DLSU Prof. Antonio Contreras exposes anti-Marcos crowd’s hypocrisy



I was just scrolling through my Facebook feed earlier tonight when I saw two posts from DLSU Political Science Professor Antonio P. Contreras who I follow on Facebook (I recommend you follow him as well). In those two posts, Professor Contreras exposed the hypocrisy of the anti-Marcos crowd. Take a look.

Here is the first post:

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Antonio P. Contreras
55 mins ·
Just what I expected, the apology of Imee Marcos will never be enough. Some point out that Bongbong and Imelda should also apologize, and they should be doing so not only on behalf of the dead Marcos but for their sins as well.

It will never be enough for these people. Even the death of the Marcoses will never be enough to satisfy the demand for justice by these people consumed by hatred, which the more I think about it, is less about justice and more about vengeance.
Maybe while they are in this mood, why don’t they also ask the descendants of the left to apologize too for the innocent civilians they murdered in their rebellion, and for murdering their own kind during their own internal wars.

They should demand apology from every offspring of corrupt politicians who benefited from the PDAF and the DAP, and who even defended Noynoy Aquino in committing such acts. They should likewise demand apology from all children and descendants of the Makapilis and those who collaborated with the enemy.
They should ask Kris and Noynoy and their relatives to apologize for the collaboration of their grandfather with the Japanese, and earlier, for benefiting from the war chest of the revolution, and for Hacienda Luisita. As they demand the Marcoses to return their loot, maybe the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos should return theirs too.

Since they have a very rigid standard for acceptable apology, maybe they have to be as comprehensive too.
This, while we never even demand a simply apology from the Americans for the murders committed when they occupied our country.

This, while we look at Japan as a source of inspiration even without the Japanese apologizing for the rape committed to many of our women during WW II.

Here is the second post:

Antonio P. Contreras
30 mins ·
If we are so damned concerned about the crimes of humanity committed by the Marcoses and his minions during Martial Law, then why did we not form truth commissions and filed criminal cases against those who were still alive at the time Cory Aquino took to power? Why did we focus on the loot and not on the murder, torture, rape, and forced disappearances?

Why have we reduced alleged victims of Martial Law into mere beneficiaries of a legislated indemnification?
Why on earth did we not even pursue the reopening of the investigation on the Ninoy assassination?

Why do we keep on using the unsolved horrors of Martial Law to fuel the fires of hatred and division, when we could have opted to seek the truth using legal processes and use it as the foundation for restitutive justice and reconciliation, and of moving on?

Why have we reduced the horrors of Martial Law into simply a political capital to feed the careers and fortunes of the elites who benefit from keeping it as such?

Professor Contreras may not have realized it, but what he posted basically supported my previous Get Real Post entry about why the anti-Marcos crowd has failed to make its case to the Filipino people. Putting that aside, Prof. Contreras was on target and on point with his post. It’s about time someone from the academe spoke out.

89 Replies to “DLSU Prof. Antonio Contreras exposes anti-Marcos crowd’s hypocrisy”

  1. what are you waiting for pilipinos? waiting for president duterte to die? let him see the fruit of his fight for the Philippines to prosper. there’s alot of yellowtards in the senate trying to bring him down. oust them by the power of the people. you are the judiciary now no one else.

  2. bAKIT HINDI SSAGUTIN NG MGA DILAWAN ANG TANONG NA, bakit idineklara ni President Marcos ang Martial law???? pwede ba pakisagot.. may dahilan kung bakit niya ginawa ito.. Pero walang sinasabi ang mga MEDIANG bayaran at mga mamayan na nabayaran kung bakit nagkaroon ng Martial Law?/?? pakisagot nga sa mga haters ng martial law???

    1. Gusto kong makibahagi ng pananaw kaya lang binansagan mo na agad ‘yung gustong makipag-diskusyon sa ‘yo na “DILAWAN” at “haters”.

      Hindi mo pa naririnig ‘yung pananaw nuong gustong mag-bigay ng ibang anggulo sa isyu pero minarkahan mo na sila ng iyong suspetsa at bintang.

      Lumalabas na kapag hindi umayon sa ‘yo e ‘dilawan’ o ‘haters’ na. Mahirap na ‘yon. ????

