On the crybaby response of mainstream “journalists” to online trolls


You’d think the way this cadre of “journalists” now “come together” to comfort one another “in a time of trolls” that trolling is such a new and unprecedented scourge in the business of online content production.

“I still think that journalists who think themselves worth their profession should come together and look at this as a professional problem, as an even moral problem, as something that does not help the profession or the society. This is something that goes beyond the natural sense of competition that journalists have among journalists,” said [Vergel O. Santos of the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility].

Long before these crybabies formed these quaint support groups to deal with this “crisis” of trolls, we at Get Real Philippines have been battling trolls. Because GRP is in the business of begging to differ, the positions taken by many of our writers on the pertinent issues of the day are unpopular. Back in 2001, amidst the euphoria of the “Edsa 2” uprising that illegally unseated then President Joseph “Erap” Estrada, GRP was one of a few online publications to question the wisdom of this circus. I wrote back then…

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My contribution to the discussions focused mainly on attempting to put into perspective the vicious attacks made on a handful of participants who provided counter-insights to the general euphoric and sometimes militant sentiment of the group.

Although good rebuttals were posted, the exchange of opinion along these discrussion threads was dominated by shallow and crude remarks. However, no generalisations can be made as to how much of middle-class opinion they accounted for. The fact remains that these people had access to the Internet (which is a luxury for the average Filipino) which speaks of the supposed educational level of Filipino middle class.

Even back then, the attacks lobbed by those who sought to silence unpopular points of view were vicious and, as is the situation today, the popular sentiment was rather hollow-headed as this sampling of the “debate” of the time makes evident.

So consider how Rappler reporter Pia Ranada laments the trolling she copped following her calling out President Rodrigo Duterte’s cat-calling ways…

After that, people were really harassing me online for what I did. They were saying how I disrespectful I was to the president-elect. Saying how biased I was and I should be more respectful when I asked the incoming president…

The trouble with these “journalists” is that they came of age cocooned in a cushy environment rich in emotional and motivational support provided within cliques populated by like-minded members. I would have said came of age and “honed their craft” as writers, except that I wouldn’t call consorting exclusively with folk who hold the same opinion an exercise in honing one’s writing skills much more one’s overall character.

That dullness in the craft of the mainstream brought about by years of inbreeding and being part of the camp that upholds the popular and “decent” view can be seen today in this crybaby response to online trolling. Unable to cope with diversity they excuse their being ill-equipped to face the challenge of vicious trolling by playing that all-too-familiar victim card.

GRP, on the other hand, sought dissent and conflict and never aspired to create an inbred community of like-minded mutual-back-patting folk. Our character was shaped in the jungle which welcomed us in its Darwinian crucible that forges steely consistency in conviction in those that survive its fires.

None such fire shaped today’s crybaby journalists who, for years, basked in their employers’ establishmentist brand equity as guardians of the Philippines’ “restored democracy”.

It takes consistency and foresight to crystallise one’s vision over the long term and across the ebbs and flows of outrage fads and small-minded short-term activism. GRP saw through the phoniness of “people power” and Yellowist rhetoric back in the early 2000’s — long long before it was fashionable to see one’s self as “anti-Yellowtard” (for that matter, long before the term “Yellowtard” was even coined!). Underpinning that was the foundation of GRP philosophy — that the Philippines suffered from a profound cultural dysfunction that accounts for much of the surface issues that ordinary pundits and activists build their positions around.

So let us make a slight correction in an earlier statement. GRP did not battle trolls. We embraced trolls as a necessary part of the ecosystem in which we chose to be a part of. And that is what accounts for our strength and resilience today.

Therefore, somebody needs to tell “investigative journalist” Raissa Robles to man up to online trolls. It seems she is unaccustomed to finding herself situated on the side of the unpopular sentiment and besieged by the armies of the popular camp of the moment. Robles posts her lament on this matter on Facebook…

It’s sociologically interesting that many Filipinos applaud President Duterte when he says the most outrageous things but when I point out that Senator Miriam Santiago used to work as Ferdinand Marcos’ speech writer and was an assistant to Imelda’s brother Ambassador Benjamin “Kokoy” Romualdez, and got Bongbong Marcos as her running mate, they dogpile me and accuse me of having no respect for the dead.

