It is wrong to blame sexual abuse victims, Senator Tito Sotto

Philippine celebrity and Senator Tito Sotto and his co-hosts attracted the ire of the public once again with his remarks against a female contestant in a recent episode of noontime show Eat Bulaga. Apparently, after the contestant narrated how she was sexually abused in the past by her husband’s drinking buddies while intoxicated, Sotto berated her for putting herself in what, to begin with, was a vulnerable position in his opinion and also blamed her for drinking alcohol in bad company. He also questioned what she was wearing at that time and surmised that she was probably wearing provocative clothes.

Tito Sotto: Kasalanan ng lahat ng iyan, yung pag inom. Yung pa-shat shat. Kababae mong tao, pa shat-shat ka?

Jose Manalo: Hindi, tama yun. Umiinom ka na, naka-short ka pa?

JM: Naka-shorts!

Allan K: Gaano ka-iksi? Gaano ka-iksi yang shorts na yan?

(Jose Manalo hikes up shorts, audience cheering)

AK: Ano bang tawag sa shorts na yan?

Wally Bayola: Ngyort!

Senator Tito Sotto should tell men to rise above their primal instinct and respect women.

Senator Tito Sotto should tell men to rise above their primal instinct and respect women.

Sotto’s remarks were classic “blame the victim” mentality. No wonder some members of the public were outraged by it. It’s bad enough that he was unsympathetic to the sexual abuse of the victim, he was shaming her on national television too. The worst part is, since he is a much-loved celebrity and a popular senator, his views will likely be taken by many as gospel “truth”. The laughter he generated from the audience is enough indication that a lot agreed with him. It’s too bad that all the victim could do was laugh along with her interrogators. I can just imagine the number of sexual abuse victims who have to hide their pain for fear of being shamed like this female contestant.

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What is outrageous is the lack of outrage from members the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB). One can’t help but think that since the person being bullied on TV is from the lower classes, MTRCB officials couldn’t otherwise be bothered worrying about her welfare. Never mind that this appalling behaviour being perpetuated by so-called members of the upper classes like Sotto for millions of Filipinos to see is what damages the very fabric of Philippine society. The public should also be calling for a sacking of MTRCB heads for allowing garbage on TV to air for years.

Sotto acted like Dr. Phil on the noon-time show. He saw an opportunity to give “advice” to the hapless sexual abuse victim. The question is, how is his advice going to help prevent future sexual abuse in the country? Will Filipino men use his excuse now and stop being accountable for raping women? The answer to that is, only morons – those who do not have empathy – would use it as an excuse. People who are intent on taking advantage of others in vulnerable positions would always find an excuse to do bad things to others anyway. Sotto just gave them extra mileage.

Women should not have to cover themselves to get respect.

Women should not have to cover themselves to get respect.

To be fair, while I don’t agree with the way Sotto berated the female contestant on the show, I tend to agree with his stand on how both men and women in the Philippines over-indulge in alcohol consumption. It has become a national pastime. You will find a lot of men drinking instead of working during the day too. I also notice on social media how people proudly show photos of their favourite bottle of hard drink as if others should be envious of their plan to get totally pissed drunk. Even women are proud to brag about their plan to drink the night away.

Granted, our society is not the only one with a strong tradition of drinking alcohol. Societies like Germany, for example, with their beer festivals, managed to advance and become one of the greatest countries in the world while keeping many of their traditions. There is something about Filipinos in general and the way we celebrate even before the hard work is done that keeps us from moving forward.

Going back to what Sotto said about the sexual abuse victim’s attire, while it is wrong to think that women who wear provocative clothes are “asking for it”, we women have to read between the lines of his statement. Sotto could be saying that men’s primal instinct gets switched on when they see women’s flesh exposed. I have first-hand experience in this.

Once when I went to an auto-mechanic shop to have my car serviced, I noticed a significant change in the behaviour of the men after I removed the head cap and pair of sunglasses I was wearing. Prior to removing them, I was sort of incognito and gender neutral. But since I was indoors, I had to remove the said hat and shades revealing my long hair and that I was a woman. The men who were supposedly “busy” working on the cars started checking me out, some subtle but others not so. I wasn’t even wearing a pair of shorts or nothing too revealing. Just a pair of jeans and t-shirt. But they gave me the look just the same.

The behaviour of the men in the car shop gave me an epiphany. It was a light-bulb moment. Men — straight men, of course — are programmed to check women out in whatever shape or form and we women need to keep that in mind. Women in some societies who wear hijabs, nijabs and burqas obviously have that in mind.

