Marcos burial at the Libingan: Anti-Marcos activists have no one to blame but themselves


The Philippine Supreme Court (SC) has ruled on the issue of the burial of former Philippine President Ferdinand E Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB). Nine SC justices (Arturo Brion, Presbitero Velasco Jr, Diosdado Peralta, Lucas Bersamin, Mariano del Castillo, Jose Perez, Teresita de Castro, Jose Mendoza, and Estela Perlas-Bernabe) voted in favour of the burial while only five (Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno herself, and Justices Antonio Carpio, and Associate Justices Marvic Leonen, Francis Jardaleza, and Caguioa) voted against it. The Marcos burial at the LNMB was something that was promised by current President Rodrigo Duterte during his campaign before he went on to win the presidential elections this year.

The ruling ends almost 30 years of uncertainty surrounding the remains of the former president who died in 1989 while in exile in Hawaii. A decision by then President Fidel Ramos to allow Marcos’s remains to be brought back to the Philippines in 1993 re-kindled hope that his body would eventually find its way to the LNMB someday.

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In a speech delivered before a small crowd protesting the burial at the Rizal Park last Sunday, former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III described the prospect of a Marcos burial there as a “desecration” of the cemetery…

“The pro[burial] seems to be one group. The antiburial seems to be so many groups, and in a sense representing the whole political spectrum … I still cling to the hope that there are a lot, if not a very significant majority, who are against this burial and the desecration of Libingan ng mga Bayani,” Aquino said.

Since Marcos’s ouster in 1986, anti-Marcos activists have mounted sporadic protests against the continued persistence in Philippine politics of Marcos’s children and other family members who, since that “revolution”, have been elected to various positions in the Executive and Legislative branches of the Philippine government. Most recently, his only son former Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr came close to winning the Vice Presidency in the 2016 elections — a loss that remains shrouded in controversy amidst electoral fraud allegations that remain unresolved and will likely put the legitimacy of the supposed “vice president”, Leni Robredo, in question for the rest of her term.

As if it weren’t enough that these protests were sporadic, at best, and the fact of the Marcoses’ continued prominence in Philippine politics is an on-going indictment of that merdiocre “activism”, there is also the fact that the top architects of Marcos’s supposedly brutal “Martial Law regime”, former Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile and the former chief of the now-defunct Philippine Constabulary (Marcos’s purported Gestapo), General Fidel Ramos, also went scott-free after the 1986 “revolution”. Even more amazing, both Enrile and Ramos went on to pursue successful political careers with Enrile becoming Senate President and Ramos elected president.

In short, there really is nothing surprising nor outrageous about Marcos’s iminent burial at the LNMB. It is just the logical conclusion of several decades of failed anti-Marcos “activism”. The noisy community of Martial Law Crybabies have no one else to blame but themselves.

23 Replies to “Marcos burial at the Libingan: Anti-Marcos activists have no one to blame but themselves”

  1. Even if “the antis” had done it, I don’t think a law that would prohibit FM for as long as forever at the LBNMB would prosper would prosper. A law that would send the late FM to oblivion is also impossible, if at all. The things that the late Pres. Marcos had done could only be evaluated in history and the past 35 years is also a history. The past 35 years had shown that EDSA 1 was a farce and ditto with the Yellow group. EDSA 1 was an action done by the thousands of middle class Pinoys in Manila. Sadly and factually, they should not have done that as they did not have the authority of the rest of the 60M Pinoys at that time! Ironically,during the past 35 years, the Yellow Group did everything possible in the book that they were the wrong option to the late xFM. The past 35 years only showed that xFM was after right about his martial law imposition.
    In any case I would like to congratulate the Marcos’ children for their patience during the past 35 years. I would also like to apologize for having stood by the Yellow group the last 30 years. I send my belated but deepest condolence to the family. I am now in NY so I could not join the funeral march, on behalf of my late father Assemblyman and DILG Secretary Concordio C. Diel. I call on the Diel family in CDO and elsewhere to send in their condolence, if they could not join the funeral march for the late xPres. FM.
    All things well that ends well. The wheel of justice may have grind slowly but surely, indeed.

  2. All of the Justices who voted against the burial, with the exception of Carpio, are appointees of Pnoy.

    All of the justices who voted against the burial, with the exception of Caguioa, are from UP Law. What a bunch of inbred minds.

    1. Congratulations and thanks to the 9 SC Justices who voted according to the tenets of the law and justice in their hearts ; while the 5 Justices voted according to their emotions and in gratitude to someone who appointed
      them and tried to circumvent existing law. What a shame to the 5 and congratulations to the 9 magnificent men of laws.
      Thanks to Pres. Duterte for the support of allowing our great Pres. FEMarcos to be laid in the LNMB; after all he is a true
      Hero and decorated Soldier who fought for our beloved country, the Philippines. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas; Mabuhay ang mga Marcoses.

  3. Dont be uncivilize people.Civilize people is the law abiding citizen who follow and obey the rules of law….FEM deserves to bury at LNMB because it is stated in our Philippine Constitution period…. nothing else

    1. He doesn’t deserve it. The 5 other justices has proven Marcos unworthy. The others were not thinking very clearly and they were insensitive to the symbol of the cemetery, and so they just creatively picked up laws and used them to please Duterte and his followers. Sad.

      1. You’re missing the point. Those 5 other justices (w/o) the exception of Carpio are Noynoy appointees. You’re the only one who brought the symbolism crap up so you resort to your flawed arguments and dumb assumptions.

