Sick and tired of hypocrites attacking Duterte


Not even two months into the Rodrigo Duterte administration, we have already had several events which were truly newsworthy, and the war on drugs led by no less than the President and his Chief PNP General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa. The said war on drugs has led to over half a million voluntary surrenders from drug users and pushers, all of whom were wise enough to surrender themselves and submit to rehabilitation rather than become one of the 1,500 that have been killed either in police operations or by unknown groups.

The killings have of course been used by several opposition politicians in order to smear the president. I’m referring to Senators Franklin Drilon, Kiko Pangilinan, Ralph Recto, Risa Hontiveros, and Leila De Lima. Senator Leila De Lima herself has held several hearings regarding the killings, in which for some reason she made the resource persons cover themselves. Instead of turning it into a fruitful hearing, De Lima liked turning it into a drama episode instead.

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Almost two weeks ago, President Duterte placed the country in a state of lawlessness following a bombing in his home city of Davao which killed and left over 60 others injured. This, in the wake of a threat of potential retaliation coming from the drug cartel and the protracted war the government has launched against the jihadist Abu Sayyaf Group in Mindanao. Again, several opposition politicians have voiced their concerns, especially Drilon and Pangilinan.

Then came a disastrous week for President Duterte in his foreign policy during and after his meeting with ASEAN leaders. The highlight of which was his meeting with Indonesian President Joko Widodo. By the way, there are things he can improve on in foreign policy, but we’ll get to that later. Even after clearing up a misunderstanding with US President Barack Obama, President Duterte lashed out during the summit and brought up a massacre perpetrated by the United States in the Philippines during the Philippine-American War. Then, just yesterday, speaking in Villamor Airbase, the president again lashed out at America for another massacre during the Philippine-American War.

Look, what I think is that regarding his opinion of the US, President Duterte has got to stop talking. I get it, I get his frustration with America. They killed many of our countrymen in the war over 100 years ago. Their actions in Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and now Syria have caused a widespread humanitarian crisis. Not to mention, those countries lie in a region with sizeable Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) populations. I get it, I understand President Duterte’s frustration. But, I think number one, this doesn’t help our relationship with Washington. Number two, it gives the opposition something to use against him. They might say he’s pro-Russia or pro-China, when he really just wants an independent foreign policy. He can learn a thing or two from President Marcos who pursued an independent foreign policy without necessarily attacking the United States.

Then, following his erratic week, President Duterte revealed a plan by the ‘Yellows’ to consolidate politics forces and impeach him. Senator Franklin Drilon was quick to deny the allegations, along with Vice President Leni Robredo, saying that the Liberal Party has no such plot. Of course, they would not admit such a plan, and they would not carry it out right now when President Duterte is at the height of his popularity. These Yellow forces are waiting for that opportunity. By the way, I believe what the President said, that there is a plan to impeach him. There’s just no opening yet.

President Duterte is coming off an election victory, so he is still popular. You cannot trust the supermajority in both houses of Congress. How many of those congressmen were with him from the start, meaning from the campaign season? The only one I recall is the Representative of my home province, Cong. Lord Allan Jay Velasco, or maybe there a few others. The president even joked about it during his State of the Nation Address, that only a few of the Congressmen were really with him from the start. Remember, this supermajority is composed also of many turncoats who are riding on the President’s popularity, hell, there are even LP members in the supermajority. It doesn’t help that we elected dedicated Yellows like Drilon, De Lima, Hontiveros, Pangilinan, and Recto in the Senate.

When his popularity starts to erode (and the media’s constant misrepresentation of him helps that cause), that’s when the attacks will come in. He should be careful with his foreign policy and stop opening himself to attacks from the Yellows, whoever they may be. Add that we are all praying for his promise of eradicating (or at least decimating) criminality within three to six months. The constant attacks on his crackdown on crime and drugs do not help the cause.

So, I will just go ahead and say this anyway. Because it needs to be said. If in three more months, President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration fails to curb crime and drugs, I am pointing my finger directly at people like Leila De Lima, Risa Hontiveros, Franklin Drilon, Kiko Pangilinan, and Ralph Recto who have been subtly of directly speaking out against the President’s policies. And because I have watched in incredible frustration, I have seen these traditional politicians (and even several non-politicians in social media) be more harsh towards Rodrigo Duterte than they ever were in standing up to Noynoy Aquino and his failed agenda which led to the blunders in the GPH-MILF peace talks, failure in the Typhoon Yolanda rehabilitation and recovery, failure in response to the Zamboanga City siege, the politicization of the 4Ps, among others. In fact, they were defensive of Aquino after all this. They did nothing! Nothing! All these phony votes, votes to repeal the BBL, show votes so they could keep their seats and get re-elected?

