To Trillanes: You did not complain when BS Aquino broke his promises


Convicted mutineer and now Senator Antonio Trillanes is appealing to the public not to turn a blind eye to current President Rodrigo Duterte’s habit of breaking his promises. According to Trillanes “there’s something wrong with the Filipino people when support for the President remains strong despite his frequent turnarounds from official pronouncements.” He cited Duterte’s recent failure to deliver his promise not to swear in public anymore.

I can’t help but be reminded of the times when I thought the same thing during the first few years of the previous President – how I found it baffling that despite strong evidence that BS Aquino was incompetent and lacking in empathy, his popularity remained strong. Maybe not as strong as Duterte’s, but strong enough for his allies in congress to turn a blind eye to his blunders. As a matter of fact, BS Aquino was also guilty of breaking his promises to the public. He fooled the public with his campaign slogan “Kung walang kurap, walang mahirap” (When there is no poverty, there is no corruption). It turned out he wasn’t planning on even reducing corruption.

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BS Aquino actually perpetuated corruption when he increased the budget for pork barrel funds and when he allegedly bribed the senators into convicting the late former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona using public funds via a mechanism they dubbed the “Disbursement Acceleration Program” or DAP, which the Supreme Court eventually found illegal. BS Aquino’s habit of letting his allies “off the hook” also promoted impunity, which helped corrupt activities become acceptable in Philippine society.

BS Aquino also promised to prioritise the passing of the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill to promote transparency in government once politicians are elected to office, but alas, it languished at the bottom of his list of priorities until he conveniently forgot about it.

BS Aquino even became the butt of jokes after he failed to keep his promise that he and his Department of Transport and Communications Secretary Jun Abaya would be willing to get run over by a train if the Light Rail Transit Line 1 (LRT-1) Cavite Extension is not completed by the end of 2015. His communications Secretary’s only excuse then was that the public should not have taken BS Aquino’s statements literally. Why the heck would a President make official pronouncement like that during a speech anyway?

We can also say that there is something wrong with Trillanes and the people who turned a blind eye to BS Aquino’s broken promises back then. We did not hear Trillanes complain about BS Aquino’s inconsistencies during his term. Trillanes is being inconsistent himself specially when he favours one liar to another; that is, if you consider what Duterte is doing as lying. Duterte can easily say that Trillanes should not take him too literally as well. Two or more public officials can play the game thanks to BS Aquino setting the precedent for simply shrugging off broken promises.

Besides, only a gullible person would believe that a septuagenarian like Duterte, who is so used to swearing could stop swearing just like that. Most of his supporters have learned to take him with a grain of salt when trivial matters are concerned. They did not mind him swearing to begin with so it makes sense that they don’t care if he breaks his promise not to swear again. Some even laud him for trying to be good.

On Trillanes’s claim that Duterte promised not to run for the Presidency, Duterte’s supporters would admit that they forced him to run so that’s not an issue to them either. It’s funny how Trillanes is pointing out what he thinks was Duterte’s flip-flopping now considering he even wanted to be Duterte’s vice president at some point until Duterte chose Senator Alan Peter Cayetano. Trillanes is proving to be a sore loser, indeed. He would be singing a different tune had Duterte chosen him as his running mate.

Trillanes won’t succeed in convincing Duterte’s supporters that he is bad for the country since they can see that he is serious and works hard in tackling important issues. His critics may not like his policies but they cannot deny that he is addressing the problems unlike his predecessor who neglected a lot of the problems plaguing the country. Some of Duterte’s cabinet secretaries are delivering results especially the Department of Social Welfare and Development and Agriculture. Duterte also impressed the public when he passed the executive version of the Freedom of Information law in less than 100 days in office. It’s too bad mainstream media doesn’t highlight them. They only highlight his “war on drugs” and his swearing.

Trillanes said he firmly believes “that President Duterte was behind the DDS (Davao Death Squad) in Davao City and the extrajudicial killings now happening in our country.” For a lawmaker, it’s disturbing that Trillanes wants the public to throw away due process and blame all the murders to Duterte even when investigation hasn’t been concluded and in the absence of court ruling, say that he is accountable for the deaths. That’s the problem when a person like Trillanes gets voted into a powerful position just because he was backed by the Liberal Party – back when they were popular with the public. Nowadays, a lot of voters are regretting putting him in a position that has access to the media. His irrational statements showing his bias against people he considers his political enemies has certainly revealed his true character.

