De Lima a failure as head of the CHR and DOJ, now also a failure as a senator

I might be jumping to conclusions, but what if it is true?” Those are the words of Senator Leila De Lima in her privilege speech right after she said “The implication is that we have a group of serial killers and mass murderers right within the ranks of the organization which is supposed to protect and serve the people…

Damn. I won’t blame other people if they start swearing at De Lima. She believes her own lies. She admits to not having the evidence to prove her allegations that there are members of the Philippine National Police who are abusing their power but she already talks to the media, particularly the members of foreign media as if what she’s saying has been proven without a shadow of a doubt.

The fact that her privilege speech was addressed to President Rodrigo Duterte is already accusatory. Without providing evidence of her “theory”, she already painted Duterte as the mastermind behind her ousting from the Senate Justice Committee investigating the alleged extrajudicial killings. Her accusations are an insult to the Senators who can think “independently”. De Lima seems to be accusing them too of collaborating with Duterte to undermine her. That is not going to earn her any brownie points among her colleagues. She is digging her own grave. She already earned the ire of some senators and, as such, she should quit talking while she’s ahead. She just keeps yakking away. Her privilege speech is enough to give most people a headache. It was all about how she had become a victim in her crusade to stop the alleged “extrajudicial killings”.

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Granted, the head of the Executive branch of government does have a track record of strong-arming members of Congress into doing what he wanted them to do, specifically during BS Aquino’s term. This was evident during the impeachment and trial to remove the late former Chief Justice Renato Corona from his post. But there was strong motivation among the congressmen and senators to accede to BS Aquino’s wishes back then — because they had to appease the President so he could give them funds from the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), both of which had been scrapped after the Supreme Court ruled they were illegal. This is not the case with the current administration. Besides, the circumstances of De Lima’s ouster from the Justice Committee chairmanship is different from Corona’s ouster from the Supreme Court. De Lima’s was more of a random decision based on conduct unbecoming of a senator that she had exhibited.

Indeed, De Lima wasn’t ousted because she was critical of Duterte or because she was digging into his alleged role in the Davao Death Squad. She was ousted by her own colleagues because they believed she was using the Senate to get back at her enemy. In other words, she was abusing her position and dragging the reputation of the Senate through the mud. To quote Senator Win Gatchalian:

Senate committees are tasked with shaping policy direction and crafting legislative reforms. Unfortunately, under the leadership of Senator De Lima, the committee on justice had become a hollow vehicle for the fulfillment of personal political vendettas.”

“We simply had to put a stop to that,” Gatchalian’s statement said.

He said the decision “was a difficult one.” But he added that “In the end, I am confident that we made the right choice to protect the integrity of the Senate and to safeguard its reputation as a true and faithful instrument to further the interests of the Filipino people.”

De Lima is definitely not objective anymore. She has an axe to grind. Some say she is behaving like a mad woman. If she feels like the whole world is conspiring against her, then she should now appreciate what former President Gloria Arroyo felt when she was denied her right to travel abroad and her right to presumption of innocence back in 2011. That was the time De Lima stopped Arroyo at the airport as she was leaving to seek medical treatment abroad and detained her even when there was no case against her at that time.

De Lima is now holding on to the sole witness against Duterte, Edgar Matobato – a witness she did not tell the other members of the Justice Committee she will be presenting beforehand. In her privilege speech, she did not really explain why she did not tell Senator Panfilo Lacson about Matobato. She just said that as early as 2009, “Edgar Matobato has already been identified by one DDS witness as a companion of said witness in one of his DDS.” As if that makes any sense at all. This raises the question as to why De Lima didn’t use him earlier. I dare De Lima supporters to ask her why she didn’t use Matobato against Duterte when she was still the Chair of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) or when she was Secretary of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

What the hell is wrong with people who still believe in De Lima’s drama? She failed in her roles in the CHR and DOJ, now less than six months in the Senate, she is proving to be a failure as a senator too. There are still gullible people who believe in people who play the victim card. They pose a hindrance to Philippine progress.

Some of De Lima’s supporters say they would rather believe the words of Matobato — a murderer who confesses in his role in the Davao Death Squads — than the words of a convicted drug lord like Herbert Colangco. While both Matobato and Colangco are both scumbags who are just trying to save their own asses because they don’t have a choice, Colangco’s testimonies against De Lima are supported by the fact that he ran Bilibid like he owned the place and he did it with impunity since as he insinuated, De Lima turned a blind eye to his activities because she was getting a cut from his seedy profits:

During a congressional inquiry on drug proliferation at the New Bilibid Prisons, Colangco likened the prison facility’s maximum security compound to the Manila red-light district in Roxas Boulevard.

