Anti-Marcos “Citizen’s Assembly” in Luneta marred by Aquino supporters clad in Yellow attire

The organisers of an anti-Marcos rally dubbed the “Citizen’s Assembly” held Sunday were very clear about participants’ required attire: Wear white. The widely-circulated graphic worded it even more amiably. Let’s wear white.

Dress code made clear: Participants instructed to 'wear white'.

Dress code made clear:
Participants instructed to ‘wear white’.

Presumably, the call to “wear white” was designed to ensure that as broad a base of people who are against the burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) are encouraged to join the event. The interment of Marcos’s remains at the LNMB was a campaign promise of current President Rodrigo Duterte. Duterte has indicated that he will make good on that promise. Interestingly enough, some of his supporters are not in favour of that eventuating. There are some Filipinos who are staunch “anti-Marcos” activists who also support other camps and political parties.

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Unfortunately for the organisers, the notion of being “anti-Marcos” has practically been monopolised by the “Yellow camp” — that clique of Filipinos who worship the Aquino-Cojuangco clan and remain loyal to the regime of former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III. They are also staunch supporters of BS Aquino’s endorsed candidates in this year’s presidential elections, Mar Roxas who Duterte soundly defeated, and Leni Robredo whose claim to the Philippines’ Office of the Vice President remains in question on account of electoral fraud allegations.

Much to the chagrin of many participants at the Luneta rally today, the Yellow Camp stubbornly chose to wear their partisan colours to the event. Leading the Yellow charge was Leah Navarro, the celebrity face of these Yellowists.

Leah Navarro (second from left) and her crew defied rally organisers' instructions to wear white. (Source: @DZBB on Twitter)

Leah Navarro (second from left) and her crew defied rally organisers’ instructions to wear white.
(Source: @DZBB on Twitter)

Presidential election loser Mar Roxas graced the occasion and, at least, gave some token effort to wearing white, but observers noted the hint of yellow on the collar of his vest. Of course, he remains surrounded by his yellow-clad disciples — many of them still flashing that “L” hand gesture.

Mar Roxas surrounded by loyal yellow-attired supporters at the Luneta rally. (Source: @iamjustlee on Twitter)

Mar Roxas surrounded by loyal yellow-attired supporters at the Luneta rally.
(Source: @iamjustlee on Twitter)

Overall, the flood of supporters of the Liberal Party guard inappropriately dressed in yellow pretty much stained what could have been a virginally white event marking a small voice out to protest what, essentially, is a non-issue turned into a divisive circus.

Stained by yellow: What could have been a multi-sectoral protest turned into just another LP circus. (Source: @mumay_tonton on Twitter)

Stained by yellow: What could have been a multi-sectoral protest turned into just another LP circus.
(Source: @mumay_tonton on Twitter)

It is, indeed, clear why Rodrigo Duterte won the presidency — because Filipinos have had enough of the empty promise that was once the Yellow Movement. For 30 years, the promise of prosperity on the back of democracy “restored” in the 1986 people power “revolution” was synonymous to the Yellow camp and the various members of the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan that represent it. Despite the clear message sent by the landslide Duterte victory in this year’s elections, the Yellow camp still don’t get it.

51 Replies to “Anti-Marcos “Citizen’s Assembly” in Luneta marred by Aquino supporters clad in Yellow attire”

  1. This is very consistent yellow behavior. The way they hijacked this protest event is exactly how they hijacked EDSA 1 itself. Others made all the sacrifices (i.e. the nameless student activists, the peasants etc), and when victory was at hand, the Aquinos swooped in and made it all about themselves. For 30 years. Wake up people. I don’t necessarily agree that Marcos should be buried in libingan ng mga bayani, but I can see how that can be one major nail that can seal the coffin of yellowtardism. And if for that alone, the “sacrifice” of accepting Marcos’ burial in LNB is worth it.

  2. Only 1,500 people managed to attend in NCR, a region of almost 13 million people. If that doesn’t give these noisy yellowtards a clue, I don’t know what will.

    And please don’t blame it on the weather. If people actually believed in what they are fighting for, they will be there no matter how bad the weather is.

    1. It’s so hilarious listening to radio broadcasters say, “Libo libo po ang umattend! Mr. President, please listen to the majority!”