Sorry! You created Rodrigo Duterte, all of you! Because of your ineffectiveness! Because of your spinelessness! Because of your weakness, your lack of vision! Your inability to fight Aquino! And I’m getting a little sick and tired of all of you!

Where were you when an ex-policeman killed several hostages from Hong Kong, and Aquino failed to respond? Where were you when 19 Special Forces troopers were killed by the MILF in Basilan in the middle of the peace negotiations, and Aquino instead castigated the soldiers? Where were you when 44 members of the Special Action Force were killed by the MILF again in the middle of peace negotiations, and Aquino instead put all the blame on the SAF Commander instead of being critical of the MILF which killed the troops? I never heard any of you criticizing him for those blunders the way you criticize Duterte’s actions today!

36 Replies to “Sick and tired of hypocrites attacking Duterte”

  1. Collectives can’t make money from virtues they make money from weakness. Where there are no weak, they create weak. Cowards hate strong people.

    To the cowards, change is a want; to the weak, change is a wish; but to the brave, change is a must. People who put change ahead of all things are those who make a difference!

  2. Check out the latest on Leni Robredo from the Inquirer.

    The photo in this article really captures the pretense—the lightened skin, the colored hair, the snooki from jersey shore makeup, the exaggerated dress for the exaggerated oath taking that tried to mimic the president’s inaugural ….. Gina Lopez stepped out of her elite class when she joined government and aligned herself with the common people. Middle-class Robredo on the other hand turned into an aspiring socialite. Shows you the difference in character between these two.

    Now Robredo is going all over the country giving speeches and visiting poor communities like she is still campaigning for election. While the other Cabinet secretaries are busy doing their jobs, she just travels around on the taxpayers’ dime, promoting herself and pointing out what’s wrong with what everybody else is doing—lack of drug rehab centers, supposed human rights violations of the police, neglect of Mary Jane Veloso, slow progress in Yolanda house construction—but she herself has accomplished nothing.

    She engages in backhanded attacks against President Duterte, then turns around and does her pabebe routine to ingratiate herself to him. He’s been humoring her, but since he made that comment about the yellows plotting to oust him, Robredo has been scrambling to deny she’s involved in any plot.

    Why doesn’t she just resign from Duterte’s cabinet and become full-on opposition? She can’t afford it. She needs to keep associating herself with President Duterte because she lacks legitimacy. This is the same reason why she and her party tried so hard (and failed) to have a joint proclamation and joint inauguration with Duterte, and then clamored for him to give her a Cabinet post. They LP need Duterte to keep acknowledging Robredo’s existence to take the stench of election fraud off her.

  3. Was just watching TFC, and anchor says “Duterte says he is not anti-west, he just doesn’t like Americans”. I watched and compared it to his actual speech, and guess what, binaliktad na naman ng mga leche. Can somebody keep track of media’s “mishaps”. Too many strikes spell DELIBERATE.

  4. Presidents, whether they do good or bad gets to be criticized. That’s part of the job not only in public office but also in private. While it is really a hassle or a bummer if you are the subject of criticisms or questions you have no choice but to take it as part of check and balance. In a way it’s healthy because a leader will always be on guard knowing that people are looking, inquiring and posing questions on actions, official or personal, he/she makes.

    As I understand it, the writer above is trying to do the impossible: shield or defend Pres. Duterte from criticisms and valid concern from political opposition and critics among others to the point of implying, shockingly, a sinister plot to oust the just elected president.

    We can always suspect the intention of the critics, why not, but we also should balance it with what the subject of criticism is or the issue being raised by the other side. Is it valid or uncalled for? Was there any basis on the allegation if one was made? Was there a miscommunication on the part of the gov’t.? Was there an attempt or intent to mislead on the part of either side? In other words, there are a lot of things that can be done and resorted to before the admirers and defenders of the president can shout ‘foul!’.

    Now let’s separate the meat from the bone.

    The war on drugs, which the writer said, have killed “1,500 either in police operations or “by unknown groups” gives ample reason for the apprehension and concern of those critical of the operation. The extra-judicial killings is a controversial step taken by the gov’t. which, even though undertaken by law enforcement, cannot escape scrutiny because the possibility of abuse is great given our experience about police and military abuses against civilians. But the fact that “unknown groups” are doing the killings in parallel with the law enforcement validates the concerned expressed by those people named by the writer.