“Ang maximum po ay ginawa ko talagang parang Roxas Boulevard. Kahit walang dalaw, sample model binayaran ko ng P25,000 sa labas, ibebenta ko sa loob ng P75,000,” Colangco said in the House of Representatives.

(I turn the maximum [security prison] into Roxas Boulevard. A sample model I pay P25,000 for outside, I sell for P75,000.)

Colangco said he was running a resort-like hotel with facilities like air-conditioning and shower inside the maximum security compound.

He earlier confessed selling boxes of beer during his concerts in the Bilibid, which he said Senator Leila de Lima had allowed in exchange for share in the money.

How can De Lima explain these allegations? She was DOJ Secretary for six years but did not stop or was too incompetent and, possibly, too corrupt to stop the debauchery that went on inside the national penitentiary. This is an outrage. This is something her supporters need to address too. They can’t let her off the hook just because they hate Duterte. The current problems Duterte has to deal with are the result of the previous government’s ineptitude, which De Lima was a part of. She just doesn’t have the moral high ground to criticise Duterte for her own failures.

I do hope that the new Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre will file formal charges against De Lima soon so De Lima can have her day in court. We all know that senate hearings are mostly in aid of grandstanding politicians, not legislation.

50 Replies to “De Lima a failure as head of the CHR and DOJ, now also a failure as a senator”

  1. Na KARMA na si De Lima ! KARMA follows the Law of Physics: “For every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction” !

    What De Lima did to this country is outrageous…What she did to the National Bilibid Prison, can be placed in the “Ripley’s Believe it or Not ” !

    What she did to her womanhood…using sex to manipulate subordinates, to do her evil will, is brazenly shameless !

    Money, indeed is the root of all evils. Power corrupts…De Lima showed us clearly, in her tenure as Secretary of Justice !

    I have never seen such debauch, pervert and such extreme debasement of human beings, in my life ! This tops therm all !

    I do not believe that Aquino and his cahoots do not know these activities. They are as guilty as De Lima !

    1. De Lima even surpassed the evilness of that, German Nazi: Ilse Koch, known as the “Bitch of Buchenwald”…

      De Lima will be known in the annals of Philippine History as the : “The Bitch of the National Bilibid Prison/Justice Department”…!

      1. @ HT, you fuckin retard: You compare DeLima to a mass murderer? someone that led people into gas chambers while lying and telling them they were getting a shower? A Bitch that was ‘hands-on” involved in the gassing of mass numbers of human beings? You compare Delima to that? Your a fuckin retard.

        1. @Tell it like It:

          You are an Asshole !
          De Lima is worse than a Nazi murderer…she destroyed the lives of Filipinos thru Shabu !

          An idiot like you ,who believes that Shabu is nothing more than a cough syrup should be taken cared of with a
          bullet in your empty head !

    2. Delima’s case here is much stronger that what she can exclaim with Matobato on Duterte’s DDS.

      The concerts and the “resort-like” lifestyle can be verfied at a glance. There is a very apparent lax of security, of which can be directed at her as head of DOJ.

      What she did to her womanhood…using sex to manipulate subordinates, to do her evil will, is brazenly shameless !

      ….. Dito ako di makapaniwala. Ibig sabihin ba non me pumapatol ke De Lima, sa itsura nyang yan?? >_< Ibang klase.

      1. “If you want your job and a lot of money, you have to get on top of me…”, ordered De Lima… A man in need, will close his eyes; and imagine he is making love to Ms. Hontiveros, and not De Lima !

      2. You ask the three super macho links with Delima ..kahit baboy baleen yan ..kapag super money at abusing his power ..kahit nandiere ka puma to kana lang dahil para kang prencipe na laging na ligo sa pera..siguro pati ikaw madali ni delima dahil sa super drugs money…ha ha ha

    3. I agree, Hyden, but I am sorry to say, there is worse yet to come.

      As night follows day, any disruption in the global flow of drugs is followed by terrorist attacks, CIA intervention an overthrow or a coupe d’etat. (Afghanistan/Taliban/Heroine)

      Duterte ran and won on an Anti Drug platform so preparations for his overthrow have had time to mature methodically.

      COMELEC ensured Roberdo to replace Duterte, and De Lima was lead to believe her role as Champion against EJK would be applauded. She is the sacrificial pawn.

      De Lima will be an “EJK victim”, blamed on DU30, Roberdo will rise to power, and Philippines will revert back to no hope, no future.

