Digong’s First Month – a Stark Contrast to Noynoy’s 6 Years of Incompetence and Mismanagement

rodrigo duterte

What amuses many about Einstein’s theory of relativity is the hypothetical Twin Paradox experiment. Imagine identical twin brothers: one stays on earth while the other rides a space ship that travels close to the speed of light. After many years the ship comes back to earth, and to everyone’s surprise, the brother who comes out from the ship appears much younger than the one who stayed on earth (talk about an anti-aging solution). This illustration has been used to show that time can run relatively faster for one person than for another depending on which “inertial frame” he resides in.

We all have 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week, but why is it that some people can accomplish more in their short life than others? Just look at Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Elon Musk; then compare their achievements with that of a typical Filipino. Notice too that many nations around us like Singapore, Taiwan and Korea can realize first-world status much faster than the Philippines. It is as if our country has been caught in a twin paradox experiment relative to its advancing neighbors all these 30 years of Yellow rule.

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1 Month under Digong: Far Better than 6 Years under Noynoy

In just roughly a month since assuming office on June 30, 2016, President Rody Duterte has brought about more positive change towards development and progress in our country than all six years of Noynoy’s damaging and destructive rule combined. Just to name a few:

  1. The halting of drug syndicate operations through a massive war on drugs
  2. The relieving of tension with various rebel groups through peace initiatives
  3. The healing of relations with China by sending peace envoys
  4. Groundwork on Charter Change towards a shift away from Manila-centric rule/development

We are also seeing all sorts of good news in the form of new laws being crafted and new policies about to be implemented, such as:

  1. Freedom of Information for anti-corruption and transparency in government
  2. No parking, no car purchase policy to ease traffic
  3. Removal of the burdensome OEC requirement for OFWs

Progress in Train System Expansion

In particular, let’s highlight a particular case of how a roadblock to a very important project for train system expansion in Metro Manila that had been stalled for years under Noynoy’s administration was suddenly resolved under the hands of Duterte’s Midas-touch team.

GMA News article: COMMON SENSE SOLUTION – Tugade: LRT-MRT common station to be built between SM North, Trinoma

Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade on Wednesday revealed the new administration’s “common sense” solution to the dispute over the location of the common station for the Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Metro Rail Transit (MRT) in Quezon City.

Tugade said that instead of deciding on which mall, SM North and Trinoma, to connect the common station, they have decided to build it right between SM North and Trinoma.

This extension of our train system (MM to Bulacan) had been suspended for years under Noynoy’s equally incompetent appointee (Joseph Abaya), but in just a month’s time Digong’s point person for the job (Arthur Tugade) was able to resolve the conflicts of interest that held back progress all this time.

GMA News further reports:

Upon questioning by Sen. Ralph Recto on where the common station would be built, Tugade said: “In between… para wala nang maglalakad na [pasahero].”

“Ang importante lang na kung sana iyong nakaraan, ang stakeholders nakakasuhan at nag-aaway. [Ngayon] nagkasundo na sila na sa lugar na iyon ilalagay ang common station,” he added.

Transportation Undersecretary for Rails and Toll Roads Noel Kintanar stressed that the convenience of commuters was their primary consideration in deciding where to construct the common station.

“Diyan ako hanga kay Sec. Tugade. Karamihan naman kasi common sense solution,” Recto remarked during the hearing.

A No-Nonsense Administration

The kind of management and decision-making that Duterte and his appointees exhibits reminds us of the type of wisdom King Solomon showcased when he came up with a compromise deal between two mothers arguing over a baby: cut the baby in half.

At the end of the day, it all just boils down to one thing that spells the difference between the past and present administrations: Common Sense. Things move a lot faster if simple common sense is applied. Finally, Filipinos can breathe a sigh of relief that at last we will be in good hands for the next months and years to come, with the expectation of seeing progress achieved in months for what used to take years.

However, with the widely known propensity of Filipinos to move 2 steps forward only to take 1 step back, will we ever learn to NOT VOTE BACK incompetent people like those from the Yellow Camp after Digong steps down? Let’s see if the Pinoy’s newfound battle cry “Never Again to Incompetence” will stand the test of time.

