Will Filipinos be better off letting go of America?


The recent bungled-journalism-ignited conflagration that almost led to a complete souring (if not severing) of ties between two close long-standing Pacific allies has brought up another piece of the mosaic that makes up the vision of radical change that President Duterte has in mind for his country. It was as if in one fell swoop, President Duterte with a flaming “PI”-expletive-laced outburst could have brought all the many decades of partnership, trust and good will between the US and the Philippines crashing down.

Yes, in theory that’s how easy geopolitics can take a wild turn these days. As they say in this gladiatorial arena, there are no permanent friends, just permanent interests.

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Intended or not, one thing is clear from the fallout of the recent circus. Duterte has greater regard for his own monkey-eating avian species than the high-flying American bald eagle, in stark contrast to all his predecessors.  This reminds me of the book by David Platt “Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream” whose front cover has a picture of a house turned upside down.

As I mentioned in the past:

Common Sense is simple. What you see typical Filipinos doing – just do the opposite.

And that’s exactly what think-out-of-the-box Duterte is doing. We have seen how the Yellow Cult has all these many decades been following after Americans like a star-struck dog on a colonial-mentality leash. Our new president dares to be different by moving towards cutting the invisible umbilical cord that we as a nation had been surviving on.

Action defines character

As the Creed of Winners states (line 4): action defines character. What you really are deep within will show through what you do. And all that you see in Duterte’s behavior is but a reflection of the object of his allegiance. Duterte proves himself to be a true and bold nationalist, who is the least beholden to our erstwhile Aquiline-nosed colonizers.

Consistent with what Duterte has set in his heart to accomplish under his watch, he had planned from the onset to chart a new course for this country – one that has the training wheels fully detached from our precariously wobbling bicycle. The following outlines his intention back when he just took office:

Duterte to chart his own course on foreign policy, won’t rely on US – May 31, 2016

“I will be charting a course on its own and will not be dependent on the United States,” Mr. Duterte told a news conference after presenting his Cabinet.

His comments came hours after Chinese President Xi Jinping said that Beijing wants to deepen relations with Manila under the new Duterte administration, as both sides seek to reset bilateral ties strained by rising tensions over conflicting claims in the South China Sea.

“A friendly, stable and sound China-Philippines relationship is in the fundamental interests of the two countries and their people,” said Mr. Xi in a congratulatory message to Mr. Duterte on Monday after his victory in the May 9 election was officially confirmed.

“We hope the two sides can work together to bring bilateral relations back on a healthy track,” added Mr. Xi, according to a statement published on the website of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Xi’s congratulatory message noted that the two countries had a long history of friendly exchanges and a deep traditional friendship.

What’s the risk of losing America?

This daring new course could be a huge risk for our disaster-prone country with just token national defense capability that has depended like lazy junkies for so long on the US as an overgrown infant still not fully weaned off of its mother’s milk. In a recent statement, Duterte says he is not a fan of the US, and vowed to steer an independent course and refrain from confronting territorial rival China.

  1. Can the Philippines survive on its own in shark-infested waters?
  2. Will distancing from the US (coming out of America’s protective umbrella) and getting closer to China be a greater advantage for the country?
  3. What do Filipinos have to lose on a future without Uncle Sam?

What’s in it for America and the Philippines anyway?

The biggest fundamental question really is: why do we even have to stick with America? What does America get out of the Philippines, and vice versa:  a mutual defense treaty? – Do you really think Americans will risk their asses to defend Scarborough Shoal should the Chinese proceed to “invade Philippine-claimed territory” by turning it into another one of their artificial islands? We must be dreaming.

America’s hegemony in the Pacific may appear to be a deterrent, but will it actually hold water in a real conflict that requires spilling American blood for Pinoy asses? Ask any American if a perceived stinking shithole like the Philippines is worth saving and you’ll get a frank answer. Remember how the West abandoned Rwanda at the height of their genocide?

On the flip side, what can befriending China lead to? A removal of strain in the Spratlys with the building of new factories and railways across the nation, right? Like for a young man who realizes his next move after carefully studying the pros and cons table of all his prospects for a lifetime partner (maganda – check, mabait – check, matalino – check, mayaman – optional), the choice already appears to be glaringly obvious.

Maybe it’s about time to get trained by our good ol’ Chinese brothers.

110 Replies to “Will Filipinos be better off letting go of America?”

  1. If we lose America, we lose other allies of America as well. It will have a tremendous debilitating effect on our economy, trade and tourism. Your realization on your article is very shallow lacking depth and research. Dig deeper and you will see the biggest underlying picture.

    China, as of now, is trying to find ways how to prevent their hollow economy from falling because of their rising debts used in fast-tracking and expanding economy without having good investment in return. It will just take few years before their economy will collapse (if still not manage properly) and so it is not surprising to see later on they’ll declare bankruptsy. America on the other hand is in stable condition and much more experience in handling the econonmy especially rising back to its feet after falling so many times in the past. So don’t tell me that it is much better to side with China than America because that prospect Philippines is heading in a wrong dangerous direction.

    1. America is in trillion U.S. dollar in debt to China and other countries. It’s debt is increasing , every second…its budget deficit is huge …the State of California is bankrupt…the City of Detroit, Michigan is bankrupt. The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is bankrupt..the U.S., has a huge trade deficit !

      1. This is correct. The U.S. has $19.5 trillion dollars of debt, and the bloated country has to borrow and print just to pay its $246 billion per year interest payment on the debt. If the U.S. doesn’t print and borrow, it cannot even make its debt interest payment, and the country collapses. The economy and country are running on fumes.

        The U.S. dollar is also the world reserve currency, so the country has had everything rigged in its favor. Russia and China have already created non-U.S. dollar trade agreements. The U.S. is going down the drain and will never recover; especially in this global economy. The country is already a mess; I have witnessed it go down the drain in my lifetime, and I’m under 40.

      1. I don’t have to name more than one: the United States. The world already knows how disbanded the Filipinos are, of how ungrateful they are towards the United States for getting them out of tight situations for decades, and how good they are at feigning subservience and loyalty to anyone who offers them the most money.

        These examples alone make the international community question the integrity and loyalty of the Filipino people. If you need more examples, I can give them to you; but those examples above are probably the reasons why the United States, since the end of World War 2, refused to annex the United States into a territory and statehood. Filipinos are not trustworthy people because their loyalty is for sale.

        1. @ David, the Philippines is a laughingstock that no one gives a shit about. Duterte is getting some International press coverage for all the wrong reasons ALA Miriam Santiago @ the Corona trial.