    2. Why was Martial Law declared? Because he wanted to stay in power, put simply. If you remember your history, 1965 when he was elected, the constitution only allowed 2 terms for the president (4 years each), Marcos had the inclination to stay in power. So he used the Miranda bombing as an excuse to declare Martial Law – he argued it was a matter of ‘public security’. But what did he do in the first instance? He eliminated all his political opponents by putting them in prison, allowing the police and military to ‘cleanse’ opponents by targetting activists, students, and anyone who opposed the Marcos government, and most of all, he used his presidential powers to concentrate power under his name for example by creating a new constitution that would extend his stay in power beyond the legal terms set by the 1935 constitution. SO in case you forgot your history (or did not bother reading), the Aquinos came to power BECAUSE the elder generation rallied behind Noynoy Aquino (the guy in your 500 peso bill) who was killed allegedly by some of the factions within the Marcos. NOW TELL ME, why would you want another Martial Law if it means having a president who can decide on anything at his/her whims? If you want an INTELLECTUAL argument, now is the time to lay it down. I can easily send you several studies that have shown the outcomes of the Marcos government in case you hve not read any of them. These include, inter alia, ballooning debts that we continue to pay until today, the destruction of our political democracy (well basically Marcos closed congress and judiciary), and human rights violations and disappearances of activists.

        1. The other side of history that is all made up or littered with spin and half truths?

          Yeah we of the adult world prefer our history un-spun with actual proof.
          But love your ability to consume propaganda and not be able to differentiate from the truth.
          U got nothing son, go back to school

        2. @TheVoiceofCUCKS:

          Says the guy who is spitting half-truths ins the first place?

          Nobody should go back to school because everything is manipulated through propaganda. Unfortunately, you’re clueless.

        3. The other side of history that is all made up or littered with spin and half truths?

          Wrong. You just can’t admit your biases while I was here looking on both sides of the story.

          The very reason you say “U got nothing spn, go back to school” means you’re totally butthurt. But what do I expect from a foreigner posing as a Filipino would understand?

        4. lumang tugtugin nayang pinagsasabi mo. puro kapintasan ni marcos ang iyong dinitalya. hindi mo binanggit u panahon ng martial law ay walang droga, disiplinado mga pilipino, hindi tayo nag-import ng bigas dahil sa masagana 99, at ikalawa ang pinas sa japan pagdating sa ekonomya. dahil ikaw ay biased dapat sa iyo ay harangin ng secu sa lung center, kidney center, folks arts theatre, mrt, nlex at marami pang iba na pinagawa ng mga marcos. isa kang intellectual idiot!

        5. @brokenme…when have i ever said i was a filipino.
          When have i ever said what nationality i am.
          When have i ever said what race i come from nor which country i was born in.
          Fyi some people are born over seas yet are still called african…honestly. Over it.
          Enjoy your stupidity.

        6. @brokenme…when have i ever said i was a filipino.
          When have i ever said what nationality i am.
          When have i ever said what race i come from nor which country i was born in.
          Fyi some people are born over seas yet are still called african…honestly. Over it.
          Enjoy your stupidity.

          Says the actual stupid fag. I remember the time I accuse you that you’re a foreigner yet you insist that you’re a Filipino bit prefers to speak English.

          Yep, TROLL confirmed.

        7. My question to u is.
          Are u a filipino if u r born in the philippines or are u a filipino if one or both of your parents are filipino?
          Does being brought up in a different country mean u r not filipino?

          If u head over seas for 20 years and return…r u no longer a filipino.?
          Pls do tell me your thoughts on that….im dying to hear them.

      1. 1965 marcos was elected president. but ninoy was so terrified ‘cuz 1967 is coming the 10th year agreement was signed in 1957 that hacienda luisita supposed to be distributed to the farmers after 10 years…. agreed and signed by government panel and jose cojuangco cory’s dad. it was peoples money paid for that for the farmers. ninoy was so quick thinks he could grab power to steal HL from the farmers fabricating things against marcos and that mess the country till now they’re fighting for it. HL was the only reason why the Philippines became in misery. it’s what they’re fighting for the ‘L’ sign. they’ll never give it up now that ninoy was assassinated. it is worth dying for. nobody could blame marcos for what happened in the Phlippines, he is not the one to be blamed.