51 Replies to “Digong’s First Month – a Stark Contrast to Noynoy’s 6 Years of Incompetence and Mismanagement”

  1. As long as Duterte does not keep lining up his ranks with wolves posing as sheep from the Yellow Party (i.e, appointing Fidel V. Raos–a staunch supporter of the Yellow Party–as an envoy to China), then his administration will not continue to be in danger of being infiltrated by the enemies that will bring down the walls of his presidency.

  2. As long as Duterte does not keep lining up his ranks with wolves posing as sheep from the Yellow Party (i.e, appointing Fidel V. Ramos–a staunch supporter of the Yellow Party–as an envoy to China), then his administration will not continue to be in danger of being infiltrated by the enemies that will bring down the walls of his presidency.

  3. One swallow doesn’t make a summer.
    Don’t jump for joy too soon.

    Because of one president, doesnt change the dysfunctional mindset of an entire population.

    1. I don’t believe this one president (Duterte) is trying to “change the dysfunctional mindset of the an entire population”; however, I do believe he’s trying to convince the population on how important it is to think as one nation (for a change), if they expect to rid themselves of graft and corruption.

      1. Yes, I’d say that sums it up.

        A very successful method of psychotherapy (CBT – cognitive behavioral therapy) relies on getting the patient to perform the desirable actions in the first instance, without asking too many questions. This is normally done step-by-step, starting with small things. Eventually the patient’s thought processes fit themselves around the actions that are being performed: they create their own justifications for doing them.

        Maybe that’ll work for Filipinos too. Force them to behave like civilized human beings, and eventually they’ll become so.

        1. Exactly. Even if Duterte has to “crack the whip” to do it, he will do what he has to do in order to get the Filipinos to forego selfish intents–as well as set aside personal differences–to rebuild this destroyed nation. We can only hope Duterte succeeds in mapping out the road to recovery for all Filipinos to follow in the future.

      2. ‘To think as one nation’?

        What does that mean? That we all think left; that we all think right; that we all think the same?

        By far, not everybody is able to think with an open-mind. How we think is determined by many factors. Where our crib was placed; what kind of – unbiased – education we had; how we were raised; did we had wealthy, rich parents (or not) (to name just a few factors).

        These factors determine our personal outlook. A president (e.g. a government) cant change that.
        Change must come from within an individual.

        What you want is make 100 million people into puppets and into robots. Sounds very boring to me and it wont work.

        You (not personally meant) will always be against divorce and/or against abortion and/or against ego (pls read some more about the ego, the id and the es).
        All the above are minds of your ego. And there is nothing wrong about that ego.
        I, on the other hand, am probably unable to change that ego. You have to do that yourself (if you want).

        As long as we live, there will be as many different thoughts, ideas and minds. We have to accept that, whether we like it or not.

    2. Not all are having dysfunctional mindset ! There are 16 million thinking filipinos who waited for years for a leader who has the political will to impose the law, resolve critical issues and fight corruption in the government. Take NOTE ! 16 MILIION FILIPINOS and not the entire population ! shame on you !

      1. Cody,
        that is 16.6 million ( = 39.01%). It also means that 60.99% did not vote for Duterte.

        I dont know these 16 million voters, so I cant say whether they have a functional mindset (or not).

        Bu to just ouright kill and murder junkies (drug addicts) by the police doesnt really fit a modern democracy.

        1. Why give mercy to those who won’t had the tables been turned? This isn’t your prissy clean Euro country where everything is tulips and windmills and everyone is living merrily. This is the Philippines where down and dirty business happens behind the fiesta facade.

        2. Forte,

          “This is the Philippines where down and dirty business happens behind the fiesta facade.”

          Many miles ago we lived in the exact same circumstances as you do now.

  4. To think as one nation–which is what the Filipino mindset is unaccustomed to at their own quality of life’s expense–is foregoing personal gain for the good of the whole nation. In other words, think homogeneously like the Japanese do about their nation and each other for their own sake.