      I read an article on Rappler saying that the people who are okay with FM being buried in the LNMB are a small minority. For goddsake, BBM garnered 14 Million votes. I doubt those people are against FM being buried in LNMB, I don’t exactly call that a small minority.

      LP is trying so hard to make it seem like their own personal opinion is the voice of the people.

      1. I notice with the new sign ,instead of L they changed it like du30 close fist but the thumb is like L

      2. Libo libong bulbol ang pina attend..Ang cameraman,mautak di pinaning ang coverage para di makita ang dame ng tao at baket walang aerial photo pares ng rally ni DU30 sa Luneta.Yung paligid ng Venue ay watakwatak ang tao para palabasin na marami sila.Hanggang ngayon ay nagsisinungaling pa rin sila.

  3. As what French general Napoleon Bonaparte said, History is a set of lies agreed upon. I wonder if our country’s history was full of lies in the 1st place like Emilio Aguinaldo was truly our country’s national hero & not Jose Rizal nor Andres Bonifacio, the Japanese are the liberators of World War II while the Americans are blood thirsty soldiers & they’re the real reason why they’d almost completely destroyed Manila & killed many innocent civilians on that city in 1945, the Aquinos are a true saints while Ferdinand Marcos is a demon & [sorry for those Damasos who will offend this next message] Jaime Cardianl Sin was NOT a child abuser, etc. If these kind of lies will teach to our children, do you think our country will make a strong & progressive nation? Or will it be a demise to our nationhood?

  4. Looks like when Cory and Ramos made that rule to bury former presidents in the Libingan, Marcos supporters and family were quick to campaign for their “hero” to be buried there as well.

    So the question is, why should former presidents be buried there? Are they “heroes” by being presidents?

    1. “it’s in the law that a president can be buried there and soldiers. and not exactly a hero in a true sense of the word.” – PDU30

      “as president i swore an oath to the law and not to the sentiments of the political side.”

      look for flippinflips in FB and check the clip where a simpleton reporter asked PDU30 about this issue.

      1. I meant, when I asked about why bury former presidents there, I was wondering about why such a rule was made. Why Cory and Ramos made up that rule. They should have thought, or not dismissed if they did, that even Marcos supporters could claim it.

        1. simple. they want to be there too. the real fact is the Libingan ng mga Bayani is originally for soldiers only but there’s a reason why presidents should there too if like Marcos who defended the nation against those who tried to overthrow the Motherland. now pres Duterte should be there too if he succeeds against communism ang terrorism in the south who want to chop mindanao to be their own country. that’s chop chop chop the arms of the Motherland. now does cory and ramos earned to be there??? a hero should be anyone who defended his Motherland against foreign invasion. communism and the seccessionist in the south are foreign ideology to invade the Nation.

        2. Another question, looking at it from the other side. If a president defends his country, isn’t he just doing his job and isn’t necessarily a hero that way?

          Also, when presidents are buried at the Libingan, do we automatically consider them as heroes? That’s what I’m questioning about that rule.

        3. it’s in the law. cory can be buried there if they want. even PNOY and FVR can be buried there. unless DU30 admin can legislate that the aquinos are not allowed to be buried in LnmB.

          watch the clip of Flippinflips in FB. 🙂
          like the page as well.

        4. ChinoF
          Yung aso mismo ni Cory ay doon nilibing may military salute pa..tao pa kaya
          Baket di nilibing doon si ninoy..kasi ay ginamit lang siyang dummy ng mga couangco

        1. to ChinoF, well not everyone of our former presidents was buried on LNMB. In fact only 3 of them namely Elpidio Quirino [in which recently his funeral urn had been transferred from Manila North Cemetery to that place last April], Carlos P. Garcia & Diosdado Macapagal. That’s the fact.

        2. PNOY and Cory doesn’t deserved to be buried in Libingan ng mga Bayani…simply because they are the reasons why The Philippines is classified as a 3rd world country

      2. It largely has to do with political perception, I would say..just as with anything else. It’s the basis of most idiots’ arguments(excuse the term).
        Whether Marcos Sr. was a hero or not is inherently a matter of contention. Defending the country as president is part of the job, but by principle it’s still a heroic act. Does being a president alone qualify one to be buried there? Well, it takes some serious balls to be in that post.. that is if one actually performs as president.
        We seriously need clear definitions in our politics. This is exactly why crooks get around.

