Hysterical Leila de Lima is not the right woman to represent women

The ongoing war of words between Senator Leila De Lima and her political enemies headed by President Rodrigo Duterte has some feminist groups in the Philippines up in arms, labelling criticism against De Lima as misogynist and a form of sexual harassment. They are using the gender card in defending De Lima. As a female, I find this unfair not just to the opposite sex, but to the real victims of sexual harassment.

Being hysterical and talking too much will not earn Leila de Lima any sympathy from her detractors.

Being hysterical and talking too much will not earn Leila de Lima any sympathy from her detractors.

While it is sad that De Lima’s detractors are using an alleged sex video featuring her and her former driver/lover to attack her — threatening to play it during a Congressional hearing into the illegal drug trade at the New Bilibid Prisons — they are doing so only because she is still avoiding the issue. What De Lima should have done once her extra-marital affair was exposed for the first time was to own up to it.

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The problem is, De Lima kept being coy about the said affair and deliberately avoided the issue. Her behaviour is quite odd considering rumours of the nature of her relationship with the ex-Department of Justice driver Ronnie Dayan have been going around after former Jueteng whistle-blower Sandra Cam divulged it to the media years ago. De Lima should be man enough or, should I say, woman enough to admit it. Why should she be ashamed of the affair now? After all, isn’t feminism about equal opportunity for women? A lot of men are not ashamed of admitting to an affair. They even brag about it like it is a badge of honour.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for equal opportunity, but there are times when the gender card is used too often and comes across like it’s a way to get a free pass and De Lima’s situation is one of them. This is precisely the reason why feminism causes don’t get any respect from some members of the opposite sex. If we women want to be treated with respect, we need to play our cards right. If De Lima does not want the alleged sex video played in the Congressional hearing, she should just admit to the affair and the existence of the sex video. That way, Department of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre and House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez – both allied with Duterte – who want the video to be shown because it is relevant to the House Committee on Justice’s inquiry on the proliferation of drugs inside the national penitentiary, don’t have to play it.

For the record, I am against showing De Lima’s alleged sex video. I don’t think it is necessary. Besides, minors could see it. But I do get what they are trying to prove. Their aim is to establish a link — a very close link — between driver Dayan who is being accused of drug trafficking while employed by the DOJ under De Lima. It’s a shame they have to resort to this tactic just to prove it.

De Lima can help stop this madness by telling the truth. She might be thinking that her personal life is not anyone else’s business, but the fact is, her lover was a former staff who is accused of being involved in illegal activity. De Lima should have been subject to disciplinary action or removed from office for that. It’s a shame she got away with impunity for years during former BS Aquino’s term. Had she been sacked as DOJ secretary, that would have taught her some humility and she wouldn’t have had the nerve to run for senator in the last election. Now Filipinos are stuck with her and the tililing rampages she frequently launches herself into in front of the media.

De Lima seems to be good at keeping up a front. She is deluding herself into thinking that she has done nothing wrong. In other societies, politicians who become embroiled in controversy or fail in their duties resign immediately out of shame. De Lima should emulate that. She doesn’t seem to feel any sense of shame. Some people are saying that she could be a sociopath. Sociopaths are said to be those who lack any true sense of guilt or remorse for harm they may have caused to others. Instead, they blame their behaviour on someone else, or deny it outright. They lack moral bearing (in comparison with the majority of humans) and are unable to evaluate situations within a moral framework. They also have an inability to develop emotional bonds with other people. De Lima does not seem to have an ability to reflect inward. She should be asking herself “why is this happening to me?” She should look back on the people she had done wrong to and there is a long list starting with former President Gloria Arroyo.

You can call it bullying, but you cannot call what De Lima’s enemies are doing “sexual harassment”. She was also bullying others when she was DOJ Secretary and she’s still doing it to Duterte. Besides, her victims did not complain of “sexual harassment” when she was doing it. We didn’t hear Arroyo, Corona, Binay, Enrile, Jinggoy, Revilla, et al cry sexual harassment when they were being persecuted by the Liberal Party during BS Aquino’s term.

In her recent press conference, De Lima was acting hysterical. She lacked class. She does not handle stress with finesse. One wonders what kind of training she had as a lawyer. She buckles under pressure. She’s the type of woman members of the opposite sex would love to hate because she talks too much. She does not represent women well. I am surprised that women’s groups see her as a champion of their cause.