    1. Aeta,
      my country is not different compared to yours.

      In the office, its you or me. Competing for your ‘heart’, its me or that other fellow. We are living in a rat-race, whether we like it or not. And you know what? Its brings the best out of the individual. In creativity, practicality and all other levels.

      But end of the day, you really have to bury that romantic and naive idea of ‘one nation’.

      1. Robert Haighton,

        “But end of the day, you really have to bury that romantic and naive idea of ‘one nation’.”

        If I did that, then we might as well forget the reasons why we’re here on GRP, stop supporting what Duterte is doing, and put the Yellow Party back in power.

        I’m still willing to bet your country is better than mine, even if our respective people have similar outlooks about being in a “rat race.”


        1. Aeta,
          How many people voted for Duterte May 9th? Was it 39%? Correct me when I am wrong. But that means that 61% did NOT vote for him. Need I say more? The majority (61% versus 39%) did NOT vote for him. In my country this isnt even possible that one guy gets to power on a minority vote.

          I guess you want a China system right. Where you can only vote for one party (one party – one nation).

          BTW: what do you know about Japan? In Japan you cant walk a different path bec it wont be allowed. They are scared like hell if you go astray. Is that the nation you want? You will hardly find unique personalities.

        2. Robert Haighton,

          You’re getting off-track again and opening doors and windows to the “what if” of a million scenarios, that will drag this discourse out well into the night/day. Anyway, I’m going to sleep, brother. Someone else please take up the slack with Robert. I hope you have coffee brewing in the pot.


        3. Robert, you’re starting from the assumption that the Philippines is democratic. Or indeed has a government. Neither is true in the usual sense.

          The power structure of the country is like an onion: layers upon layers of vested interests all overlapping and (mostly) co-operating for mutual benefit, ie., ripping off the masses, who are so busy ripping each other off that they don’t really notice.

          So in the end it doesn’t really matter if the election results were … irregular. The whole setup is fakery from beginning to end. Who knows how or why Duterte was put in the hot seat? It’s possible the people who actually run the country figured the peasants are getting restless, and it might be time to take out the trash. Just enough to stop them storming the palace with pitchforks and torches.

          Personally, I’m just sitting here watching the show. Duterte can hardly make things worse, and while everyone is shouting about human rights, he does appear to have some sensible policies and a knack for getting things done (usually without shooting anyone). However, these things are incredibly boring to the average Filipino, so they don’t get much airtime.

        4. Marius,
          Like in your country, we also have drug addicts, alcohol addicts (you name it). But they are a minority. They dont ruin the ‘family values’ (I loathe that word), they dont ruin the economy and they dont ruin the ‘community’.
          Thats why I think Duterte could have better focused on much more important things, like changing the constitution (to a much more modern system).
          Furthermore, he should have addressed the population saying they must stop procreating. Not to anger the RCC church but to lay importance that having ‘ten’ kids is untenable and not good for the environment (CO2, food, housing, electricity, education and not to forget the poor future of all those ten kids).

          But instead all he is doing is killing drug addicts. I would say wrong priorities. And its noted all over in foreign ‘local’ media.

          But what is most appaling and abject is that a minority vote gets into power while the majority didnt vote for that guy.

        5. Robert – I’m Asian but not Filipino.

          You’re only hearing about drug-addict killings because that’s what the media can use to sell airtime. He is doing other things, but as I said, the average TV-watching Filipino isn’t interested in those because they’re ordinary and boring. They don’t involve the government giving them money, so they’re just not interested.

          I know someone (a good and professional guy) who is directly involved in the drug cleanup. 99% of the operation is intelligence work – that is, finding out what the hell is going on, why it’s going on, and who’s doing responsible. Not strutting around blowing people away.

          The article gave you an example of the boring stuff. Duterte is making a big deal out of the FOI Act because it’s the one weapon that people have in real countries to bring corrupt officials to account. It’s not a great weapon, but it’s a pretty good start.

          You honestly think Duterte could just walk into the Palace and rip up the Constitution? Everyone knows the Constitution needs ripping up and writing again, preferably by people with brains. Or even people who actually know what a Constitution is. But he can’t do that until he’s actually built some public confidence.

