Donald Trump’s rise to power confirms a full global backlash against hipster culture


The ascent of Donald Trump to the leadership of the Free World represents a massive fail on the part of America’s techno-industrial complex to deal with the reality of the character of America he represents. Rather than embrace, take on board, and manage the reality of a heartland simmering with anger and disillusionment, America’s hipster classes derided their plight as a primitive backlash against the “inclusiveness” that they imagined to have characterised their new age ideologies.

Because of this elitist, condescending, and, in all its irony, exclusive attitude taken by America’s coastal Establishment cliques, people forgot to ask the important question around WHY Donald Trump had become such a force to reckon with in these US elections to begin with. And this is why Trump won. More importantly, this is why his win shocked some of the most influential of America’s lot. He came at them from left field — a field they chose not only to ignore but to exclude.

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We can see, however, that these hipsters haven’t learned much from the experience. After it was clear Trump had bagged the presidency of the planet’s mightiest nation, our Facebook and Twitter timelines were still filling with the same sort of whiney teeth gnashing that characterised the dysfunction in the anti-Trump campaign. Trevor Noah lamented on The Daily Show as the election numbers rolled in how he had become “very much afraid”…

“This is it, the end of the presidential race, and it feels like the end of the world,” Noah said. “I don’t know if you’ve come to the right place for jokes tonight because this is the first time throughout this entire race where I’m officially sh-tting my pants.”

As surprising as the results might have been to some, Noah did have therapeutic jokes up his sleeve. “We are going to be making jokes tonight but I am very much afraid,” he said. “Donald Trump is doing much better than expected. He’s doing so much winning that I am tired of winning.”

If there is a lesson to be learned here, it is that the reason Trump’s supporters had become so resolute about their decision to vote for him was because of sentiments like these issued by influential people who are perceived to be abusing their access to expensive instruments of mass communication.

Noah, obviously, did not learn this lesson.

But the signs have long been there. Mainstream media had become an object of mistrust (an institution that had been tainted by the agendas of the “one percent”) — just as social media had risen to become a potent tool for mass communication that ordinary people had access to.

Then there are the ordinary anti-Trump voters who suggest in not a few tweets and Facebook posts that America had become a society of hate, misogynism, and racism because of Trump’s victory — forgetting, of course, that theirs is a democracy and that behind this win are fellow American voters. Again, the question Americans should be asking themselves is Why?

Why did Trump win so many votes?

That question cannot be answered by Sergey Brin or Mark Zuckerberg; nor by Silicon Valley’s “data science”, and certainly not by their fellow hipsters who will only give us the same answer Trevor Noah gave his viewers. As Albert Einstein was once said to have said: You cannot solve a problem using the same thinking that created it. Hipsterism had already lost Europe to resurgent xenophobia and spun Great Britain out of the European Union. They had been instrumental in the victory of Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines and now their tiresome political correctness had precipitated the mass disillusionment of American voters that catapulted Trump to power.

So what is the solution to America’s Trump problem?

See, in framing the question that way, we remain in that very same cognitive prison Einstein describes. It should occur to us by now that the thinking that created “the Trump problem” is the real problem that needs to be solved here.

31 Replies to “Donald Trump’s rise to power confirms a full global backlash against hipster culture”

  1. Those who voted for Duterte and Trump did not fail their nations. It was the privileged class and the disente crowd that failed them.

    The votes for these two were votes against the status quo; where those living in the ‘laylayan ng lipunan’ were constantly swept aside and not listened to.

    Although I voted for Duterte, I would not have voted for Trump if I were an American. There is a huge difference in executive and legislative experience. The former has already established himself as a someone who can get this done politically. While the latter has nothing to show except his monuments of vanity. The former is a self-made man. While the latter has been rich to begin with.

    Fortunately for us, we are already seeing a shift in how politics are changing. People have more access to technology. People can’t easily be deceived anymore. Information is not only under the domain of the disente crowd. Information can now be accessed by everyone.

