted change that would provide jobs and turn around the economy. It was not really about Clinton’s email fiasco or Trump’s disgusting “locker room talk”. Being an agent of change is a very tough sell that Clinton tried to peddle given the fact that she was a poster child of the establishment and the ruling class. Trump simply offered a more believable message that he is more capable of improving the country’s economy with better trade deals and good business acumen. The American electorate thus gave the presidency to Trump.

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Now, I suppose it is unfair of me to simply trash-talk liberals and twist the knife at their loss. Sure there are some liberals sensible enough to realize their mistakes. Take, for instance, famous independent film director Michael Moore. He suggested that Democrats have been in a bubble and weren’t paying attention to their fellow Americans and their despair. In his prediction on what will happen in the election, he went on to say:

“YEARS of being neglected by both parties, the anger and the need for revenge against the system only grew. … Trump’s victory is no surprise. He was never a joke. Treating him as one only strengthened him. … On Nov. 8, the dispossessed will walk into the voting booth … and put a big f—ing X in the box next to the name of the man who has threatened to upend and overturn the very system that ruined their lives: Donald J. Trump.”

Moore, of course, was proven right. The hard-working people have gone tired of supporting millions of people who are abusing the system. For instance, Obamacare – a healthcare system that penalizes productive people with astronomical insurance bills so that other people can get free healthcare has become too much to bear. The news that the cost of Obamacare would go up next year across the country, even with an increase of around 116% in Arizona, perhaps became the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Sure, it is important to help the poor but to force people to do so through punitive taxation in the spirit of wealth re-distribution is anathema to the still prevailing American values of freedom and personal responsibility. Donald Trump promised to repeal and replace Obamacare and that was something that many Americans wanted. The Democrats and the idealistic liberals were simply either clueless about the people’s sentiments or they were just too arrogant to acknowledge the failure of their healthcare system utopia. (Or perhaps even both.)

Another factor that perhaps contributed to the Clinton campaign’s demise was the repudiation of years of arrogance by the liberals who think of simple faithful hard-working folks especially in the rust belt and heartland states as stupid ignorant people who are merely clinging to their guns and religion. I was even taken aback yesterday when I saw a Facebook picture post from a liberal who seem to be continuously belittling the people of the states that voted for Trump instead of reflecting on what mistakes they might have committed. It is unfortunate that some people who purport to be the paragon of virtue, inclusiveness, compassion, respect and tolerance are the ones who cannot respect the views and sentiments of people who hold beliefs different from theirs. Even after the elections, many of these liberals have taken to the streets, disrupted people’s lives, even inciting and engaging in violence, as well as destruction of property just because they did not get the result they were hoping for.

Facebook post that seems to look down on the people of states that voted for Trump.

Facebook post that seems to look down on the people of states that voted for Trump.

Lastly, the people simply grew tired of the pontification that if one doesn’t subscribe to the liberal dogma of open borders, environmentalism, secularism (or perhaps atheism), political correctness, etc. then one is a dumb bigot. Dr. Steve Rualo, a high school classmate of mine, offered perhaps the best summation of the people’s repudiation of the liberal scheme. He said:


After a hard-fought battle, Hillary Clinton showed grace and class by calling on her supporters to accept the result of the election telling them that everyone owes Donald Trump an open mind and to give him a chance to lead. I just hope that the anti-Trump folks would heed Hillary’s call and work with the new administration for the good of the country (and perhaps even the whole world).

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48 Replies to “Trump’s win was a big FU to the Establishment”

  1. Global betterment is a mental process, not one that requires huge sums of money or a high level of authority. Change has to be psychological.

    The bigger the victory, the bigger the battle. Still, be the light and a change agent for healing, restoration and transformation.

    1. I recently read the story of Daryl Davis, a black man who went out and actively tried to help Klansmen give up their “hood life.”

      That is what is needed. Racism is bad, but stereotyping all of Trump’s voters as racist rednecks is what got us into this mess.

