Ronnie Dayan’s comedic presentation to the media a prelude to a farcical Congressional hearing

After a massive manhunt, Ronnie Dayan, the elusive former driver-cum-lover (pardon the pun) of Senator Leila de Lima, finally falls. Seeing him live on TV for the first time gives us a better sense of who Dayan is. Suffice to say, he does not come across as one of the brighter bulbs in the room.

For some reason, Dayan sported that trademark ngiting aso (canine smile) as he faced the cameras and spoke whenever prompted by police chief Ronald ‘Bato’ dela Rosa. This brings us to the bizarreness of the televised press briefing itself. It came across like an episode of Eat Bulaga complete with canned laughter. Bato dela Rosa is quite the talker — responding to reporters’ questions and prompting Dayan to comment much the same way that EB hosts Tito, Vic, and Joey would a hapless contestant of one of their exploitative games in their programme.

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Considering that the questions being thrown at them by the reporters in the briefing were moronic and infantile to begin with (e.g. “Will there be an attempt to link the Vice President to drugs?”, etc.), that Bato would not only respond but respond in a long-winded chattery showbiz-like matter is rather unbecoming of a police officer of his rank.

More importantly, what was Dayan doing talking to the media without legal representation? And what was Bato thinking actually encouraging him to do just that? As a police officer, he should actually be ensuring that Dayan is kept well informed of his options as a suspected offender — including his right to remain silent.

Even more shocking, Dayan’s first port of call following his arrest will be, guess what, a Congressional inquiry. What the hey?! Why does Congress get first dibs at cross-examining a suspected crook? Is it because this suspect happens to be a celebrity?

Well, the answers to those questions are quite obvious. We are, after all, talking about media mileage-hungry politicians under the pretense of spending taxpayers’ funds on initiatives mounted “in the aid of legislation”. But the real bottom line here is the question of what crime Dayan is actually accused of. According to an Inquirer report, Dayan was “ordered arrested for snubbing a congressional inquiry into the proliferation of illegal drugs at the New Bilibid Prison, where he was accused of collecting drug money from drug lords to fund De Lima’s campaign.”

The charges warranting this so-called “arrest”, it seems, were twice removed from the actual presumptive fact of a crime.

It is in instances like these that we are reminded just how much of a backward country the Philippines is. Showbiz cops, a suspect that is all smiles even after being on the run for days, and reporters greedily looking for an entertainment angle to an otherwise serious story to tell: It is, indeed, more fun in the Philippines. And everybody is laughing.

24 Replies to “Ronnie Dayan’s comedic presentation to the media a prelude to a farcical Congressional hearing”

  1. FYI: Dayan is served his arrest warrant for contempt House of Representatives inquiry in aid of legislation. The Congressional power of inquiry is expressly recognized in Section 21 of Article VI of the Constitution. In effect you have broken the law if you don’t respond to an inquiry.

  2. The crime of Dayan ? He fucked Leila de Lima, the former Secretary of Justice under the Aquino administration.

    There will be questions and answers again in the Senate. Some people will fight for the limelight…some will become , protagonists. Some will be antagonists.

    Dayan is really an enigma, in our political system. Imagine, a lowly driver, can have a sexual relation with the Secretary of Justice; and can become a millionaire as a “tong collector” of Leila de Lima’s Shabu business profits. The Drug Lords were criminal inmates inside the National Bilibid Prison.

    Aquino and Mar Roxas were the silent partners of Leila de Lima, in the illegal Shabu Trade. The Chinese Triad Mafia was in control , of Aquino and Roxas…

    We can put this story in the : Ripley’s Believe it or Not ! Only in the Philippines !

      1. @Pallacertus:

        The horny, Leila de Lima is a lawyer, and the Secretary of Justice, during the Aquino administration. Her driver is fucking her, during her term, as Secretary of Justice.

        Have you and she heard about immorality in public office ?

        1. In addition, Ronnie Dayan is married, is committing , Adultery.

          As a lawyer, Leila de Lima, did not know this, as she is being fucked by a married man ?

        1. Well, I do consider myself a moral person, and I am Pinoy, so let’s see… well, censorious it is, grounds for disbarment a given — but grounds for resignation as senator?


          I don’t hold politicians to so high a pedestal — for me, it’s sufficient that they do their duty with dignity and integrity. If de Lima having hot raunchy sex with Dayan didn’t affect the performance of her duties, then all I can say is have fun, yo.

          But then again, I’m a liberal — I’m not as inclined to hound people to sterility just because I don’t like them, among other things.

      2. It’s only a crime to the eyes of Dayan’s wife during their relationship. The wife can charge De Lima for adultery, which could potentially disbar De Lima due to its scandalous nature that tarnishes the image of the institution.

