Does the Anti-Marcos Movement have an end game?


Following the spectacular flop of last Friday’s anti-Marcos-burial rally at the Luneta, the leaders of a community of Filipino “activists” calling for the Marcos family to be taken to account for the alleged atrocities that happened during “the Martial Law years” continue to soldier on. There is another set of rallies planned over the coming several days — including rallies in the United States as part of a so-called “global protest against the Marcos burial” at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB).

What exactly is the ultimate aim of the anti-Marcos mob? Is it just to exhume Marcos’s remains from the LNMB and ship them back to Ilocos Norte? Is it to put the rest of Marcos’s immediate family in prison for their alleged Martial Law “crimes”? And if there is a specific aim, is there a roadmap to get there beyond conscripting university students and grade school kids into attending these street protests?

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To give the anti-Marcos mob some credit, some of its members have specific objectives in mind. A certain JR Castillo issued his vision for his part in the anti-Marcos protest effort in this tweet.

One day I will visit Marcos’ grave and…

urinate on it and smear it with faeces.

I swear. That will happen. TANGINA NILA.

Indeed, that is something worth waiting to see actually happen (though I wouldn’t hold my breath). Hopefully, if it does happen, it will be captured on video so that the rest of the world may behold this triumph of anti-Marcos activism for generations to come. It’s got all the right ingredients to count as a seminal milestone — dramatic newsworthiness and high-voltage emotionalism.

The more important question to ask following an anti-Marcos henchman marking Marcos’s tomb with his personal brown and yellow stuff is this:

How exactly is whatever the anti-Marcos mob trying to achieve relevant to the ordinary Filipino of today?

If Marcos’s remains are sent back to Ilocos, if his tomb is smeared in JR Castillo’s excrement, if the Marcos family is throne in prison, and, get this, even if the “billions” he allegedly stole are recovered; will the Philippines magically transform into a different society? As in, a society fundamentally different enough to provide an environment where true inclusive prosperity could take root?

In short, is there some sort of synergy between what the anti-Marcos mob is apiring to and the broader interests of the Philippine nation as a whole? Are the anti-Marcos activists’ goals consistent with the national interests?

After 30 years of whining about nebulous notions of “justice”, perhaps it is time the Martial Law Crybabies start spelling out specifics. In the vernacular:

Ano ba talaga gusto niyong mangyare?

For now, while the above question remains unanswered, I am hanging on to the prospect of seeing Mr JR Castillo make good on his solemn promise to crap and piss all over Marcos’s tomb at the LNMB. At least he’s got things down to specifics. I can’t really say the same for the overall anti-Marcos “movement”.

[Photo courtesy Davao Today.]

78 Replies to “Does the Anti-Marcos Movement have an end game?”

  1. Thrown not throne.

    I just want to get ahead with the correction, baka maunahan pa ako ng isa sa mga anti-marcos henchmen..

  2. What do they want to gain from all of this? It is becoming irrelevant and obviously just to shift attention from the main issues and events. The previous administrations has all the time to prosecute the Marcos’s to their alleged crimes but they just sitted it out, which do not make any sense at all. It’s like they wanted the issue to be unsolved forever.

    And if I remember correctly Marcos wanted to come back to the Philippines to prove or at least attend the court hearing but they didn’t allow him, instead they waited for him to die and then prosecute him along with his Family.

    1. Tell JoeAm to keep his prophecies to himself. He along with the likes of Conrad “Noynoy Is Aragorn” De Quiros have such spectacularly moronic forecast of things. They’re the modern day village idiots.

        1. Amen Ad Infinitum.

          With George Soros obsessed with his Open Society Foundation, a foundation meant to fight any authoritarian leadership in the world and with his ownership of Smartmatic, an Ukranian like scenario is coming.

          Only a independent Truth Commission and a national referendum to settle the burial of FEM as proposed by the late MSD is the only way to prevent the Ukranian scenario.

          Putin is too far away to help Us and China has too may American businesses in its territory to displease American big business. The issue of the Marcos burial is the ace of the local oligarchs to bring down DU30.

