Why morality, decency, and civility have been discredited in Philippine society



To be ‘moral’. To be ‘decent’. To be ‘civil’. These are noble aspirations. Unfortunately for Filipinos, these three words were hijacked by Philippine politics’ Yellow Camp — people who are staunchly loyal (no, beholden) to the Liberal Party and its chief cast of characters, the Aquinos.

Perhaps this is the reason that the a majority of Filipinos now reserve their admiration for everything that is seen to be the antithesis of what is supposedly moral, decent, and civil — because the camp that took it upon themselves to monopolise representation of everything that is decent, moral, and civil in Philippine society had 30 years to prove that morality, decency, and civility work and, unfortunately, failed.

Thus, morality, decency, and civility as embodied and applied by the Yellow Camp came to be seen to be associated with a fraying of the very fabric of Philippine society. Morality became a flaming sword wielded by the Roman Catholic Church against “sinners” — people who used condoms, had relationships with partners of the same gender, and chose not to go to Sunday mass. Civility was a virtue reserved for Filipinos who were members of “civil society” — people who rallied against Gloria Arroyo, flashed the “L” hand gesture at every opportunity, wore yellow clothes all the time, and pinned a yellow ribbon on their shirts. Decency is now attributed with scorn to the “disente” crowd — people who studied in expensive Catholic schools and, as such, see themselves as entitled to intellectual ascendancy.

This is further affirmation of the sad condition Filipinos as a people suffer — the Reverse Midas Touch disease. The erstwhile noble virtues of morality, decency, and civility, like most other things good in this world, had, in the hands of Filipinos, been perverted beyond recognition. They have now come to be associated with a camp that represents everything that is wrong with Philippine society. This condition had been recognised a long time ago but is coming to light only now because many who had once basked in the Yellow light had experienced first-hand taking the hard journey of unplugging themselves from the Yellow Matrix.

A veteran Get Real Post commentor posted an account of his own personal experience awakening from this mass hypnosis

Now, we’re living in the aftermath of Edsa. They had 30+ years to show real results. With all the freedom and opportunities they have claimed to have regained for us, it turned out to be a terrible lie.

Nothing personal, but AbNoy not only squandered opportunities, he also regressed the country–he and his supporters made partisan politics even worse, dirtier, and ever more decadent in this country–It’s not BS AbNoy Aquino alone as it is the whole LP Yellow lie being insidiously and continually spread through media connections (both local and foreign) that’s still infesting the country.

The virtues of morality, decency, and civility, like other things perverted by Filipinos’ Reverse Midas Touch condition join other formerly noble notions that now send chills up one’s spine whenever uttered. “Merry Christmas”, for example, when coming from a Filipino, is now seen to be a prelude to a mooch rather than a geniuine expression of well wishing.

What is missing in Philippine society is astute critical thinking. Perhaps Philippine society remains so irreparably damaged by colonialism that its people remain so accustomed to bandying around terms they hardly comprehend only because they are terms their colonial masters deemed associated to all things right and all things good.