    Imagined there were already doubts as to how some people were killed by the police and in the mix we still have to grapple with the fact that there are “unknown groups” which the gov’.t knows nothing about that is also doing the killings? Will that really give a feeling of security and reassurance to the public? Absent the gov’t’s guarantee of control in the operation, the concerned is really valid.

    With regard to the “plan to impeach” the president, I think it’s an over-reaction. One, there was no talk about Duterte committing an impeachable offense. At least not yet. Second, he just assumed power and everything is still on the early stage for anyone to plan anything detrimental to the government as a whole. The armed rebels are capable of doing destabilization anytime but not the politicians who mostly are cozying up with Duterte. Lastly, c’mon, impeachment, really?

    As to the possibility of Duterte failing to accomplish to stop the drug problem in six months, I think the writer is unfair to find fault and point his finger this early to some people to make them as escape goats. First, those people did not set the six-months deadline to solve the problem. Secondly, Duterte’s critics are not in a position to frustrate his plan against the problem because they, too, acknowledged that we have a problem. Lastly, Duterte’s critics are really there to serve as a reminder to him to proceed with his intention with caution or so long as it is within the ambit of what is legal or constitutional. I find nothing wrong with that.

    Nobody created Duterte. Nobody made him as what he is now. He has been there all along running the city of Davao with an iron fist and a style all his own. Now that he’s on another level, as president, he’s trying to do what worked for him when he was just a mayor. And I think he’s slowly realizing that running a city is different in running a country. And it looks like he’s determined to push his own agenda in spite of a stormy and unpredictable environment. Will he succeed with his plan? With the kind of style he has, it’s too early to say. Right now, he’s getting flack everywhere not because he talks too much but because he talks too rough.

    Finally, I think a lot of us forget that a couple of months ago Duterte was just a mayor. He’s the master of the four corners of Davao City for decades. That’s all he does. And now he is the president of the whole country. Lots of adjustments, lots of things to learn. Naturally, in the scheme of things, he will have difficulty suppressing his bad habits in front of bigger klieg lights.

    Let’s all cross our fingers that he will eventually find his way, learn and guide the country to a better place. : )

  5. Duterte is at this point, trying to make right and steer the country to whatever vision he has for us 100 million or so inhabitants of the Republic of the Philippines. I believe he is brave enough to challenge the ‘status quo’ that made the country too weak to even get its priorities straight.

    These people or trapos who embrace the corruption and status quo they once had are throwing everything to make Duterte buckle and crushed and install “Cory 2.0” in his place. These trapos only care about their elite and only for the elite.

    Duterte admitted his administration will be rough, bloody and full of controversy but he will set out what he intended to do as elected. And that is why we need someone like him right now as our own senators have no clear idea how to improve our country’s situation unlike the previous leader who nearly put the entire country in the brink of anarchy.

  6. Leila de Lima has resurrected the worn-out Jun Pala case from more than a decade ago to try and pin down Duterte. The yellows must really be running out of options.

    Once again, this is BAIT, and I hope President Duterte and his communications team can see this. They should know by now that the yellows are using the Goebbels strategy: a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth. This is the same strategy they used on Arroyo, Corona, Binay, etc.

    Duterte walked into their trap when they were trying to associate his name with extrajudicial killings and human rights violations. By answering their ridiculous accusations in his usual “colorful” way, he gave them the fuel to get massive media mileage all the way to the international press.

    He should not make the same mistake again. Ignore them. Nobody believes them anyway, except the yellow clique that wants Duterte out. This new “witness” Matobato that they’re presenting now is really dubious. If he says he was afraid to come out when Duterte was mayor, why would he do so now that Duterte is president?

    Bottomline, Filipinos accept President Duterte for what he is and don’t care what happened more than a decade ago.

    Huwag nang patulan ito. Meanwhile, Sec. Martin Andanar, isn’t it about time you come up with something to change the conversation? Nakakasawa na itong killings-killings topic na ito. Stop letting Leila de Lima and the yellow media jerk you around and put you on the defensive. Take control and CHANGE THE CONVERSATION. You should be the one setting the direction of the national discourse, not them. If you come up with more interesting and more positive news, no one will even pay attention to the yellow media’s inflated body count anymore.