It’s a shame the media keeps giving Trillanes air time. He just sows discord in Philippine society. He also insulted his colleagues in the Senate when he insinuated that some senators are behaving like Duterte’s apologists. As if Trillanes did not behave like BS Aquino’s apologist himself in the last six years. We all know that he owes his freedom from incarceration to the former President. Trillanes and BS Aquino both hated former President Gloria Arroyo so it was not surprising BS Aquino set Trillanes free. Now Trillanes is free to wreak havoc with his mouth. We can only hope that the voters will not elect him again in the next election. Otherwise, Trillanes could be right in saying there is something wrong with the Filipino people especially if he gets voted in again.

34 Replies to “To Trillanes: You did not complain when BS Aquino broke his promises”

  1. I thought grp “begs to differ”? why do you want trillanes to just agree with duterte every time ? I think ilda needs to move on from bs aquino.

    1. cite any paragraph that even remotely suggests that Ilda wants Trillanes to “just agree with duterte every time.”

    2. I thought grp “begs to differ”? why do you want trillanes to just agree with duterte every time ?

      GRP is just being consistent with calling out the many moronisms of the yellow camp since 2010. To expect them to “differ” for the sake of simply “differing” from the more popular sentiment (ie. Duterte support) of the time is nothing short of idiotic.

      I think ilda needs to move on from bs aquino.

      Believe it’s safe to say that the majority sentiment—at least when it comes to BS Aquino—is that there’s no “moving on” until that guy is locked safely away in prison.

    3. I don’t think Ilda’s purpose with this article is to tell Trillanes to “just agree with duterte every tine.”

      Her purpose, the way I see it, is to point out Trillanes’ hypocrisy. To highlight the idea that Trillanes may not be saying these things because he has the welfare of the people at heart. But rather, he’s saying these things to serve his master.

    4. @popoyb

      Excuse me, but I did beg to differ from Trillanes’s opinion.

      It seems you are one of those who turned a blind eye to Noynoy’s shenanigans. You’re even too arrogant to admit you made a mistake in trusting him. Don’t be a loser.

      1. Excuse me, but I went with gordon in 2010. We have to work to improve our life not trust everything to the president. I’ve not heard of a successful person who credited the sitting president for it.

        It is you who cant let go of bs aquino all your writings are about him, maybe youre a closet yellow its okay to admit you miss him. it will be cathartic.

        1. Now you’re grasping on straws, son. You keep on saying that Trillanes is jist doing his job as a senator yet you can’t even see his own hypocrisy, especially his last black propaganda scheme.

          If I were you, son, just set your priorities for once if you have nothing to offer in this discussion.

  2. I wonder how trilliling manages to sleep at night knowing that most pinoys see through his BS. And still face the public the way he does. Sobra ng kupal. It’s a shame that he is a product of the academy, such a waste. Misplaced courage and loyalty, and absolutely zero integrity.

    1. It’s a shame that he is a product of the academy, such a waste. Misplaced courage and loyalty, and absolutely zero integrity.

      There’s always that pesky defective product that slips through quality control.

  3. who voted for this idiot anyway? this is the problem of democracy. give freedom to vote to stupid ignorant people this is what we get. we get what we deserve.

  4. The HOCUS PCOS machine of Aquino, Mar Roxas, Leni Robredo and their cahoots; can elect what the Machine wants. We have to fire the COMELEC Commissioner, who made these cheatings in the 2016 election…

    Trillanes is an example of a consummate Political Opportunist.

    Trillanes owes his freedom from Aquino. So, in return, he is paying the favor, Aquino had done to him.

    The idiot Dude is just raising some noises, to make himself known to the public. He has no political agenda, but himself. “Gustong magpasikat ang tarantado”…he has no laws beneficial for the country to enact…because, he does not know anything about laws !

    Just ignore this stupid politician, who have a high regard of himself…he cannot even do a successful coup d’ etat !

    We have to watch this idiot, if he sells us to the U.S./C.I.A. !

  5. Trillanes can see the “dirt” on Duterte’s face; but he cannot see the “mud” on Aquino’s face.

    Hacienda Luisita massacre; Mamapasano massacre; Maguindanao massacre; etc…on corruption: PDAF, DAP, Typhoon Yolanda Relief Fund disappearance, Pork Barrel Bribery; etc…

    Anyway, Trillanes profited and received also from the Aquino’s Pork Barrel Bribery. He is as corrupt; and stinks like Aquino , Mar Roxas, De Lima, Porky Drilon, etc…regarding corruption…

  6. Dear Manoy Sonny Trillanes,
    Shut the F@$&K up already. You act as if you’re superior and best among the lot…a holier than thou. When was the last you look yourself in the mirror and examine who your really are! You are nothing but a scumbag who broke not a promise but an oath to protect and defend the constitution and the Republic as a member of AFP. How soon do you forget that you were a mutineer which resulted in millions of monetary damages to private properties. Does Oakwood and Peninsula Hotel ring a bell anyone?! You Manoy Sonny committed TREASON. You should have been kept locked up with keys thrown away for good. Oh, I almost forgot…your cohort was also a treasonous President. ???? Oragon ka talaga Manoy!!!!

