Fatherhood, Duterte, and the Majapahit Empire



“Real fatherhood means love and commitment and sacrifice and a willingness to share responsibility and not walking away from one’s children.”
— William Bennett

On Fatherhood

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In the last 100 days, my perception of the presidency has changed, from being a formal leader to a loving father who is at the same time tough, strict, stringent, and sometimes harsh. Some of us grew up with a father with these qualities, one with a heavy hand driven by a big heart. This is the President we have, a true father and leader of state that is on the way to becoming a nation.

A father protects us from the afflictions and disorders of family life. He insulates the innocent young from the problems of the older ones in the family. Take drug addiction, a common problem more and more families have to deal with. Rich or poor, urban or rural, famous or unknown, no family is spared from the scourging misery of having a drug-dependent at home.

A decisive father who wants to defend and restore his family that is being destroyed would act quickly, harshly even, in a tough but loving way for the greater good, to avoid reaching the tipping point of societal obliteration and, thus, restore social order.

A true father protects his family from atrocious, abusive, and dreadful neighbors, 24/7. He makes sure we get to where we want to go and make it back home, safe and sound. A father worries about his children’s whereabouts, fearing they might be swamped by the temptations of modern life that do more harm than good. He understands youthful curiosity, crafting lifelong lessons out of brutal real world experiences. And a father warns strongly that using drugs is dangerous: to you and me, our family, and our country.

A father is a symbol of strength in a family. He provides stability, assurance, tenacity, and certainty. He gives his children with the moral courage to be strong in what is right. Members of the family race to him for support, encouragement, and advice even if they know they have done something wrong. They know that the father only wishes the best for his children: he believes in their capacity to learn from their mistakes.

Padre de Familia

A good father is a great provider. He is a breadwinner, concerned with the income of the family. He works hard to get us the money we need, ensuring it continues to flow. A large and growing family has large and growing needs. A good and wise father knows he could do better if he seeks the help of his neighbors, those who live on the same side of the world, rather than acting like a beggar stretching his arms halfway around the world.

The father who is now the President is very Asian in thinking and demeanor. This is difficult for western types (just look at our West-financed and -biased media) to grasp. After more than a century of dependence on the current world power, DU30 wants to change the game: let’s work more seriously with our neighbors. After all, we belong to one great region, ASEAN, with a population of more than 622 million people, and a gross domestic product of 2.573 trillion US dollars per year.1

ASEAN is a huge emerging market that continues to attract foreign investors from East Asia, North America and Western Europe whose population growth is stagnating. And as icing on the cake, this huge market is just beside two of the largest-populated nations on earth: China and India.

From this perspective, we can better understand why our President is breaking away from our colonial past and reconnecting the country with our pre-colonial history. Centuries ago, the ASEAN nations (Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, and the Philippines)2 used to belong to a great empire called the “Majapahit”.

Empire Strikes Back

The Majapahit Empire ruled this part of the world from 1293 to its eventual decline in 1527..3 This massive empire spanned 2,700,000 square kilometers. 4 During this period, the Philippines already started trade with China as early as 982 AD. 5 The Chinese were trading with no less than Kings, not just chieftains. During the same period, we were mining gold in Butuan, also known as the Rajahnate of Butuan. 6 Evidence of printing technology was supported with the discovery of the Laguna Copperplate inscription in 1987, an important archeological discovery, evidence that we were part of 10th century Southeast Asia.7

Many great things happened during the Majapahit Empire’s rule. There was evidence of a modern civilized world with sophisticated forms of governance, legislation, justice, agriculture, mining, trade, and architecture that already existed. 3

Perhaps Duterte’s instinct to reconnect and forge stronger alliances with our Malay neighbors is a strategic master plan for economic development, peace, and prosperity in the Philippines and the ASEAN region.

And, of course, our colonizers (until now, we are still heavily dependent on them) would not want that.

Lessons of History (from Prof. DU30)

Since the colonization of the Philippines, we never reconnected with our glorious past without our colonizers’ permission. Mainland Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islanders and other archipelagic countries like the Philippines and Indonesia established strong connections with their colonial masters instead of establishing interdependence among neighboring Southeast Asian countries.