    No offense, Sec. Andanar, we appreciate how hard you’re working. But there is such a thing as working hard doing the wrong things. It is more important to work smart than to work hard. Strategy is the key here. Good luck.

  7. don’t worry celestino it’s going to be the power of the people who’ll finished the war on drugs, corruptions, communism, and terrorism before the end of the 6 months target. it’s already the fall of the yellow dynasty can’t you not see they’re in a defensive course now. pnoy’s coaching at the senate hearing is not working no pilipinos believed his attack dogs in the senate drilon, de lima, trillanes, pangilinan. de lima’s chairmanship hearing on extra judicial hearing is nothing but to block the HR105 against her why proliferation of drugs flourished under her watch. don’t get surprised anytime millions of pilipinos nationwide be the judge.

    1. ….it’s pnoy puppetering the show at the senate by texting his attack dogs. maybe he’s also the one who send matobato to testify against duterte with his own hallucinations. almost the same strategy he did to Corona.

  8. 2 things what the duterte administration should do ASAP!

    1. distribute hacienda luisita right away.

    2. set up a press conference on HR105 and let the witnesses talk why drugs proliferation happened inside the bilibid prison. they’re blocking it in the senate well do a press conference for the people to judge.

  9. I’m new to this site. I was very surprised to read on Yahoo that Prez Duterte is limiting his country’s political ties with America and reinforcing it with China. Is this a wise move?

    1. The latter’s good but needs to be handled with caution, the former’s fucking stupid on every imaginable level.

      And what the fuck is GRP doing, pussyfooting with Russia?

      1. Prez Duterte needs to be especially careful of who he rubs shoulders with. The man is too old to be gambling with his country’s choice of partners to sleep with. He might just wake up one morning with a dagger against his throat.

    1. That is priceless question. When the great Prez Duterte keels over–naturally or in the hands of the enemies–who will continue his fight?

    2. If there is a warning on war on drugs, the USA shows that clearly. Since 1971, there have been a war on drugs and there’s been heavy financial and social costs. This war costs the USA more than the FY 2016 Budget for this country. This war will never end.

  10. I now understand, why the late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos, Sr., declared Martial Law…these idiots, who were elected by HOCUS PCOS, are just wasting peoples’ money, on idiotic Senate Hearings. De Lima is a Drug Lord protector, along with Porky Drilon . Trillanes is the running dog of Aquino. Hontiveros is a YellowTard. Pangilinan is a Feudal Oligarch…Recto is a YellowTard, in disguise…

    Aquino and his Feudal Oligarchs, including the Chinese Triad Drug Mafia , are the ones behind these idiots; who are conducting “political zarzuela” in the Senate. They are obstructing the War on Drugs ! They are obstructing the progress of our country !

    They should be reminded, that our country is a tinderbox…it could explode any moment. These Senators, will be the first victims.

    America instead of helping countries, is destroying countries. Lybia,Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, etc…to name a few. Iran was nearly destroyed, but the Iranian people, were fast to act…and they kicked the Americans and the British out ! The Ayatollah Kommenie was very popular, then…the Iranian Revolutionary Guard hostaged the U.S. Embassy personnel. They were supported by the Soviet Union. The rest was history !

    Pursuing an independent foreign policy is a good move…we have to be friends to every country.

    Not only that Pres. Duterte, should be warned of the Liberal Party, to remove him. He should watch the U.S./C.I.A. moves to remove him.

    Gen. Noriega was removed by outright invasion of the U.S. The cause was: he was supposed to be a drug traffickers !

  11. i have a question to everyone. is treason can be pardon? if not, why is trillanes out he’s charge of rebellion to overthrow the government? he’s the attack dog of pnoy. his blocking on cayetano was text to him by pnoy for sure. he’s been opening his cellphone often can be seen in the senate clearly. so, is treason can be pardon?

    1. …the yellows are setting up anarchy in the nation. duterte’s administration should declare now martial law. or let the power of the people decide?

      1. DU30 admin can’t declare martial law. the martial law of Pres. Marcos left a bad experience to our people (to those who are misinformed). The oligarchs will again repeat what they did in those days.

        Furthermore, the declaration of Martial Law should be submitted to Congress where members will vote for revocation of such declaration. Hence, pres. DU30 can’t just declare it.

        1. All administrations–from Emilio Aguinaldo all the way to the present administration– had been a bad experience for the Philippines and its people. Why? Because Filipinos don’t really care for their country and each other; they only care about themselves. That is the truth, and nothing but the truth, and don’t anyone try to deny it because you’ll only be lying to yourself.

