Leila de Lima should resign to show respect for Filipinos and the Senate


In other countries, the normal and the right thing a disgraced politician would do is resign. This is a noble gesture to demonstrate personal accountability for damage a politician may have caused the public office he or she occupies. It is a show of respect for one’s country and government.

These virtues cannot be used to describe Senator Leila de Lima. De Lima has, time again since she won a seat in the Philippine Senate, shown that she is not worthy of the respect a Philippine senator is supposedly entitled to. This is because she has repeatedly disrespected her office. She used it to launch a media circus against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, acted inappropriately in a manner unbecoming of a Philippine Senator, lied to her colleagues, the media, and the Filipino people, and tainted the institution with scandal over her past indiscretions.

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She also made a mockery of the feminist movement. She attempted to excuse her very public sexual indiscretions with a subordinate who is currently on the run from a summons to attend a congressional probe by describing it as an outcome arising from the “frailties of a woman”. In doing so, she has shown that she is not above playing the victim card o the back of a gender debate skewed towards political correctness.

No less than the Filipino women’s rights advocate group Gabriela denounced all this in a statement that asserted that “so-called frailties of women even men or any gender can never be cited as a defense for crimes, be it adultery, abuse of authority by a public official or drug trafficking.”

But instead of taking personal accountability and do the honourable thing by resigning her post, de Lima seems bent on clinging to power at all costs – including passing blame to someone else…

“My track record as a public official, first as Commission on Human Rights chair and next as secretary of justice, speaks for itself. My record and my reputation have been untarnished until now because of all these unjust, unfair and false allegations and fabricated lies against my alleged involvement in the drug trade. I have made my peace with my past and my family. I don’t know if my primary attacker can say the same,” De Lima said in a statement, adding that her mission is to stop the extrajudicial killings and summary executions happening in our country, as well as to address other social issues.

Indeed, whatever it is that de Lima is trying to achieve while in the Senate, it seems that none of it has anything to do with her job as senator — to craft laws. More importantly, she has failed to be a role model to Filipinos.

23 Replies to “Leila de Lima should resign to show respect for Filipinos and the Senate”

  1. Where is the IBP code of Ethics for members of the Bar?
    Is DeLima’s adulterous acts she admitted doing so, not a ground for her disbarment? How about the Senate Ethics Committee, can they not suspend DeLima from the Senate? DeLima is destroying the good name of the Senate.
    Is DeLima above the law ? Somebody has to stop this woman. It’s a disgrace to Filipino Women.

  2. “Frailties of a woman” ? What in the hell is that ?

    It is a case of an amoral woman , In Sexual Heat; who satisfied her woman’s Sexual Cravings , with her driver lover, and with several criminal inmates ! It is sex and drug dealings. Pleasure and corruption…

    She was the former Secretary of Justice, under the former Pres. Aquino, who was corrupt and amoral , himself.

    Now, De Lima is trying to divert the issues against her, with the CHR issues.

    Leila de Lima is a thickheaded woman. She has a thick skin and a thick face ! SHE SHOULD RESIGN ! She has no shame…

    If she does not want to go away peacefully: We must kick the Bitch out, for the good of the country !

  3. Shefiled a “test case” against the President for the protection of her “privacy” and yet she goes out and talks about her private life on National TV. Doesn’t that seem a tad “self-defeating?”

    1. Did Bam Aquino ever strike you as venal and crass? I mean, beyond the fact that he’s an Aquino and a member of the Liberal Party?

      1. With how most members of the LP have been acting and speaking, could they be characterized as crass?
        Let’s see..
        They’ve practically convicted FEM without the conclusion from a legal process. (Even dragging the whole family into alleged sins)
        They pronounce dehumanising statements against the Marcoses then call themselves advocates of justice and human rights.
        They constantly sow hatred among people and muster up bitterness instead of encouraging a clearer & deeper study of events surrounding the martial law era.
        Yan ba ang disente at may integridad?
        If they’re serious about the “never again” slogan, why don’t they try to remove martial law? Are they even capable of crafting a better version of it? Or is it really about never again to a Marcos?? Who’s being the political and historical dictator then? In a real democracy that choice is up to people, not to yellow stalwarts.