        Yep, TROLL confirmed.

      2. The SC judges that voted against are for PNoy, the other judge (Reyes) abstained because he is Frat bro of PDU30. The other 9 judges voted in favor of the Marcos burial because it is according to the rule of law. No one claimed FEM is being buried as a hero but because he was a former President, he was a former soldier and he is a recipient of medals of valor. I don’t understand what in the law is not clear to those opposing it. They say it is not morally right because of human rights violation, plunder etc etc. Was FEM ever convicted of these? I don’t think so.

      3. What you think he deserves and the law are two separate entities. Funny how people critical of Duterte’s administration are getting bent out of shape at the supposed EJKs presumably spearheaded by an ‘unlawful’ head of state but are the first to pull their hair and hysterically shake their fists in the skies with indignation when a supreme arbiter of laws (SC) did something in accordance to the very laws they demand their politicians to follow.

        Ano ba talaga mga ate, kuya?

      4. The yellow party had 30 years to prove themselves. Ano na? Palpak all the way. tatak dilaw.

        Imagine if laws were made out of emotions. Oh yeah, look at Pinas from Edsa up to today.

        1. Let me say this again. Marcos name became mabango again because of the arrogance and the stupidity of the Aquinos (SAF 44, Yolanda, Yellow trolls/ election keyboard warriors, Andy Bautista and his bank accounts in an almost bankrupt rural bank, Leni Robredo and what seemed to be her assassinated spouse, Sereno and people’s objections to her, MRT, DAF abd PDAF, ABS-CBN and Aquino sib K-who calls herself the one and only greatest Filipino tax payer.. at maraming-marami pa). Political oppression during the Marcos years was real and felt throughout the country. One would feel there’s nothing more terrible that could come upon the country than that. Then came the Aquinos. Cory was negligible. . But Pinoy was unforgivable.

          Joker Arroyo was right in the beginning of the Benigno Pnoy administration. “The little boys upstairs.” That’s what he called them- Pnoy, Mar, Pangilinan, etc, and the political chameleons who changes colors as the game changes. The Aquinos’ political stupidity made Marcos redeem his name. ????????

  4. 10% are furious. 10% are celebrating. 80% dont give a rats ass, because, reality check, it’s best for the country to finally bury the issue and move on.

  5. The late Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos, Sr. served his country well as a soldier, during World War II.

    That military service alone, enables him to be buried as a Hero.

    The Aquinos, in the person of Benigno Aquino, Sr., was a Japanese Imperialist collaborator during World War II. They should be ashamed of themselves. What did the Aquinos do , during the Japanese Imperialists occupation ?

    Benigno Aquino, Sr. , formed the KALIBAPI Party…a party of traitors and Japanese Militarists collaborators. They were responsible for the: murder of Filipino Guerrillas; the torture of Filipinos who were against the Japanese Imperialists occupation; and the rape of many Filipino women…

    Ferdinand E. Marcos, Sr. served his country well. It is the Aquino Propaganda Machine, that is against the burial of this Filipino Hero.

    1. During the Liberation of the Philippines, in World War II. Benigno Aquino, Sr. , sought refuge in Tokyo, Japan ; for fear of his life…

      During the American occupation of Japan. The Americans arrested, Benigno Aquino, Sr., as a collaborator/traitor, and brought him back to the Philippines. He was convicted of treason and sentenced to die, for collaborating with the enemy, and for his crimes during World War II.

      He was pardoned by Gen. MacArthur, to enable the Filipinos to forget their grim past…

      If we can pardon, the traitor, Benigno Aquino, Sr. for his being a war criminal and a traitor. How much more, for a decorated World War II hero, in the person of the late: Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. !

  6. Guess whose operatives were in the Philippines during Martial law. The ones who might have sponsored alleged tortures.
    See Gerry Spence’s interview on CNN

      1. Go and drag these two vicious people who were responsible for the alledge tortures, during Martial Law years.

        The YellowTard activists, who continue to rally against the atrocities during Martial Law, should go and get hold on: Juan Ponce Enrile and Fidel Ramos.

        If there were atrocities,during Martial Law; these two people are as guilty as Marcos , Sr. They are still alive and well ! Torture these torturers !

  7. The more you talk about it, rehash it, rethink it, cross analyze it, debate it, respond to it, get paranoid about it, compete with it, complain about it, immortalize it, cry over it, kick it, defame it, stalk it, gossip about it, pray over it, put it down or dissect its motives it continues to rot in your brain. It is dead. It is over. It is gone. It is done. It is time to bury it because it is smelling up your life and no one wants to be near your rotted corpse of memories and decaying attitude. Be the funeral director of your life and bury that thing!



    KBL and Marcos Loyalists, especially Benign0, we can celebrate and glorify FM after his burial in LMNB for state funeral as a most decorated war hero with 33 real medals.

    Truth will set Marcoses free!

    Let the Marcos truth prevail!

    Aquinos are nothing but garbage! Martial Law Victims, Aquinos, Lopezes, Cojuangcos, and Oligarchs will be forgotten.

    1. TROLL. 🙂

      Sorry, son. But your comment belongs to the ‘flawed argument’ and ‘strawman argument’ category because none of these doesn’t even make sense, only for TROLLING purposes.

      Honestly, you’re not even trying to be objective to begin with. You’re just TROLLING. Period.

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