  12. The Yellow Party has stepped-up its black propaganda campaign after being busted on its plans to impeach him. To do this, they first needed to smear his popularity. They’re also taking advantage of the profound ignorance of the foreign community about the character of Pinoy Culture and penchant for malicious rumors, also the real character of the President. The Yellow Party & its underworld connections would gladly plunge into demonic depths of maliciousness & insidiousness, inciting sedition, just to demolish their political target—-which is the President in this case.

    Until the yellow methods are stopped, politics in the PI will be guaranteed to be profoundly corrupt.

  13. Just watched Day 3 of Leila de Lima’s senate hearing on drug-related killings.

    You know that feeling when you’re looking forward to the next episode of your favorite TV show, and when it finally comes on, your jaw drops because you realize they’re airing a rerun? That’s what happened today.

    After more than two weeks of scrounging around, De Lima still was not able to gather enough material on President Duterte’s alleged involvement in present-day EJK’s, so for today’s episode, she had to make do with old “Davao Death Squad (DDS)” storylines from the years when Duterte was mayor.

    Her witness for today was a man named Edgar Matobato who claimed to be a DDS hitman and who has actually been in DOJ custody since De Lima’s time as DOJ Secretary. Matobato gave very detailed accounts of killings involving crocodiles, dance instructors, corpses with stomachs filled with sand to make them sink, etc. As De Lima herself said, “sumasakit ang ulo ko” sa dami ng details.

    De Lima did her best to squeeze as many shocking revelations out of Matobato as she could. In fact, unlike other hearings where senators form their questions as the witness gives his testimony, De Lima was constantly one step ahead of Matobato and was practically directing his narration, cueing him on details before he could even say them. For instance, when he said “naghukay noong 2003 . . .”, De Lima impatiently corrected him and said “2009 yon”—she knew exactly what he was referring to, before he even said anything. (Matobato was about to talk about the time De Lima went to Davao to dig up alleged corpses of people killed by DDS.)

    Alas, upon cross-examination by the other senators, the holes in Matobato’s statements started coming out.

    When asked by Senator Tito Sotto who arranged for him to appear at the Senate today, Matobato said he didn’t want to reveal the person’s name. Sotto prodded some more, saying it was very strange that Matobato was so willing to name the people he killed and who ordered them killed, but he doesn’t want to reveal something as simple as the name of the person who arranged his Senate appearance. Matobato then changed his answer to “Hindi ko alam”.

    When Sotto asked if he already gave a written affidavit on the allegations he made today, Matobato said no. De Lima swooped in and said an affidavit would be prepared later. But it was too late, the cat was out of the bag. It is very basic to get an affidavit before allowing a witness to testify, otherwise anyone can make wild accusations about anything without any accountability. The lack of an affidavit indicates Matobato’s televised testimony was being done primarily “for media purposes”, as Senator Sotto hinted. It doesn’t matter if the accusations will be proven false later on. De Lima’s goal, which she achieved, was to put out fresh material for local and international media to spin into new anti-Duterte stories.

    There were many inconsistencies in Matobato’s statements. For instance, he claimed to have been a bodyguard of Duterte’s son Paolo since he was a child attending Ateneo de Davao, but one of Paolo Duterte’s schoolmates posted on Facebook that Paolo did not have bodyguards when he was a kid and he went to school in PWC where his mom was a teacher, not Ateneo. Matobato also claimed that President Duterte had the bodyguards of Prospero Nograles, his main political rival in Davao, killed. But Nograles’s son Karlo, who was his father’s chief of staff, issued a statement saying this was a total lie, none of their employees was ever killed for political reasons, and Matobato was being manipulated.

    It would take too long to enumerate all of Matobato’s inconsistencies here, because there are so many. There’s a running list going viral on Facebook so people will come across that sooner or later. Senator Ping Lacson, who is a former PNP chief, said it best: “As an expert investigator, Edgar Matobato is not a credible witness.” (Read here ) Senate President Koko Pimentel also denied De Lima’s request to put Matobato under the Senate’s protective custody. The yellows will accuse him of being unfair, but really, if Pimentel allowed it, it would set a precedent–every lunatic with a wild story will come to the Senate, make baseless accusations, then seek protection. De Lima should take responsibility for her own stooges.

    During the hearing, Senator Alan Cayetano questioned the motive of Leila de Lima and the Liberal Party for staging this zarzuela. He pointed out what everyone already knows: De Lima and the yellows are trying to build a case to impeach President Duterte, and the direct beneficiary if Duterte is ousted would be their partymate Leni Robredo.