    We are not at the mercy of the oligarchs who have shaped our reality for quite sometime. We now have a voice. We can know get information from multiple sources and verify its truthfulness. We are now capable of forming our own truths not just be told what to believe in.

  2. In the U.S. there are two types of hipsters: those who know how to program and those who serve coffee.

    Everything about them is exactingly constructed to give off the vibe that they just don’t care.

  3. Hipsters? Really? An article based on Hipsters and Trump? Not sure how the two fit together.

    Because Filipinos don’t like Trump because he’s going to stop foreign aid, bring back jobs to the US instead of giving the jobs to ignorant peasants, and ending BPOs. Get real Philippines? I think you have a fucking stick too far up your asses and you need to get ahold of yourselves because you don’t make sense.

    Filipinos are the problem not the US. The only reason Filipinos have jobs is because they accept far less money and Obama is a pushover pussy who will never right back.

    How about producing your own goods? Cars, motorcycles, etc. If you’re all such ingenious inventors that invented everything we use today then surely you can create a fucking motorcycle. Oh I forgot the Chinese can do it for cheaper and in less time than you can. Well that’s food news because now you can stand around doing 10x less shit than before and sleep on 10x more cardboard on the street.

    Keep it real peasants and stop living in a fucking fantasy.

    1. The author just used the word hister as a synonym for “liberal.” Hipsters are the worst kind of liberal anyway.

      As for the rest of your rant, this site quite likes Trump because of precisely that. He’ll close the US from Filipinos and we’ll be forced to take care of ourselves for once. At the very least, America will leave us alone now.

      1. Ok so give me a rant of your own then and explain how you feel about that? Because I’m confused. It seems like the needs of a whiny teen. Confusing. Not wanting to trade with the US and not wanting free money but going to China and getting money from them and then going back to the US and pissing China off right after duterte begged for money like street children isn’t helping your country seem independent like what it wants to seem like.

        Just like what I said, it seems like a whiny teen who doesn’t know what they want.

        1. FYI, the China trip wasn’t a “begging trip” the money we got was not aid, but loans and trade deals. And you think Duterte’s congratulation letter was begging? Hahahahahahahahaha! I think the words he used was “mutual respect” and “ideals of democracy.” I’m not whining, nor am I going to rant. I’m going to gloat.

        2. If anything the trade deals the supreme leader of the glorious seven thousand plus islands of the Philippines he got a trade deal. Did that trade deal not give China the ample room it needs to really dig in and give the Philippines the good butt fucking it needs?

          Japan was a begging trip. All he does is go places and beg for stuff.

          From what I’ve read so far it just seems like China gave the Philippines money, and lots of it to build things which I’m sure the Chinese government will build. China doesn’t help out for just interest on a loan. They do it to gain more than just money. Like minerals and oil. I mean they already got duterte to bend over and he let them have the “contested” shoal. China isn’t doing this to be nice and it isn’t doing it so that the Philippines will one day join them in the fight against North America. China does it so that it can slowly and silently take every thing the Philippines has. China doesn’t see Filipinos as their equal. They see Filipinos as beneath them, so what do you do to your enemy? Keep them closer. China is keeping the Philippines to get what they want.

          China has a reason for giving the Philippines money to work on development which I doubt any of the money will be spent on. Nothing will change. China now owns the Philippines.

          Is a communist country built on democracy? Nope. How about a guy that idolizes Marcos since he wants to be the new dictator and China won’t have any problem with that as long as they get whatever they want.

          He went on a begging trip. Bulato po. Coin po. Gib coin. Gib coin Joe.

        3. duterte kissing that Chinese ass and bowing down asking for permission when earlier he stated he was going to ride over on a jet ski and plant the Philippines flag. Now there’s no more fish near the Philippines because of so much human waste being tossed right into the nearby water surrounding the country.