          As for the minority who put him into power, really, who cares? Someone else noted that only a minority of Filipinos actually have a triple-digit IQ, so in that sense it was a genuine victory (remember the alternatives?). The result is what it is, and we can only hope for the best. You’re quite right: it could all just turn to crap. If the Olympics had a “shooting yourself in the foot” event, the Philippines would take gold every time.

          Anyway, as I said, I’m just sitting here with my box of popcorn watching the show.

        6. Marius,
          My apologies. I thought you were/are from the Philippines.

          Yes correct, I read it in PH newspapers. But most recently I was told to boycott the PH local media. So I guess I will do that. Now only wondering where reliable news will come from (source).

          Drugs is indeed intelligence work and mostly need/require snitches (from within the drug ‘cartels’). If its true that Bilibid is a production facility then that should be burnt down (not literally though).

          “You honestly think Duterte could just walk into the palace …”
          Maybe, I did yes. All I personally hoped for is that Duterte would start things intelligently and not as a ‘roque trader’.

          But pls let him clean up the educational system in PH. I was really shocked by my pinay GF – graduated from a ‘prestigious’ PH university – but nowhere it was shown in her mindset nor in her behavior.

          “If the Olympics had a “shooting yourself in the foot” event, the Philippines would take gold every time.”
          You put a smile on my face !!!

        7. Robert: the education system, like most things in the Philippines, is for show. Here, policemen don’t uphold public order, lawyers don’t practice law, engineers don’t design things, and teachers don’t impart knowledge.

          Pinoys have sort-of understood that education involves sitting kids in desks and having someone at the front talk at them. After that, they’re a bit hazy on the details. As of today, it’s been reduced to the standard Filipino activity: extracting money from people while providing nothing that resembles an actual service.

          Frankly, I think Filipinos would all be a lot smarter if they didn’t go to school.

        8. Marius,

          “Frankly, I think Filipinos would all be a lot smarter if they didn’t go to school.”

          That would be very ironical. wouldnt it?

          On a serious note:
          I try to follow Duterte as much as I can but I cant remember him saying anything about changing the educational system. Unbiased education is the future of any, every country (read: generation).
          Without proper, unbiased education, whats the purpose of breeding anyway?

      2. We are different.from.your country.. the majority does not belong to a single candidate. It was distributed to other 4 individual candidates unlike in your country you only have 2 candidates running for the presidency.

        1. Dodoy,
          you probably confuse me with living in USA where there is more or less only 2 political parties, the democrats and the republicans. In my country we have about 10 political parties to choose from during national elections.
          So you can compare my country with yours and still the majority of all Philippine voters did NOT vote for Duterte (60,99%) and only 39,01% voted for Duterte.

          However, there is a huge, big difference between your and my country. Voters dont need to register themselves. Once you are born, you are already registered (otherwise you are illegal) at City Hall.

  5. Robert

    I don’t know how updated are you about drug related crime in the Philippines. I beg to disagree that drug related problem in the Philippines is just the same in your country like the minority. Please review again the news if you want some proof. I do not want to spoon feed it to you everything coz I think you are intelligent enough to do your own research. But for the sake of enlightenment in your part, did you know that the biggest international drug cartel in mexico is operating in the Philippines right now? So please tell us if the problem in the Philippines regarding drugs is still a minority. I bet not.. If you said that Duterte only focusing mainly in his anti narcotics campaign I think you are wrong. Please watch again the news (ex. SOLVING OFW problems) don’t be like the yellowtard my friend. This oligarchs are like horses wearing those blinders so that they can only see what they want to see on how Duterte performs his duty as a president of the Philippines.

  6. What is this Robert talking about? President Duterte had a landslide victory, with a massive support from Classes A B C D of the society which doesn’t really happen a lot. Honestly, I didn’t vote for the man, and I regretted it. I voted for Miriam Santiago instead.

    1. Pin Ball,

      I’ve already advised Robert Haighton about delving into areas (topics) he’s not familiar with so it won’t irritate anyone; and to ask questions instead until he becomes familiar with it. I don’t think he’s following my advice.