De Lima also complained about not being able to do her job as a senator because of the constant attack on her. If she stopped holding press conferences every day, she might have time to do her job. She’s saying the same things over and over anyway. She doesn’t see that she is also badmouthing Duterte during her talks with the media and angering his supporters in the process. If she thinks the truth will prevail, then she has nothing to worry about. She shouldn’t lose sleep over it. She just has to deal with the thought of being in detention for a while once the charges against her have been formally filed. If Arroyo handled being detained while sick, she can handle it too considering she claims to be a strong woman.

41 Replies to “Hysterical Leila de Lima is not the right woman to represent women”

  1. First things first, Ilda. Assuming for the sake of argument that Leila de Lima is the person involved in the sex tape, it does not establish de Lima’s link to the drug trade. Common sense, Ilda. Do you have a husband or boyfriend? (I pity the guy, to be honest.) Anyway, does it mean that just because you get ***ked by your partner means that you condone all of his acts? Think hard about that and you will realize that yes, as in the court’s word, the alleged sex video is nothing but IRRELEVANT evidence.

    If it is irrelevant evidence, then what is it?

    We all know why you are insisting on showing this sex video… It’s plain and simple: you just want to harass Sen. de Lima because she is strongly against your Lord and Savior Rody Duterte.

    Yun lang yun, Ilda. Wag ka nang marami pang satsat diyan.

    1. You said:

      We all know why you are insisting on showing this sex video… It’s plain and simple: you just want to harass Sen. de Lima because she is strongly against your Lord and Savior Rody Duterte.

      The article reads:

      For the record, I am against showing De Lima’s alleged sex video. I don’t think it is necessary. Besides, minors could see it. But I do get what they are trying to prove. Their aim is to establish a link — a very close link — between driver Dayan who is being accused of drug trafficking while employed by the DOJ under De Lima. It’s a shame they have to resort to this tactic just to prove it.

      You didn’t actually read the article didn’t you?

      Marami ka pang satsat diyan 😉

    2. ahahaha! AHAHAHA!


      ilda does not, DOES NOT want dirty delima’s sex video shown.

      sigh. pity the people defending the indefensible delima. they resort to delima tactics. pity especially the women using gender card in defending delima. woe to them they do not realize delima effectively and systematically trashed women’s and especially children’s RIGHTS when she sold herself to the drug business.

    3. @NoToFaggots:

      Fag, please read the article again and stop being a drama queen.

      Also, I thought that TROLLS have no common sense either. The very reason why you’re trying to defend De Lima and accuse the author of harrasing the former is that you love to play the victim card and you showed us that you’re a sociopath just like her.

      Ikaw ang maraming satsat diyan. Utak squatter ka kasi. 🙂

    4. So agree with you!!! It doesn’t prove anything except that she had a sexual, love (or whatever you want to call it) relationship with her driver. Find and present the paper trail then let’s talk again Ilda.

      And I don’t blame her for getting hysterical, anyone in her position (public or not) would do. At least she doesn’t resort to spewing expletives not like the other one

      1. So you agree with the actual TROLL? Thanks for proving me that you NEVER, EVER read the article.

        And I wanna ask: did former President Arroyo get hysterical when she went to a presscon and such? No, she remains calm.

        Please take your TROLLING to somewhere else and set your priorities for once. Playing the victim card is only for cowards. You know it.

    5. What a nimrod you are. The author said she does NOT want the sex video shown and one reason for that is the harm it may do to children.

      Let me say also, that if DeLima is guilty of advancing and protecting the drug industry inside Bilibid, then any kind of evidence connecting her to other significant players is not using “smear tactics” but rather using the truth to expose the lies and corruption. Unfortunately if DeLima gets removed from the Senate for vote fraud (she should) or for criminal activity (who knows just yet?)then the dipshit Francis Tolentino would take her place.

    6. NTR
      If there is someone without common sense here is you. The sex video is a solid proof that D5 and her driver have a relationship and with that, she used the driver as her bag man to collect drug money inside Bucor, as clear as the morning sunshine, not unless you are turning a blind eye for being a yellowtard.

  2. I have seen the Sexual Video Tapes of Leila de Lima, and her driver lover: Ronnie Palisoc Dayan. There are three (3) tapes/copies or dvds…in all.

    They should be shown in Congress and in the Senate. It is to teach a lesson, on those in power: that they are vulnerable, even, if they are in power.

    Those women, who play the “gender card” are nothing but , wasting their time …Former DOJ Sec. Leila de Lima, was having this affair with her driver lover, Ronnie Dayan; when Leila de Lima , was DOJ Secretary.