          Are we talking about separation as in the one here in the Philippines because it sure seems like it. It’s us against the world. No it isn’t. duterte is just fucking senile and doesn’t know what he’s talking about all the time.

          “I will not go to America anymore. We will just be insulted there,” Duterte said. “So time to say goodbye my friend.”

          Another quote from the most retarded person on earth. Because he ordered mass killings and we don’t like him very much so I’ll just go to China who will use up your country and then take it over. Ok fine by me. When at any point did the US insult the Philippines or duterte? Again he’s just fucking senile.

          Because Trump will smash his foot so far up duterte’s ass he’ll be wearing duterte as a boot for a whole month it doesn’t make a difference if duterte goes to China to beg for assistance. More people in the Philippines know English and not Chinese. The ones who work at call centers will lose their jobs and what will China do? Nothing. Exactly. So the president sided with China to piss off the US because we want our jobs back. China will just not care because what will Filipinos do? Learn Chinese? Probably not.

          So tell me this if duterte isn’t going to China to beg to be saved from the big mean name calling Americans who commit heinous EJK then what did he do because it seems like he went there to make sure that the Philippines crumbled into smaller shittier pieces that can be much more easily swept away by China. Millions of people lose jobs and duterte has fun in China.

          In 6 years nothing will be better.

    1. I don’t really see a problem with Trump. I don’t vote and I didn’t follow any election. I just knew that he’d be the president.

  4. who won the vote of the American people. It was Clinton. Trump won the electoral college. This is the reason that there should be no post talking about how the election was won or lost. The people choose one person by popular vote and another person won by the electoral college vote. Also only 1/4 of registered voters voted in this election. The big question should by why 3/4 of Americans choose not to vote.

    1. I didn’t vote because all politicians are just huge pieces of shit. They lie, they’re corrupt, and they don’t do what’s in the best interest of the people. Overall it’s ran like a business with too much bureaucracy that I’d like to have no part in. Ever.

      One reason people don’t vote is because they don’t care or it doesn’t interest them. I care about politics and I love politics. I just don’t want to vote because I know that as soon as that person gets sworn in to office they become an entirely different person and I’m not for that. I voted twice, in two different presidential elections and I don’t think it did anything to change anything. The world is still a gigantic piece of shit and it’s just getting worse. What’s voting going to do? We need more action, real life action in the real world, not on paper to create change.

      That’s why I don’t vote. Because I’d rather be out there doing something.

        1. Well tofu… Just because I don’t vote I can’t comment on the happenings? Kind of odd.

          I think we’re going to vote forever because that’s what we’ve done since I’ve been alive. That’s kind of what you sound like to me.

          I don’t vote and I don’t really see any purpose in doing it. I ‘rant’ because I can. Why not.

        2. @independent foreign policy

          With reference to your post, you have already lost hope in the system. Commenting or ranting on something you don’t believe in anymore is kind of pointless. It’s like beating a dead horse.

          A person that doesn’t vote because he/she doesn’t like the choices is one thing, a person that doesn’t vote because he/she believes that it will amount to nothing is another.

          I vote for someone if I believe in them, even if they are in the losing end of the spectrum. Or I just leave it blank for other cases.

        3. Well from your reasoning then none of you should be able to think or write anything about Trump because you didn’t vote and you literally have zero say in the US voting system just as I have no say here. I still have my opinions and I’m going to voice them whether you like it or not.

        4. So again let me get this straight. You suggest voting for a douche or a turd sandwich because that’s your only option and if you do vote for either piece of shit because no one else has the balls to run then that sucks to be you and that’s the end of it? I don’t think so. I don’t like the options and we’ve been lied to and deceived and you’re complacent with that fact, as in it doesn’t seem to phase you that your only options for anything these days are people who just lie and are only in it for their self interest.

          The only reason I’m for Trump is because he’s going to lay waste to the Philippines in a way that will make millions lose their jobs and duterte will have to move a suck on the year of China so nothing can get done and in 6 years when his term is up, that is if he hasn’t been burned at the fucking stake, and everything will return to how it was before the time of the EJK just 6 years older and none the wiser.