      My heart breaks for Philippines

      1. The CIA failed in Turkey recently..they failed in Iran and Cuba…

        Now, the U.S. is appeasing Iran, by paying back the money the Shah had paid to the U.S. , in billion of U.S. dollars. We all have to be vigilant….we must not allow countries to manipulate us , as their vassal !

        As of now, the U.S. has many problems: Iraq, ISIS Caliphate, Syria, Lybia, Ukraine, Russia, China, North Korea, Yemen, Afghanistan, Sudan, etc…

        Jobs in the U.S., are disappearing, and appearing in Mexico, China, Vietnam, etc…

        The U.S. debt is in trillion of U.S. dollars, and increasing…

        The U.S. cannot afford to have another headache…Radical Islamic Terrorism is a real headache of the U.S. …it has to deal with this problem. There were terrorist’s IEDs, that blew up in New York City in downtown Manhattan, and New Jersey, recently. There will be more …if the U.S. , will continue to destabilize other countries !

        1. Hyden, so we are clear on this point, the CIA and the US are NOT the same thing. The CIA causes problems that will benefit them, the US ends up trying to fix what they break. Drugs, Oil, Weapons and War are CIA commercial business.

          The overthrow in Iran to install the Shaw in 1950 was CIA, and the overthrow of the Shaw in 1979 was CIA also,so CIA could arm both sides in the 8 year Iran Iraq War.

          When both Iran and Iraq were exhausted, then it was time for CIA to encourage Iraq to invade Kuwait so US had an excuse to make War on Iraq and destabilize the region for generations.

          ISIS is CIA, but the attempted COUP in Turkey was instigated by Russia and designed to fail but blamed on CIA. Russia has influence in Syria, so causing problems in neighboring Turkey is logical for Russia.

          As always, the US is a good Allie for Philippines and has no interest in colonization, but the CIA has different interests. They need to get rid of DU30 so Roberdo can protect CIA interest in Drugs.

          Like I said yesterday, De Lima has been duped and is at risk. She just realized it today and is asking for protection. SHE NEEDS IT.

        2. Go RICO: I made the point elsewhere that the US is not homogeneous. There are many special-interest groups, all with their own divergent agendas. As you pointed out, the CIA (and their associated businesses) have an agenda quite separate from the majority of the US people, and perhaps even separate from the US government.

          Somewhere in the mix are groups of Americans who genuinely want to see the Philippines do well. It’s a pity Duterte doesn’t want to court these people. I do believe he could find powerful allies in the US, if he actually wanted to.

        3. Thanks, Marius. You’re exactly right, 90% of real Americans love Philippines. Both Obama and HRC understood Duterte’s “SOB” comment about Obama was what DU30 needed to “Cowboy Up” and show his supporters he won’t sell them out.

          Believe me, POTUS is cool. He didn’t take the comment personally and will show up if needed.

          That said, CIA bears watching, and again, Duterte did the right thing in ordering US Special Ops out of Mindanao. The are not the solution, they are the problem.

          So far, President Duterte is playing it smart.

        4. “Both Obama and HRC understood Duterte’s “SOB” comment about Obama…” – GO RICO
          I’m sorry but that’s a complete fallacy. You are selling something that is a complete fabrication. Nowhere you can find or read that validates that claim of yours.

        5. Hyden, I am not selling anything, HOWEVER . . . .

          i have an office in DC and my partner there has been close personal friends with the President and Michelle Obama since they were at Harvard Law School together.

          My partner is married to a Filipina, so the discussion between Obamas and my partner naturally turned to their reaction to Duterte comment.

          My partner called me the next day to update me.

          I apologize for not having a news article about our personal conversations to refer you to. If you prefer to think I’m just imagining shit, I can’t stop you.

        6. @ HT, You think Lybia, Syria and Ukraine are USA problems? Syria and Ukraine are Russian Federations problems, as NATO is barking on Russia’s door..Yemen? Saudi Arabia is bombing the shit out of them, again..not USA problem.China is in the back pocket of the USA Industrialists pocket.AGAIN, not a USA problem.Afghhanistan is where all the drugs on USA streets comes from, and hospitals around the world,GUESS who controls it ??DUH, not a USA problem.That leaves Sudan and North Korea…PROBLEMS? I think not.20 Trillion in debt? PPPFFF….they will get bailed out by the IMF and the USA will cease to exist(its already over BUT…)

          The New World Order is one state, conrolled by the oligarchs in the USA, that is the quest.

          It NEVER cease’s to amaze me what Filipino’s think is going on outside of their country.