      2. Jojo,

        You are one of those who were blinded by the yellow media and the books that taught the other side of the truth. You were not even splot out of your father’s testicles when all these happened. How can you say those here with a very proud gesture. Assess both sides before you conclude. You are nothing different from the followers of the yellow cult. Ask those who really knew the true history, so you will learn correctly.

      3. Aquino came to power because of elder generation? Let me answer you Mr Jojo, that’s BULLSHIT! General Servillano Aquino was serving President Aguinaldo during his term, Benigno Aquino Sr, was a Japanese collaborator and found guilty as Makapili, died of heart attack when the verdict is ready to serve on him, Benigno Aquino Jr was a Communists collaborator and he was the prime suspect of Plaza Miranda bombing together with Joma Sison! Benigno Aquino III became President due to sympathy of Cory’s death. You should go back to your teacher “google” before you open your compounded mind! Aquino’s are already in power since AGUINALDO up to Aquino III! Martial Law’s declaration has legal basis, drafted in the Congress – approve by the Senate and the Judiciary (SC) and signed/declared by Marcos as PD1081.

        1. boom! haha! good argument there Die-Ass! he got bitch slapped!
          wait for my references that will bury jojo. coming soon / abangan . . .

        2. You’re absolutely correct…tatumbok mo ang tunay na dahilan…at isa pa…matagal ng galit si Ninoy kay Marcos…sinabi nga ni Tatad na, walang ginawa ni Ninoy sa senate noon kundi pinagplanuhan yun pagpapabagsak kay Marcos..

      4. Did you research if that is the reason for declaration of ML…if you read the real story, not Miranda bombing that LP leader Ninoy orchestrated…Ninoy has a hate on Marcos since they were in senate…1968 when Ninoy start talking to Joma and Nur to continue there rebellion…Ninoy all his life in senate , wala syang ginawa kundi sirain si Marcos lalo na ng maging Pres…basahin mo kasi yun mga sinasabi ng dating kaalyado ni Ninoy na malapit sa kanya…yun kay Victor Corpuz..

        1. kaya nga po c ninoy lang ang wala ng bombahin ang plaza miranda samantalang sya ang head ng liberal party..

      5. In case you don’t notice: I was born, raised and lived in the Philippines for so long that actually know what’s going on.

        There are two kinds of Filipinos who lived in abroad: the smarts ones and the stupid ones; I’ve encountered these people, referring to the latter.

      6. Looks like somebody’s balls retracted here.
        Since you seem to assert you know that part of history well, why not examine Marcos’ accomplishments for national interests as well. You can’t be truly critical if you only pursue a monotonous version of a subject.

      7. The declaration of martial law was not really based on one reason alone, which is that Marcos wants to stay in power. Staying in power is an inherent and natural causation if you declare a military rule. The military rule has a purpose. Back then it was meant to confront growing social disorder which is manifested by daily protests, demonstrations and marches against the government. Some of the reasons cited were to fight the raging communist insurgency and the growing Moro rebellion in the South. Those and the continuing political friction that was going on between Marcos and the oligarch that has become his political enemies. I’m of the opinion that he resorted to military rule with saving the republic in mind. Back then, the ideological pull, both communism and Moro liberation movement, has been the primary destabilizing factors that the government has to confront. Only problem was, he stayed too long. Eventually the situation has developed into a cesspool where he lost control of everything. In the end, Marcos’ has become the poster boy of the famous adage by British historian Lord Action: Absolute power corrupts absolutely.????

        1. Marcos wouldn’t have “stayed too long” without the support of the United States. Both the United States and the Philippines satisfied each other’s needs during the Vietnam War. After the war, the two countries’ relationship began to wane and someone–who had ongoing needs-had to keep the fire of romance burning. It was the latter.

        2. “Some of the reasons cited were to fight the raging communist insurgency and the growing Moro rebellion in the South. Those and the continuing political friction that was going on between Marcos and the oligarch that has become his political enemies.”

          It sounds like these problems have been going on for a while now, and will likely to continue, regardless of who your country elects as president.

      8. Jojo you should watch this interview
        A former NPA commander and a former General during Cory Regime para malaman mo kung ano ang punot dulo ng martial law https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fT9KclP5VL4
        Published on Nov 18, 2013The history reveals how the Communist Government of China supported the NPA rebels of this country. The Chinese provided them weapons to be used in their revolt against the government.