Having said that, I also firmly believe that women should be able to wear whatever is appropriate for the occasion and venue. If we are at the beach, we should be able to wear shorts or swimwear without having to worry about perverts and being shamed by the likes of Sotto. Filipino mentalities should evolve and get onto a higher plane. Filipino men should understand that woman who wear short skirts and skimpy clothes are not necessarily out to get some action; most women just like expressing themselves and aren’t really “asking for it”. Some women aren’t even aware of the effect they have on men. They are just being themselves. Men should respect that. I know a lot of men who do and are able to rise above their primal instincts. I just hope prominent people like Sotto can promote that kind of mentality instead of his very basic view of the world.

62 Replies to “It is wrong to blame sexual abuse victims, Senator Tito Sotto”

  1. It’s black comedy but that’s nothing if you compare it with the then remark of President Duterte!

    “As a woman, it is indeed hard to defend what Duterte said. But we all have to deal with the fact that he will represent the Philippines to the world and we don’t want the international community to think that Filipinos just voted a leader who has a fetish for gang rape. I do believe the international community’s impression of Duterte is wrong, which is why I am compelled to try and make sense of his remarks.”

    “At the end of the day, we can only speculate on what Duterte meant because, being mutilingual, he may have been struggling to find the right words to describe how he felt at that time. And now we are struggling to find an excuse for what he said.”

  2. One thing I have learned about Filipino culture is that girls are favored less by their parents than boys, and respected less. I have personally witnessed females trashed by their mothers for stupid things, then the mothers say nothing when their boys do the same (or worse) things. My American, Caucasian friend dated a Filipino guy in the U.S., and she noticed this with his mother too. Girls are treated worse and the boys can be drunken, immature, useless, lazy idiots and are still praised by nanay.

    I have said before that bad parenting is a major problem in the Philippines. Respect for people starts with parental teaching. The attitudes in many countries are screwed, and the Philippines is no exception. There seems to be a machismo element with regard to respect for women – but I have met many Filipino men who are not like that, and respect women. It is good when Filipinas emigrate to Western Europe, Canada and the U.S., where they have rights, opportunities and are respected as human beings.

  3. I would like to think that these men whose temperature rises when seeing just the shadows of women are the same guys hanging around for too long with its other drinking booze with the barkada inside seedy joints and girlie bars that they’ve forgotten there is another sociable being called ladies. Had they interacted and socialize with the women earlier, maybe their sexual perversion could be minimized.

  4. Sotto is a comedian, who was elected as Senator. Although, his remark is uncalled for, on the victim of sexual assault.

    The woman who went on drinking binge, with her husband’s friends, was : out of mind and out of her senses. A normal thinking woman would not do that kind of drinking, with her husband’s buddies.

    Once, she got drunk, her drinking buddies, took advantage of her…and had sex with her.
    It was rape, of course, but she allowed the opportunity, of her to be raped !

    For Ilda, we men, are always looking and appreciating pretty women. When a sexy woman walks nearby, the testosterone rushes into our brain, and we cannot help it to be appreciative of the woman’s beauty…”the eyes were made for seeing; and beauty has no excuse of being”…a good poem stated ! Be thankful that you have those assets to be appreciated…

    1. You are a weak on crime, pathetic one aren’t you? Your post is mostly about blaming the victim and not the criminals. Sorry, but a woman ought to be able to walk naked anywhere, without being raped by a pack of wild animals; actually I am degrading wild animals by referring to these ‘men’ as humans; the pack of animals is more civilized and evolved. I have been as drunk as can be and fully know right from wrong; every other guy knows too. Sure, males notice women and their bodies and have dirty thoughts – but only low animals cannot control themselves. Stop being a pathetic, weak enabler who makes excuses for evil, animalistic behavior.

      If you are a Catholic, and make excuses for this behavior, you better reject your faith right now and cease attending church. You are acknowledging that humans are low primates who have no cerebral cortex; we just act on emotions, without the filter of morality. You reject higher brain function that God gave humans. If you believe this, as your comments imply, stop using a computer and smartphone; just go live in the jungle with the apes.

      I will not get into my opinions on proper punishment for rape, because it might offend the politically correct, weak, excuse makers. Sure, women should not get drunk around a bunch of evil primitives; she exercised poor judgement – but she was with her husbands friends, so you would think she could trust them. This also underscores what kind of person her husband is, if he is ‘friends’ with these mentally challenged primates.

      In general parents need to train their daughters on street smarts, and toughen them up. Any time women are raised (like in Philippines) to be submissive they will be at increased risk. Women need to learn self-defense, whether it be basic physical stuff, Filipino stick fighting or something else. I know an ex-military guy who is a firearms expert. His niece was against guns – but he convinced her to train with him. Less than a year ago, in the city, a savage tried to rape her and she shot him. The rapist didn’t die – but he was stopped and damn well learned his lesson. Unfortunately, this is the only way to deal with primitive, low animals. People who are soft on crime will never have my respect. As I have stated, there are many garbage parents.