      1. He likes to think that everywhere in the world should operate like his jolly old Dutch country and if anything doesn’t fit his philosophy he gets aggressively skeptical of it.

        1. Forte,
          its not my (personal) philosophy.

          I will never say: “my way or the highway”.

          All I do know is, that waiting for ONE big guy (be it a god or one president) will get you (the country) nowhere. Even more if that president did NOT get more than 50% of all the votes.

          But hey suit yourself.

  7. Robert,

    I think you have few sources of facts about the current events in the Philippines. Yes, the president’s center platform is to eradicate crime, criminality and corruption, and yes one could think it’s a wrong priority. But if you are watching closely, you will see that it’s the macro result of the problem and not “the root problem”. Therefore, eradicating these three could mean changing the status Que. Note the word “eradicate” as the operational word. To change the Status Que is to change the people. There is no other way…but that is the ultimate challenge because we all know here our nature as a human, best example? basically we seek freedom on everything! So how on earth the president can materialize his bottom line?

    Basically, he has to balance the fields (aspects of politics, system, theoretical and actual implementation in the tree pillars of Government, the Judiciary, people’s representative and the Executive. Because you were not watching closely, you fail to see that even before he took his oath, the president already put all his foundations in strategic positions, ready to shake up the establishment; challenge every definition they think as the best. Why, because in reality there are two types of people in a society, The initiator or the leader and a follower. The level of how good/effective or passive leader/follower a person is another story. The leader create the norms, the systems, the hierarchy, the sets of values and other standards that the followers expected to live up to. If the leader creates corrupted systems due to his personal interest, the followers will also become corrupted in all aspect, consciously and/or subconsciously. Unless, another stronger leader can toppled the acting one and be able to create another new sets of practices then that’s the beginning of a new era. Good thing that the president was elected in the name of perceived democracy and was supported by all classes in our society. It means he has a clear mandate. Don’t use the 39% of the population argument because that election system was just the effect of having corrupted, short-sighted, passive leaders in many years.

    Everyone may disagree with this, but I’ll say the same… “Civilization comes only with great leadership. Every person can change oneself and may inspire others, but a strong leader can change a society and even the world”.

      1. Not quite.. Different target of people, different objectives.

        An excerpt from a blogsite:

        “Most of Hitler’s inspiration came from a social psychologist by the name of Gustave Le Bon, who published several works and was considered an authority on the psychology of crowds. Le Bon posited that once individuals came together to form a group, the individual’s will was surrendered to what was perceived to be the will of the group. Their faculties of reasoning were impaired or destroyed, and they entered into a more suggestible state. The larger the group, the easier it was to coerce.”


        1. Klara,

          Good to know you get my message. 🙂

          I have reservations too for the president but if his actions and decisions were indications of what he really envision for the country… I want to believe and hope that the people of the Philippines finally put their luck to the right person.