    2. And it seems even Cory’s dog, who was not a soldier, ex-president/president, etc., was buried there. Was the dog a hero to be allowed such privilege with nary a whimper of protest from these yellows?

  5. is that really what’s left in the 86 edsa1 uprising 1,500 paid heads? the greed and betrayal othewise known ‘the greed for hacienda luisita and the betrayal to the pilipinos’ is already written in history. all the pilipinos have to do is to come out on the streets nationwide to show the world the ‘FALL OF THE YELLOW DYNASTY’ simply and peaceful.

    1. Oh my god ..I thought if Marcos will buried in LNMB by the past President will caused a civil war..These last rally show only few are really against and still the media was telling in thousands was in Luneta..Only the Media was sensationalized the propaganda that majority was against marcos in LNMB..Mr President do what U supposed to do, no big deal

      1. well, in fact that EDSA Revolution was the first “peaceful revolution” in the world that later followed its inspiration to the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe in 1989 & even in Indonesia in 1998 on the downfall of Indonesian dictator, Suharto [in which he was Marcos’ BFF]. Well after these events, on these 2 places, what are really the BIG difference on our country to the countries of Eastern Europe & Indonesia after their “successful” peaceful revolution in order to bring down the brutal undemocratic & authoritarian regime into a progressive democratic system? You tell me.

        1. EDSA 1 is a revolution of stupid, ignorant people. that’s the difference. fuck EDSA 1, 2 and 3, 4 and so on.

          without martial law, we would have become a communist country.

      2. “EDSA 1 is just a political movement. and not a revolution of the country.”

        It was a “People Power”brainwashing scheme to oust one power (Marcos) so it can be replaced by another (Yellow Party). In the end, Marcos was still the lesser of both evils. Marcos stole but gave most back. The Yellow Party stole, but gave none back.

  6. just distribute hacienda luisita to farmers right away so there’ll be no more to fight for. the yellow dynasty is still fighting for it till now.

  7. Oh tie a red cross ribbon at the LNMB

    It’s been twenty six years

    Will you please bury me?

    If yellowtards and anti-makoy still don’t agree

    I’ll stay in Ilocos

    Wait for another host

    Stronger than DU30

    Then maybe the billion blood money in Swiss account be finally set free….

  8. The Yellows up to now are still in a time warp that their color represent the true sentiment of the people. I have two words to say to them ” get real’ !

  9. Every time I see yellow these days I feel like taking a piss in the toilet. The toilet is where my yellow piss belongs.

  10. notice the yellow rally at luneta they were instructed not to wear colored yellow shirts. why? ‘cuz they knew citizens already hate yellow colors and they want to show citizens they’re not yellows but ordinary citizens. they’re luring again the people to go out to yakyakin on the streets. the people power now already switch allegiance for duterte and the marcoses. that 1,500 heads is nothing it’s just a .0000001/2 percent maybe not even. they’re just there for the money.

    1. The yellow media said in Thousand marcher in Luneta but comes only few..This time a marcos loyalist will do the same in Luneta and compared the attendance..

  11. Oh dear, these yellows sure are persistent zombies aren’t they?

    They still think they can scare a non yellow president into their demands neglecting the fact that the Aquinos they so worship aren’t even fit to be considered as heroes in the first place.

    Inb4 another idiot like jigs comes here and whine about the whole article.

      1. “Yung mga biktima ng Martial law these days are now multi millionaire.. Etang Rosales”

        One excellent example is the Lopez family of ABS-CBN.

        1. ah the ogliarch, and that’s why PDu30 hates it! But he’s not really hates the businessmen in our country, he really hates their greed that suffers to our people for years & that should be stop!

  12. Angkan ng mga criminals base in present situation analysis. Sino ba ang sumisigaw ng stop judicial killing di ba ang mga criminals hindi ang biktima ng criminals di ba chr totoo? Therefore i conclude itong mga anti marcos sigaw nila justice victims of judicial killing o human right sila din yon mga criminals sa panahon ni marcos remember c ninoy ay isang convicted criminals kung wala yan sa history books well magtanong kayo sa matatanda.