The western nations do not want us to grow stronger, be more independent and progressive. According to the economist and Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz:“… the United States (is) opposed to the creation of the Asian Infrastructure Bank, a new institution designed to finance their investment…One of the most successful groupings of countries is ASEAN both economically and politically. That part of the world has been doing very well.” 8

Clearly, it is not the priority of western nations to help ASEAN countries unify themselves into one formidable grouping of nations.

Recent events

As DU30 steps up his rhetoric of expletives against the UN, the EU, and the US, I am led to believe that he is communicating, not only to the West and to us, but to the rest of Asia, his long-term vision: for countries to become nations, they need to cut their ties from their colonial masters and to establish strong partnerships of equals with our neighbors.

All nations, without exception, did the same, often with the untold brutality that pales in comparison with the verbal tirade (that our overly-sensitive media unrelentingly exaggerates) the father of our (soon-to-be) nation dishes out on a nightly basis.

Duterte’s strong sense of “Fatherhood” should strengthen our resolve to help him achieve a better Philippines, as a father would who wants only the best for his children. We can achieve this, but only if we stay united as a people and desist from being swayed by the twisted logic implanted by every colonizer: we cannot survive without their help.

Let’s follow DU30’s example: it’s time to throw the yoke off our backs.


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[Photo courtesy Metro.]

About Carlo de Leon

I am a marketing consultant, entrepreneur and executive director of an NGO. I have extensive experience in advertising, product management, media, and general management. I love art, graphic design, philosophy, theology, and history. I continue to study these subjects to enjoy my intellectual and artistic pursuits.

71 Comments on “Fatherhood, Duterte, and the Majapahit Empire”

  1. and to establish strong partnerships of equals with our neighbors.

    There’s a slight problem with that. No Asian nation views the Philippines as an equal. The country is, at best, an embarrassment. Even Malays (probably the most similar, culturally, to Filipinos) look down on the Philippines as a source of cheap labor and prostitutes.

    It’s also worth pointing out that the Majapahit Empire was not built by Filipinos but by Indonesians. The empire barely even touched the Philippines. It’s true that there was an advanced culture in this country during those years – possibly influenced by the Empire – but nothing of it remains today.

    Stop bragging about past (or imagined) glories and start creating something now, today. Empires are built on competence, not strutting and swearing.

    1. Your observation regarding our neighbors perception on us happen only now. You visited thailand, Indonesia, burma, lao and east timor lately? Not to mention vietnam, cambodia and the rest of asean. Your experience is true at the present singapore and some parts of peninsular malaysia, but in sabah and brunie whose royalty speaks cebuano as well, its totally different.

  2. To know your past is to know your future. Where lies the strength of the stem and the fruits of the branches when the roots are rotten?

  3. This – so called – father, only stays with his ‘family’ for 6 years. That is hardly a real father. So pls give me a break.

    1. Better to have a father for 6 years than never. Maybe dad can teach us a thing or two about discipline and other things that are seriously lacking here. How about showing us what REAL patriotism is all about?

      I take the 6 years with pleasure and welcome them with open arms. So it’s only 6 years? Well, we just have to grow up faster then. No father is around forever. Sooner or later we have to learn how to clean house and stand on our own feet.

      Your European thinking and standards are out of place. This is NOT Europe and it will never be, so please, give us a break with your nonsensical statements.

      Sincerely, … from a fellow European.

      P.S.: Duterte is more of a real father to this country than others we had for a long, long time.

      1. Jim,
        A government/parliament should stick to making laws, rules, regulations, build bridges, roads and airports.

        The day that I have to listen to my ‘father’ and telling me, how I must live, is really bizarre. If I cant decide for myself whats the best way of living then why should I live any longer?

        Our real parents should and must do that job. A government/parliament should never dictate how an individual must live. And BTW: if doesnt work either. Not even in the Philippines. For the coming years you have elected a dictator but 6 years from now, he is gone (if not killed before the end of his 6 years term).

        First you needed a god, now you need a president. When does the time come, people can do their own stuff without ANY help?

        This is not about being a European, this is about being self-aware, self-suffficient and not needing anybody else.

        1. There you go with your European way of seeing things. “a government should never dictate”

          Complete horseshit! If that was true then all Governments are failing, because that is exactly what Governments do. No one lives without dictate from government and that includes you.

          Well defined guidelines and strict punishment for failure to follow the rules is exactly what this country needs.

          “Go clean your room! Now!”

          See my reply to your post below.