Ms. Robles, welcome to our world back when we were a small unfashionable voice going up against the popular and trendy but, now, discredited and embarrassing Yellowist rhetoric that dominated much of the three decades following the 1986 “revolution”. The same goes out to those who now make like trolls are an unprecedented social problem that they need to “come together” to combat. Trolling is not new. It only seems new and made out to be demonic because it is now the Establishment and the Mainstream that is under attack. Whereas, in the past, under the disente (now discredited) banner of Yellowism, trolls were actually esteemed members of the Establishment who fancied themselves crusaders of everything “holy” and “civil” about the Philippines.

“I think the challenge now is for journalists is to prove that despite the fact that what we say may not please you, it’s something you need to listen to. There’s still value in the truth. And there’s still value in being objective,” said Ranada…

But of course. However, one does not need to be a credentialed “journalist” to be saying and publishing things people “need to listen to”. GRP is proof of that.

77 Replies to “On the crybaby response of mainstream “journalists” to online trolls”

  1. haaaay! If only Raissa and CRAPpler writers, and other ‘mainstream’ journalists take after you respected bloggers. LISTEN! EMBRACE the trolls mainstream journos! You espouse freedom of speech then accept that varied reactions of your readers.

    EMBRACE! Don’t be crybabies! (tanda-tanda na ni raise e pa-vicitm effect ka pa, tse!)

    1. Embrace the trolls? I’m sorry but you know what trolling is right? It can vary from a simple pepe le frog but it can also into something disgusting and even potentially dangerous ala pepe le frog neo-nazi symbol.

      Sure, freedom of speech yada yada yada, but that doesn’t mean people should use this freedom to incite hate right?

      Saying don’t be crybabies feels like saying “You all deserved to be subjected to cyberbullying just because we once were”

  2. These “journalists” are a joke. Real journalists know that trolls or “haters” and even potential killers (people whose nefarious activities they exposed) are all part of the job. For them (mostly of the Rappler-hipster-mama’s boys-clique) to suddenly organize some sort of support group blowing each others’ fragile egos is nothing short of a big embarrassment to journalism. Nothing like making themselves the news (for the nth time) while reassuring each milksop member that everything’s gonna be a-ok in the morning. Get out that profession. Try showbiz. Or politics. The ratio of sycophantic suck-ups to dissenters in that field is staggering. Your ego will be safe there. Go. Now.

    1. This!

      Nothing like making themselves the news (for the nth time) while reassuring each milksop member that everything’s gonna be a-ok in the morning. Get out [of] that profession. Try showbiz. Or politics.

    2. Why can’t it be that they know that it’s part of the job while also setting up support groups for any harassment they might receive?
      Should they just ignore any kind of harassment they might receive? Should they “man up” even though they might potentially be receiving death threats while being doxxed?

      Not every journalist has the job to go undercover in the Iraq war you know.
      Sure, lots of journalist are disgusting capitalists pandering to whatever disgusting demographic they have just because they can but that doesn’t mean all of them are carbon copy’s of the same and that doesn’t they deserve to be subjected to whatever is trending in #harassment.

      A true journalist gives news that is truthful and unbiased no matter what

  3. i think why joseph estrada was ousted is because of his all out war with the MNLF where the AFP captured camp abubakar. it’s not about jueteng i think.

  4. Filipino Journalists are dying bred in this Times/Age of Information Technology. Before, they were employed by newspapers, radios, TV networks, owned mostly by the Oligarchs. They sold their loyalties to the highest bidders, to self serving politicians, who wanted to promote their political agendas…

    Now: blog sites, tweeting, Facebook, You Tube etc… are here. Any Filipino, can give his/her opinions, point of views, etc….it is up to the readers, to determine; if the blog is nonsense or not !