  2. I would like to point something from another perspective. For sometime now I have observed America to be going farther and farther away from its heritage, the old fundamental values from which it grew to become a very great nation and world leader. In their money, it is printed there “IN GOD WE TRUST.” Then I followed Rev. Franklin Graham going from state to state of the entire nation to urge people to come out and vote, and to pray. Then Mr. Donald Trump won, the majority votes coming from the small states – mostly made up of simple folk, strong in their faith in GOD, resolute in their knowledge that God hears when they pray. They have spoken and how the other parts of the nation reacted! But they could have sat down & reflected on this, instead of maligning their less sophisticated countrymen from the hinterlands. I read somewhere that the Queen of Scotland said this of John Knox “I fear the prayers of John Knox more than all the armies of England”…… John Knox prayed “Lord give me Scotland or I die”…after which much reforms in this country esp. in governance were instituted, almost the whole of Scotland was swept in the Protestant Reformation. Also, many European missionaries who went to America were from this country.
    There’s a God in heaven and He still runs the affairs of men through men, no matter how one denies it or repudiates it…..there might be kingmakers like the media and Hollywood, or they might bring down kings too, but above all there is the ONE HAND that holds the world together….So Mr. Trump might be “flawed” but to me he’s the better choice…..He will be good for America, for it to be united again – our compatriots there included, all Asians & even hispanics, I hope will feel safer & assured that there would be lesser discrimination, and for us here in the ASEAN region, expecting that there would be lesser tensions ahead and we could all forge a better relationship with the now three super powers, with Tatang Digong in the middle of it,….. we could have peace, wearied as we are of so much turmoil and wars domestically and in the world. Ours would be a general deep collective sigh of relief.

    1. Just passing by and skimming but … have you ever heard of the alt-right?

      Also, the USA was explicitly NOT founded on the basis of venerating any one god or group of gods. If the fact of America being the first to apply the notion of the separation of church and state didn’t clue in, then the Treaty of Tripoli, signed by John Adams in 1793, in which the American government disavowed the notion of it being a Christian nation, should.

  3. universal suffrage + voter ignorance = donald trump. When you have a system where a “no read no write” and a PHD each get one vote this is the result you get.

    1. Kindly read your post over and over again. Because I might have misunderstood what you meant to say, people with PHDs and other “educational achievements” have more right to vote than a person who is “no read, no write” as you put it?

        1. Why should an illiterate have to understand the complexity of a trade deal or any other issues just to be able to have the right to vote? You know that is partly why a lot of Trump voters voted for Trump. They got sick of the condescension of the liberal elites.

  4. Hector, the average income for trump supporters polled was 70,000 (higher than clinton supporters)not very high but not impoverished by any means or “despairing”. Watch just one trump rally and tell me there’re no elements of racism, nativism, fearmongering and overall white nationalism you see there. I thought we call a spade a spade.

    1. berbie

      I did go to a Trump rally and I also went to a Trump booth. From my experience, no element of racism, fearmongering, white nationalism, etc. I actually enjoyed discussing issues with fellow Conservatives. It was a positive experience. ????

  5. Question’s what’s is America’s religion? Ignorance is lost to our country. Our founding father’s founded our country on freedom of religion. We are not meant to be a Christian or any other religion for a good reason. Why is healthcare so expensive in the USA. When I was in school in the 1990’s we were taught that it was because of the 1 to 7 rule. Only one person out of 7 paid or had insurance to pay the hospital. So how did more people get insurance under Obamacare and the prices went even higher? I do not think anyone can fix greed, which is why our health care in the USA can never be fixed. This is why I fear that people are going to be disappointed, because America is ran by money and will always be that way.

  6. When it comes to drugs and devices, regulations play a big part in the cost as well. I work un the industry and I can tell you that it may take billions of dollars to get a product approved by the FDA.

  7. I like how Trump isn’t the “wildly despised loudmouth narcissistic blowhard” despite everything he’s said from the moment he ran almost to the night he won.

    But yes, let’s set the bar incredibly low for Trump, all the while making sure Clinton gets blamed for everything that’s gone wrong since her husband entered politics.

  8. People are still rioting, in places where the Democrat Liberals have taken roots. The Republican Party won by landslide. Pres.-Elect Trump, got a mandate of the American people. Conservatism will now prevail in America. The American values, where this great country was founded !

    Most of those who voted for Pres.-Elect Trump, were rural folks that were neglected; southern evangelical Christians; people who were tired of illegal immigrants taking over their jobs; people who want America to lead; people who cherish the conservative ideals of this great country.

    We wish the new President-Elect good luck, in his leadership. God bless us all !

    1. Most of those who voted for Pres.-Elect Trump, were rural folks that were neglected; southern evangelical Christians; people who were tired of illegal immigrants taking over their jobs; people who want America to lead; people who cherish the conservative ideals of this great country.

      That rhetoric can also be used by racist, xenophobic hate-mongers.

        1. What is this persecution that they’re crying about? It just sounds so vague. Perhaps they should be more specific. All we see are the PC crowd, SJWs and the regressive left collectively sourgraping.

    2. Illegal immigrants aren’t taking jobs, their bosses are the ones taking jobs to give to illegals for cheap. Like the Polish ones that built his tower.

      But I will say that the conservatives did a better job of convincing them of the former, because the candidate that convinced them of the latter point got shut out by the establishment as more of a threat than Trump.