    2. That’s some high level of autism right there. That’s what a troll would do.

      You will never succeed because TROLLS like you and Joe Murrica never had any side of history. They’re just delusional cucks. 🙂

      1. Generalizing and insulting people who disagree – without justification or respect- is the cause of contention. You’re better than this.

    3. I’m pretty sure that everybody with half a brain knows that Joeam is a paid writer for the Yellow side. I even believe that he writes on his own comment section under different accounts to make it appear that a lot of people are interacting with him. Why do I say that? I see a lot of his own writing patterns in the comments made by his “readers.” A typical internet marketing PR trick. He has absolutely no credibility in my book.

  3. Those Anti Marcos YellowTards are tools of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. They want disunity of Filipinos; so that they can gain power again ! They know how to tear down; but they don’t know how to build up.

    Just look at their performance when they were in power.

    Marcos Sr. is their bogeyman. The Marcos Sr. issue is their Tool of Diversion; to cover their corruption, incompetence, murders, thievery, election cheating, and all the evils they have done, in their time of power.

    After 30 years, the Marcos Sr. issue is no longer relevant. What are relevant are the : Shabu proliferation issue; the Mamapasano massacre and other massacres; the DAP; the PDAF; the Pork Barrel Bribery; the missing Typhoon Yolanda Funds; the Hacienda Luisita massacre; etc…

    They are noisy to cover all these evils, they have done to this country, and to the Filipino people !

    1. Don’t group people who disagree with you as “YellowTards”.
      Mocking people doesn’t change things and it certainly won’t change the country.
      There are people who hate the Aquinos and Marcoses with equal fervor. The movement is diverse and any unifying ulterior motive is conspiracy theory territory
      I like how you care about current malaises scourging the country. But I have to disagree with your claim that Marcos is no longer relevant. History is always relevant because it’s what had lead us to the present and reminds us of lessons about ourselves and our country that we can apply in the present.

      1. @Tocino:

        You have the right to disagree. If you spend your whole life whining and shouting, because Marcos was considered a hero, and deserve to be buried with military honor, in the Libingan ng mga Bayani…so be it !

        A history written by YellowTards, like the Aquino Cojuangco political axis is a false/self serving history. They made themselves, heroes and saints. Omitted a lot of truths…and is being used as textbooks in our schools. It is like the Kim Jung Un’s, propaganda textbook in North Korea…making Kim Jung Un, “the great leader”…

        We have many problems, at present; political, social, economic, and governance problems.

        Leila de Lima , the formers DOJ Secretary under Aquino is deeply involved in the NARCO Trade. People need housings. People need jobs. People need health care…

        Marcos Sr. is no longer relevant in our present political landscape. He is dead 30 Years ago. However, YellowTareds like you want to resurrect his ghost to demonize him. Why not demonize Aquino , De Lima and Mar Roxas, who made this country a NARCO Republic ?

        1. If you glorify the Yellows like you always do, it’s much worse. Of course, you can’t admit since you’re being one.

        2. You are funny. We can’t glorify the Aquinos or Yellows. Too much trolls or aliens glorify OR demonize the both sides (Marcos and Aquino).

          Are we saying about Marcos-style New Society? No, we can’t take too much discussion about Marcoses or Aquinos or whatever we say.

          My argument is invalid lol.

        3. Of course, you do. You even insisted that Leloy Claudio is more legit than GRP w/o ever realizing that he’s a member of Akbayan and a leftist schmuck. So what do we expect from a troll a.k.a. keyboard psychopath like yourself?

  4. Their endgame? NONE. And yes i too would like to see mr. Castillo make good on his promise. That is if i live long enough to see it. Because this anti marcos issue will end, it might even outlive me. Or maybe if these seniors who cry their hearts out for justice go first. In which case they’d expect the millenials of today to carry on ‘their cause’. it’ll be a never ending cycle time. In time this will just die a natural death. We filipinos have this tendency to just ‘follow the leader’ without really comprehending the reason behind whatever it is we are doing. People will just get
    tired, fed up.

    Let’s just all move forward!

    1. Let those bozos win and kick Duterte out (with the help of the US Army, since how can they sound credible without crying out to Captain America to help ’em)and what will we see?