    The Sex video tapes, will be a trail or evidence, of how far the sexual relationship had gotten to…

    Was the Driver Lover, a go between for the Drug Lords and De Lima ?

    Was the Driver Lover, a Drug Money collector of De Lima ?

    Was De Lima Blackmailed by the Chinese Triad Drug Mafia crime syndicate thru Ronnie Dayan ?

    Were these Sex Videos used by the Chinese Triad Drug Mafia syndicate, on De Lima; to let them proliferate the illegal Drug, Shabu in the Philippines ?

    I believe there is more to come out than being a “voyeur” of these three copies of sex videos ! Right On : Show these Sex Videos of De Lima and Dayan !

  3. I AGREE TO ALL THE COMMENTS EXCEPT to..’NoToRevisionism’!!!
    Its NOT About (Your De Lima’s)Gender or Feminism, its ALL ABOUT DRUGS INVOLVEMENT of a High Ranking Official of OUR Government!!! The AUTHOR ‘IIda’ is just FAIR on her opinions/ statements ‘a very constructive criticism’ to Her CREDIT!!!✌????️????????????

  4. Another HACK job on a Politician disliked by the writer, SO WHAT? She had SEX with her driver,WHO CARES? and when was the last time ILDUH saw a politician RESIGN because someone thought they failed at their job? 1974? Get with it, politicians have no shame, anywhere, not just in the Failippines. Everywhere you go politicians are accused of failing and they do not resign.


    and after 7 years, NOTHING HAS CHANGED, NOTHING !!!!


  5. and BTW, this Woman has risen through the ranks to become a Senator. it probably was not easy and she has worked hard (maybe not gotten the results the people would like, but she has a good reputation outside the country, unlike others)Why would she not make a good role model, BECAUSE SHE GOT LAID?

    Now list all he failings and put them up against her being where she is,eh? BRING IT….and BTW ,I don’t like the bitch BUT she has done well for herself and would be a good role model for Filipina’s to emulate. Even the sex part.

    1. Perhaps you missed something: her rise to become a Senator is due to being Noynoy’s lackey when she was DOJ secretary under the LP banner. You connect the dots.

      and BTW ,I don’t like the bitch BUT she has done well for herself and would be a good role model for Filipina’s to emulate.

      I hope you’re being sarcastic. I never thought that sociopaths could be good role models…

      1. @ MAN FROM….IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, DUTERTE’s entire family is ensconsed in DAVAO CITY POLITICS. THEY ASSAULT PEOPLE IN PUBLIC AND GET AWAY WITH IT(If that bitch ever punched me in the face, i’d knock the bitch out COLD!!!).That is the way it goes in the country, every party, every family, takes care of their own.OR DID YOU MISS THAT?

  6. To accept one’s past – one’s history – is not the same thing as drowning in it; it is learning how to use it. An invented past can never be used; it cracks and crumbles under the pressures of life like clay in a season of drought.

  7. I wonder if De Lima sex video scandal will allow to show it on Bilibid hearing case, do you think that she might commit suicide after that just like what Angelo Reyes did five years ago? :\

  8. She is not the right woman to represent the people. Sleeping with drug pushers will only make the nation’s problems worse.

    1. You’re being judgmental.. Sen. De Lima is the only DOJ Secretary who dared to raid the NBP which has become the center of drug activities. Nobody from the time of Pres. Ramos to Pres. GMA had the guts to do it. She did het job well by exposing what was happening inside Bilibid. Being mentored by no less than the former SC justice Isagani Cruz and Raul Roco has mold her into a brave woman with strong convictions. Yes, she rose from the ranks, starting as SC clerk of court.
      I agree with Ms Solita Monsod that her credentials speak of her character. It’s a shame that her being single after her marriage was annuled is being used now to portray her as a woman of loose character.

  9. Show De Lima’s sex tapes? But was there an authentication done establishing that the tape is real, that it is not fabricated?

    For months now, people have seen De Lima’s alleged sex video and claimed “I have seen the sexual video tapes” etc. and jumped like chimpanzees with no idea if whether or not what they’ve seen is genuine or not.

    Before we even talk about misogyny, gender card, sexual harassment, etc. let us all stop and think and set aside our own biases, prejudice or payback mentality and really find out if there is basis in all this brouhaha about the sex tapes. ????

    1. Pro Pinoy’s G. Nuguid alyas “gnogid”:

      Our Technicians in our Lab, examined the tapes; the Pixels, are in order…there are no manipulations. So, the tapes are authentic…taken directly , when De Lima and Dayan were having sexual intercourse !