        It’s one among the reasons why Martial Law was declared…
        Panourin mo ang video na ito at itanong mo sa chismosong nagpakalat sa nalalamn mo sa history ng martiallaw kung bakit wala ito sa history mo!
        Siya nga pala jojo pinalabas ba ito ng phil. Media? Ang bayani ng yellow.zombie guilty kasong treason at murder? At ginawa pang bayani ng yellow govt, phil.media at catholc bishop? Dapat magpasalamat ang lamilya aquino ky fem dahil pinayagan siyang magpagamot sa USA at sinustentuhan ang bobong si abnoy noongpanahong un.. Published on Jul 24, 2015Military tribunal in the Philippines, sentencing former Senator Aquino, Commander Dante and Victor Corpuz to death by firing squad


      9. Jojo, you don’t what you are talking about. Who did the Plaza Miranda bombing? The son refused to open the case, who killed his dad, because it is a political capital to ensure it was Marcos who did it. He prevented that the truth will come out.

  3. gnogid- ano nman ang opinion mo sa post ni prof.contreras? Kung sa tingin mo may substance at hnd kai irrational, then go ahead, post mo dito.

    1. I read Contreras’ piece above on his view on the issue. Before I give mine, Stephanie, may I know first what your views is about it? Promise, I’ll immediately post mine after you.

  4. Mean while duterte pulls out pictures from the american occupation 100 years ago and u all jump up and down like it happened yesterday.

    U can not have your cake and eat it too.
    U can not defend marcos with this argument then use the exact same argument against an ally for something that happened a century ago.
    Get a grip get real commentators. Learn not to be hypocrites

    1. Says the actual hypocrite who keeps on spitting the same “everything is better after 1986” shit just to cover up his anti-Marcos bias with half-truths and EMO faggotry.

      Stop telling everyone not to be a hypocrite if you’re just being one yourself. Stop being high and mighty.

      1. When have i ever said or even suggested ” everything is better after 1986″?
        So u just make shit up?
        So not only do u completely fabricate a story( which can be checked simply by looking through my comments) u have to add an insult.

        Hows that working out for you?
        One thing worse than a person who thinks he can win the internet with deceit, is one that thinks insulting somehow makes a good decisive argument?

        @ benigno…..so u approve of duterte doing what u detest?
        What u think ” martial law crybabies” ( which was only 30 years ago, there are people still alive that were effected) is on the same level of bringing up a century ago event?

        1. You still don’t get it? Too bad you’re always circlejerking the argument with your own brand of hearsay and LOL EVIL Marcos.

          I’m always being objective, while you’re aren’t. Nice playing the victim card, son.

        2. I guess your definition of objective and the actual definition of objective are not compatable..
          Atleast to anyone elses mind other than you.

        3. I guess your definition of objective and the actual definition of objective are not compatable..

          Lies. You’re not even objective to begin with, or never tried to be one. Ever.

        4. How did i lie?
          I never once said i was objectionable.
          U either have a very poor grasp of the english language or just your comprehension skills are amiss.

          u claim i lie yet here it is again. Making stuff up i did not say.

          im pretty much done with u…you do not argue like an adult. U make shit up like a 6 year old.

        5. How did i lie?
          I never once said i was objectionable.
          U either have a very poor grasp of the english language or just your comprehension skills are amiss.
          u claim i lie yet here it is again. Making stuff up i did not say.
          im pretty much done with u…you do not argue like an adult. U make shit up like a 6 year old.

          Says the actual 6 year old who can’t even admit his biases to a particular subject. I was always objective to begin with yet you accuse me of ‘lying’ which I never did when it comes in a discussion about the Marcoses.

          Stop playing the victim card here.

        6. @TheVoiceofReason

          Let’s see:

          Because an injustice was done a century or so ago, people are not so “effected” by it as those that were done just 30 years ago?

          Or, that the injustice now is as good as a non-event due to the years that has passed?

          Happy Trolling!