  9. That is the truth…Clinton, Inc. is finished…Obama’s legacy is now in tatters…Filipino TNTs and other TNTs, are hiding with fear of being deported!

    We have to accept the election results…rioting and whining will never change the election results ! These are just an exercise in futility.

    Pres. Duterte, can get along with Pres.- Elect Trump…they are both brutally frank ! They are “birds of the same feather” !

    Good luck to both of them ….God bless us all !

  10. Trump’s victory is all but a f*** to the establishment. Those who believe that have fallen for a propaganda trick of the Trump campaign. Trump has always been and still is part of the establishment. He is nor directly part of the establishment of Washington, DC. But he is part of the establishment in New York and both establishments are linked together.

    Trump is planning to repeal Obamacare and deregulate banks. He wants to cut taxes espechially for himself.

  11. Dont jump for joy too early yet. Trump may put money in infrastructure but I wouldnt be surprised if the (raw-)materials to build the bridges are manufactured NOT in the USA. And to actually put the bridge in place is done by cheap labor force.

    So, in the end all those people voted FU might be shooting themselves in their own foot.

    Time will tell (for them) so lets wait and see what will happen.

  12. @Robert Haighton:

    Wait until you see what Trump will do.

    Speculations will never help us…

    Give U.S. Pres.-Elect Trump, a chance to show us what he can do for the U.S., and to the world !

    This is what I can tell you: Trump does not need the Office of the President. He is already a successful billionaire, and living a good life in his penthouse at Trump Tower…

    He sought the Presidency, because the U.S. is being lead by incompetent leaders…he wanted to contribute his talent and experience in business management to lead the U.S. to economic recovery !

    1. Hyden,
      personally, I dont worry at all.

      But I already hear things (no, not rumors, nor gossip) that the Baltic states are not really at ease. Understandable with what happened with Crimea and Ukraine.

      They just dont like it that Trump and Putin seems to be buddy-buddy now.

    2. Hyden,
      what does worry me – however – is, if indeed Trump will NOT go along with the climate change deal closed in Paris very recently.

      I am told, that he wont listen to scientists. Not even those coming from his own country.

      Coal mining and the likes are not good for planet earth.

      Or am I saying something now that makes me a member of the elite?

  13. @Robert Haighton:

    You have a hangover of the Cold War mentality…

    I say again, don’t be concerned of what they say…observe what Pres.-Elect Trump do, before you die from worrying. Or, you get into a straight jacket, because of your too much speculations and worrying…

    The world will not collapse, because Donald Trump is elected as U.S. President !

    Trump built a great business empire. He is competent. I trust his judgements.

    He has a great team leading, the management of the U.S. government, and the affairs of the world. This team is led by his Vice President Pence…

    Give the man a chance to prove himself, Please !

    1. The irony is that the Cold War Mentality of “us vs. the Communists” is exactly what Trump is suffering from.

      We might not have the Soviet Union, but we do have Communist China.

      But you are right. He needs a chance to prove himself, because the only way people will learn is if they face the consequences. 😉

      1. Communist China is in name only… China is the most capitalist country in the world.

        China is not an imperialist country. China is discovering its trading talent…remember the Silk Road, in the past ?

        I am not concerned with China..ISIS or Radical Islam, is more of a threat , for peace in this world.

    2. Hyden,
      I dont know exactly when the cold war ended? Was it with the coming down of the Berlin wall in 1989? At that time, I was still a student and already visited 2 different countries in eastern Europe.
      As student, you live a care-free life (certainly in those days).

      Back to Trump
      I am not an American so giving him a chance (benefit of the doubt) is not for me to say and to decide.

      PS: I wonder what happened to the GRP contributors, Add, Zaxx and Grimwald (to name a few). Have they become victim of Duterte’s war on drugs or something more sinister?

      1. @Robert Haighton:

        Whatever you think you think …it is how you think. If you believe the moon is made of cheese, I will not laugh at you…

        I am not these bloggers keeper. Yell to them to come out …I do not even know them !

  14. There is a report from reliable sources, that a rich Democrat political donor of Hilary Clinton, is paying those demonstrator agitators , U.S. $20 per hour, to demonstrate against the victory of Donald Trump…

    Maybe, they imitated the political tactic of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis of the EDSA’s “Hakot Demonstrators”…the recent “Hakot Demonstrators” of the YellowTards at the U.S. Embassy; was an Aquino Cojuangco political axis tactic !

    1. Soros owned Smartmatic was accused to be instrumental in Robredo’s cheating of Bonbong in the May election.

      Soros is pro globalist unbridled free enterprise economy worldwide with his Open Society Foundation. He was linked in the destabilization of Ukraine that led to Putin’s retaliation by taking Crimea.

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