          I may rant but I have a factual basis to do so. I don’t just grab opinions out of my ass.

          Next time you go and vote thinking you’re going to change the world and everyone will get free Doritos for life is just bullshit and a waste of everyone’s time and effort. You’re lying to yourself when you think that voting will do anything other than distract you from the real issues. That’s my fucking point.

        5. @independent foreign policy

          It looks like you didn’t get my point.

          What I said:

          “Commenting or ranting on something you don’t believe in anymore is kind of pointless.”

          Not what I said:

          “none of you should be able to think or write anything about Trump because you didn’t vote and you literally have zero say in the US voting system just as I have no say here.”

          What I said:

          “A person that doesn’t vote because he/she doesn’t like the choices is one thing, a person that doesn’t vote because he/she believes that it will amount to nothing is another.”

          You are the latter.

          If you don’t believe in the system, then why are you complaining about the system?

        6. I do still have to live here inside of the system. I do still need a passport so I can go and fly to somewhere else even though that seems kind of dumb. But I pay the 150 USD and it’s good for 10 years.

          The thing is we have to do things we don’t like. I don’t see why we still use money. I’m not writing about going back to bartering. I don’t get why most jobs aren’t automated by machines. I don’t get why we cling to these systems that we made so long ago. But I can’t buy beef or chicken or rice with good feelings and the right way to pronounce English words in the North American dialect. You can’t do that and it’d be stupid to presume that I could just go off and live in the woods.

          I like politics and I like money because of what it still buys. Such as refrigerators, laptops, and food.

          About your comment about what you said and what you didn’t. I think it’s about the way that you wrote it and by the things that you didn’t write. I think that what you’re getting at is if I don’t believe the system why am I complaining. I guess I know it can be better and I don’t see why people have to break things to fix it. It’s like smashing something that’s a bit fucked up and telling everyone that it’s fixed when they could just fix the small piece and it’d be much less work. But that’s the world I love to hate.

    2. But but but but but the presidency is not about popularity. Without EC the election will be heavily influenced mostly by NY and CA states. You sir are ignorant.

      Just enjoy the next 4 years and MAGA!

  5. +1 so yeah that’s cool that he’s hopefully going to repeal the NAFTA and that alone will be good. The article really lost me. Analogy and the Philippines?

    I think it has to do with Filipinos knowing not a god damn thing about what’s going on in other countries.

  6. It is like in the Philippines…the Feudal Oligarchs control the mainstream media…they feed lies, to the people, to further their interests.

    The Age of Information Technology came…tools of information are available. The “common tao”, like us have access to important information. The internet empowered people : to blog , to tweet, to communicate with their fellow “common tao”…

    For the Oligarchs who control the mainstream media…the “Pandora’s Box” was opened. The evils that the Oligarchs have hidden for many years; came out, crawling, in various forms…it was like opening a “can of worms”…where various nasty creatures came out, together with their stink !

    Trump is not a politician. He is a businessman. He was part of those, who manipulated politicians, by contributing to their election funds.

    So, he knows the tricks of the trade ! And, he is for change of this evil !

    1. Just write what you’re going to write. I don’t have time for Filipino word games when they think they’re trying to be cunning.

      1. Just write what you’re going to write. I don’t have time for word games when they think they’re trying to be clever.

  7. This election showed that not only are social media & blogs forces to be reckoned with, but mainstream media, even those international ones, cannot always deliberately dupe the public into favoring their preferred party or candidates & hating the ones the mainstream media demonize—-they failed in the Philippines, they also failed in the U.S. as well. Mainstream media’s credibility is losing its grip nowadays.

  8. Independent, you are one, clueless idiot for sure. I don’t know what planet you’re living on but here on earth, we give opinions on certain matters that why this is a blogger site where people exchange opinions. I think you’re a liberal hipster from California I presume.

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