        2. Every government dictates.

          This is exactly what is needed here.

          See my answer to your post below.

        3. Yes, not needing anybody else. We do that, taking care of ourselves and working. We let DU30 do his job in the Government. And by the way, when you said “elected” you contradicted your self when you also said “dictator”, if you know what i mean.

        4. Kier,
          you can elect a dictator. See Russia, North Korea, China and many other countries.

    2. Perhaps he should declare martial law rule until he dies… oh I forgot you would then call him dictator. You should give us a break with your weak response.

  4. I’m flabergasted ! But the Filipino are stubborn, I am glad there are still people like Carlo de Leon and the hopefulman…

  5. The Spaniards were guilty of cultural extinction by making us forget our past. This is probably the reason why the Spaniards banned trade by seafaring Indios and East Indians. They relegated trading to Chinese traders who were kept under control through a district called “Parian”. The Spaniards feared that alliances will be reestablished and the eventual resurrection of the “Majapahit” empire, threatened them.

    This is the Constantino doctrine. All colonizers do this. If we didn’t and haven’t removed our dependence, blame our corrupt politicians, who continue to impose their feudal form of governance on us, and our miserable educational system.

    1. Oh, stop blathering about the Spanish. There are any number of countries that were colonized for decades or centuries. Eventually the colonizers left. Some of them (not all) picked themselves up, dusted themselves off, and got on with building solid, respectable countries. Look at Slovenia or Poland for some recent examples.

      If you recognize what the Spanish did, stop perpetuating it.

      If you’ve lost your culture, resurrect it. The Spanish documented it!

      If you know your educational system is useless, then educate yourselves.

      If you need trade with others, then trade; start building businesses that people might want to trade with, and stop making stupid laws that prevent trade.

      Finally, stop praying to an assortment of “fathers” to save you all from yourselves.

      1. Hey Marius,

        Even if you are annoying , i get your point that we need to assert oudselves from now on. In fact that is exactly what our current President is doing. He wants us to stop being subservient to foriegners and learn to help ourselves better.

        One only has to read between the lines to understand what the President is saying.

        1. erm … thanks … I think.

          It’s not so much about asserting yourselves. Duterte is certainly doing plenty of asserting.

          The problem is, if you beat your chest about how great you are, but everyone can see you’re NOT great, people are going to laugh at you.

          So what I’m suggesting is: become great at something.

          Also, it would help if the President would speak a bit more clearly, so we don’t have to “read between the lines”.

        2. Yachtie,
          What I dont understand is, why do you (all Filipinos) need a president to point that out to you (all Filipinos)?

          I take it that you are a grown up mature adult. Then you should be able to figure that out for yourself.

          You know how it all sounds to me? The next thing Duterte will tell you to do is to change the diapers of your baby.

          If you (all Filipinos) hate all Americans (America), if you hate Europe, then that is okay and fine. You are allowed to say and think that. And I (yes, a European) will not start a fight with you about it.

          What I do hope is that you will reject and refuse all aid from Amnesty International, Unicef (and all other aid institutions) that will wanna help when your country is under attack from yet another (devastating) typhoon. Because only then you are consistent. Those organizations are funded mostly by westerners. So pls reject that help.

  6. This week, in Poland, the Polish parliament changed the abortion law into something stricter. There was no more escape. Only abortion if the mother’s life was at stake.

    So what happened? Hundreds of thousands of women protested and went on the streets to rally.

    In short, they didnt listen to their ‘father’ but instead they took the power.
    “Fathers” dont always know what is good and what is not good for its own citizens.

    The ‘new’ abortion law is now back on the drawing board bec the Polish parliament got scared shit of those protesters.

    And mind you, in Poland, the RCC used to be very influential. Probably till this week.

    1. Absurd comparison.

      A President in Europe is a father to educated adults.

      A President in the Philippines is a father to children marked by naiveté and simplicity and lack of guile or worldly experience.

      1. Jim,
        the comparison is not absurd. An indiviual doesnt need to be educated to say “enough is enough’ and claim one’s own power of/over its own body. It just needs common sense and a few brain cells.

        “A President in the Philippines is a father to children marked by naiveté and simplicity and lack of guile or worldly experience.”