      A Church-backed coalition of oligarchs and self-styled “last Marxists on Earth”, dedicated to ensuring the Philippines remain a willing “tuta” for America (even if Donald Duck is willing to snub us for China)

      1. I think your generalizing. Many people hate Marcos for the sole purpose of being a “tuta” to the US. Lest we forget that this whole hubub stemmed from his death in -where else- Hawaii, USA.

        1. Another side of the story: they want to return back to Ilocos while actually, they were just kidnapped by the US and sent them to Hawaii.

        2. But as always there are some who still persist in misusing the term generalization, “as if it was an attack on all or everyone” which is clearly a false notion.

    2. I disagree. Protests do not just happened with picket signs and rallies.
      They happened in discourse and in remembering. They happened in informing future generations about the past so that its mistakes will not be replicated in the future.
      In my opinion, this is the true goal of their movement – the preservation of their ideas concerning our country’s history.
      I believe asking what their endgame to their movement is misleading. Because their goal of preserving memories of Martial Law ought to have no end.

      1. Unfortunately, the majority of them are. They just want to inform them of the flawed notion of “sticking to the past means we correct our mistakes” which it wouldn’t work.

        We would never move forward if we think like that because it would never lead us to a HOPE of a FUTURE. Can you please tell me what happened after all these 30 years?

      2. It is good if they are remembering the true history, instead of the Cory inspired or should I say dictated history. But so sad, they are poisoning the minds of the new generations with the latter version of the history. Just observe who are those left to rally against the FEM burial in the LNMB, they are the alleged victims (who disobeyed the law in their time and got arrested and tortured), mind-poisoned elementary school children, dreaded student activist who are studying in state-sponsored schools (ungrateful bastards), professional strikers (eg: Renato Reyes) and of course friends of Noynoy Aquino.

  5. yes there’s an endgame. with our FOI people should know why the presidency of Marcos collapsed after a good start. only Ramos and Enrile could tell who is responsible why the Philippines becomes so miserable. they know the cause and who started it and why. THEY (RAMOS AND ENRILE) should talk now for the people to know what causes these mess up.

  6. there’s no historical revitionist other than the yellow dynasty and its cadres the LP’s. they want to hide something into the minds of the unborn and the youths born after martial law. see their set-up, control of the house of representatives, the senate, and the three judiciary the DOJ, Ombudsman, and the Supreme Court. the traitors of the Republic of the Philippines are coming out one by one. the people didn’t make any mistake choosing Duterte to lead the once called Pearl of the Orient and we will take it back.

    1. Well, there’s definitely a need for revising history- into a more accurate accounting. All the yellows want is to reinforce and highlight the alleged dark aspects of it.

      1. Yes. I too believe in impartiality, which is why I condemn the generalization of LP supporters.
        Of course, you’re not coming out of nowhere. They are the party responsible for spearheading the People Power Revolution.

        1. Generalizing does not imply a statement that describes all individuals. Rather, the act of generalizing makes a description of the collective character of a set. It doesn’t have to be “everyone”.

      2. We wanted to prop up Marcos legacy to look good. Cherry Cobarrubias is the good example meant for GRP (Get Real Philippines). We don’t know if she posted her comments or so.

        Do we talk about Holocaust denial?

        1. As if the post-Marcos legacy are good as well? Nice trolling BTW.

          And please don’t lump the Holocaust in this like your fellow EMO turds love to overrate. Of course, that’s what TROLLS do.

    2. I think you’re generalizing. Not everyone who is protesting FM’s burial in LNMB is a “Yellow” – by any stretch of your definition. There are people who condemn both Aquino and Marcos.
      There are people who love Duterte and hate Marcos with equal passion.
      There are people who hate both Marcos and DeLima with equal fervor.
      What that says is that this issue is bigger than politics. Stop making a false dichotomy.
      It’s about history. You would know that since you mentioned historical revisionism. Now a major point of contention is where we get our sources of history. In my opinion, it isn’t so much the values that are being argued in talking about Marcos. Everyone pretty much agrees corruption is bad, economic growth is good, and Marcos was a man of extremes.
      It is the past that eventually inform us about what we ought to do now. So where do YOU get your information about the past?
      I’m genuinely curious. We could have an honest-to-god conversation with the sole goal of striving for the truth. Because like everyone accuses anyone who disagrees with them of having some ulterior motive. And I believe that a lack of trust in discourse is source of all conversation.