      2. yes your right, who say’s life’s better after 1986? 1was born 1959 so i can say what happened before and after 1986. before 1986 life were smooth for every one, LAW ABIDING CITIZEN we got everything we need as a normal people,not for ACTIVIST and other gov. opposite people..but after 1986 i can say life get messirable, everything change life get hard for the ordinary citizen..

    2. Even before Duterte did that (or, for that matter, even before Duterte was a figure in national politics), Martial Law Crybabies have already been, well, crybabying over Martial Law.

  5. Do remember that dishonesty and cowardice always have to be paid for. Don’t imagine that for years on end Yellows can make themselves the boot-licking propagandist of the Yellowtards regime, or any other stupid idiotic asshole pencil pusher regime, and then suddenly return to mental decency. Once a Yellow whore, always a Yellow whore.

  6. When 99% of the population struggle to make ends meet, I imagine it’s hard to see the family of a despot still enjoying the benefits of the crimes committed.

    While there are still many alive who can remember those times & those atrocities, and while they still have a huge effect on society, the family would do well to keep politically quiet out of respect.

    When Marcos was sick towards the end who pulled the strings (and for probably longer)?

    1. I don’t know hat you’re getting at, but Marcos wasn’t given the chance to go into court to face the charges against him.

      And instead of seeking true justice, those whoa re still alive would choose to play the blame game because it’s easier to do that. And of course, they became apathetic about the atrocities that came later on.

      Who is pulling the strings when he was sick don’t matter. A hostile take over after he left and it’s another political family. I dunno why are you not surprised.

        1. Nice red herring. You just want to tell everyone that they’re the only ones who are responsible w/o even realizing that one man can’t do it alone.

          >inb4 ‘Ramos and Enrile never did wrong’ comments

  7. where is that video being broadcast on tv early morning of the edsa1 revolt where 6 military trucks loaded with crates containing US dollars intercepted by the yellow army along roxas blvd on its way to the airport from the central bank of the philippines?

  8. An extremely defensive writer here needs to know what certain words mean before using them. Dictator generally doesn’t mean decisions are made by a committee following a democratic procedure – that’s a fella all on his lonesome deciding he know what’s best for millions (or is it just for himself & family, who are still hanging around making the place untidy)! No red mackerel there!

    1. Seems you’re misinformed. Ramos is the head of the Philippine Constabulary during that time and Enrile was the ‘architect’ of Martial law. They were still under Marcos during that time.

      Just ask Rigoberto Tiglao. He went there.

  9. No u know nothing, Jojo maybe u were mot born that time to know the real story, Ninoy Aquino, Joma Sison, Nur Misuari,they formed their own group to distabilize the govt. They formed NPA communist rebels milf,gusto nilang isulong ang communism dto sa Pilipinas, kaya sila nanggugulo, bomba dto bomba doon, magulo na.
    Hindi totoo yang sinasabi mo jojo panlilinlang yan ng dilawan dalawang beses na naelek si Pres.Marcos by land slide. Gusto sya ng tao ng mga Filipino.

  10. Thank you, Celestino Manrique II, for your GRP Web Post. Thank you , Prof. Antonio Contreras of DLSU, for clarifying the Martial Law issue, to us…we gratefully appreciate your views…my generation is very much grateful !

    Martial Law is like an OXYGEN of the Aquinos; the Cojuangcos; the Feudal Oligarchs; the Lopezes, who are the worst Oligarchs, etc..

    Martial Law is a “Bogeyman” , they use to frighten the Filipino People; to get a grip on their mindsets and control the Filipino people…It is a “SCARE TACTIC”, a political tool, used by these Feudal Oligarchs, for more than 30 years…the Feudal Oligarch media, like the Lopez’ ABS-CBN, promotes the fear of Martial Law…together with other Feudal Oligarch’s media…It dumbed the Filipinos…it continues to dumb us all !

    They will never want the Truth , to come out ! It is some sort of divide and rule tactic. The gullible Filipinos, like the YellowTards, swallow the bait: hook, line and sinker !

    This is the reason, our country is an OFW slave republic…

    We have to JUNK and change the Aquino constitution…It works for the Feudal Oligarchs, not for the common Filipino people !