          They are both seen as BUFFOONS by leaders abroad and even though the ‘Man on the streets’ opinion doesn’t matter worth a fiddler’s fart, they know a loud mouthe idiot when they see one, and laugh at them.Duterte has done nothing so far but shoot his mouth off to get attention and kill a few thousand low-life druggies. Hardly anything to brag about….and everyone outside the Failippines knows it, and doesn’t give a shit either.Good for a laugh and thats about it.

        2. @BABYLON AND ON. I agree with you. Duterte is gambling with his people’s lives for reasons, and potential dangers, that are unbeknownst to all of us. For all we know he could be making secret deals with the MILF to take over the entire country. He is, after all, have hobnobbed with this group–and God knows who else–in the past, and probably had helped him keep Davao under control. Then Duterte and his secret groups used that record to win his people’s support to win the presidency and fight corruption. Filipinos are so gullible; they’re always looking for an “action hero” in the movies, and real life, to save them from their stupid ways.

  2. The days of the Philippines , being the American running dog, is past. Aquino was the Ass Wiper of the Americans. Because the Aquinos owe their power to the Americans.

    We can have an independent foreign policy. Switzerland, Sweden, etc.. have independent foreign policies. We can be a friend of all nations Treating each other , on equal basis.

    It was inculcated in our mindsets; that we cannot survive, without the American aid and protection. We have to stand on our own, and pursue whatever is good for our country.

    America will not involve itself, if, it does not advance its national interests. However, it will Dance with the Devil, if it promotes, its national interests…the trouble the Devil is just evil !

    This is the reason the Sept. 11th bombing in the World Trade Center happened. Most of the 19 hijackers/bombers came from Saudi Arabia. But, the American government will never point its finger at the Saudis…because of its oil interests.

    ISIS was the creation of Hilary Clinton, the former U.S. Secretary of State.She armed ISIS, to fight Al Assad of Syria… She also invaded Lybia, by proxy. She tried to remove , Pres. Bashar Al Assad of Syria…now Hilary Clinton is running for President in the U.S.

    We have to work for our own national interests, not become a follower of any foreign country !

        1. Do you have the resources and skills to do that? I mean, the Japanese are handling the Philippines’ space program.

          Face it. The country is too neck deep into playing servant boy to its masters and only a complete makeover of the whole nation would change that, unlikely that may be.

  3. Say what you will about the US, but it treats its allies better than say China and Russia which sees its affiliates as business ventures at best and annexed states in all but name at worst.

    The Philippines is too far gone into embracing Western (American) values and lifestyles to ever feel comfortable about a proposed China marriage. The concepts and principles of Confucianism, for one, remains alien to the population outside Chinese Flips who choose to keep their home philosophy. Let’s not even get into Socialism which Filipinos love to hate when don’t even have a real clue of the nuances beyond COMMUNISTS REBELS.

    1. I don’t think so…the U.S. tried to remove the President of Turkey…its version of “people’s power” failed.

      The U.S. will treat its allies, if it promotes its own interests…
      Saddam Hussein of Iraq was an American ally. It provided help in its war with Iran…until it invaded Kuwait…Noriega was a C.I.A. informant, until , he became too close with the late Venezuela’s President:Hugo Chaves…then, Noriega was demonized and removed…by U.S. invasion…

      Being neutral, will be better for us…we work for our own interests… !

      1. The Kuwaiti invasion was a trap set up to Hussein (The USA OK’d the invasion and then turned on Hussein),U C the USA needed a boogeyman to promote its Zionist masters
        ‘Greater Israel:From the Nile to the Euphrates’ agenda, and Hussein got the mark on his back.The entire affairs going on in the Middle-East is to destabilize the entire region to make it easy for Israel to slowly control the entire area.Syria and Iran are the only ones left….and Russia ,not wanting to lose its Mediteraenean seaport, will not allow it.

        1. Can people keep themselves from sounding like they’ve read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion one too many times?

      2. In order for the Philippines to be neutral, it must exhibit political, economical and military clout on its own. All of these it couldn’t even pretend it has even when granted its “Independence.”

        Its location is vital for the US as a buffer towards encroaching China. That alone is enough for them whereas the Philippines is essentially enslaved to the Yanks because who else provides them with military tech? We don’t develop our own weapons, that’s for sure.

        The history of the country also impedes the chances of true neutrality. Several decades under the “patronship” of superpowers and empires, the government is too inept to take care of its people and infrastructure. As soon as the ties get cut, the government will soon play beggar to whoever will give them handouts.

        1. South Korea was able to forge it’s own economic program (independent from the Washington Consensus) without being too overtly hostile against the United States. They played the balancing act just right.

        2. South Korea is even more dependent on the US with routine joint exercises that irks the North to no end.

          And South Korean politicians have more political finesse and tact in dealing with diplomacy compared to the Philippines’ bark but no bite style.

        3. South Korea would have been a part of North Korea, soon after the Korean War, had it not been for the ongoing U.S. military presence at the demilitarized zone. South Korea is just a good example of why the U.S. bases should have never left Philippine soil in the first place. The American bases provided political and, to some degree, economic stability in this country than the Yellow Party leadership and Chinese influence in the last 30 years.

  4. LOL, THE QUESTION SHOULD READ:”Do Filipino’s think the USA will let the Philippines go?”, that is really more like it.

    It could even be a pretty safe bet that IF Duterte were to reneg on all of the treaties signed with the USA and turn to China or Russia to provide military/economic support that Duterte would be assasinated or a full scale civil war would erupt with ‘REBELS and Terrorists’ paid by GUESS WHO.

    The amazing thing is that someone here at GRP actually thinks the Philippines is sovereign country capable of telling the USA that it is not going to cooperate/trade or do deals as the USA says to.

    The Philippines is a lynchpin that the USA’s ‘PIVOT’ to Asia depends on, think the USA Dept of State will just sit back and say,”Sure, no problem, go get everything you need from China/Russia and STOP doing as we need/want you to”, I mean REALLY? R U NOT KIDDING WITH THIS ONE, LOL !!!!

    Now lets hear from all the USA haters that say intelligent shit like “Yankee go home”,”Fuck you Joe”…and the like.

    1. This is not the time or place for a crackpot doomsday scenario.

      (What I will say is this: if the Philippines under this administration is reaching out to China and Russia — why Russia??? — for reasons other than the pressing issue that is the South China Sea… well, it’s a bad idea to say the least.)

    2. The U.S. lost Cuba…it lost Iran, thru the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. They took the U.S. Embassy, hostages the Embassy people, for many days. The Ayatollah Komenei was powerful…

      The U.S. cannot do anything. It did a failed rescue operation.

      The U..S. cannot do anything on the Military Junta in Myanmar (Burma)…

      They can go home, if they keep meddling in Philippine affairs !