    YellowTard Trolls have been on my “tail”, ever since, I started blogging…they irritate me; they spin my blogs; they call me names; etc… ! They even send viruses to my computer…the worse: they hack my blogs !

    It is part of the job, to be harassed by trolls ! Don’t be cry baby and complain…Fight Back !!!

  5. Dumbass, talentless, plastic looking boys and girls who appear on TV are called actors in the Philippines. Actors? What on earth?

    Good example pertaining to people who call themselves “journalists” here.

    What a farce!

    It’s like playing American football and afterwards complaining that you got creamed on the field by other players.

  6. Well, as the old saying goes :”TOUGH SHIT! If YOU CAN’T STAND THE HEAT GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE KITCHEN.”… YEAH !!!

    1. @ The Return of Gerry:

      Another Pro Pinoy Website Blogger, a confirmed/die hard YellowTard !

      These people/bloggers are like rats; their rat den is destroyed (closed)…now they are here !


        You were former : “Joe America”, in the Pro Pinoy Website of Aquino and Mar Roxas. Now, you come here at GRP website, swearing and bullying !

        What a Yellowtard idiot !

      2. @ TORO, You do not know ME, and you do not know what you are talking about. YOU ARE THE QUINTESSENTIAL FLIP-TARD !

  7. Back in those “good old days” of the pre-2000s Net, we’d call trolling “flame wars.” Reminds me of this old thing by the late Clarence Henderson on Cyber-flaming and Onion-Skins.

    The problem with these “journalists” – they want to push that they’re always right and the only ones who are right. Problem is, real journalists know that they will meet challenges to their information because they only get their info from sources. And even the way their right has to be scrutinized for factual errors. If they scream foul about being corrected, they’re not journalists anymore, they’re jerks. They need to adult-up (not just man- or woman-up). Of course, we who are of the “dissenting” opinions are always on the receiving end of trolldom. And of course, as I wrote in a Tech Talk article, it’s part of the territory offline, too.

  8. The oh-so-noble journalists are at it again, this time, with Duterte’s Hitler comment.

    I am no Duterte fanatic. I criticize him more scathingly than anyone when his mouth is out of line. But this time, Duterte really didn’t say anything wrong.

    The real culprits behind the fuss over his Hitler comment are Karen Lema and Manuel Mogato, two Filipino reporters of the Reuters news agency, who wrote this article: “Philippines’ Duterte likens himself to Hitler, wants to kill millions of drug addicts” http://www.reuters.com/article/us-philippines-duterte-hitler-idUSKCN1200B9

    Lema and Mogato are Filipinos. There’s no way they could have misunderstood what Duterte really meant in his speech. I watched the video and this is what the President said:

    “Hitler massacred 3 million Jews. There are 3 million drug addicts. I’d be happy to slaughter them. At least, if Germany had Hitler, the Philippines would have ….. my victims, all criminals, to finish a problem of my country, and save the next generation.”

    (See for yourself here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKpaHBG6d3M . The Hitler part is at 14:40.)

    Duterte was CONTRASTING himself from Hitler, not likening himself to Hitler.

    He was obviously referring to past incidents where various people (including Noynoy Aquino) compared him to Hitler. Duterte’s point was, unlike Hitler, the people getting killed in his drug war are criminals, not innocents.

    But Lema and Mogato deliberately misrepresented what he said by using the headline “Philippines’ Duterte likens himself to Hitler”. Since Reuters is an international wire agency, Lema and Mogato knew that the foreign news outlets who pick up their story won’t be able to tell the difference between their headline and what Duterte actually said.

    The malicious intent is clear, judging from how these two even obtained quotes from representatives of Jewish organizations before publishing their article, instead of simply reporting what the President said as is.

    This cheap, pathetic stunt is yet another example why journalism should be a regulated profession. What Lema and Mogato did is no less than a criminal act. It may even be considered a terrorist act, because the intent to sow conflict, fear, and instability is clear.

    If lawyers, doctors, or businessmen did what Lema and Mogato did, they would be sent to jail. But since Lema and Mogato are journalists, all they have to do is cry “Martial Law!” and they get off scot free.