  11. hmmm…can you hear that? the deafening silence? nothing shuts voices of dissent except the truth, the REAL truth…bravo, Prof. Contreras…

  12. ask balsy or kris to say sorry for the crimes in hacienda massacre during the time of their brother and the mendiola massacre during the time of their mother

  13. Ferdinand Marcos was a thief, his wife readily admits how much they stole. IF IF IF The Marcos family gave it all back, with %, they could atone for what they did. I have heard the pathetic rantings of the old witch herself,IMELDA, but NEVER has she returned a single peso.

    The Fail-ippino people elect criminals because they are never presented candidates that aren’t criminals….NEVER….and for that reason alone, the country will be fucked until someone has the nerve to get rid of ALL OF THE CROOKS, PERMAMNENTLY !THE USA did it in 1776, more recently Stalin and Castro had to purge their countries of the elites to keep their countries revolts out of the hands of the corrupted rich elites and back into the hands of the people.

    1. You’re thoroughly misinformed, son.

      There are GLOBAL FREEZE orders on all assets of the Marcoses acquired prior to 1986 not only coming from the PHL and that international Anti-Money Laundering body based in Paris, but also by the US, as they have done on the Shah of Iran, etc etc, or are you ignorant about this?. And those orders have NOT been lifted; so, how can the Marcoses be in control of so called wealth? But, you seem to know some billions the Marcoses are hiding in their garage, this or that warehouse, this or that bank, but you don’t want to spell them out; WHY IS THAT???

      Cory and Jovy Salonga hired some of the best bounty hunters in the world with the suspicion that FM hid his bank accounts under fictitious names, but PCGG has not been open how much these experts recovered and what was the ROI of these projects. WHY IS THAT???

      The PCGG have been hiring many legal experts, and they come and go. Some time in the 90s, there were news coming out that some of these legal minds have suddenly had the financial capacities to build mansions in Alabang and other exclusives enclaves. An investigation was initiated, but soon everybody, including the media, forgot about this. WHY IS THAT???

      Of course, what has been plundered has to returned!! An agency, an ENTIRE agency, has been created SPECIFIC just for the Marcoses, and not for other alleged plunderers. But, where is the performance HISTORY of PCGG? Why have they not been explicit about this? And you want the assets returned to a body that has not been that opened and honest to the public??? WHY IS THAT???

      PCGG claims to have recovered four billion Dollars. Why has not one of Martial Law victims been paid even if the government already has this much money under their control. WHY IS THAT???

      Most of these four billion were recovered in the 90s. The #NeverAgain keep on recycling the stories, as if it was the PNoy admin who did the job. WHY IS THAT???

      They claim six billion Dollars are still to be recovered. What is the basis of this estimate? They must have a basis, and with the global freeze still holding, the whole system is very much stacked AGAINST the Marcoses. So, why have they not recovered them after 30 years, YES AFTER fucking LONG 30 years. It must therefore be a complicated legal matter. And your simple mind think it is a simple matter. WHY IS THAT???

      FM from Hawaii kept sending emissaries, and continuously at that, to Cory. The emissaries had only one message: he was willing to face the accusations in the courts. If Cory agreed we probably would have a clearer picture of what they call the “ill gotten wealth”, or maybe not. But, it would probably have been a better, if not the best, effort, instead of shuffling today through the mountain of papers that a dead person could no longer explain. This is now water under bridge because we now understand Cory operated under fear and hatred of Marcos. But with that mistake, which really shows her lack of responsibility to the people and which made things difficult thereafter, the Yellows would now say: “why are you making things difficult, Marcoses?” But, it is the Yellows who made, and are making, things difficult. So, WHY IS THAT???

      For propaganda purposes??? But with that, the Yellows are instead trumpeting their failures in the last 30 years. So, WHY IS THAT???

      If FM was really that evil as they want to portray him, would he pass on such assets to his family whose members would be the very first ones to be investigated? They better be consistent, is he so evil or not? If FM is really that manipulative, then the wealth must be with cronies, isn’t it? So far, they got some from the Benedictos, Disinis, etc, and Security Bank, Allied Bank, etc., but not much more from Danding, JPE, etc. Why has the effort stopped? Is it because the Yellows are now in bed with these very cronies? Some say there is no way to recover now these wealth because EDSA1 has basically released the cronies from their responsibilities and accountabilities to FM. WHY IS THAT???