      1. The USA is back in full Diplomatic relations w/Cuba and the only countries that the USA ever ‘lose’s’ ties with are the ones backed by the former USSR or the Russian Federation, a current case in point :SYRIA. The USA was willing to go to war for over 15 years in Vietnam in order to not lose control of the region and after leaving in 1975,25 years later in 2000, full diplomatic relations and robust trade are once again happening between the USA and Vietnam. Vietnam actually begged the USA to bring their ‘Yankee Dollars’ back after the fall of the Berlin wall/USSR collapse and Warsaw Pact disintegration.

        The Philippines will be fought over, its a good HOT damm bet, as the strategic location is of far too much importance for the USA to lose presence in. I am actually hoping Duterte does an about-face and tries to severe ties with the USA, for obvious reasons(not the least being I just don’t like the guy or his entire fuckin family.I’d knock his daughters ass out cold if she ever punched me in the face.).

  5. OH and while I am at it, How about if the USA in the interest of revenge for daring to forego the aforementioned treaties/agreements tells the Philippines OFW’s to pack uo their shit and get the fuck out? HOW ABOUT 10% of the Philippines economy, the most important part of the Philippines economy, going up in smoke in a a matter of minutes?

    The author of this article is kidding himself if he thinks the Philippines can get away from the USA or that the Philippines doesn’t NEED the USA. OH and Just wait until hurricane season comes along in a month or two, and disaster strikes,AGAIN. Who is the 1st country Duterte and his buddies are going to call, RUSSIA? or maybe even ‘Good Friend’ China. LOL, PLEASE.

    1. Most of the Filipino OFWs are in the Middle East and Hong Kong, China…most of those working in the U.S. have green cards.Some are TNTs…

      The U.S. cannot even deport its more than eleven (11) millions , illegal aliens, hiding in its sanctuary cities…how can it order the Filipino OFWs to pack up, and go home…

      1. @ HT, the USA COULD do it in a heartbeat. Just like they locked all Japanese USA citizens in ‘work camps’ during WWII, don’t kid yourself. The USA can get really NASTY when it wants to, it just doesn’t do a lot of things it could do.For example: in 1972,during the torrential Christmas bombings of Hanoi,NV(to get the NVA back to the Paris,France negotiating table…and it worked too.)it was discussed whether or not to bomb Hanoi’s Hydro-electric power stations and plunge the entire city and most of the country into darkness, it was NOT done BUT it EASILY COULD HAVE BEN DONE. Get the picture? Same thing with Hanoi’s water supply.

        1. @Pepe Le Metz:

          The U.S. was at war with the Japanese Imperialists. They bombed Pearl Harbor… We are not at war with the U.S…. Drugs are flowing at the U.S. MEXICAN borders… Drug Traffickers, come and go in the borders…The U.S. can only do a little thing… There are more than eleven (11) million illegal aliens, in the U.S. …OBAMA provided them with sanctuary cities.

          Do I believe that the U.S. will put all Filipinos in the U.S., in cattle cars, like the German Nazis did to the Jews and deport them ?

          Stop kidding us…it is already the Age of Information Technology !

    2. Nobody neeeds that US of A… except their bribed vassal states. Run Philippines while you still can. Nobody needs to be a colony. The future is in Asia/Russia. USA only exports violence, inferior military hardware, chaos, fraud and warfare. It has total debt of 350 Trillion dollars included derivative debt…. it is a Ponzi Scheme….. and by the way, most (US) “Americans” do not even like Filipinos and make fun of them at every opportunity.

  6. I don’t believe a putang ina-laced outburst by Pres. Duterte will lead to a “complete souring of ties between PHL and USA. That is NOT how the world works. That is not how to severe international relations and long-standing affiliation.

    To make reality the so-called “cutting the invisible umbilical cord” with the US will take more than cuss words and crass attitude. However, If he decides to declare war against the US at the same time have a surrogate country take over her role as our partner would make Duterte’s plan more likely and believable. As it is, such thinking is hard to fathom for lack of concrete basis at this time.

    Granting that the mutual defense treaty between the two countries doesn’t guarantee anything on our part, we still have all the reason to be confident that the US will never allow China to dominate and control the flow of navigation in the South China Sea. While she takes no position on the territorial disputes, she remains to be a major player in the region.That alone should give us confidence that we have the US on our side. The Americans doesn’t need to “risk their assess” to defend anyone’s claim because they will not be standing alone opposite against China, if push comes to shove, for practically all countries around the disputed area opposes China’s illegal claim to it.

    On the issue of the Phil. “befriending China”. It’s another ‘punch to the moon’ (suntok sa buwan) theory that requires further formulation to be believed. Everybody knows we have a court decision against China on her illegal claims in the South China Sea. Are we going to retrieved back or withdraw our claims ust to appease Beijing and convert her as our friend? I don’t think so.

    Thinking-out-of-the-box does not mean you should be out of your mind at the same time. There is no place for prima donna behavior in an ever evolving and changing world.

    Finally, it is not a question of whether or not Filipinos will be better off letting go of America. The question is, if true, what is the real agenda behind such thinking?

      1. That’s not the point.

        It pays to have allies, especially someone as powerful as the United States, in our current mess with China. Given our military might (or lack thereof), it can hardly be otherwise.

        (Before someone says, “but Russia!” — please, Putin has spoken in favor of China’s territorial claims.)

  7. at last the probe on de lima is on the go. season2 is coming…the search for who is the pablo escobar of the philippine drug cartel. isn’t that nice we see the change.

    oh by the way, did you guys heard relatives of ex agri sec alcala been arrested in a buy bust operation?

  8. Honest to goodness question: What does Russia have to offer that would benefit the Philippines and vice versa beyond ideological meshing? I really wanna know.

    1. Possible ideological meshing.

      If Duterte’s gonna learn anything from Putin, it’s how to be a master kleptocrat with good publicity (at least among your own countrymen).

    2. Look at Iran….it can offer good technology ! Same as the U.S. can do…Russia is more advanced in technology in some Scientific and Technological field !

      Putin is not an ideologue…he is a pragmatist !

    3. We can learn a lot from China and Russia. Take the field of software for instance…

      Which country has the best programmers? Hint: It’s not the US

      In a study of hundreds of thousands of programmers, China and Russia were found to produce the best software developers.

      According to our data, China and Russia score as the most talented developers. Chinese programmers outscore all other countries in mathematics, functional programming, and data structures challenges, while Russians dominate in algorithms, the most popular and most competitive arena.

      In the area of politics/governance, Russia and China can teach PH some of their “image projection technology” – i.e., how to look more ASTIG

      China executes corrupt Hangzhou and Suzhou officials

      1. The software industry is not an accurate representation of the country’s entire industries. I also doubt the Philippine government will execute its own officials, and the hands (Chinese) that feed them, just to project an image of toughness.