        ^ this is the fault, error, mistake of all Philippine parents (poor and rich, educated and non-educated). Most PH parents are not fit to raise and to make kids. This wont change bec some god-father (Duterte) enters the arena.
        I havent heard him speak about how to raise kids and hear him say that its better to make no kids at all when being poor.

        Instead of doing that, all I hear him say is speaking ‘insults’ (none taken personally) to Obama, UN and EU.

        I really hope you dont pin your hopes on this ‘El Salvador’ bec so far, I havent seen him contribute anything to make the Philippines a better country (in all aspects). So far, all he is doing is murdering drug addicts.

        And the PH population is still sitting on their asses, doing nothing. Very lame.

        1. “I haven’t seen him contribute anything to make the Philippines a better country”

          Murdering drug addicts?

          Your opinions…., but maybe if you have these kind of opinions you SHOULD take his insults personally.

        2. Sorry Jim,
          but I am not (personally) offended by his words.

          In my country, you can insult the government and the royal family without going to prison wihout even having to pay a fine.

          You can even burn the (Dutch) national flag (its just a piece of cotton painted in 3 colors) in a public space without going to prison wihout even having to pay a fine.

        3. “I haven’t seen him contribute anything to make the Philippines a better country” Murdering drug addicts?

          I suggest you research deeper. Don’t just rely on the media. Might as well live here since it’s been better and secured since he was elected 100 days ago.

    2. Yes, the Filipino people took the power and elected him.

      Yes, fathers don’t always know what is right but we “Filipinos” chose him, gave him power and let him decide for our government affairs. Move-on

      1. Kier,
        move on with what?

        – More babies being born in poor circumstances?
        – More babies being born without a biological dad bec that dad has been slaughtered by Duterte?
        – move on with more poverty?

        When does the time come that Filipinos start raising the bar for themselves?
        But no, instead of that they decide to stay seated on their small asses and let ‘father’ decide for them.
        Wow, thats really taking full responsibility for one’s own life.

        1. Wow, really? No one is working? We’re seating on our asses. Nice stories you’ve got. Maybe publish those.

          We let him do all things he promised during the election i.e. enforce the law, end the Endo, FOI bill, federalism etc, we are waiting fingers crossed.

          and yes, firstly, waiting for him to feed us personally since we are so stupid as you assumed…LOL

        2. Robert: I get the feeling people like kier are hoping for a mother too, so they have a teat to suck on while they’re waiting for father to bring home the money.

        3. Marius,
          being so family-centered and collectivistic, please dont forget the aunt’s teat.

        4. Nice one Marius.. Publish that feeling too and maybe turn it into a novel.

          and yes, robert, we are family-oriented. you got a problem with that?

          When you can’t defend your line of thinking, you tend to focus on the “funny” things you think other nationalities have. Grow up, both of you. One day, hopefully, you’ll never make fun of most of us being so poor with no food to eat.

          The Filipino People have chosen him, and he has 6 years to serve. After that, he can’t run again and we’ll choose another Filipino who is to serve in the highest post. That is how it is.

        5. Boy oh boy oh boy,
          “The Filipino people have chosen him”

          Excuse me? Only 39% voted for Duterte. Okay to be exact, it was 39.01%. That is not even close to THE majority. The majority (60.99%) did NOT vote for him.

          Pls chose your words wisely and more accurately next time.

          “One day, hopefully, you’ll never make fun of most of us being so poor with no food to eat.”

          That is something you have to earn and deserve. Our definition of the word respect (one has to earn and deserve it) is of a much order than the mediocre defintion the Filippinos use.

          Being and staying poor is a choice. Nobody puts a gun to your head and orders you to stay poor or else you will be killed/murdered/assassinated. You most definately play the victim card here. A bit pathetic, dont you think?

        6. We are family-oriented. you got a problem with that?

          No you’re not. I’ve never seen so many miserable, dysfunctional families abusing each other. Your “family-oriented” culture usually revolves around sending some family member out to work – or simply selling them – so that everyone else can spend the money.

          Grow up, both of you. One day, hopefully, you’ll never make fun of most of us being so poor with no food to eat.

          I would never make fun of somebody who is – through no fault of his own – too poor to eat. As I said before, I know how that feels.

          On the other hand, if I see someone who deliberately arranges his life so that he WILL be poor, teaches his children to be poor, and votes for officials who want to make him even poorer – well, yeah, I’m going to poke fun at him.