      Some Reading:

      1. But most of them are overexagerrating and being EMO over Marcos.

        I just want to inform you that ‘appeal to the emotions’ won’t even work.

      2. Beware of people resorting to false claims about being “unfairly generalized.” It’s a projection of their victimhood which they conveniently use as a weapon or shield against criticism.

  7. The Anti Marcos YellowTards are like broken records…they go round and round…talking the same issues, 30 years ago.

    They are like the stupid Israelites who went around and around on the same Stupid Mountain, for 40 years…these Israelites were freed by Moses, from slavery in Egypt…they made the 11 day journey trip to the Promised Land, a 40 years journey trip !

    Read the Book of Exodus, in the Christian Old Testament Bible. When the Israelites reached the Promised Land, only two people were willing to take it: Joshua and Caleb…

    1. I’m not sure what you mean by this. Can you explain how the “Anti Marcos YellowTards” are like the biblical Israelites? I’m very curious
      Also I don’t like calling people “YellowTards”. Mocking people doesn’t change things and it certainly won’t change the country. Also a lot of anti-Aquinos are also Anti-Marcos, just like myself 🙂

      1. Also I don’t like calling people “YellowTards”. Mocking people doesn’t change things and it certainly won’t change the country. Also a lot of anti-Aquinos are also Anti-Marcos, just like myself

        Not exactly. Overrating Marcos so much means you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Sorry, but I’m not convinced.

      2. True Yellowtards cannot even understand the analogy of this Biblical story in the Book of Exodus !

        Sorry, I cannot help you, if that is the expanse of your understanding…

  8. I do not side with any ruling political group or its opponents. It is all about power struggle and as always the ordinary citizen suffers.

    The danger lies which may lead to violence/civil war when foreign powers and/or business interests of the oligarchs are what these opposing politicians promote. And I think it is what is happening.

    Only an independent Truth Commission to ferret out the truth of the Marcos Rule and EDSA86 and an eventual national referendum would prevent the worst for our country.

    1. I agree 🙂 However, I’m genuinely not sure how an organization could strive for impartiality when this issue is so politicized. I’m sure there’s a way (humanity always does), but I personally do not know what.

      1. @Tocino. When the specter of death is placed in the doorsteps of the opposing elite, there would be genuine peace.You have to scare the opposing elites, the opposing oligarchs, bring the specter of death right in their doorsteps.

        It was done in February 22, 1986 and it will be done again.

  9. I am referring to the burial of Marcos as one of the issue to be resolved in a national referendum as was proposed by the late MDS.

  10. When this kind of mob is asked with a question they can’t answer, they just troll their way out of it and go emo with what their fighting for.

    Nakakasawa na talaga ang mga to. The only people benefiting from this is the media.

    If they are gamers, baka getting FM out of the LNMB is some kind of a quest which will give them some loot or some weird bragging rights of sort.

    1. Yes. In every social movement/protest/hubub, there will be virtue signalling. But I think before generalizing whole groups of people with disagree with, we have to acknowledge that each and everyone of those individuals in said social movement may have different intentions and beliefs.
      They are heterogeneous and they each want multiple goals.
      But in my opinion, the unifying theme of the “anti-Marcos” movement is remembrance. It condemns the burial of Marcos because it exemplifies someone they think does not deserve to be called a hero.
      Perhaps we should listen more closely to why they think this is so instead of generalizing their demands and being condescending.
      That way both camps could strive for the truth and progress.

  11. There is no “End Game” for these YellowTards. They don’t even respect the ruling of the Supreme Court. It must be their way, or the YellowTards’ way …

    The Aquino Conjuangco’s EDSA and the U.S./C.I.A. had done a great harm to our country. They deluded the EDSA generation of Filipinos, for their selfish political interests !

    Syria is the best example of what the U.S./C.I.A., can do harm to a country. The war continues; Pres. Assad is still in power. Syrian refugees are going to nearby countries and Europe. The U.S. and Russia are in virtual war in Syria. The U.S. is supporting the opposition. Russia is supporting Pres. Assad. The ISIS has an ISIS Caliphate in Syria and Iraq. Foreign fighters are going to Syria, to fight for ISIS.

