Resorting to mere Reductio ad Hitlerum shows intellectual weakness of anti-Marcos partisans

In a Facebook meme I saw today posted by a yellow partisan, Marcos was equated to Adolf Hitler to convey the message that Marcos (just like Hitler) should be made to be responsible for his crimes despite the fact that he was never convicted because he died, just like Hitler. The problem with this logic is that not only does it smack of several logical fallacies like false analogies and guilt by association, it also tells quite a bit about the intellectual weakness and dishonesty of the folks who subscribe to the thought. It is tantamount to saying that since a dog has four legs and a cat has four legs that fact makes dogs as cats! As funny (and ridiculous) as this may sound, the logic of the jaundiced partisans protesting the burial of the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) seems to embrace these kinds of logical fallacies quite well. While I do not fault the spinsters of the yellows who made the meme (I believe they are merely doing their job in spreading their propaganda), what I find unfortunate is how gullible their followers are.

Meme being spread on Facebook by yellow partisans.

Meme being spread on Facebook by yellow partisans.

To begin with, equating Marcos with Hitler to advance their point not only reveals their logical ineptitude it also reveals their ignorance of historical facts. Hitler’s “Final Solution” was borne out of his 25-point Program he presented in February 24, 1920 (more than a couple of decades before the execution of his “Final Solution”). A couple of the points in his program stated:

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So not only were Hitler’s sentiments against the Jews already known many years before he became the Chancellor of Germany, the atrocities committed against the Jews under his leadership from 1941 to 1945 was also borne out of his policy. There is no evidence that Marcos has expressed his desire to commit the alleged murders and tortures being attributed to him before he became president and there also appears to be no factual basis that tortures and murders were public policy under his Martial rule.

Next, Hitler wrote in his (in)famous book, Mein Kampf, his political ideology and future plans for Germany. In that book not only did Hitler outline his plan to remove the Jewish people out of Germany, there was also evidence that his plan welcomed genocide.


Again, Marcos never had any published work that involved or promoted murders and tortures of political activists, opponents and innocent civilians as part of his plan for his New Society that will result from his proclamation of Martial law.

Thirdly, Hitler was charged, arrested and found guilty of treason for his leadership role in the Beer Hall Putsch, a failed coup attempt in November 1923 to overthrow the German Weimar Republic government. (Although he was later able to gain power when he was appointed Chancellor by president Paul von Hindenburg in 1932.) As far as Philippine history is concerned, Marcos never attempted to seize power through a coup. He was elected as president of the Philippines in 1965, 1969, 1981 and 1986. Although people may question the credibility of the results of the 1981 and 1986 elections, Marcos became president in all those elections through the ballot.

So it seems that historical facts do not support the jaundiced partisans’ attempt to equate Marcos to Hitler. But it really won’t amount to anything as it probably wouldn’t even matter to these people. These self-proclaimed social justice warriors are just probably so intent on demonizing Marcos that they would shun logic, facts and sound arguments just to perpetuate the simplistic glib of the discredited yellow narrative. There may be a lot of things people can criticize Marcos for especially on policy and even the practice of crony capitalism. However, when anti-Marcos people start resorting to logical fallacies such as false analogy and forms of guilt by association like what has been dubbed as Reductio ad Hitlerum (attempt to invalidate someone else’s position on the mere basis that the subject has a similar view, action or circumstance as Adolf Hitler) then discussions would be reduced to a mere meaningless banter. In the end, equating Marcos to Hitler says more about the accuser than the accused.

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13 Replies to “Resorting to mere Reductio ad Hitlerum shows intellectual weakness of anti-Marcos partisans”

  1. It’s been a while since I post a comment here. But now that I am back in the Philippines, I am still amazed on how the population still sway at the commands of the elites. While I do not take a side on this matter, because I see this as feud between Oligarchies I will just simply state my opinion.

    People commonly see things as black and white, good vs evil that we forget that there is gray scale that comprises of all the things that had happened and the causes, of why it happened. You see, I was not even born when it all happened. So I relied on what other or older people tell me. And to tell you the truth it was totally confusing listening to the various versions of it.

    So we, the youth today will never know the truth even in the span of our lifetime. What I really want is for the youth to at least try to discerned all those told accounts which at least makes sense but also question each and everyone of it.