  7. There are two kinds of people. One kind, you can just tell by looking at them at what point they congealed into their final selves. It might be a very nice self, but you know you can expect no more surprises from it. Whereas, the other kind keep moving, changing…They are fluid. They keep moving forward and making new trysts with life, and the motion of it keeps them young. In my opinion, they are the only people who are still alive. You must be constantly on your guard against congealing.

  8. Really disgusted with people like 3llanes, D5 and the like for being elected as senators. Hearing them will make you dull or worst dumb.
    It is imperative that we advance federalism. Probably, this will partly solve the problem of electing somebody we do not know because we are from a far or other regions and not privy to the lifestyle/character of a candidate. Also, other regions will not be made to suffer the consequences of electing a dumb ass.

  9. Adolf Hitler politicized the German Army, by forming the German SS Army. The NAZI SS Army is Hitler’s own army, within the German Army. These SS men were fanatic NAZIs, and only loyal to Adolf Hitler and the NAZI party. Not to the German people.

    Trillanes formed the MAGDALO unit in the Armed Forces of the Philippines, to politicize the AFP.

    The men of the AFP are paid by the Filipino taxpayers’ money. Money that came from you and me. So, these AFP men should be loyal to the people of the Philippines. Not to any politician; or any political opportunist, like Trillanes.

    “Those who forgot the past, are condemned to repeat it”, stated the Historian Philosopher Santayana !

    1. He wanted to be Duterte’s Vice President thinking he can control him with his connections to the political and military underworld for his own gain. NOT!

  10. Trillanes is doing his job as senator his way. Challenge his arguments if youre inclined to do so. But to attack personal motives and insert a little bs aquino conspiracy theory without any evidence is stupid. You actually want to deplatform him because he “sows discord”? what do you want, a line of harmonious rubberstamps? hehe
    Next time tell us the latest on the loch ness monster and connect it with aquino lets see if benigno will publish it.

    1. You have really no idea why people here does not give credit to trillanes’ opinion about the president? What will the filipino achieve in him saying the president lied on petty things? When he did not even speak a word on noynoy’s legendary lie that he was willing to be run over by a train if lrt project misses… in tagalog.. in tagalog may mawawala ba sa mamamayang pilipino kung hindi pala totoo na nakausap nya ang diyos? Anu ba nawala na hindi pala totoo na matatapos ang tren?

    2. Blah blah apologist for shills and morons. You keep missing Ilda’s point on the subject. You are really ill perceptive in that respect.

      How is it that this Shillanes ignored through ALL the more damning actions committed under Aquino’s administration and yet suddenly more attentive towards Duterte’s every move? This is the thing that you choose to willfully ignore because you have your own confirmation biases.

    3. Trillanes is doing his job as senator his way.

      And people (taxpayers I might add) are just expressing their dismay on how he goes about his “job”. You may want to write your own essay about it in instead of whining about what people write in this site.

  11. Noynoy’s minions are still busy trying to keep abNoynoy from being punished for his misdeeds.

    Media manipulation & diversion of public attention to Duterte & other distractions are key to their grand cover-up.

  12. If there is a gun-for-hire, Trillanes is a senator version of that. He sells his service that comes with the power of his office to the highest bidder. He is the poster boy of the SELF SERVING politicians.

  13. What do you call a person who tried and failed, to be a diplomat negotiator in the Chinese Philippine conflict ? “Akala niya, magaling siya” !

    This Trillanes idiot has no knowledge , education and experience in international diplomacy…Yet, he thought, he can tackle the job and outsmart the Chinese. His Patron, Aquino, who is also an idiot, put his confidence on this bumbling idiot, Trillanes. The result was: the Chinese grabbed the Scarborough Shoals; landfilled them with Philippines soil. And , built a military base on the shoal.

    I have never seen such stupidity in my life…

  14. Trillanes is full of shit, Aquino is full of shit, Duterte is full of shit, Enrile is full of shit, Estrada is full of shit…..THEY ARE ALL FULL OF SHIT.


    1. Duterte full of shit because he’s actually following through the law unlike others before him? Talking like an anarchist now lol.


        GET A CLUE, THEY ARE FREE ! ,! ,!!

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