        7. Robert, all of our presidents are minority presidents. We are not the same as US. When you have more than two candidates, naturally, you have a lower chance of getting 50% (do I really have to explain every single detail). Again, please research regarding our elections.

          How many you think are poor? 90%?

        8. My dear friend Kier,
          it looks to me that your question – “How many you think are poor? 90%?” – is purely based on financial poverty.

          I, however, look at poverty in a much broader, wider spectrum. Not only financial poverty but also the poor mindset and the poor behavior.

          While living in a poor 3rd world country, doesnt mean that the entire population has to act, think and behave in that way.

          Maybe your president should start mentioning this to the audience, that its time to raise the bar and rise to the occassion.

          Only problem is that most likely, most have no clue what he is talking about if he starts saying that.

          But to answer your question: If I am not mistaken about 25% seems to live below the (financial) poverty line. Regarding those other 2 variables (mindset and behavior): the figure is much higher.

        9. “…all of our presidents are minority presidents.” – Kier

          I think Erap Estrada won a landslide. ????

        10. Marius, please stop generalizing Filipino families.

          You see someone deliberately what? This is again a generalization.

          These things happen but please stop your faulty generalizations.

        11. Seems you have learned more about our election since you stopped mentioning about our “Minority President”.

          Well, about the “poor” thing. That is entirely your opinion. We are getting far from what is the point, really. What I’m saying basically is that, he got elected and gets to decide on government matter because WE LET HIM have that power, in fact we chose him.

          When do we start raising the bar? I believe we just did. We ditched the “lazy-all-talk-President-type” and elected someone who is proactive and who is a doer.

        12. When do we start raising the bar? I believe we just did. We ditched the “lazy-all-talk-President-type” and elected someone who is proactive and who is a doer.

          Does that mean the current administration’s less than three hundred days is better than the whole six years of the previous one?

          I think the jury is still out on the Duterte administration.

  7. When the Failipinos will stop having always someone/something to blame for their own failure and will start to live and act as grown up people then maybe will become Filipinos…
    Du30 is the hero and father now… they will blame him later for their future failure…

  8. Nice historical description of our past. Thank you, Mr. Carlo de Leon. We have many good Filipino writers and knowledgeable thinkers in the GRP Website. Come to the GRP website, foreign media. You will learn more here about our country; than what the Aquino YellowTard propaganda machine will tell you !

    Our conscious/subconscious minds were twisted/corrupted by our colonizers, like the Spaniards and the Americans. The Americans taught us, that: we cannot survive without them. So, they hooked us with their U.S. aids…like hooking a Shabu addict, with the illegal drug Shabu.

    By knowing our past; we discover, that we were part of a great Empire, the Majapahit Empire… That huge ancient country, like China, did not colonized us. But, peacefully, traded with us. By knowing our past, we discover, we had the technologies and system of government, equal to the western world.

    By knowing our past, we discover, we were not untamed and uncivilized SAVAGES, living as hunters and gatherers…the Rice Terraces in Banaue , Ifugao, Philippines; proves that we have a good/systematic , food(rice) production system in our ancient past!

    We were ruled by laws of our own, in communities that were equal or even surpassed the western world or America.

    Look at the civilization of China…an ancient country. They were advanced in technology, Science and system of government, beyond the western world imagination. We can read this in the : “Travels of Marco Polo”…the Italian adventurer, who brought the Chinese Noodles to Italy, and made it as their favorite Italian food called: “Pasta” !

    By reconnecting with our past, we can define a good future for ourselves and our country !

  9. Reading the entire piece, I temporarily forgot the existence of an abusive parent. For a while there, there are no abusive, disrespectful, toilet-mouth, rude, undiplomatic, and just an outright rude parent.

    Reading a propaganda piece usually do that to you. You are taken in oasis and makes you forget the dregs and reality of life.

    1. Pro Pinoy’s G. Nuguid alyas “gnogid”:

      Who created this “dregs and reality of life” that you are telling us? It is Aquino, Mar Roxas, their YellowTards and their cahoots. They swindled our taxes and pocketed them, thru the : DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel thievery, etc…

      They are connected with the Chinese Triad Mafia Drug crime syndicate.

      Aquino is a half Chinese. His mother is a Cojuangco (Chinese). The Shabu manufacturers in the Philippines are mostly Chinese !