    Is this right? Is this just? Is this the meaning of democracy? Are journalists allowed to commit illegal and seditious acts, just because they’re journalists?

    Democracy is about respecting the will of the people, not the will of journalists.

    Our laws should be protecting our people, not protecting journalists who deliberately endanger the welfare and stability of our country.

    Over 90% of Filipinos support President Duterte and his program of government. Are we going to let a handful of disgruntled brats who call themselves journalists subvert the will of the Filipino people?

    NO. These malicious and irresponsible journalists are the true enemies of democracy, and they should be punished with the full force of the law.


    2. 1. Comparing yourself to hitler, ironically or not, is disgusting and tasteless especially if you are a public figure. Citing a historical fact incorrectly in public is embarassing

      2. Malicious intent where? What would they gain from that? Are you a part of the tinfoil hat cult? Jeez these guys are just reporting for crying out loud.

      3. Your post reads like an online witch hunt which incites violence which is technically cyberbullying ( ok not really, but i’ve seen some facebook posts similar to your comment but more violence-inciting). I know, “don’t be a crybaby” and whatever, but…

      4. It’s the freaki’n reuters. Save this kind of energy for something like Fox news or anything that’s neo nazi-like

    3. practical observer just wear his emotion on his sleeve on this one.

      Not really a good idea to zinged on the party that did not create the news. ????

    4. The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines issued this statement about this comment (as reported in GRPundit). Excerpt follows…

      It began as an anonymous post on the GRPundit section of the GetRealPhilippines site, accusing veteran Reuters reporters Manny Mogato and Karen Lema of deliberately misreporting Duterte’s controversial “Hitler” comments and saying that “malicious and irresponsible journalists” like them “are the true enemies of democracy” and “should be punished with the full force of the law” as if journalism is a crime.

      In a short while, it has become a meme featuring the photos of our colleagues that has been widely circulated by the President’s followers, often with added comments expanding on the call for violent punitive action, and calling for controls on freedom of the press and of expression.

  9. the story of hitler and his genocide is a sensitive issue. perhaps by now, clarifications are flooding everywhere, there are enough believers of duterte out there that can explain the real meaning why hitler is mentioned. clearly hitler had genocide and duterte has a country, a race of filipinos all over the world. a race that he needs to protect against terrorists and illegal drugs syndicates.

    1. First of all the people start comparing him to Hitler saying he is a mass murderer. Now that he reacts about what people are telling about him many complains. What a hypocrite people!!

      1. Hitler influenced an entire nation to go to war because the Germans lived their lives as one nation.

        Hitler’s influence would not survive one day in the Philippines, where the Filipinos think as individuals instead of as a nation.

        1. HITLER’s Germany was broke in 1933.The Dulles bros. and the Treaty Of Veraisailles had them broke until 1988. The American Industraialists put HITLER in power and they are responsible for the holocaust just a s much as HITLER was.
          If HITLER had succeeded we would all be speking German and extolling the virtues of the Man today.BUT ALAS, the American Industrialist’s only wanted to ensure that they were on the winning side, (as every money man does playing both sides of a conflict) and that the workers revolt that killed the Aristocracy in Russia in 1914 did not spread Westward.

        2. @Pallacertus. And so are Filipinos; they’re full of shit and they wallow in their own shit. That make them P.O.S inside and outside.

        3. I’m sorry, David, but whatever our deficiencies as a nation are, we’re better than a murderous bigoted sociopath like sHitler, and know better than to ape him, especially as in the killing of millions for the sake of fleeting purity.

        4. @Pallacertus. Who said I was endorsing Hitler? All I said was Hitler’s influence wouldn’t last a day in your divided nation that is full of people whose only concerned is furthering his or her own interests. If you don’t like what I said, go take a hike and stop trying to dramatize what I said.

        5. Hitler influenced an entire nation to go to war because the Germans lived their lives as one nation. – little David

          Treaty of Versailles.

          Inutile. ????