  13. Failipinos only need a single flock, but Yellowtard minions need two: one to belong to and make them feel comfortable, and another to blame all of society’s problems on.

  14. This will be an endless debate, but is there any win-win solution to solve this problem? Probably there is & here’s my solutions to end the debate over the Marcos issue in our country’s history & politics:

    1) The Marcos family should try to talk to the victims & the family’s victims of the Martial Law era. And if this will happen, the Marcos family will forgive them & change their heart & try to unite with them on how to rebulid our country & never to repeat the dark history on fearing of another brutal dictatorship in our country & another political & national plunders that could stain our country again. And later on, the victims & the family victims of Martial Law will allow former President Marcos to bury at LNMB.

    2) As what my sister said that she’d overheard a news a few days ago that former VP/Makati Mayor Binay made his suggestion that Marcos should give a military honor & bury on his own mausoleum inside of a cemetery in his hometown, Batac, Ilocos Norte instead of LNMB in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

    3) Another suggestion of mine in which I’d told this one before is to do a “secret” burial of former President Marcos at LNMB. To do that here are the best ways: a) The Marcos family should not go and/or visit to that place to prevent further criticism and/or hatred to them by their detractors. b) The body of late President Marcos should be cremated just like his fellow Ilocano & our country’s former president Elpidio Quirino, then there’ll be no military honors when his ashes will be delivered at LNMB, and c) Instead of bury his ashes in his reserved burial area where it was already been constructed for him around 20 years ago, he should bury on an area of the unknown dead soldiers on the said cemetery, put a marked cross but the LNMB admins & AFP should not put his name there in order not to be recognize by the public & the media, also the time of his burial should happen at around dawn or midnight & not at daytime. After this, his supposed burial area of the said cemetery should be a reserved burial for the relocation of the coffin of the late president Ramon Magsaysay & erect his mausoleum there since by next year, it’ll be his 60th death anniversary of him & it’ll be a perfect resting place for our late president w/c he’s known as the President’s Masses in the 50s. His current burial place at Manila North Cemetery was too old & no one took care of his grave lately since that place are too dirty & there was some informal settlers living on that cemetery & it’s a disrespect to his grave. So it’s better to relocate his grave from Manila North Cemetery to LNMB in Fort Bonifacio just like what Mr. Quirino did last April.

    So what do you think about it? Or if you have any good suggestions to it, then tell me.

  15. only few against the million…Tuloy ang libing ni Marcos with military ceremony…Clear the EDSA shrine to make way to help the traffic in EDSA.
    The NAIA Airport name to change to Ferdie Mcoy the executioner

    1. As if Pres. F Marcos wants to put his name on those projects he built….

      They were for the Filipino People and he knows that its from their taxes thats why he never named any of his family members from it but on the city/villages it was built on….

      Only these Yellow Cults and stupid aquinos wants their blemish be remembered….

  16. Will burying Marcos a constant reminder to shallow minded Failipinos of all the Martial law atrocities but not the fact that Marcos is a soldier who fought for the country and also deserves this honor. Marcos is dead and gone. The pot calling the kettle black, or are they just afraid that Kidapawan, SAF, and Hacienda Luisita massacre are brought to light and will bring grave consequences to all responsible. Yellow army must get over your delusional effort to discredit Marcos. People are fed up just wait and see

  17. On the radio they said it’s 5000 people. Idiotic Yahoo claims it was 2000.

    In reality and by looking at the pictures I’d say it was maybe 500.

    What a ridiculous joke these fucking clowns are! Give it up already you dumb fucks!

    1. 5000 people confirmed on Facebook. That’s about it! Hahah I guess they’re also counting the ones “who were there in spirit.” How pathetic is that?

  18. The Anti Marcos burial issue is a Diversionary Tactic of Aquino and the Liberal Party; and their YellowTard followers, on their FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP, when they were in power.

    The SHABU Drug issue alone is a very hard and serious issue against them. Along with their being affiliated with the Chinese Triad Drug Mafia crime syndicate.

    These people are just wasting their time; shouting on a politician, who died 30 years ago; and is no longer relevant in the Philippine political landscape !

  19. Instead of creating chaos, why not contribute something better for the country…..I curse these Yellowtards, and I hope that they suffer so much that they wish they die and be castrated in hell with Satan as their supreme being

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