    But I will have to agree that the people needs to Move on. But please don’t get me wrong, I only said “Move On” but not to forget. Because that is already part of our history but to better ourselves as a people, we need to accept things and make sure we “remember well enough” that we do not make any more mistakes this time.

  2. “A small knowledge is a dangerous thing”…stated a saying. Adolph Hitler, grabbed power in Germany. He lost in the election for President… He burned the German Parliament(Reichstag), to assure his power. His genocide of the Jews, was his Final Solution to all the problems of Germany.
    There were Death Camps, all over Germany and other occupied countries.

    Hitler committed suicide in his bunker, during the invasion of Berlin by the Russian troops. Marcos Sr. died a natural death…

    If you equate Marcos to Hitler. Then, Fidel Ramos, would be Himler. Fidel Ramos is the Philippine Constabulary Chief, and the Chief Jailer of the subversives, during Martial Law. Himler was the Manager and mass murderer of the Death Camps. He was the implementor of the Final solution of the Jews.

    Juan Ponce Enrile would be like Herman Goering, the person who handled the defence of NAZI Germany. He was involved also in the Final Solution of the Jews, and some of the Death Camps, especially Auswitch, in Poland…

    Almost seven million Jews were murdered in those Death Camps. Not counting, other minorities and war prisoners . Germany’s retarded and mentally ill people were murdered also.

    I wonder why , YellowTards survived, during Marcos Sr. Martial Law, if we had a genocide !

    Demonizing Marcos Sr. is like Hitler demonizing the Jews. The Aquino Cojuangco political axis, employs social media people, who have no accurate knowledge in history. They are true YellowTards !

  3. In addition to these: Heinrich Himmler, committed suicide while he was being interrogated by British troops.

    Herman Goering, went into the Nuremberg Trial. He was convicted in the Nuremberg Trial; and was sentenced to death by hanging. Before he was hanged; Goering committed suicide in his jail cell.

    Both of these loyal Nazis took Cyanide Pills, as a means to commit suicide.

    Fidel Ramos and Juan Ponce Enrile, are still alive. Why not have a “Nuremberg Trial” in the Philippines.

    Get hold, and arrest Fidel Ramos and Juan Ponce Enrile, for their crimes with Marcos, Sr., during Martial Law years !

    Let us convict them, and hang them ,or execute them by firing squad !

    1. Hitler committed suicide in his bunker, during the invasion of Berlin by the Russian troops. Marcos Sr. died a natural death…

      He was killed by Karl Langer, Panzer soldier, formerly a Roman legionnaire. 😉

      1. His Secretary stated :”Hitler killed himself with his own pistol in his bunker…he married his wife , Eva Braun, who committed suicide by cyanide pills, inside their bunker “…

        The body of Hitler was taken out from the bunker and burned by German soldiers, at his request. The Russians took his skull to Moscow, Russia, for safekeeping.

        Whatever version, we were not there…at least , he killed himself !

  4. during martial law ramos and enrile didn’t commit crimes on Pilipino citizens. their crimes is against communism who wants to take over the Republic of the Philippines. now, is it a crime?

    1. @Julius Goldman:

      I am just one of the ordinary Filipino GRP blogger. However, I want to be accurate, as I can in giving information to my Filipino readers. I owe them their trust, that what I am blogging here is the Truth….so I research before I write informations…

    2. This line of reason is quite interesting. So then, is the entire Martial Law an Atrocity, if it were only used as a means to suppress communism during its time? Were the tortures of the activists and journalists at the time justified as they were communist supporters? After all, all of them were destabilizers who want to ultimately seize power from the government and turn us into Communism, so naturally the government would retaliate.

  5. i am more inclined to compare this yellow cult to the nazi as in how are they so scary united in pushing their agenda? i mean de lima with her SabaGate and nobody in their camp has a bit of dissenting opinion?! Really? noynoy, drilon, pangilinan, bam, hontiveros, trillanes, robredo, morales, paredes, patag.. payroll is real deep, hail hydra levels

  6. This makes sense. Only EMO-tards would try to compare Marcos to Hitler. Appeal to the emotions is all they got; all crap and no substance.

  7. Failipinos in the Failippines had so many of those meaningless banter phrases, they were meaningless, and they helped awkward people get over their embarrassment at being alive.

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