    A lot of suffering…for what ? For the U.S.A.? For Russia ? For ISIS ?

    1. I think you’re generalizing. Not everyone who is protesting FM’s burial in LNMB is a “YellowTard” – by any stretch of your definition. There are people who condemn both Aquino and Marcos.
      It’s also not clear how the USA’s involvement in ISIS is analogous to the issue at hand.

      1. @Tocino:

        Marcos is a HERO, because he is a soldier, and fought in World War II. He was a Battle of Bataan veteran; and survivor of the Death March !

        All who fought in our wars are heroes, and deserve our respect to be buried with honor and in the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

        The Supreme Court has ruled already. Why do you all YellowTards, do not believe in our Court of Laws? We are a country of Laws. Not country of immature people , who whine, if they do not get what they want!

  12. Other people are tired of protests because they realize these often serve only “conyo” purposes and the results haven’t made any real changes. The real changes actually come out from policies and changes in people’s behavior on the cultural level. Protests actually could hardly achieve that.

    Looks to me like there’s no endgame – no purpose. All they want to express themselves and feel “better” after doing it. The supposed “social justice” actions are only for feel-goodism.

    1. I think it’s all about remembering the past and ensuring that it doesn’t happened again. It’s about legacy and what kind of national figures we’d choose to exemplify.
      I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “conyo” purposes but UP students seemed to be very riled up about this too together with Ateneo and La Salle.

      1. One can remember and learn these things by discussing them in the classroom and not causing traffic in the streets. Most of the protesters are usually young idealistic kids who were brainwashed by the their professors and teachers. I remember when I was a student in Ateneo I almost failed when I continued to question and disagree with my professor on martial law. He was hell bent in teaching all of us that Marcos was the devil. I personally would prefer to learn both sides of the story and decide for myself but from my experience in my alma matter this simply was not the case.

        These old generation of haters are demanding the younger generation to hold their ever stinking past baggage of bitterness passing it off as “lessons of the past.” I disagree, one can learn from the past without being mired in anger.

    2. @ChinoF Only that naive would not know that the Marcos burial issue is just a front to cover up the real objective of bringing down DU30 by the oligarchs threatened by an assault to their unbridled free enterprise economy where the illegal drug trade is one of its lucrative products.

  13. if de lima could run away with her crimes, i’ll believed nothing has change. it’s an endgame for the yellow dynasty and the dynasty’s LP’s. this nov 30 anti marcos rally will tell how many they are, that’s a change. there’s already a big change going on guys.

    1. I don’t like how so many people in this blog set up a false dichotomy. People who condemn the burial are not necessarily approving the LP, Cory, NoyNoy, DeLima, or any other figure.
      This issue about Marcos and while the LP does pick an obvious side, that doesn’t mean that there are only two.
      There are people who hate Marcos and De Lima with equal passion. Maybe if we just start to realize that Yellow isn’t the other color than our own, then maybe some honest discourse could take place.

      1. Marcos Sr. is no longer relevant in the political landscape. These YellowTards are beating up a “dead horse”. Only the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, use this political scam, to cover Pnoy Aquino’s corruption, incompetence and Shabu Drug dealings with the Chinese Triad Mafia.

        These Yellowtards are just wasting their time…Marcos Sr. is buried already. Let the dead rest in peace ! To make a politician who had been dead for more than 30 years, as a political issue is stupid !

        The Aquino Cojuangco political axis and their paid “Hakot Demonstrators” are resurrecting the ghost of Marcos Sr., because they think they can do their scam again this time, to deceive people !

      2. Tocino, that is complete bullshit. This is about the Marcos funeral and nothing else, so if you join these dumb fucks you belong to the color of piss! Period.

        No talking yourself out of it.

      3. @Tocino. I agree with you on that. Like our group, we are eclectic towards FEM. He deserves the highest medal or award for his economic policies, for his opposition to unbridled free enterprise economy.