        However, I do believe Duterte is going to try to make a dent in knocking a few oligarchs off their pedestals, but it’s asking too much of a 70 years old president to fight a one man battle of ending graft and corruption in our country’s business and political infrastructures.

  9. The man of knowledge must be able not only to love his enemies but also to hate his friends. A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his friends.

  10. pilipinos worldwide should do the same rise up against drugs, corruptions, communism, and terrorism for our country to prosper.

    1. ….retrived all money stolen through dap, etc and sequester properties acquired through illegal means. and search for the missing a.luna loot that belongs to the people. it’s still there somewhere hidden.

      1. The Gen. A. Luna loot is somewhere buried in the Hacienda Luisita, Tarlac….gold coins and silver coins…from Mexico ! Maybe worth billions of U.S. dollars now !

      2. and while your at it : How about getting the old HAG, Imelda Marcos to cough up all the loot she openly brags about having?Se Imelda OPENLY BRAG ABOUT IT HERE:

        1. Pepe Le Meuz:

          The Marcoses are not the issue here…the are gone for more than 30 years…

          We are dealing with the present…

  11. Filipinos need to wake up to the following realities:

    1. Duterte’s “insulting” behavior toward Obama was a lot less offensive compared to Noynoy Aquino insulting the whole Chinese nation by comparing it to Nazi Germany when he gave a speech in Japan. The Nazi metaphor was bad enough, but for Aquino to have made that statement in Japan, a country that once invaded and brutalized China, was far worse than Duterte saying “son of a whore” while responding to a journalist’s question regarding Obama.

    2. No matter what Duterte or Yasay do, the other ASEAN countries are not going to sign off on a joint statement against China. It is ridiculous to keep blaming them for “not taking a stronger stance” during ASEAN meetings. China is a top trading partner and source of foreign direct investment of nearly every ASEAN country except Brunei. They are not stupid enough to directly antagonize China.

    3. The US needs China more than it needs the Philippines. China is the biggest creditor of the US, and China by far makes up a much bigger share of US exports and imports compared to the Philippines. It is highly unlikely that the US will go to war against China over a few rocks in the Philippines, regardless of the posturing.

    4. The Permanent Court of Arbitration’s ruling against China is useless. The Aquino government wasted millions of dollars on an unenforceable decision that is good only for propaganda purposes. The publicity-conscious Aquino administration thought China could be shamed into submission. But since when in a thousand years has China cared about outside opinion more than its own? It has ignored far worse international pressure on bigger issues.

    5. The South China Sea issue is not a Hollywood movie where America is the hero, China is the villain, and the Philippines is the damsel in distress. It is not a biblical tale where one side is good and the other side is evil. It is more of a poker game. No heroes, no villains, no victims, no angels, no demons. Just winners or losers. Duterte, unlike Aquino, understands this, so he does not waste time crying and screaming like a girl in need of rescue. Instead, he got on the table and started playing the cards he was dealt.

    After three decades of emo governance, Philippine military defense capabilities are nowhere near where they need to be. So, what do you do when a fire-breathing dragon comes to your doorstep? You make it your friend. One day, it may even come to your defense.

    To the celebrity-obsessed Filipinos, Duterte is doing a Daenerys Targaryen, get it?

    1. The USA could just say to CHINA, when China goes to sell all the $4trillion in USA Bonds in order to crash the USDollar,”Gee, sorry guys,can’t do it…”….THEN WHAT? CHINA and THE USA have a cozy relationship, do not be fooled. The USA corporatocracy has denied USA citizens 40 million jobs and given them to Chinese slaves and that has made Chinese elites MEGA-WEALTHY. Any difficulties you see between the two countries is scripted to fool their populations,who,from time to time, have to have their numbers trimmed. And so the occassional war.

  12. Looks like the current climate between US and RP is turning to be a far cry from the two wolves depicted by FallenAngel’s article a week ago.

    This geopolitical scenario is now a dilemma with no bright solution to foresee.

  13. ‘Chinese Brothers’? LOL, more like CHINESE MASTERS, China NEVER considers anyone equal to themselves, just like the JOOZ, or even the ‘exceptional’ USA government.

    The Chinese do not trust other countries workers and bring their own labor with them when doing any state sanctioned work in another country.

    1. Well it could be “argumentum dinuguan”, but Digong’s approach could just be our ticket out of this Spratlys mess…

      President Duterte to China: ‘Treat us as brothers and not your enemies’

      ”It might be that the Chinese people find a place in their heart for the Filipino people, for after all, there is a Chinese blood in me. So I hope that you treat us as brothers and not your enemies and take note of the plight of our citizens,” he said.

      ”Maybe, just maybe, if we continue and treat each others as brothers and understand specially the plight of the fishermen, that’s why they are there because they are poor,” he said.

      1. Far be it from me to pour water on your highly optimistic assumption, but it seems like Xi Jinping is less effusive than Hu Jintao in terms of foreign policy. Just look at how China is dealing with Japan over the Senkaku islands. China needs control over the South China Sea for its dreams to be a maritime power to be achieved, and this will not bode well for the Philippines, Chinese blood in President Duterte or not.


    1. So war with Eurasia it is.

      (But seriously, was there a reason to piss off an important ally? This site has been swinging between saying Duterte didn’t just swore at Obama and showing off a most odd Pinoy Pride — or is it Duterte Pride?)

    2. Given a choice—that the Chinese-Filipino businesses and Filipino politicians will oppose– the Filipino masses would rather have the Philippines be America’s instead of the Chinese’s puppets. Marcos, and other Philippine presidents before him, was a prime example of America’s puppet, but the lives of the Filipino people were much better than what they have today.

      The United States was hoping that Cory Aquino would follow in the same footstep in 1986, when it helped seat her in power, but her new cabinet members and newly-appointed senators (Fidel Ramos, Juan Ponce Enrile, Grogorio “Gringo” Honasan, and Richard Gordon) new media conglomerates (Lopezes of ABS-CBN and John Gozon of GMA), businessmen Ayala-Zobel, and other Chinese-Filipino businesses (Cory’s first cousin Danding Cojuangco , Henry SY of SM Malls, John Gokongwei of Robinson Malls, Lucio Tan of Fortune Tobacco that metamorphosized to Asia Brewery, and a slew of others) had other plans: to sever their colonial ties with America and to go at it alone by allying with Asian investors (mostly Chinese), to takeover this whole country once the the U.S. bases were closed, without any interference from the United States.

      1. Eastasia? Are we sure it’s Eurasia we’re warring against? Then Eastasia it is!

        Jesus Christ, Aeta — so you’ve been always for the Ohio railroad! And after so much shit spewed defending Marcos too!

        1. [Revised]


          No, Dumbass. I’m looking at what happened to the Philippines from a micro level about how Filipinos feel towards the United States and China in general, not at the over-imagined level that you and the rest of your fellow conspiracy theory fanatics are trying to depict the obvious, even when it’s not there.