      The experts now embedded with the Yellows probably know that people are barking on wrong tree by attacking the Marcoses: “return the money”. Why not also: “CRONIES, return the money!!” ??? WHY IS THAT???

      Marcoses keep on asking why. They keep on saying they have so far complied with ALL final and executory rulings from the courts, but the NeverAgain will not listen. WHY IS THAT???

      Are the Yellows interested in resolving the issue, or not? Is it because once it is resolved, they could no longer have their girly fits, and propaganda?? WHY IS THAT???

      And, you are asking BLOGGERS to write about this so complicated a subject matter?? When no respectable legal mind has even written about this comprehensibly??? And yet, would devour and promote a book written by a crackpot?? WHY IS THAT???

      Is this about covering up a more profound failure in the last 30 years??? So, they can continue with their impunity?? PNoy will leave his successor a debt of USD 130 plus Billion, of which USD about 89 Billion is directly attributable to his decisions in the last five years. ADB has already said that on CCT alone, there has been a leakage of 40%. But never mind 40% for purposes of conservative estimates, let us go just for 10%. 10% of 89 Billion is 8.9 Billion. FM left Cory USD 28 Billion debt. They claim FM got USD 10 big B. How is that possible when he had so many infrastructures in 20 years still very much unmatched in the last 30 years. Where is their estimate coming from? And you ask us to worry about a past which even lawyers and investigators are having a hard time untangling when there is an ON-GOING crime right in our time and our very eyes?? WHY IS THAT???

      And please, just admit that you’re also a thief as well. You just want the Marcoses to give back the so-called ‘stolen’ wealth… just to be pillaged by our own trapos. And that includes you. 🙂

      1. @ DIO, the Marcos family were, and remain to this very day, THIEVES. Marcos stole more in his lifetime than anyone in the last 300 years.

        He and his cronies families are still spending the money they stole in that country. That is how much loot they hauled off with.Filipino’s should lynch that old hag and burn her Son at the stake just to make sure none of them ever sit in government agin, BUT FILIPINO’s are too stupid to do it.

        1. Another misinformed TROLLFAG is on the loose.

          You’re clueless, unfortunately. Smuggling alone in the last 6years is in the trillions. That is totally controlled by one KKK who was then sitting in the Palace. Just a conservative ad valorem of 10%, that is already 100 billion of taxes gone. I am talking very conservatively.

          Actually, there are already estimates that show corruption in the 30 years after 1986 is five times the 20 years prior to 1986. And the cronies of the Aquino-Cojuangco clan are much worse that they took advantage of the 1987 Constitution that they were able to rob the public BLIND for 30 years! Their best crime is to convince Pinoys that Ninoy is a hero, Cory is a saint, and Noynoy is a capable leader than the crook Marcos.

          Unfortunately, your claims are utter ridiculousness, pure overration at it worst. Just accept the fact that you are posting based on HATE, not reason. Please stop being EMO and set your priorities for once. I personally am objective when it comes to history, kid.

          BTW, your username reeks of butthurt.

        2. ^Lies. The REAL Aeta’s style of commenting isn’t like that, mind you.

          And nice assumptions of accusing GRP moderators as one-track minded. Actually, only effeminate losers would do that.

          If someone should be a man, then it’s you, son. Please take your TROLLING to somewhere else. And BTW, when does impersonations and character assassinations are a means of presenting different views anyway? In short, none.

        3. @DIO. You’re not only a self-appointed expert of picking out trolls, but you’ve also made yourself an expert at differentiating between writing styles. Amazing!

          How do you know what a true Aeta-style of writing is anyway? Has he kicked your behind enough times with his comments that you’ve become intimately familiar with his comments?

          Are you also a character assassination expert, and can tell when someone is assassinating another person’s character? Man, your list of qualifications just keep getting longer. You really do belong to GRP and the other self-appointment experts on the Philippines and Filipinos.

          Do me a favor, will ya? Next time I say something to describe who you are, be a little more creative and come up with something original to throw back at me, and try not to repeat everything I said.

          Please don’t do it for my sake. Do it for the readers and for the sheer joy of entertaining them on how you make fun of people who don’t support your view that Marcos was a great president.