    1. This man is different..for a starter he is a man of principle a man of honor and a man of his word..This guys is a strategist a seasoned politician and a good lawyer…What the media and other country and the olygarks that trying to destroy him wanted the world to see is a mad man..because philippines is a rich country those olygars and other country with hidden agenda are doing there best to control the game and just continue abuse the rights of every filipino that been blind for so manny years…and that is the root cause of rebelion by new peoples army and the moros and it is been happening for along time..because conflic means business and control and that is what this master minds are trying to sustain so that they would continue doing thier abuses without the problem with the government.They want the country to suffer from poverty so that people will have no choice but to go into corruption offered by this olygarks..And little by little they destroy each other and then there is drugs that play a big part in destroying the country..They tend to imply that this country is not a safe place to do business in and this country is not safe to go to. So that they will hold into power out of 100 million filipino only 50 or less family are doing muti million business in the country partnering with other countries…They are the owner of media outlet that publishing and contolling the image of the country in international community they are the politian who became leaders and influencial personalities they are the owner of minning and power supply industries they are the one who are playing with the human and natural resourses of the country..And if you have a country like this if you are not a good leader and good strategist to counter this crisis this country will be a wasteland..What this man is doing is a double effect strategy he is fighting criminals and shaming them and dont show any regret by the killings going on even if it is by policeman or aledge vegilante or the sindicate themselves because he want to insteal fear and to show he is serious and clean that after going against this criminals he is not afraid of controversies because he is not tinted with dirty money like what other politian has become all over the country and that build trust and accountability..And that is important in philippine culture to gain support from small towns and cities…Sad to say but majority of the counties population is still not properly educated thats why they can be easily persuade by the media and propaganda being played by the rich and powerfull…And also this reason that gives Duterte appeal to the masses because by watching local movies portrayed buy a foulmouted and strong like lead character they connect with him. And Duterte knows that he manipulates the mind set of the masses to gain their trust so that he could have the support of those who are un educated. But on the other side of him is a gentleman and a good ambasador to the business society whom he is trying to level the playing fieled and to the rebels whom he is having the peace on process..You have to be a Filipino to know all this sentiments our country is a victim of human rights as a whole most of us are being a victim of the right for proper education the right of honest information the right of being a citezen of our country..Because wether we like it or not unless a powerful person make a stand to change our way of life we will be the same again and again and again…Thats why its very obvious just how all this critics trying so hard to destroy him because they know one way or another niether of them must have to go down this country is a rich country with a lot of minerals like gas gold coal copper etc..plus the beautiful natures landscape and beaches…fertile soil that can grow almost any kind of crops like coffe cacao vegestable and fruits.. and also the talented beautiful and inteligent people if just given the right opportunity…The resourses of this nation is limitless that creates conflict of interest that keep it hammered down in the ground buy the powerfull and influencial…

  8. The three great essentials to achieve anything worth while are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.

  9. Nonoy Aquino is simply incompetent, corrupt to the core and lazy. His people under him, were the same: incompetent , corrupt and lazy.

    All they were interested during their tenures was : making a lot of money! So, they thoughts of various scams; ways to steal and enrich themselves; ways to extort money from unsuspecting people.

    In their term, there were:Pork Barrel Bribery; DAP; PDAF; Lag Lag Bala extortion scam; Drug Lord politicians; Chinese Triad Drug Mafia crime syndicate; Shabu proliferation; Chinese Shabu manufacturers; etc…

    The people they serve was out of the question. “WHAT ARE WE IN POWER FOR” , was their motto!

  10. There is no difference except Duterte is an Old matured man, a senior person excercising authority over the younger man. yung tipong sasabihin “matagal na akong abogado ikaw noon uhugin ka pa lang” or “parating ka pa lang , ako ay bumabalik na”

    1. When people are excited and look forward to the return of martial law – that’s a good sign indicating the yellow spell has been broken.

      Looks like Duterte’s team is way too fast for Congress. They are already implementing a military-like chain of command for dealing with the traffic, even before getting their “emergency powers” from the legislators.

      Hurry up with those hearings Senators


      1. These “filibustering” senators are using delay tactics of talking bullshits to buy time for themselves and the self-interest groups they represent.

        Once Duterte’s team implements Martial Law, most of these power and money hungry lawmakers like Enrile, Drilon, and Soto–just to name a few–will be out of a job; they, too, like the druglords, will be exposed on their ties to illegal organizations.


    1. Tell it like it it,

      Dude, The United States is fucked up in your eyes; Marcos is also fucked in your eyes; the Yellow Party is just as fucked up as Marcos in your eyes; and Duterte is probably on the Muslim and the Communist’s payroll, and also fucked up in your eyes. So who you gonna call? Ghost-Busters?

      If you say leave it to chance, then you’re no better off than the rest of us. Don’t start picking a side until you see a forward-moving trend on a sure winner; by then it’ll be too late. So pick a side now–any side–and just don’t leave yourself safely tucked away on a secluded island of all-knowing, dictating to us what or what isn’t, without showing us your true color or what “school of thought” you’re angling from.

      In this way, everyone here will know if we’re dealing with someone who is just a “Rebel without a cause” or a Yellow “wolf dressed in sheep clothing.”


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