          I’m not defending Marcos the way you’ve imagined I’m defending Marcos–nor Duterte for that matter. You and the rest of your conspiracy theory buddies are trying shove your megalomaniac versions of the truth down people’s throat, when you should just break it down to the basic human nature of personal experience and observation.

          In other words K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid).


  14. Just to review:
    It appears that the initial message to see is what transpired when Obama called to congratulate DU30 last May 17 as they briefly discussed the ongoing maritime dispute in the west sea of which Obama advised DU30 to wait for the result of the ruling of the UN Court of Arbitration. DU30 agreed but he informed Obama that if things will not move then he might opt to go bilateral in his dealings.

    When July 12 came and after the maritime tribunal ruled in favor of the Philippines, the US administration did not say any word even when China announced that they reject the judgment.

    Also earlier last June, DU30 asked US Ambassador Goldberg, “are you with us or are you not with us?” he got the reply, “Only if you are attacked.” DU30 may have gleaned that the US don’t really want to take any sides on the territorial disputes in the South sea so DU30 again asked if the US can match the offer of China to finance the railway projects in the RP of which the US had not reply.

    So having an important ally who suddenly became a “silent partner” who opted to talk to our media reporters about EJK may have pissed off DU30 instead that is why the swearing came out during the media interview.

  15. Will letting go off America better for us?

    No for the following reasons.

    1. We are not in a position to ‘let go off her’ because for the most part we are the party that defends on her and not the other way around.

    2. Our friendship with the US goes beyond politics and both benefitted with the relationship. We’ve had history with her. It may not be perfect but our beginnings were intertwined with her. In other words, in the emotional context, it’s like divorcing your partner in the waning years of your life. Let go off her and what?

    3. Are we using the ‘let go’ thing as a political bargaining chip? Is it meant to blackmail an ally? Are we ready to play hardball? Do we have the resources to engage, survive and win?

    4. We let go off her and operate on a vacuum in the fast changing region all by ourselves or we’ll just change partner and see what benefit were going to have with a new partner?

    5. We go unaligned and do it ourselves, which is unrealistic, and finally call it real freedom? And then what? Or are we just nuts to believe that there is really something good out there for us if we’ll just continue to be unpredictable like crazy?

    6. The letting go policy must come out of consensus and should not be dictated upon us. It should be deliberated openly and not just be formulated by an elite or exclusive group who feel that they know better than the people.

    Again, thinking out of the box does not necessarily mean thinking out of your brain. So better think. Please.

    1. The Philippines can’t afford to let go of America, nor can it replace it with China, nor can go at it alone. Filipinos are not a self-governing people that will set aside their differences in order to live as one nation.

      As I’ve always said in previous comments, regardless of how socially sophisticated we Filipinos imagined ourselves to have become, the manner in which we think and live our lives will always be paralleled to the lives of our indigenous ancestors.

      1. The “letting go” part is unclear to me. In fact, I doubt if anyone here can explain and elucidate it clearly.

        “Filipinos are not a self-governing people that will set aside their differences in order to live as one nation.”
        I don’t think so. We are self-governing, like other people. And we also have our differences like other people too.

        1. gnogid,

          “I don’t think so. We are self-governing, like other people. And we also have our differences like other people too.”

          You are over-analyzing what I said. Perhaps I should have simplified it by saying that we Filipinos are not able to “self-govern” ourselves successfully because we still think and live our lives like what our ancestors did centuries ago.

          Our ancestors were proud (to the point of arrogance) and selfish tribesmen who will fight with other tribes for petty reasons, instead of setting those differences aside to achieve common goals, like building a community–a nation–that will ward off foreign invaders and outside influence.

          Our tribal nature is still evidence in how we arrogantly and selfishly divide our society by provinces, dialects, customs, and traditions that not only keeps us separated geographically, but also mentally and emotionally.

          Unless you’re totally blind, deaf, and dumb, the evidence are all around you inside the country and abroad. Filipinos do not trust nor like each other very much, and prefer to take their cues from other culture and ethnicity on how to live their lives.

          The Philippines is still struggling because its people refuse to think and behave like one nation.


        2. [Revised]


          “I don’t think so. We are self-governing, like other people. And we also have our differences like other people too.”

          You are over-analyzing what I said. Perhaps I should have simplified it by saying that we Filipinos are not able to “self-govern” ourselves successfully because we still think and live our lives like what our ancestors did centuries ago.

          Our ancestors were proud (to the point of arrogance) and selfish tribesmen who will fight with other tribes for petty reasons, instead of setting those differences aside to achieve common goals, like building a community–a nation–that will ward off foreign invaders and outside influence.

          Our tribal nature is still evident in how we arrogantly and selfishly divide our society by provinces, dialects, customs, and traditions that not only keeps us separated geographically, but also mentally and emotionally.

          Unless you’re totally blind, deaf, and dumb, the evidence are all around you inside the country and abroad. Filipinos do not trust nor like each other very much, and prefer to take their cues from other cultures and ethnicity on how to live their lives.

          The Philippines is still struggling because its people refuse to think and behave like one nation.


        3. Let me simplify things for you. The Philippines is like the world. We’re composed of different tribes, dialects, customs, tradition and so many other qualifying characters that tend to pull us apart from each other. That’s what you get from a 7000+ islands brought under one umbrella: the UN, este, the Republic of the P.

          But unlike the world, we don’t declare war at each other. We don’t destroy one region or officially discriminate one tribe. There are no occupied territories in Luzon, no drone hovering over the Visayas, and no threat of economic embargo in Mindanao. We are united in some endeavors and not in others. We have problems, yes, but we are able to survive the different political and economic weather that stormed the country since the downfall of the Marcos dictatorship. I mean, we’re still here, man, contrary to what has been said about the country disintegrating after Marcos is gone.

          You continue to express hopelessness for the Filipinos I will continue my positive view and endless hope that we’ll be able to weather once more the problems facing the country at present. We are the Survivors even before they created a TV show about it.

          The world has been on fire since the creation of civilization. Same with the Philippines. We will continue to experience problems inherently exclusive in a country of 7000+ islands that exist in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

        4. gnogid,

          Where have you been most of your life? It sure as hell wan’t in the Philippines or among Filipinos. And who said you had to formally declare war to fight with or discriminate on each other?

          Hell, we Filipinos have always fought with and discriminated on each other for as long as anyone can remember. You keep trying to make excuses why Filipinos can’t get along with one another; yet, you can’t come up with a single factor other the ones I’ve already stated above.

          Yes, I’m going to remain hopeless about the future of the Philippines and its people. Why? Because to remain endlessly hopeful and “prayerful”–like what 99.9 percent of our people have done and continue to do without making the effort to change their “country-destructive ways”–will only set all of us up for future disappointments.