          Why do I ask for such favor? It’s simple. I want to erase my growing doubts on how well that mass of water and fat inside your head, that you call “brain,” works. I want to make sure you’re really thinking things through first before you write them; and, that you are not simply driven by child-like impulses that will write the first thing that pops in your mind after you’ve read or heard it.

          How you respond to my request will determine whether I will talk to you like a mature adult, or, a small boy sprawled on the floor and throwing a fit because his mommy didn’t buy him a “Barbie Doll” for his birthday. I look forward to your next comment, DIO.

        4. ^*sigh* Sad to say, you’re missing the point. In case you don’t notice, I’ve been in GRP for a long time so I know what happens. I can differentiate the people who comment with logic and reason from the people who are just here for spamming and trolling. You connect the dots.

          I’m not asking for a favor. I’m asking you to stop your red herring comments and let’s try to get straight to the point. And in case you don’t notice, those non-Marcos supporters are making fun of themselves by just using the ‘appeal to the emotions’ approach and act like crybabies here. I’m also using reality-check on my arguments. I’m not saying Marcos was a great president, but I just to point out to everyone that the country grew worse after he left.

          You may have reasons, but I hope you’re not using your comment as a way of playing the victim card. We had it enough.

        5. @DIO, your being on GRP a long time only means you’ve already developed a cobweb in that fat-laden brain of your called “pride,” which translates to mean that you’re not open to other people’s beliefs or opinion unless it’s in-sync with yours.

          Your longevity does guarantee you won’t get fired from your self-imposed status, regardless of how much of a braggart you are about your stance on anything that has to do with the Philippines and its people.

          However, just because you’re in an optimal position to wield your beliefs and opinion on everyone about the Philippines, it doesn’t mean you know everything. In fact, the more you talk about who you are and what you’ve accomplished, the more naive you sound and the more inconsequentially preposterous your comments become.

          You are a legend, DIO. I’ll give you that, since there is no harm that thought can bring to anyone if it only exist in your mind.

  14. What a laugh reading the never ending ignorant bull written here, best comedy entertainment you can get for free.

    Mostly dilluded, largely ignorant, devoid of reason, intelligence, reasoning & thought. Angry, jealous, insecure folks just wanting to be right, never prepared to admit they could be wrong, never listening to other views, stuck in their ways, justifying their view without substantiation & accurate facts, using petty points to big themselves up.

    Wow, remind you of another group of people – those so-called elected officials you either unreasonably defend or hate (no middle ground allowed here or there)…

    Next installment please…

        1. Your point wasn’t proven.

          Only thing that was proven is that your points are pointless.

          Next troll….

  15. Kung marami pong nagsasabing maraming ninakaw si MARCOS, magkano po (approx)…. yun po bang sinasabing ninakaw nya ay nasa kaban ng yaman ng Pilipinas, i mean yung accounted for na yaman ng Pilipinas. Tsaka bakit po pinayagan ng mga biktima ng martial law na kidnapin si marcos kung gusto talaga nilang makamit ang hustisya. alam naman nilang pag wala dito hindi sila makakapagfile ng kaso…. BAKIT NILA PINAYAGANG MAKAALIS SI MARCOS AT BAKIT HINDI PINAYAGAN NI CORY NA MAKABALIK PARA MASAGOT ANG LAHAT NG AKUSASYON?

  16. why did the marcoses want to bury (move) him in the hero’s cemetery? just asking.
    i mean compared to the previous location which we all thought was adequate, what did they want to happen?
    Marcos was a hero? He was just like any other president, he’s been both bad and good and we all know that.

    1. The late, Pres. Ferdinand Marcos Sr. was a decorated soldier, during World War II. He fought courageously in the Battle of Bataan. He was awarded many medals. He survived the Death March from Mariveles, Bataan to Capas, Tarlac.

      All soldiers who fought in our wars are Heroes !
      They sacrificed, they suffered. We must honor all of them ! We of this generation and the next generations must know our true Heroes…not false heroes like the Aquinos !

  17. That is a Fair question by Sir Contreras and i appreciate it… But the yellow noytard elite people doesnt want to be fair.. Remember, The intelectual Filipinos now a days, knows everything about the Gruesome Evil madness by the Liberal Party esp. Aquino family . These Yellow crazy people not even a single word response from them if you ask those question. Nothing..heard from them..IDIOT with RAT BRAINS..


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