    4. If you ask me, she is so physically ugly that she probably had to pay her driver not only for collecting money from Bilibid, but she also had to wear a bag over her head (entire body?) and allow him to watch porn while attempting to fulfill his duties in the bed.

      1. @GO RICO:

        As I had written earlier in my blogs: ” the U.S. will Dance with the Devil; if it promotes its National Interests…the trouble is: the Devil is just evil”…

        During election time in the U.S. Business Corporations finance the American candidates, to promote their business interests. You need billions of U.S. dollars, to win a Presidential election.

        Oil is a basic commodity in our fossil energy civilization. Oil interest groups are powerful groups in the U.S. We call this: “the Politics of oil”…

        Have you known that most of the conflicts, where the U.S. is involved are in oil producing countries ? The U.S has to control, whoever is ruling that country. So, there were: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, Kuwait, Nigeria, Yemen, Ukraine, etc…

        Arm sales is also a multi billion U.S. dollars business. This is the reason, the conflict in the Middle East , will never be solved. U.S., Russia, European countries, China, etc…are the world’s largest arm dealers (merchants of death)…

        U.S./C.I.A. is an intelligence network of the U.S., to promote and safeguard, its interest. Whether in right or wrong way…

        I hope , I am clear on this issue…thanks for your interest !

        1. GO RICO:

          We, Filipinos appreciate very much, for your blogging in the GRP. We learn from you. The comments of Pres. Duterte regarding the U.S. is Right. Do not meddle in our internal political affairs. We are not vassal of the U.S. We want to be at peace and in good relations to all countries; whatever their political and religious beliefs are in their countries. We believe, respect is due, if you respect us !

          There is nothing to apologize. We are grateful for your comments ! Thank you ! Go Rico !!!

        2. Thanks for understanding. I should have revealed the story origin with my earlier comment.

          Yes, good relations are becoming more valuable, as we slowly wind down the wars. International Diplomacy, however, is more complicated than war, and conducted on several levels. Heads of State require certain language for International Posturing in the news, a second language for direct talks and a 3rd level (the back story) is the real deal.

          Duterte sent exactly the right message, and everyone (especially China)heard it. Philippines is joining the World Stage as an Equal. DU30 and Obama were sending signals, and US Phil relations are strong. Thanks for your reply and GRP.

        3. Thanks for your reply; very clear and well said.

          Yes, Sir, I have been in, around and through the Military Industrial Complex, and have done offset projects with Lockheed, developed systems with “Skunk Works” and contributed to Sec Gates 2010 QDR. Indeed, I adopted Gates 5 Threats, 5 Challenges and 6 Principle Guidelines for my Corporate Mission.

          I have great respect for the Agency, but they are well aware I will only dance with “Lesser Devils” in my pursuit of Conflict Resolution in Middle East, Africa and Asia

          Re: Oil, there is a big (USD 3.4 Trillion) Divestment in Fossil Fuels looking for reinvestment. That can fund a lot of projects in developing nations, and we intend to use as much as we can 🙂

          Philippines is my all time favorite Project. It’s a tough neighborhood but the potential in its human capital is enormous. I am impressed with Duterte and wish him GOD SPEED. Thanks again for your reply

        4. @ GR you only see the obvious. The wars in the M.E. are not just for oil. I’ll not go into it further here, but do not kid yourself: There is more going on than you know about. AND who is really behind it all is even an uglier than De Lima herself truth.

        5. Oh, Tell it like it is, I remember you. You call everyone “Sonny”.

          Yes, please share your thoughts on ME Conflict. We all wait for your wisdom.

        6. @ Puerto Rico, Nah, I’ll let you waddle around in the mudded waters that is your intellect and let you delude yourself into think you have a clue.

          OF YOU GO SONNY, Momma has made nice dinner for you.

        7. @ NO WAY, I’ll let you sit there with your ‘Philippines is joining the world stage’ comment.

          Yes, sure it is, Duterte is going to play both sides of the game? IS HE? OK, lets just see about that. He is playing the game with the people that invented it,think he will come out on top? NOT A FUCKIN CHANCE. I bet he will get whacked for even trying that shit.

      2. @jerry lynch. i call mysogyny. what de lima looks like is irrelevant – does anyone care how president duterte looks? and i am a little grossed out by what i can only surmise your bedroom rituals entail. too much info, bro.

  2. The sooner Duterte imprisons the last remnants of the previous administration and its attack dogs/co-conspirators the better. De Lima would be a good start. BS Aquino should be the next.