        1. If Marcos is indeed guilty of all that he has been accused of doing while in power, then perhaps those who want him tarred and feathered into the afterlife and into the history books are doing the right thing. But then, like the pro-Marcos crowd says these days — this country isn’t only about Marcos or Aquino, right?


    From Florante at Laura, by Filipino Poet Par Excellnece :Francisco Balagtas…

    “My only love, comes from my only hate…OH prodigious birth of love…”

    From Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare…

  5. If we could kick the Failipino politicians in the pants responsible for most of the country’s trouble, they wouldn’t sit for a month.

  6. Welcome to the Philippines. I’m afraid that public clamor for her won’t be heeded knowing that Se. De Lima is just any common trapo – thick, despicable, dishonest, immoral and most of all corrupt.

  7. You don’t fucking resign your fucking post because you have a fucking sex life. Having a fucking sex life with a fellow consenting adult (even with a married man) is not and has never been a fucking crime. A cause for disbarment, yes — a cause for removal from the Senate, never.

    Should it be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that de Lima benefitted from the drug trade, I would be calling for her resignation, as even the appearance of impropriety is injurious to the dignity of the position she now holds. Until then (or otherwise), forget it.

    1. Should it be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that de Lima benefitted from the drug trade, I would be calling for her resignation..

      How magnanimous of you. Really? Just resignation? =)

      1. Of course court proceedings to try and convict her of the charges leveled against her would only be proper should such an eventuality be reached.

        Is this what you are looking for?

    2. She should resign because of her connection to the drug money alone you fucking idiot. She got her position illegitimately, just like a lot of the LP party, and should might as well be eliminated!

      1. Fucking idiot here.

        Have those allegations regarding her connection to the Bilibid drug trade been proved? No? Then you’d do a lot better to wait for the DoJ and the House of Representatives (for despite their disavowals the responsible House committees are not only investigating the alleged de Lima connection but are making she doesn’t emerge from this unscathed even if the allegations are untrue) to wrap up their inquiries into the matter.

    3. And Ramos ought to have been in jail long time ago, but it seems there are many fans of these trapos who just don’t want to let them get incarcerated.

  8. High pride coupled with dishonourable behavior. Sounds Oh so familiar in Philippine politics right. If someone mentions something true and it causes you shame, never admit it…. Just turn around and rabidly attack them rather than face the shameful behavior.

  9. Leila de Lima is guilty of using the illegal Shabu Trade, to enrich herself and her cahoots. The evidences ar glaring

    Aquino, Mar Roxas and others, who are involved in the Shabu Drug Trade, are also guilty. The Shabu drug Trade proliferated even to the Barangay level. Governors, Mayors, Barangay Captains became Drug Lords !

    Leila de Lima is just a front of Aquino and Mar Roxas; the true bosses of the Shabu Trade Chinese Triad Mafia Drug Cartel !

  10. I respect only 2 Philippine senators, Dick Gordon and Manny Pacquiao.

    Here is my actual thought on the state of Philippine politics. The Philippines is about as important as a pimple on an elephant’s nutsack and the world has more important things to worry about than this irritating little sore. That would be Donald Trump who wants to destroy America and will do so on the backs of Americans and immigrants from every country, legal or illegal including Filipinos. In my opinion Filipinos are a giant boil on the skin of America and ever OFW in America needs to be allowed to complete their contract and then be excluded. America needs to exclude ALL imported labor including Filipinos, Indians, Canadians and everyone.

  11. Philippine senator Delima is just one of the many corrupt politicians who have continually without shame giving the Philippines a bad name. In the name of human rights she protect the criminals at the expense of the innocent victims. Her fellow senators instead of taking action against her wrongdoings, they seemed to be cuddling and giving her more opportunity to keep on destroying the image of the country by going after president Duterte with all kinds of accusations.

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