        Or so I’ve read. If De Lima is having a relationship with a bachelor then there would be no problem.

        1. Then it’s a private affair with a limited public dimension, were it not for de Lima being a senator and Duterte & Co. accusing her of using drug money to run for the Senate — and even then, the sex angle’s not only irrelevant to the congressional investigation, it compromises her ability to have a private life, let alone one where she can enjoy having sex with whoever she likes, whether or not she’s proven to be innocent of the charges levied against her.

        1. Would that “sex crime” and/or “immorality in public office” include President Duterte who is also a married man, a lawyer and a public servant himself?!

        2. @Hipp and @Pallacertus. Adultery is a crime in this country, but the law only allows the “offended party” (the offended spouse) to file a complaint in court. If they don’t complain, well, you got nothing, only words. We can call them both immoral and criminals all we like, but we can’t do anything. Its these little quirks that you should be aware of.

  3. Thank you for this article.. I agree…. the conduct of behavior of Bato de la rosa is unbecoming of a police chief…. i think stardom kuno has gone to his head. As for Dayan and D5…good for them… they should be executed. Let’s get real and serious. Your articles are always with depth and truth. I love it.

    1. I’d say that the behavior of Bato was brought on and in correspondence to the idiotic and retarded questions of the media.

      As Miriam asked the media in the past, “What kind of questions are you asking, are you all a bunch of mongoloids?”

      1. Well, I kinda expected Bato to keep the level head, given that he’s from law enforcement. I know it’s easier said than done, but the ideal is to avoid getting carried away by the…lack of seriousness which the media regard the situation with.

    2. Bato’s current behavior *might* stem from the fact that, with all the reported ejks occurring, the police force needs a more humanized face to show the media. You know, to increase public trust in them (at least in MM, that is). Or he’s letting this all get into his head, which would be sad. He is, after all, pinoy.

    3. @Pallacertus:

      Leila de Lima is a Senator, a government official.
      We know other politicians/government officials have extra marital affairs.

      However, Leila de Lima, was caught having sexual relations with her married driver lover; and was caught, with her PANTY DOWN !

      Immorality in public/government office, can be a cause of dismissal in public/govewrnment office !

      1. “However, Leila de Lima, was caught having sexual relations with her married driver lover; and was caught, with her PANTY DOWN !”

        Except not. Or should I take this as a statement of literal truth?

        “Immorality in public/government office, can be a cause of dismissal in public/govewrnment office !”

        As long as one thinks one instance of immorality in public office is the same as every other, yes.

        As someone who had to witness one American president nearly impeached by two houses of Congress not for actual malfeasance but for his private sexual indiscretions, though? I’d say there are lines to draw, and I’m drawing them right now.

        That de Lima still comes up short (after Dayan’s revelations, that is) isn’t ultimately due to such irrevelant details as de Lima’s sex life, which only serve to put to excite the representatives’ capacity for absorbing prurient detail, as well as prejudge her before public opinion; it’s due to her efforts to block and stymie a legitimate congressional investigation on drug dealing at the Bilibid.

        1. The sex videos are evidences of their sexual relations. The Pixels of the videos are intact , not disturbed…

          it means the recorder, recorded the sexual intercourse of Dayan and Leila de Lima. There is no tampering of the sex video.

          It is not literal, it is a glaring evidence. Any technical man with knowledge of recording technology, will confirm that this is valid and true sex video of Dayan and Leila de Lima, in action !

        2. Hyden, I distinctly remember the sex video(s?) not having been released yet despite Duterte alluding to it in previous months. And as I’ve said before, even if de Lima and Dayan were caught in flagrante delicto, it wouldn’t build up the case against her with regard to her possible involvement in the Bilibid drug trade one bit.

          De Lima’s sex life is a private matter blown up and out of all proportion. It’s irrelevant — if Dayan was indeed a bagman, would he have acted as one while (for instance) being repulsed by de Lima’s fleshly form? Of course. At this juncture, all these questions about de Lima’s sex life can only serve to shut her up sexually as well as politically.

          You may not be troubled by that, but I do. And do not assume for a second that I speaking like this because I’m this so-called Yellow whatever — I’m saying this because I don’t believe in making immobile pariahs of people.

  4. The more they learn, the less they know: the less they know, the less they understand: the less they understand, the less they can relate; We all know they’re all crazy.

  5. the senate should issue a letter of prosecution to the DOJ. DOJ cannot file a case without concrete evidence or else the court will just dump it re: without sufficient evidence. the yellows are trying to get a case file as soon ‘cuz they know it will be garbage.

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