      Now, the Shabu Drug addicts, they have addicted are living in the “dregs and realities of life”, as gnogid has described in his blog !

      1. Well, Hyden Toro, I can say that I have a unicorn for a pet and people may question me on that but, like you, I don’t give a damn.

        It’s my pet, my story. ????

  10. I appreciate some of the idealism expressed in some of the comments here. Unfortunately, those ideas don’t work in a shithole. So, if you do not and have not practically seen or lived in shithole conditions, please don’t assume ascendancy of opinion over those who can actually relate to shithole life.

  11. Duterte’s greatest achievement in the first 100 days is hope. There was none before him who was able to reintroduce that form of aspiration to the psyche of Filipinos than President Duterte himself

    1. Jorge,
      hope is nothing but waiting till something happens. Not very pro-active. Instead make a (realistic) plan, set goals and make it happen yourself. That is the only recipe that works. Hope is like praying. Useless.

    2. The example of good leadership, that I have known are: the leadership of the late Prime Minister Winston Churchill of Great Britain; and the military leadership of U.S. Gen. George Patton, of the U.S. 5th Army.

      British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, failed almost in everything, in his academics years. However, he was tested in the acid test of leadership in World War II. Especially, during the Air Battle in Britain..he passed it in flying color.

      U.S. Gen George Patton was a graduate of the Virginia Military Academy and U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York.

      He epitomizes the excellent military leader. He was a very good front commander. He was in the front leading his troops, in every battle with the German Nazis. He stated: “You have to PULL your men to victory” !

      Leadership is an Art. It is a talent, an inborn talent. Pres. Duterte has it…

      Accomplishments and results are the mark of a good leader. As well as, putting a good team to realize goals …

      Pres. Duterte is a working President.

      He is a breeze of fresh air; from the crooked leadership of the Aquino era ! From the stale , vile and perverse leadership of Aquino and his Liberal Party ….

      We salute you, Mr. President ! We are very grateful for work done well ! Future generations of Filipinos will be grateful to you !

  12. The problem with you, White People, is that you always think that you are superior over others. You always act like you are the moral conscience of this world we are living.

    Please, do not impose your European standards on an Asia-Pacific sovereign country because most of it do not fit our country’s demands.

    And…you cannot dictate us on what we should do because this is not your home turf.

    I advise you to do a deeper research about things in the Philippines, and do not just rely on the bullshit mainstream media feeds you.

    Get a life!

    1. White standards means European culture/Western civilization. So Filipinos don’t want or can’t carry on Western civilization? I thought you have to be a racist to think that way. But I agree with you: Filipinos have South East Asian standards and Europeans have white standards. Cool!

  13. “Robert Haighton says:
    October 8, 2016 at 11:40 pm
    Boy oh boy oh boy,
    “The Filipino people have chosen him”

    Excuse me? Only 39% voted for Duterte. Okay to be exact, it was 39.01%. That is not even close to THE majority. The majority (60.99%) did NOT vote for him.

    Pls chose your words wisely and more accurately next time.

    “One day, hopefully, you’ll never make fun of most of us being so poor with no food to eat.”

    That is something you have to earn and deserve. Our definition of the word respect (one has to earn and deserve it) is of a much order than the mediocre defintion the Filippinos use.

    Being and staying poor is a choice. Nobody puts a gun to your head and orders you to stay poor or else you will be killed/murdered/assassinated. You most definately play the victim card here. A bit pathetic, dont you think?”


    The Philippine population is 100 million with a voting population of around 40 million. Out of the 40 million, 16 million voted for Duterte (the highest any Philippine president got), followed by Mar Roxas with 9 million, and the rest you can share it with the 3 other candidates. The Philippines elects the candidate with the most number of votes and not the majority of votes because, you can’t really get the majority votes with 4 other candidates, can you?

    1. BJ,
      No matter how you twist the figures, it remaines that the majoity did not vote for Duterte.
      One can get an absolute majority when that person designs a plan that everybody embraces even with 4 or 5 contenders. Just design the best plan.

      OR form/create a coalition so that that coalition has the majority of votes.

      I dont want to be the/a president (or CEO of a company) when I am only having 39% of all the votes.