          You can continue your rant about how the world is and how it applies to our country and people, but it’s not going to change the facts that Filipinos are satisfied with the mediocrity of dissensions and disparities among themselves; because to change otherwise is too hard and will go against the grain of their tribal ways.

          Your statement of denying why we think and behave the way we do are good examples of why I said what I said about our people.


        5. You remain hopeless because that’s what you are. You have no iota of an idea that will inject positives in your view about the country and the Filipino.

          Your mind is focus on destruction, criticisms for the heck of it and doubling down on Filipinos because you looked down upon them and have no desire to contribute to anything that will benefit them. For you, they’re not your equal. Fine.

          I wonder where you started to have that pessimistic view on the Filipino people. Since birth?

          Anyway, I tried to lighten up the conversation a little bit but you seemed to be eager to drive your negative and very dark view of the issue. If you are using a crystal ball, I say, throw it away it’s not doing you any good on your predictions. : )

      2. gnogid,

        Lighten up the conversation a little bit? What is this, the Oprah Winfrey show? We’re not on GRP to try to make each other feel good, by blowing smoke of whatever it is we’re smoking on each other. We’re here to state the fact–however painful it may be–so we can figure out what’s really wrong with the Philippines, and its people, and perhaps suggest the “right way” way to effect the much-needed change.

        I don’t know about you but I’m an adamant realist, who will call “spade as spade” and no other color. I’ve been around long enough to realize that most of us live in the future or the past, and not in the present moment.

        Right now the Philippines and its people has no hopeful future to speak of unless we all do something–together–to make things happen now.

        So unless you want me to lie and tell you everything you want to hear about the wonderful Philippines of the future, I’m going to keep telling you and everyone on GRP on what’s really going on; and, unless you acknowledge the same thing to yourself that our country and people are fucked up, and that we really need to do something right here and right now about it, you are only lying to yourself.

        I’d say you’re in total denial about what’s really happening in the Philippines and your people. You’re the one that is fixated on the “crystal ball” of the future where every Filipino gets along and try to help each other rebuild their nation.

        If that’s the case, then I should just turn on the Disney Channel and start watching and hope everything will have a happy ending.


        1. We’re here to state the fact…..
          I’m going to keep telling you…..
          I’m an adamant realist, who will call “spade as spade”…..
          the Philippines and its people has no hopeful future to speak of unless we all do something–together….. – Aeta
          I’m still waiting for what you want to say.

          Above were just intros. That’s what happened when you are separated from your crystal ball. : )

          Again, let me reiterate. We are a nation participating in global events/activities. We are not in danger of extinction or having a civil war.

        2. gnogid,

          I’ve stated the fact about our people that you’re in utter denial to admit.

          I understand what you’re going through. I’ve met enough Filipinos who are just like you: in denial of who they are because of their heightened sense of “Pinoy Pride” and individualism.

          Our arrogance and selfishness are the reasons why our country can’t get their shits together to fix their problems as a nation. The moment you come to terms with that truth, the clearer you’ll see what’s really going on in our country and among our people.

          What’s with the “crystal ball” fixation? Is there something you’re not telling us on GRP?


        3. [Revised]


          I’ve stated the facts about our people that you’re in utter denial to admit.

          I understand what you’re going through. I’ve met enough Filipinos who are just like you: in denial of who they are because of their heightened sense of “Pinoy Pride” and individualism.

          Our arrogance and selfishness are the reasons why our people can’t get their shits together to fix their problems as a nation. The moment you come to terms with that truth, the clearer you’ll see what’s really going on in our country and among our people.

          What’s with the “crystal ball” fixation? Is there something you’re not telling us on GRP?


        4. Aeta, you are saying something I cannot understand. First, you are accusing me of denial. What is it that I deny? Actually, I’m admitting some of your allegation about problem of the country. Second, you keep on insinuating about the bad things but you don’t specify clearly what are those and why you think they are important to talk about. Lastly, can you kindly be specific why you think the country and people are hopeless and there is nothing we can do about it?

          Shooot! : )

        5. gnogid,

          Then put your defensiveness down and understand what I’m saying.

          Where do you want me to start explaining why I said what I said, which one you don’t understand or agree with, why I think the things I said are important, and why do I think the country is hopeless?

          You’re the one that needs to be specific about what you’re not clear about. I’ll be glad to explain each and every one of them to you so you’ll understand, then scrutinize, and throw back to me as a topic for debate.


        6. “..I’ll be glad to explain each and every one of them…” – Aeta
          Sir, I just said ‘shoot’ didn’t I? Do you want me to say ‘go’ this time?

          How can we proceed when all you do is make intros, allude and threat to say or do something? Go to the substance and throw everything at me which you think is an important part of the view you hold that I happened to disagree with.

          Go!!! : o

        7. gnogid,

          Don’t play games with me, Miss Crystal Ball. I see you like playing “Patty Cakes” games when the ball is in your corner. I told you I’ll answer any questions you may have so you won’t accuse me of playing “intro” by dispelling all your notions. So “shoot” your questions since you seem to have been around long enough and know how to shoot your mouth about the Philippines and its people.


        8. Susmaryopes oo, Aeta!

          Okay, fine. Let me repost what I said earlier to you and then you may react:

          “You remain hopeless because that’s what you are. You have no iota of an idea that will inject positives in your view about the country and the Filipino.

          Your mind is focus on destruction, criticisms for the heck of it and doubling down on Filipinos because you looked down upon them and have no desire to contribute to anything that will benefit them. For you, they’re not your equal. Fine.

          I wonder where you started to have that pessimistic view on the Filipino people. Since birth?”
          Go! Shoot! Fight!

        9. [Revised]


          Damn, you sound like a media propaganda for the Yellow Party when they were in power: “The economy is improving and the crime rate is down.” Well, we all know that’s not true.

          I remain hopeless because I don’t dwell in the fantasy world that you immerse your mind in. I live in the Philippine where everywhere you turn, you see the hopelessness in the people’s eyes on the future of their country, their distrust in their government, and their desperate wariness toward each other.

          Do you live in the United States or other First World country or lead the good life of the affluent in the Philippines, where you’re immune from the day-to-day misery of our people? It sound like you do in order to think the way you do.

          You’re pretty good at twisting words around, by speculating about how I feel towards the Philippines and our people, instead of what I know about our people’s true nature that has contributed to our country’s continued downfall.

          You need to stay on the topic of what I believe is wrong with our people, and not about how each of us feel about it, if you want this discussion to remain objective.

          You must have legal background of turning the table around to deflect any attention from yourself. I’ve noticed you’ve been playing the “semantics” game with words and their meaning since the beginning of our conversation, to get out of the corner you’ve put yourself in.