        That is why our group is proposing an indenpendent Truth Commission to ferret out the truth on the Marcos reign. There are no tyrants where there are no willing slaves. Those living slaves of the Marcos vision of authoritarian rule should speak out, like Ramos and Enrile and those military officers of the RAM who became angels and whose human rights abuses were just forgotten.

        Marcos could just not been a dictator on his own.

  14. I want to point out, that what these misguided morons are doing today is an event, not a protest. If you have a stage and some idiotic celebrities performing, then the whole thing is a perversion of their supposed purpose.

    I ask, how many numbnuts will just go there to be on TV and watch the show?

    Duterte made a grave mistake to allow these troublemakers free range.

    It’s getting out of hand.

    1. You could probably count on one hand the actual people in there who can argue their stand rationally. The rest, well, beats staying in the campus just slacking off.

  15. Why do we need to remember Bonifacio during his birthdate as a national holiday while all the other heroes were commemorated during their date of death?

    They said that Bonifacio’s death was ill-fated because he was killed by his own comrades and countrymen. So why do the oligarchies commemorate Ninoy’s death when we know he was killed by his own countrymen? They suddenly found it ideal to have a hero representing their class (since Aguinaldo was a shame)for their benefits until the END GAMES and of course, Bonifacio was not their kind of hero worthy of the elite and intellectuals pride.

    So what did Ninoy did for this country to be declared as a hero? During World War II, he was not even a soldier who will fight the invaders but became friends of the Japanese just like his father.

    These are just few points for the deceived millennials to think about and for them to search the true course of our history that was being twisted by two opposing tribes of power with their blind supporters.

    Rizal, Marcos, Ninoy, Aguinaldo? They are all decepticons. Bonifacio is the true blue-dyed blood hero of the Filipinos.

  16. I really wonder who is this thread is old enough and in Metro Manila then to know what was happening in those frightening days from February 7 to February 21, 1986.

    As long as the military and police now is not yet polarized, DU30 is far from being removed.

    It is good for him if the visible opposition are the likes of the Aquinos, Roxas, Binay, Robredo and the like. The danger lies when out from nowhere somebody comes out not like those mentioned, and he/she becomes the rallying icon of the millennials.

    1. Pres. Elect Donald John Trump is not interested in meddling in other countries, like Hilary Clinton and Obama.

      The new President is more interested in building a wall on the Mexican American border, to keep illegal immigrants out. He is interested in deporting TNTs, including Filipino TNTs…

      Pres. Elect Trump, is interested in obliterating ISIS, the creation of Hilary Clinton and Obama.

      He is interested in keeping jobs in America, and creating jobs.

      Pres. Elect Trump is interested in making America Great Again !

      So those Aquino Cojuangco political axis opportunists. You are just wasting your time, trying to oust Pres. Duterte, with the
      help of America… it will not happen for the next 4 or 8 years….it will never happen again, because the Filipinos has awaken, and America is not interested in your political agenda!

  17. America does not care about the Philippines; wake up and take responsibility for your own country. If anything we are waiting for the people to give DU30 a reason to declare martial law so America can sit back and watch what happens. Remember your history. America will not interfere in the Philippines if martial law is declared. If America wanted the Philippines we would do one of three things that would bring the country to it’s knees. 1. Financial embargo stop all money and products from coming in or going out of the Philippines with the USA and our ally countries. 2. declare the Philippines an terrorist nation that would mean any technology business would not be able to hire Philippines, remember those OFW’s working overseas in different companies making american products like Apple or trade products like Samsung. or third which is the last option the US military would just take over the country. There is no conspiracy. America does not care.

  18. Who is the worse tuta of US? Marcos or Cory ?

    Cory is the worse Tuta of the US because she allowed unbridled free enterprise economy to rule on this country with WB, IMF and WTO making privatization of government assets the greatest looting ever, the loot of Marcos is nothing in comparison!!!

    1. That would totally make sense about Cory. It seems the protectionist economic system that we have under the 1987 Constitution is more of a smokescreen.

      1. The protectionist economic system under the 1987 Constitution was a protection for the new oligarch (the Kamag-anak Inc, Cory politicians and the dummies of Marcos who were the balimbing without compare). The 1987 Constitution made it sure that the looting of government assets thru privatization and liberation would be benefit the local carpetbaggers first !