      Furthermore, I would suggest to abolish the system to register as voter. Let everybody vote who is 18+ and have a Filipino passport.
      In my country, I dont need to register myself in order to become eligible to vote. Once, I am born, I am automatically registered with city hall (not only as citizen but also as status that I am ‘legal’ and ‘legitimate’ even when I am born out of wedlock).

      In my country out of a population of approx 17 million we have approx 12 million eligible voters. That is about 70% of the total population where – according to your figures its only 40% (40 million out of a 100 million population) in the Philippines.
      Every individual of that 12 million voters do get a voters pass with which they can vote at a polling station (accompanied by an official ID: passport, drivers license or ID-card). It doesnt say anything about the actual turnout.

      1. “I dont want to be the/a president (or CEO of a company) when I am only having 39% of all the votes.”

        Well that’s your preference but that is just the way it is. Our presidents are minority presidents.

        Maybe you can run in our congress and try to change the system. Hopefully, you’ll get “majority” votes too in whatever province you chose.LOL

        1. According to gnogid, Erap won via lansdlide 🙂
          – landslide doesn’t mean majority..hehe

          Check this out, via Wikipedia:

          Joseph Estrada (LAMMP) – 10,722,295 (39.86%)
          Jose de Venecia (Lakas-NUCD-UMDP) – 4,268,483 (15.87%)
          Raul Roco (Aksyon Demokratiko) – 3,720,212 (13.83%)

    2. BJ,
      to add to my previous response:

      What do I mean with ‘having a plan’ as president?

      A plan consists of the things a president wants to achieve during his/her term. It also includes how he/she wants to achieve those objectives/goals and when it is achieved.

      So, lets pretend that Duterte had a plan in which he said he wants to end all poverty in the Philippines.
      Then, I also want to know how he wants to achieve it and when he has reached that specific objective.

      I am sorry to say but I didnt read anything about such a specific plan from Mr. Duterte. So I wont vote for him for lacking having an elaborate good plan.

      1. Hi Robert,

        Simply put, the electoral system here in the Philippines, as embodied in our Constitution, is that the candidate with the most number of votes (never was a majority) is the one who will be elected into office. Now, if you have a problem on the way we vote, it’s up to you. It’s tantamount to calling all our former presidents as “minority” presidents because, to my knowledge, there never was a majority vote. You may not understand this since this is not how your government works (whatever country you belong).

        If you have been reading and researching about the Philippines and Duterte’s platform, you could’ve come across his plan to change our form of government from centralized to federal (it’s all over the internet and he made such pronouncements during his campaign). The federal form of government, he believes, will work best in the Philippines as compared to the centralized form of government since the country was founded.

        Regarding on your “elaborate good plan”, there was no such thing as an “elaborate good plan” by Duterte during his campaign. His message was clear when he campaigned — rid the country of drugs, crime and corruption. That my, good sir, was what made him win. Trust me, other presidential candidates and the past presidents have made “more elaborate good plans” to woo the voting public but the question is, did they feel that those plans were made into action? The electorate is already sick and tired of those “elaborate good plans”. When Duterte decided to run, he only has one thing to back his words — his leadership of Davao City (you might want to read more on Davao City as well).

        1. BJ,
          I dont wanna argue about political systems. It will result in a “yes” (pro) vs. “no” (con) or vice versa.

          So lets talk about the content and about leadership instead.

          Saying corruption, drugs and crime has to stop is for me just a one-liner and to be honest, too simple and simplistic.
          I – as voter – want to know how and when all is achieved. Then and only then we are talking about a plan.
          And if the used methods go against my line of thinking or when its taking too long, I will not vote for that political party or that person. That one-liner is just examplary of how most Filipinos think and behave: there is NO well thought out, detailed plan.

          I read about Davao. And all I can say is this: with my faculties, I could and can never vote for him. He is just too shallow, too simple. In my country, I doubt he would even get 1% (one percent) of the votes. And even if he did, he would be killed by now (probably even earlier than now).

          A president, prime-minister, parliament (or whoever is in charge) only has a few tools. Those tools are called laws, rules and regulations. Killing your own kind, is not part of those tools. The day my government starts shooting and killing people, is the day I will leave this country.

          No country will be one nation for the simple fact that each individual have a different outlook and view. We are not all born in the same crib. Hence, a president, prime-minster or king/queen can never be a ‘father’ (literally or metaforically) of everyone. And especially NOT in the Philippines with its dysfunctional society (teenage pregnancies, HIV/Aids, single mothers, poverty and a failing culture).