          Again, stick to the topic.


        10. Here in GRP, I noticed some people’s penchant on the yellow color. If you go against the view of the ‘veterans’ here you are labeled as ‘yellow’. Frankly, I’m color blind and even if you tell me your color I would rather focus on what you say. Color is immaterial to me. What matter is the idea. Also, not all yellow people are the same. Same goes with the anti-yellow people. So, it’s really good if we go stand mano-a-mano with our self, our own principles, our own philosophy and not drag other people in the conversation.

          You remain hopeless because you conditioned your mind on that state. You look at the ‘people eyes’ and you can tell their hopelessness, distrust of gov’t. and wariness of each other? Really? You mean, you don’t see any people having a good time? You don’t see people trying to eke a living and get by day in and day out? You don’t see people sending goods from abroad, people who depart and arrived from other countries for work? You don’t see people who like what the gov’t are doing? Students trying to excel to make a difference in the future? You don’t see factory workers, officer employees and ordinary laborers making ends meet and just focus in supporting their families and contribute for the greater good? You don’t see employers and employees pursuing the same goal to further their enterprise? You don’t see any of that? It’s all doom and gloom?

          I don’t believe you.

          I don’t twist words. Never. I used the words of the person I’m conversing with to explain and show the discrepancies if there is such.

          “You need to stay on the topic of what I believe is wrong with our people…..”
          For the last time, what is really wrong with our people?

          I’ve encouraged you to expound you idea but you continue to run around in circles, sir. Forget about sticking on topic because I have no idea of what you’re talking about. Just go direct to the point! ????

        11. gnogid,

          Okay, I’ll get to the point. You are suffering from an extreme case of euphoric delusion, brought on by a traumatic experience in the past. Your psychiatrist recommends that you always look at life as a half-full, instead of a half-empty, glass of water.

          He also recommends you watch at least 8 hours of Oprah, Dr. Phil, Eat Bulaga, Kris T.V., or anything entertaining, to distract you from the harsh reality of life; and, when the unpleasant aspects of being alive comes banging loudly on the doorstep of your consciousness, runaway.

          Is that description accurate enough and to the point of how you see reality? Are you on psych meds for life?


  16. In more advanced countries, when you turn 18, you’re kicked out of parent’s house.

    But Pinoy moocher culture keeps us from being creative in planning for survival. I know of an IT graduate who for some years now prefers to stay at home waiting for OFW DH mana’s remittance rather than look for a job. Do you really want this kind of a society?

    Now when we say letting go, it doesn’t mean cutting economic ties. It’s meant more on the political and military sense. China and the US are at loggerheads over many things, but that doesn’t keep Apple from manufacturing their iPhones in China.

    So stop being scared as shit as if the sky’s gonna fall just because we won’t get US aid when disaster strikes. We as a nation simply need to learn to grow our own legs for once.

    Let’s face it, the reason we hadn’t beefed up our military all these many Yellow years is because we keep hoping our hero captain America will always be there to defend us.

    It’s about time fully grown eagles learn to fly. Who knows we might be exporting PH-made submarines sometime soon because of Du30’s confidence in charting our own course without the US pulling the strings.

    1. PH made submarines? Out of what? Coconut shells? lol. Gotta solve that brain drain issue first by making it actually sustainable for smart people to keep working in the Philippines.

    2. Striving for independence in terms of “sovereignty” on fundamental levels. Of course, it’s all a system of interdependence. Can’t get away from that. Self-sufficience is NOT unattainable. We can be a competent nation that participates globally.

      1. Before we can participate globally as a nation, we must first get our acts together as nation; and, it’s very hard to do when Filipinos still think and behave in tribal ways of arrogance and individualism.

        1. Here’s a rhyme for people who still believe in fairy tale bullshit:

          The Philippines participates globally, by being a member of the international community (United Nation).

          When the shit hits the fan in our country, the U.N. will be there to give us money.

          Once everything has been said and done, our politicians will distribute the money evenly.

    3. Zaxx,
      “In more advanced countries, when you turn 18, you’re kicked out of parent’s house.”

      Not kicked out by parents. We – kids – leave the parents’ house/home at 18 years old bec its time to spread our wings and its time to start standing on our own 2 feet.
      Its also the legal age of being/becoming an adult. Ready to buy a house, ready to vote and ready to marry without consent of parents.
      If someone at the age of 24 and older still lives at home with his parents then he/she will be called “mommy’s boy’ or ‘daddy’s girl’ (a name nobody wants to hear)

      1. Who cares what they think? Should you risk starving yourself and living like a hobo to live out your life, as a “real adult?” Will those people feed and clothe you once you set foot out of the nest? I say it’s more practical to secure yourself independency when you’re ready not by the age of your birth.

      2. Good for Holland Robert. If the kids leave on their own volition, so much the better. It will take a major cultural overhaul for that to happen in overly-family-centric PH.

        Kids and parents are all walking ATMs in a leeching contest to get the most from each other. When the parents die, the siblings scramble and fight tooth and nail for the inheritance. Yes, this is the most “Christian” nation in Asia.

        1. Zaxx,
          let me elaborate a little on my statement.
          After 6 (six) years of high school (from age 12 till age 18), a pupil is ready to study at and attend university. University is mostly not around the corner. Also from that moment we call them students (so till the age of 18 we still label/call everyone going to a school: a pupil).

          As far as I see it, it also has huge benefits. A student has to start making responsable decisions. No one out there is guarding and protecting him/her anymore. He/she learns to ‘fight’ (in the good sense) for his/her own.

          In short, a 18 year old university student is becoming a mature grown up adult quickly.

          But it also has a ‘downside’ (if it is a downside). The decision becoming a father/mother is postponed in favour of starting a career after university (at the age 22 to 24 when the careers will start; Nominally a univertsity takes either 4 or 6 years depending on which study).

        2. Robert, it’s your dwindling population as the downside again. Your government should really consider importing more Pinoys – far far less of a terror threat than those Syrians and Islamic jihadists you’re letting in.

          Filipinos are the most harmless of ethnic groups all across the world – which is why they’re practically everywhere. And since they go out with a large portion of their brains blank, they’re very teachable and not beyond redemption as others might think.

      1. Grimwald,

        You should be writing in Mandarin and not English. I’ve always suspected more than half of the writers on GRP are pro-Chinese. Maybe the owners of this site are also Chinese. Let see, the Aquinos are half-Chinese and have made it possible for the Chinese to monopolize our political and economic infrastructure in the last 30 years. Why are you guys putting the Aquino and the Liberal Party down, and encouraged everyone to do the same? That’s kind of double-standard, don’t you think?