        Cory’s era of neoliberalization as described by the late Cardinal Sin as the birth of dozens and dozens Ali Babas and thousands and thousands of thieves not only 40 with the illegal drug trade the emerging lucrative industry ! lol

  19. @212Hyden007Toro999.999 Who told you that Donald Trump is not interested in meddling in other countries ?

    Are you aware that Trump would like to revisit US “One-China Policy” ? Maybe you are not aware, I suppose.

  20. National Security adviser Esperon went to the US to attend the Trump inauguration, the country sent Beijing a Diplomatic Note for China to explain the reported building of missiles in the reclaimed shoal and reefs in the West Philippine Seas, PM Abe of Japan offered one Trillion Yen as ODA ( a veiled attempt maybe) to neutralize China’s Xi Jinping influence on DU30.

    Trump is bent in abandoning the present US One-China Policy….

    I believe something is cooking and simmering …:)

    As to DU30’s pushing Federalism because of ISIS threat is a bit weird. Who started ISIS anyway? The globalists whom Trump is fighting against have encouraged and orchestrated the weakening of Nation States to promote unbridled free enterprise to benefit privateers (oligarchs).

    Trump is against ISIS and bent to eradicate it anywhere in the world with his Defense Chief Mad Dog leading the way. DU30 is threading dangerous grounds if he gives in to the ISIS or allow them to blossom in the country within a Federal State.

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    Says the ACTUAL terrorist who loves to impersonate other users for their own self-pleasure. According to a study, trolls will LIE, OFFEND, and EXAGGERATE in order to get a response. I don’t do that. Yet you do.

    Of course, everything you said is translated to “of course, there’s nothing you can’t do about it since you’re a retard and I’m a genius. And I can play this game like a pro LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL”

    And hey I never thought pissing off people is fun. The next day you’re gonna go on your next victim. The mods are just as stupid as the mods of DeviantArt not to take this action.

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    Two of you are trolls, aliens and terrorists whatsoever lololololol. I hope our government will censor the website just like that in China or North Korea.

  24. No, I am the real KRChronicle, you Propaganda Boy, DIO, KRChronicle OR BrokenME, you yellows are retards. Even Leloy Claudio.

    Jinping is a jenius so China would censor PH website if it expands to that. Hope our government will become authoritarian someday, to censor GRP website so our gov’t will take care of it!

  25. @BrokenME a.k.a. Propaganda Boy:

    @KRChronicle AKA DIO, AKA Propaganda Boy: Here comes the trolls like you and me. Also terrorists like you and me. You are nothing but a trying hard second grade copy cat! Lolololololol!

    The only troll here is you, son. Thanks for proving my point that trolls will LIE, OFFEND, and EXAGGERATE in order to get a response. Again, I don’t do that. And you did it again.

    Honestly speaking, impersonating other users is another form of harassment and abuse. If you think that humans are machines where you can throw a rock at them and expect them not to feel anything, then you’re terribly mistaken. If someone die due to your harassment and abuse, then congratulations.

    I’m serious here. No jokes.

  26. Propaganda Boy, I’m 100% sure you’re also these guys:

    Fake KRChronicle
    No, I am the real KRChronicle, you Propaganda Boy, DIO, KRChronicle OR BrokenME, you yellows are retards. Even Leloy Claudio.

    Jinping is a jenius so China would censor PH website if it expands to that. Hope our government will become authoritarian someday, to censor GRP website so our gov’t will take care of it!

    @KRChronicle AKA Propaganda Boy and Propaganda Boy AKA BrokenME,

    Two of you are trolls, aliens and terrorists whatsoever lololololol. I hope our government will censor the website just like that in China or North Korea.

    What’s amusing is that you’re proving my point all over again and everyone here is not gonna fall on your impersonation schemes. Of course, it all translates to “There’s nothing you can do about it since you’re a retard and I’m a genius. And I can play this game like a pro.” This is no trolling from me. This is FACT.

    Why don’t you act like a man and stop being a keyboard crybaby? Or better yet, I hope the mods would totally ban your IP address so no one will be victimized by your harassment and abuse. Thanks for proving to everyone that trolls are indeed psychopaths, narcissist and sadists.

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