          Hitler’s influence would not survive one day in the Philippines, where the Filipinos think as individuals instead of as a nation.

          World war 1.

          Little dumbo. ????????

        6. If you don’t like what I said, go take a hike….. – little David

          That’s what I suspect all along. The little boy don’t want to hear a different opinion. The immaturity is so strong that the little boy cannot stand an opposite view.

          You contradict the little boy? You go to hell! ????

        7. @Pallacertus. Calm your silly ass down. Read Gia’s comment and see where I based my comment on. You better do it quickly because gnogid is trailing right behind you to capitalize on what I said. That Psycho Hose Beast (gnogid) is looking for ammo–any ammo–to fire back at me because I’ve exposed his and her manipulative tactics.

        8. @gnogid. You’re beating around the bush again. As I’ve told you before for the “nth” times, I don’t mind hearing what your unscrupulous mind has to say. I just want to get some background knowledge and experience (“credentials”) on why you said it—just like what you demand of other commenters when you start to swallow them up alive with your manipulative tactics when they reveal the rationale to their comment to you. Do you understand what I said or do you want me to rephrase it in more deliberate manner that will embarrass you?

        9. @Pallacertus. This is so tempting to pass up.

          “Hitler’s influence”? Why the fuck should we Pinoys be influenced by a bloody madman?!”

          Would it be because Pinoys have already been influenced by every “Tom, Dick, and Harry”–and now Duterte–throughout their history. One more, even if he is a madman like Hitler, probably wouldn’t make a damn difference?

          I couldn’t pass that sarcasm up because you’re starting to “spaz out” of control to the point of sounding stupid.

        10. little David, least you forget, you have not touch this one.

          Is that point of view comes from a foreigner or a Filipino? And what specific standard, if there is any, the view was based or culled from that shows how and why Filipinos don’t seem to find a way to stop “destroying their society”?

          You ducked it (and still ducking it) and started a brouhaha, remember? And now you want to sound as if I’m the one who should be answering you? Puny little David. ????

          What happened to the “requirement” you’re talkin’ about little David, ha? ????

        11. @gnogid.

          “You contradict the little boy? You go to hell!”

          Wow! Our little prudish chameleon (gnogid), who could walk lightly on a bed of broken glass without cutting the bottom of his or her feet, is now breaking the protocol of proper decorum on this site with a “go to hell” remark. Our little prude is finally coming of age and starting to play rough. This is so exciting!

        12. @Pallacertus. This is so tempting to pass up. – little David

          Yeah, unless it’s a hard question puny little David will not pass up the opportunity. lol! ????

        13. @gnogid.

          “What happened to the “requirement” you’re talkin’ about little David, ha?”

          You go first, my siren Cleopatra. I don’t want to be set up like Caesar and Anthony, with a dagger on my back or poison in my drink. I’ll show my cards after you show yours. The sharp fangs of your deviousness and unscrupulousness can prove fatal for those who turn their back to you.

        14. @gnogid.

          “Game on, little David, game on! “–gnogid

          Who said the game was ever “off”? And to prove just how conniving you are,

          “And you’re trailing little boy.”–gnogid

          You’re the one who has to keep score, you megalomaniac.! Bwa ha ha ha!

        15. I don’t want to be set up like Caesar and Anthony, with a dagger on my back or poison in my drink. – puny little David

          What makes us being coward?
          What is that force that bends our knees,
          makes us feel so underpowered
          and orders our will to freeze?

          Cowardice, doubts and betrayals
          goes hand in hand, like sinners
          and sink our ship who sails
          to the horizon of winners.

          The poem is not mine but very true in describing what little David really is. ????

        16. @gnogid.

          “The poem is not mine but very true in describing what little David really.”

          Argh Argh Argh! Our little siren is running out of tricks from his or her bag and now turning into a poet. Bwa Ha Ha Ha! What’s next? You’re going to steal a line from Shakespeare?

          “Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once.”

          Get out of town, you faker! It’s time to hold the proverbial “Medusa Mirror” in front of your face again, and put your name on the poetry you’ve just referenced. It’s more of a description of your fragile ego hiding behind the thin veil of your megalomaniac insecurities than of me.