      Why they were taken ? This is what the investigators have to figure out !

      Idiots like, G. Nuguid, who is a confirmed YellowTard blogging on GRP, will defend his Whore: De Lima to the end !

      ” Nakipagpalik din si G. Nuguid kay De Lima !”…”Kumati na ang Bruha, kaya kung sino sino nang makipagtalik !”

      1. Our Technicians in our Lab…” – Hyden Toro

        Who you?

        You already heaped those attacks and insults against De Lima before admitting your “tech in your lab” examined the tapes? Lab as in lababo? Lol! ????

        The pixels are in order.

        What does that mean? The picture is crystal clear? Did you post it in Youtube? I’d like to see that.

        There are no manipulations?

        Manipulations by way of what?

        Why they were taken? This is what the investigators have to figure out !

        Are you sure there are investigators out there trying to “figure out” why the alleged video was taken? Really? ????

  10. Sin is sin and it is a reproach to anyone. The only solution is to repent and ask for forgiveness. Whatever consequences maybe we have to accept it.

  11. Delima is a yellowtard of Marcial Bonifacio Son Madpnoy the third world status creator of the Philippines three million addicts, She was the person who is responsible for all these addicts that was created in Madpnoys times from 2010 to 2016,she doesn’t represent the female sides of the Philippines.

  12. Duterte is a Criminal and must be tried and sent to prison. Shame on all those who support him and his criminal enterprise in the name of “good government”. All must rise up against this dictator!

    1. Nah. AbNoy & De Lima should be the ones tried for their crimes & letting this drug problem get out of hand.

      Du30 has no choice but cleanup the mess of the previous yellow admin.

      Notice, it’s only the yellow party that’s bitter as ampalaya. The other parties are fine.

  13. I cannot imagine how stupid the Delima and the Yello supporter is. The purpose of showing sex videos of De Lima is to show that De Lima is a law violator and immoral herself. Kung alagad ka ng Gobyerno or ng batas, dapat ikaw mismo ang taga implement nito hindi na ika ang nagviviolate. Tapos sasabihin sa author nito na okay lang? Okay lng sa ordinaryong tao pero sa isang public servant ay hindi okay dahil si Dayan ay may-asawa.

  14. As a filipina living in Aus, Delima is despicable not just for cheating on her husband, but how she is as one with important role in the Senate.

    She’s the epitome of all things corrupting Philippines on an institutional level — her infantile reactions and her filthy lies so typical of cowards of her sort is why I’m ashamed so much to be associated with our country.

    Duterte disdains hypocrites by amping up hyperbolic statements deliberately and rightly so. The Philippines should own up to its sovereignty and take good care of ourselves and I’m glad that he’s our president.

  15. well, for me showing the sex video of delima in public is unneccessary. it must be only viewed by investigators privately if it could get evidences in her link of narcotics..that bitch must face the court to clarify things up.

  16. I believe the sex video does prove something. It is a corroborating evidence to the other strong evidences against delima. It may not prove anything when presented alone but with all the testimonies against her, it does have some value. Nevertheless, I am not in favor of playing it for the public to see.

    1. The sex videos of Leila de Lima and Ronnie Palisoc Dayan are Valid Sex Videos.

      Our Laboratory Technician in our company, here in the U.S., examined it. There are no PIXELS that were disturbed, in the recordings…any knowledgeable person in recording technology, can confirm this findings ! There are no alterations !

      So, the video was taken and transmitted to whatever recording equipment was; when the sexual encounter and sexual intercourse was taking place…

    2. At this point De Lima has been cornered, if she is indeed involved in the drug issue. If she cracks and admits to the accusations, either way, she’d get killed outside or be jailed+killed. Right now, the drug Syndicates have her by the neck and are only employing her to be a thorn in the Duterte admin. IF the allegations are true.
      About the video, it’s common that politicians involved in illegal activities are blackmailed using “control files” such as sex vids, etc.. Who knows.

  17. It is the tactics of Drug Lords in Columbia and Mexico, to offer high government officials, police, etc…riches beyond their wildest dreams, or death , even their family are threatened with death…wife and daughters, are threatened to be raped. The rape will be in video…

    The sex videos of Leila de Lima , may had been a “blackmail tool” by the Drug syndicate. Ronnie Dayan may had been also threatened…

    So, all cooperated. I will never believe that Aquino and Mar Roxas, together with Purisima were not involved in the Drug Trade!

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