  3. It is not:”what if is true”…it is true already. Shabu proliferation is widespread. Shabu manufacturers, from China, who are Chinese Triad Mafia Drug syndicate members are being arrested.

    They are not Phantom People…they are actual people, from China , and are making Shabu everywhere, in our country… There are too many Filipinos addicted to Shabu. The Shabu problem is Staring at us ,like an Evil Demon ! It is like Satan the Devil, laughing at us !

    1. The real masterminds, “The Chinese Triad Mafia Drug Syndicate,” should be the ones Duterte–including his cops and vigilantes–should be going after, and not the small time drugs pushers and addicts that make up the mounting body count on the War of Drugs.

      1. The members to most Chinese Triad Drug Mafia: are Filipinos, Filipino Chinese,high government officials, governors, mayors, barangay captains, police, police officers,high ranking prison officials, etc…

        Pres. Duterte is going after them !

        1. Don’t waste your time arguing with that jerk. He–along with his jerkoff partner Robert Haighton—pretty much made up their minds that Duterte is a lost cause as is the rest of the Filipino people. Typical arrogant foreigners who like to grandstand about how great they are and how we’re lucky that our great big western masters are so gracious enough to hand us dole-outs and that we won’t amount to anything other than that. David, you and Robert go fuck yourselves. You’re not fooling anyone.

        2. @Tom. That’s too bad. This “jerk” just might teach you a thing or two about reigning in your ego so it won’t get the best of you. Your false pride, selfishness, and insecurity is written all over your post. You’re a bitter man and I feel sorry for you.

      2. Destroy their foot soldiers, then go after the generals.

        Not that that really means anything to you. These “small timers” are only being arrested or asked to surrender. More than half of their deaths are caused by the triad, the drug lords and their coddlers trying to cover their tracks. The rest are killed in legitimate police operations because they fought back.

        Duterte is quite concerned about the high level of people killed, in spite of his rhetoric. He needs these foot soldiers to point to their generals.

      3. @ David, Duterte got cut out of the profits so he is murdering the soldiers. If Duterte goes after the head of the Triad, he’ll be belly up before sundown on the first day he tries.

  4. It is a harsh reality that some of the most important and respectable jobs which deserve high salaries might be better off with low salaries. A politician is sure to be working sincerely and selflessly for the good of the people when through and through there is little monetary reward guaranteed. This is how the charlatans, with the likes of so-called senators Leila Norma Eulalia Josefa Magistrado de Lima and Antonio “Sonny” Fuentes Trillanes IV are weeded out of the field.

    Controversy is a last resort for the talentless. Each having thus delivered herself/himself of words which meant nothing, both now seated themselves and proceeded to look mighty grave. Trying to be offensive for the sole purpose of being offensive should always deem one the least offensive of offenders.

  5. the yellow escapist strategy
    De Lima – victim card
    Robredo – mother card
    Noynoy – blame GMA, FM card
    Hontiveros – gender card
    Trillanes – blacksheep (mayabang na duwag)
    Drilon – balimbing, just wait
    Kiko – saved by ate Shawie
    Bam – extra

  6. “Some say she is behaving like a mad woman.”

    Like I posted here few weeks ago, the zeitgeist spirit of M-A-R-E-M-A-D (initial letters of all Phils. presidents from Marcos to Duterte) is working big time in this land of the morning.

    Just to think that the Philippines was named after King Philip II whose name means “lover of horses” will make you realize why the elite and oligarches love horses for sports and racing. The chinese (lovers of gambling and speculations) are the inheritors and symbols of this powerful beast.

    Centuries before, it was Genghis Khan and his chinese hords who conquered Asia and ransacked Europe. Now the chinese is posturing to conquer the world through trade, population explosion and political coercion.

    The MAREMAD is a “mad mare” horse that signify our nations history of being a matriarchal society. When all the fathers of this nation had been reluctant to exercise their God-given leadership to built a righteous, hard-working and peace-loving people then surely the mothers will stand out to assert their rights to lead us but as soon as they will be blinded by their pride and false allegiance to the evil spirits then our destiny is sealed. We are numbered, weighed and found wanting.

  7. Yung sinabi niyang “sample model binili ko…”, what he was saying was that, “(For) example, I pay a model (woman) outside for P25T, then I sell (her) inside for P75T.”

  8. For singlehandedly confronting the issue of EJK and in the process getting the ire of the cabal who made possible her ouster as committee head, I say she’s got balls!

    She’s forcing the issue and the other side are forced to play dirty. I’m afraid her personal security might be in peril. I hope I’m wrong. ????

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