        17. “The poem is not mine…..” – gnogid

          “You’re going to steal a line from Shakespeare?”
          “…and put your name on the poetry you’ve just referenced.” – Lying puny little David

          little David it is not mine. Again, not-mine. ????

          Winning! ????

        18. @gnogid. Greeaaat! Should I congratulate you now or wait until you invite me to your post-winning party? I sure would like to meet all the people inside your head who declared you a winner.

          Psycho Hose Beast.

    2. @Juan abella andres:

      If I mention in my speech: “Satan”…it does not mean: I am a Satanist !

      Our country is now a NARCO Republic…it is no use wasting time debating on a speech !

      1. BWAH HA HA, NO ITS NOT. they are selling fake drugs and killing scapegoats to hide the thievery going on 24/7…but ask any FLIP on the street what is happening? LOL, They actually buy the BULLSHIT stories Duterte is selling as he takes their civil rights away.

        1. These simple-minded Filipinos will buy anything that comes out of the “boob tube.” If “Bozo the Clown” tells them he will end corruption tomorrow, while he makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside with laughter, they will probably believe him.

  10. Ok, so the US and Germany react to Duterte’s Hitler remarks.. when those very governments have neo-nazis working within causing the genocide in the middle east regions. I’m sorry to have to say it, but that’s what’s up. It’s the same level of crime committed by Hitler and fellow Nazis. Actually, it’s an extension. They didn’t lose the war.

    1. They aren’t going to war against the peoples of Syria and Iraq — though who are they fighting and what are they fighting for has now become so confusing…

      1. “They aren’t going to war against the peoples of Syria and Iraq”

        Syrian war death toll in 4 years : 470,000

        Iraq war : 500,000

        West (and allies) intervention based on false pretext, then backing mercenaries to fight with soldiers. Tip: Look into sources other than mainstream

        What do you call killing on such a scale? That’s the thing nowadays. People fail to recognize what’s in plain sight just because it’s not labeled.

        1. “West (and allies) intervention based on false pretext”

          The US and its allies didn’t wage war in the Middle East to rid it of Muslims, and they’re not doing it now. Dubya back in 2003 certainly sent in troops for the most nebulous of false pretexts, and the Syrian war might be a clusterfuck stemming from the Syrian people’s desire for democracy (frustrated by Bashar al-Assad’s murderous insistence on staying on even if all of his fellow Syrians die, and ISIS’ apocalyptic quest for their burning brand of bloody purity), but it doesn’t follow that the US and its allies (and Russia) are acting on a longstanding delusional exterminationist bigotry, as sHitler did to those who were called Jews and probably were Jews.

          “Tip: Look into sources other than mainstream”

          Gimme links, please.

          “What do you call killing on such a scale?”

          Genocide — but I wouldn’t blame the US or the EU or Russia. I lay the blame squarely on Bashar and on ISIS. The three other parties didn’t set out to destroy Syria as a nation — Bashar and ISIS did, each in their own ways. Same with Iraq.

        2. Pallacertus,
          Even if it’s not for extermination purposes, it’s becoming an outcome of the war. Multiple forces are fighting it out because it has turned into a proxy war. Russia is intervening to go against the plan of the west to topple the Assad regime all along. The migrant crisis is exactly what they wanted. It’s a modus, a pattern of actions mainly by the US.

          If you do a search on who created ISIS and who’s supporting it, you’ll get an answer.

  11. Where should the Failippines go? That depends on where Failipinos want to end up.

    And by the way, how much in millions were paid for these two (Karen Lema and Manuel Mogato) by the Yellows?

    Karen Lema – https://media.licdn.com/mpr/mpr/shrinknp_200_200/p/6/005/0b6/303/13a0229.jpg

    Manuel Mogato – https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/466081164998873088/7rUF91Uk_400x400.jpeg

    If you are thinking what I’m thinking, you’re guess is as good as mine.