        1. I’m not pro-Chinese. I’m just pro-Capcom in the Marvel vs. Capcom continuity. Actually, I greatly prefer Capcom’s women over Marvel’s and my personal favorite is Morrigan Aensland of the Darkstalkers franchise.

          Besides man, I’m a dude, of course I’d prefer Chun-Li over Captain America. I’ve had my moments of doubt from time to time but no, I’m not tapping Chris Evans. However, if Poison does indeed hide a “surprise” in those Daisy Dukes, I still find myself attracted to “her”.

          <3 😉

        2. Grimwald,

          I was just pulling your leg, by accusing you of being pro-Chinese, to see if you’ll come out of your cave and defend yourself. Now I have a better idea of your true color and where you stand.

          But seriously, between you and zaxx, and perhaps as well as the rest of the GRP writers, I’m not sure what to make of you guys on which side you’re on: America or China?

          When the shit hits the fan someday (and it might just around the corner) we’re all going to have to make that decision to choose between Uncle Sam or Chairman Mao.

          I just hope we Filipinos are still not going to be divided on which side we’ll be fighting for, because it will sure as hell make for a long day.



      2. As the Chinese brother in the last video link would say it… Grimwald, kumain ka na ba?

        like Aeta here – just pulling your leg man.

        And Aeta, I like both the Chinese and the Americans. But in our stage as a dysfunctional society, Chinese iron-fisted police-state style of governance is better for whacking the assess of undisciplined Filipinos.

        1. @ Zaxx and Aeta

          Besides guys, aren’t you both forgetting something very important?



          At least I know that Chun-Li and her thighs are legit and honest and not some agent of Hydra!


        2. zaxx,

          Until there is no more undisciplined Filipinos to whack. Then these Chinese will come after the ones who helped them whack. Basic rules of the “Bamboo Network”: eat your own fetusus and stillborns, and drink their blood, to give you enduring power.





        4. Grimwald, Surpise! Surprise!
          I guess we shouldn’t be shocked if the next thing you discover is that Hydra was actually working for the “greater good” all along.
          But yeah, it happens. The heroes of today end up being the traitors of tomorrow.

          Who knows – maybe Aeta here will turn out to be the biggest fan of the emerging Russia-China-Philippines new AXiS of power in the Far East. It’s the age old adage: if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

  17. In more advanced countries, when you turned 18 (which is no longer true in the US) you’re kicked out of your parent’s house. I have news for everyone, we are NOT one of those advanced countries.

    In the so-called “letting go” idea, we cannot have our cake and eat it too. If we want to be independent of the US we have to do the complete separation. It cannot be half-half. No such thing. Also, we cannot dictate the terms of the process. Who in his right mind will think the Americans will go on our own dictates regarding our relationship with them? We’ll cherry pick what we like and don’t like and the Americans will just nod in agreement with us? Not in a million years.

    Being realistic is not being scared as shit. There’s a difference there. The realistic ones think, evaluate and decide. The scared shit ones are just scared but they refused to acknowledge it and instead pretend what they feel and think as bravery. The lack of foresight and common sense make their every decision yield only one result: suicide.

    I refuse to believe that we “have not grown our own legs” for it lacks rational basis. No such thing as “fully grown eagles”. It’s a pigment of imagination bordering on hallucination.

    With regard to “Du30’s confidence”, you think we have him as president had we not “grown our own legs”? He is a product of our own free will and process in our effort to take care of the country’s future. You cannot have it both ways. You cannot speak of weakness and strength on the same contextt at the same time. You cannot preach “grow up” and acknowledged at the same time accomplishments only grown ups can do.

  18. The PH is just part of America’s overgrown fence of countries on the Pacific rim of fire meant to keep emerging powers at bay. SK, Japan, Taiwan, etc. are all allied with the US to keep the “rogues” (Russia and China) fenced in.

    What if PH switches sides? We’ll be a fence to protect China from American encroachment into their lake (South China sea).

    There really is no good vs evil battle. It’s just a big fight between a giant Panda and a humongous Grizzly bear. We seem to be just pawns caught in the middle here. But we are free to choose who can best help us become a functional and modern society.

    China’s style of iron-fisted rule is what we should try next. American democrazy has not worked all these many decades. Been there done that – try a new experiment. Siding with China can train PH to stand on its own – look at Vietnam now: a most respectable and solid ASEAN nation. The one small nation that stood up against a superpower and prevailed.

    Our namby-pampy days are over. I trust Du30 will lead us into a fresh bold adventure. Yeah PH-designed and fabricated nuclear subs. You can laugh but it’s really just simple political will, and our President’s got it. You have a jewel of a leader now Pinoys; don’t waste this golden opportunity.

    1. US of A has no democracy. Philippines with a direct vote fo president/vice president is far more democratic. US of A is a fascist, crony capitalistic state, soon to be on the failed country list. It’s a Ponzi Scheme, held up by manipulation, corruption, violence, fraud and chaos. It is a criminal warfare state.

    2. The PH is just part of America’s overgrown fence of countries on the Pacific rim of fire meant to keep emerging powers at bay. SK, Japan, Taiwan, etc. are all allied with the US to keep the “rogues” (Russia and China) fenced in.
      No, we’re not just a part of an ‘overgrown fence’. Actually we are a country, one of the countries in the Pacific, in fact, that is being fenced-out by China in the South China Sea (SCS). Also, just recently, we just had a landmark decision against China decided by an international tribunal in The Hague declaring that her claim in the disputed territories has no legal basis. America is not taking sides on the Issue. All she’s interested in was for all parties concerned to address the issue peacefully and to see the Pacific route remain unimpeded.

      What if PH switches sides? We’ll be a fence to protect China from American encroachment into their lake (South China sea).
      Switch sides to become a ‘fence’ again? From being a country to being a fence?

      The idea of switching sides though not impossible nor a bad option must not be done on a whim. We have to be diplomatically clear why we are doing it because it is a complex issue the ramifications of which might spell disaster for us as a nation.

      You think abandoning an ally who have been our partner since the creation of our republic will bode well for us? I see nothing positive in that gesture that will give confidence to the side we are going to switch to. ????

  19. All that’s needed is your GO signal for money for infrastructure to come pouring in like a tidal wave… Your choice.

    China offers best chance to solve Philippine infra woes


    “The China-Philippines cooperation will definitely help Philippines upgrade its infrastructure. If you cooperate with America or Japan, (you) cannot do it. It’s (through) cooperating with us. China has cooperated with other ASEAN countries and infrastructure has improved, such as in Laos and Cambodia,” said Xu Ning-ning, China-ASEAN Business Council executive president

  20. I just have a few questions to anyone of you here: 1) have you guys actually experienced living in China? 2) Do you know why Taiwan and Hongkong don’t want to be part of China? Thank you for your answers. Any takers will do.

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