    It didn’t take long for Robredo to come out with a statement denying any such plot and claiming to be offended by what Cayetano was implying. Earth to Leni. Don’t waste your time issuing denials because no one believes you anyway, not even your handful of supporters who are hoping your plot succeeds.

    The best performance for today came from none other than Antonio Trillanes, who did his best to badger Senator Cayetano while Cayetano was questioning Matobato, to the point that Trillanes even switched off Cayetano’s microphone like a child to stop him from talking. Yes, he did. The trilliling knows no limits.

    And so, another day was wasted at the Senate of the Philippines on an investigation conducted by a trio of psychos in aid of the yellow party’s agenda. If there was a way to vote De Lima, Trillanes, and Drilon out of the Senate, I think over 90% of the Filipino people would agree. Please DDS, take these three and feed them to the crocodiles. You have our permission.

  14. it is trillanes who’s out of order and not cayetano. trillanes is doing again an act to overthrow the government. his treason pardon should be revoked.

    1. Your senators Trillanes and Cayetano are politicians, and will change alliances at the drop of a hat. You know better than to trust either one of their motives.

      1. I don’t know what you’re getting at but even Trillanes himself is an anti-Duterte scmhuck. The anti-Duterte ad last election with some innocent kids is all his doing.

  15. Thats why journalist jun pala needed a quick bullet to shut his mouth. Haha good riddance. Fck all.those who opppse this administration..death to all lp voters

  16. How’s this for hypocrisy?

    A couple of weeks ago, the US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power tweeted:

    “Alarming reports of ongoing extrajudicial killings in the #Philippines; government must respect human rts & rule of law”

    Did Power get the side of President Duterte before she tweeted? No. She based her judgment on sensationalized media reports and the hysterical claims of human rights activists, most of whom are funded by US-based interest groups.

    Today, we find out that Samantha Power “expressed regret” over a US air strike yesterday that killed 60+ soldiers of the Syrian army and wounded at least 100 others.

    How can the most powerful government in the world, with all its resources, make such a mistake?
    Easy. When that government’s top officials such as Samantha Power are too busy making self-righteous critiques against other countries, and habitually pass judgment without looking at objective, non-partisan information, they make these kinds of blunders.

    And how do they make up for these mistakes? They say “Oops, sorry”, like they only knocked over a glass of water, then blame someone else—in this case Russia. Samantha Power accused Russia of “moralism and grandstanding” for denouncing the air strike, and called Russia “cynical and hypocritical”.

    To Samantha Power:

    It is quite clear to the rest of the world who the global expert is on moralism and hypocrisy, and it’s not Russia. You have A LOT of cleaning up to do in your own backyard. Please focus on that and stop interfering in Philippine affairs.

    Do you know why most Filipinos are not bothered by President Duterte’s war on drugs, and are in fact supportive of it? Because that is what we voted him for. He won by a landslide because he promised to take drastic, bloody measures to end criminality and corruption. If you and the US really believed in democracy, you would respect the choice of the Filipino people, and leave us alone.

    Our country and our president are not your problem. Your deadly meddling all over the world under the guise of “democracy” is the problem.

    Will we be seeing this tweet from you anytime soon?

    “Alarming reports of extrajudicial killing of soldiers & civilians in #Syria; US government must respect human rts & rule of law”

    We’re waiting.

    1. Do you know why most Filipinos are not bothered by President Duterte’s war on drugs…?
      Frankly, I’m bothered by it. If allowed to continue without proper monitoring or accounting the whole thing will ricochet to Pres. Duterte.

      Killings perpetrated by government authorities, irrespective of the reasons, must be accompanied by clear identification, explanation and investigation. I say that because there are parallel killings going on that is perpetrated by other unknown groups/people aside from the police.

  17. The international media and human rights advocate should not make its judgement on what they believe extra judicial killings is happening in the Philippines basing only on information published by anti-duterte group. They should also consider the explanations, beliefs, and knowledge of those duterte supporters before publishing their own fair and objective judgement. With this, peace and justice will prevail.

    1. @Rudy Dokey. The “explanations, beliefs, and knowledge” of Duterte’s supporters are already topics of scrutiny for lack of moral justification—not just from anti-Duterte group but also from the international community. This is the reason why the Human Rights advocates are passing judgement “on what they believe is extra-judicial killings.”

      You didn’t say anything new.

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