  12. Shaming the other side is a common tactic used by the Anti-Erap crowd back in 2001. They would simply call you names, say you are stupid for supporting a “stupid President.” That you are intellectual and “IN” if you chose Arroyo. This is a detestable practice in an online debate.

    This practice of shaming the other continued in 2004 when FPJ was running against Arroyo. If you supported him, you would be accused of being a “dumb non-thinking masa.” This happened again in 2010 when Erap ran for the presidency a second time.

    Now in 2016, those very same people shaming supporters of Duterte as “‘tards”, stupid, non-thinking etc. are facing a pushback (or trolling, as they would have it), and yet they can’t take the heat.

    This very open debate taking place online and in social media will go a long way to developing our social consciousness. Even the urban “masa” today have access to the internet thanks to readily available smartphones, hence they are also part of the debate. The people who insult the intelligence of the supporters of the “other” were able to get away with it previously because the masses were not yet a part of the debate, thus they didn’t get any pushback.

    Today, the very people they insult have the power to engage them in a debate. If they really believe, in good faith, that they are right, then this isn’t the time for them to start developing a thin skin and getting cold feet. Today is they day they should engage and educate them.

    1. @ DICK, FLIPS do the same thing if your ANTI-DUTERTE, your a yellow-tard. DON’T YOU GET IT? DIVIDE AND CONQUER, you Filipino’s fall for it every time, and by the statements you just made ……so do you.

      1. In the past, those who don’t support disente propaganda were easily cowed and shamed into silence. Not today for even the masses have access to this debate and I don’t see their critical mass being divided and conquered any time soon. Now, if the propagandists are easily deterred by mere reference to “yellow tard”, quit your job. In any case, I suggest you engage them for you will, in effect, be engaging a lot of Filipinos from the C and D sector and they could benefit from your wisdom of you take the time to build rapport with them.

      2. Hey Gerry, are you suffering from some degenerative brain disease or is there another reason why you always have to post in capital letters? Oh, I get it. What you have to say is super important so we should not miss it.

  13. These so called journalists must be fired for their malicious and libelous publishings. They are th ones who are trying to destroy the image and true meaning of journalism.

  14. Excuse me for a second! Those accepting the comparison made by these two irresponsible journalists should correct there thinking, with all due respect! Contextually and logically, Hitler is a completely different evil and the video is never suggestive thar Duterte likes the latter being compared to him!

    In school(I have a degree in Broadcast Journalism), responsible journalism is being taught EVERYDAY. That media should reflect the society it serves.

    It is an insult to millions of Filipinos who support the president’s war on drugs, and directly feel the fruit of his hardwork that he is being compared to this evil. Worst of all, being sensationalized again by these two attention-hungry journalists.

    Media is as worst as politics here in the ph nowadays.
    And yes, press freedom should be regularized as it is highly abused as illegal drugs.

    1. I’m sorry but there’s no excuse for comparing yourself to Hitler and his genocide, ironically or not

      And media should reflect the society it serves? Even though doing so might remove credibility so that it reflects “the society it serves”?
      Marcos 2.0, is dat you?

      1. I’m sorry but likening and contrasting are two different things. You’re just grasping on straws.

        And media should reflect the society it serves? Even though doing so might remove credibility so that it reflects “the society it serves”?
        Marcos 2.0, is dat you?

        That reminds me of something:

        “30 years ago, there was controlled media. Now, the media men, who lost their jobs, are back with a vengeance. And yes, there is freedom of speech. But they make sure that the Yellows have the loudest speech. Why bother about freedom of speech when yours gonna get drowned out anyway.”

        And based on this picture, I like this excerpt:


        “When the Yellows pull out the Hitler card, nobody bats an eye. When Duterte talks about Hitler, the world goes crazy.”

      2. And you idiot aquino followers are not giving a fuck about the yellow presstitutes not even criticizing noybita’s incompetence because you always love licking his ass.

  15. these yellow media thought PRRD is taking their bait but it’s the other way – and they are now clearly and boldly highlighted as yellow trolls and the public is slowly trashing them

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