        2. But that’s how life is, right? If we are wrong, hopefully we can improve in choosing, If we are right, hopefully we can elect again someone with same quality as he.

          Slight problem with that Kier. Filipinos never admit that they’ve made a mistake. It’s always everyone else who is wrong. Filipinos make the same wrong decisions over and over and over again, and if you question it, you’re racist or a hater. Because “that’s the way we do it in the Philippines”.

          What other explanation can you offer for the fact that Filipinos have elected crooks and idiots since time immemorial?

          Still, I agree that we’ll probably only find out if Duterte was good or bad for the country 20 years from now. It’s hard to imagine things getting worse than they are now, but the Filipino is ingenious in that regard.

      2. In addition, there is no two-party system in the Philippines, as Republicans and Democrats in the US. The Philippine political system (landscape) is an amalgam of regionalistic, feudalistic, dynasties, and padrino coalitions eager to jump-ship to whichever stronger party they can attach themselves to to remain in power. So, unlike the US where they get to elect the president with the majority of votes, here in the Philippines you can’t do that.

        1. BJ,
          I know that you are NOT stating that I am an American (by mentioning the american system). Well, I am not an American.

          In my neck of the woods, we have a multiple party system with more than 7 political national parties. During city (LGU) elections, we even have local political parties not to be found and not active at national level.

          If a political party gets the most votes (but still below the 50% mark, there is still no winner). In order to rule and reign that PP (political party) must look for another party to form a coalition in such a way that both parties (or even more than 2 parties) do end up having 50% + 1 vote.

          I am not gonna argue whether this is a perfect system (or not) but it surely means that those who are in ‘power’ represent the majority of the voters (and thus the majority of the population). With such a backing, its most likely it will and can sit in power for the entire duration of the term. With a minority vote (less than 50%) it is likelier that with everything a party does, its gets fucked (scrutinized) by the other part (the majority).
          Again, personally, I dont want to be in power only bec of 39% of the votes. Its meagre, shaky and fragile. And by that, I know I am not representing the majority of my own country.

        2. BJ,
          in my neck of the woods, each political party stands for its own party program. If one of these parties gonna ‘flirt’ with others AND losing their own party program (the things they stand for; the things they will defend) then they are fucked and almost go ‘bankrupt’. Voters are not stupid (well, not those in my ‘backyard’).

          Let me just mention 3 random political parties from my neck of the woods.

          “GroenLinks” (green left): The name speaks for itself, right?: left wing and green (environmental).

          “VVD” (Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie): this party can best be compared to the Philippine LP (I think). The VVD is liberal and right wing. The VVD promotes the individual freedoms, responsibilities and wants less government interference.

          “SGP” (Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij): This political party is totally designed and based on religion. Women have only one right and that is the ‘kitchen’; women are not allowed to execute any political jobs and functions and preferably they dont work at all; they are against abortion (obviously).
          You will find most voters for the SGP in the ‘bible belt’.

          We only have 2 other ‘religious’ political parties: CU (Christian Union) and the CDA. The CDA is by far the biggest of the 3 ‘religious’ political parties.

          All other national PPs have no religious signature.

        3. Robert,

          Don’t worry about majority. If you haven’t heard, I think PDU30 is considered strongest so far based on number of allies in both congress and senate. Though he started weak, usually, our politicians switches sides after it is clear who will win as President. And for this election, it did happen once again.

          This is why it is critical that we chose right for this position. History will judge our decision. It will probably take 10 to 20 years to look back and say that we elected our own version of LKY or Deng Xiaoping or we made a mistake. But that’s how life is, right? If we are wrong, hopefully we can improve in choosing, If we are right, hopefully we can elect again someone with same quality as he.

        4. This is why it is critical that we chose right for this position. History will judge our decision. It will probably take 10 to 20 years to look back and say that we elected our own version of LKY or Deng Xiaoping or we made a mistake.

          Is the analogy with LKY or Deng Xiaoping anchored on the same premise that pertains to indiscrimate killings of criminals? Or to the display of arrogance of power, disrespect to norms of good behavior and the filthy mouth character which Duterte is known for?

        5. Not really, gnogid. We view things differently so let’s just agree to disagree especially when it comes to PDU30.

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