      1. Sorry, but a woman ought to be able to walk naked anywhere, without being raped by a pack of wild animals;

        That’s the problem. Women seem to have this mindset that just because “polite” politically-correct society condemns rape and sexual harassment, that somehow gives them protection to the reality that, indeed, men are wild animals. Of course rape is wrong. Yes, women should be able to to as they please and as you have mentioned, walk naked without getting harassed but the same clear thinking women who refuse to do that are also the ones who’d probably skip drinking with her husband’s drinking buddies because of the potential danger of that type of situation being presented against any female. Crime is bad. But sometimes you need a good knock upside the head for leaving your car keys on your car door because you were so trusting of the village security simply because they gave their word that carjacking in your neighborhood won’t happen. Fact is, the world is unfair. Not just to women. THe sooner women get that fact into their thick skulls the sooner we can minimize or get rid of these “crimes against women” bullshit. You walk into a pack of wolves (all alone at that), you get eaten. That’s it. Common sense. Yeah I’m blaming the victim for being stupid and living in a Utopian bubble detached from reality.

        And Tito Sotto, fuck you too.

        1. This isn’t about the judgement of the woman; it’s about a culture that jokes about rape, especially to the victim. If you imply the woman was raped because of her situation, you’re wrong. Women are raped in good numbers in Islamic cultures, and these women are sober and wearing a full-body burqua. This woman probably would have been raped anyway. If the rape occurred in her home, where exactly should she have been to stay safe? The argument that she should have been more cautious doesn’t fly in Islamic areas, or India. Blaming the ‘thick skull’ doesn’t fly either.

          There is also the lack of consequences for the rapists. If punishments were issued ‘men’ would not attempt it. These rapists are cowards who dominate someone defenseless, only when they know nothing will happen to them. Make the punishment fit the crime and it will lower drastically.

          There is nothing politically correct about society being critical of rape. It is actually more politically correct to brag about raping women in some cultures. It is also politically incorrect to tell the millions of lazy, useless Filipino riff raff guys that they are failures, and need to get a job and put down the San Miguel.

        2. This isn’t about the judgement of the woman; it’s about a culture that jokes about rape, especially to the victim. If you imply the woman was raped because of her situation, you’re wrong. Women are raped in good numbers in Islamic cultures, and these women are sober and wearing a full-body burqua. This woman probably would have been raped anyway. If the rape occurred in her home, where exactly should she have been to stay safe? The argument that she should have been more cautious doesn’t fly in Islamic areas, or India. Blaming the ‘thick skull’ doesn’t fly either.

          One, you don’t know she will be raped for sure. Note that alcohol is the best alibi morons use for doing something “they did not remember”. That argument about men simply seeing a woman that makes them horny make them break the law doesn’t fly. Predators need the perfect opportunity and conditions to strike. A mindful prey won’t be devoured.

          Two, what makes you so sure ALL women accusers are not making those things up just to humiliate the accused or maybe stir things up because they’re bored? You can argue that it’s unlikely but that crap happens.

          Three, guaranteed punishment won’t stop people from doing something bad. You can bet your ass rape will be here to stay. The only way to avoid that is—and I can’t stress this enough—for women to recognize that men are dangerous and that they should avoid situations that could potentially harm them.

          There’s a world of difference between a woman raped inside the her secure, broken-into house and a woman who accepts the invitation of total strangers (all men) for a drinking spree and gets raped. You get my drift? Yes, the latter did not deserve that. But you have got to be kidding to say she’s blameless in the predicament she got herself into.

          As for this:

          It is also politically incorrect to tell the millions of lazy, useless Filipino riff raff guys that they are failures, and need to get a job and put down the San Miguel.

          Yeah I agree. Idle minds are the devil’s playground. All the more reason for women to avoid the company of guys like that.

        3. Last time I will say this. The horny argument does apply; look at Islamic countries. Males are going to try to rape women regardless of what the women wear, how drunk they are, who they’re with, or where they are. Lets look concrete stats. Authorities just released data from the New Year’s attacks in Germany, committed by primarily Muslim males. There were an estimated 1200 women assaulted right in the middle of the city squares. These women were not alone, or deliberately in bad areas. The culture that permits this behavior is the problem, as well as the criminals. You can blame it on poor judgement, alcohol, etc.; people full well know what they’re doing when they’re drunk. Both genders are responsible – but the ‘men’ are more responsible. They ought to protect women, assuming they are actually men, regardless of their dirty thoughts.

          Another example of the men being horny, evil riff raff argument: child rape. Should we apply the ‘responsibility’ garbage with children too? Guys rape little girls and boys. Maybe the kids should not have put themselves in the situation. The 5 year old kids were irresponsible, allowing their fathers or uncles to rape them in the ‘safety’ of their bedroom. Moral of the story: an adult overpowering someone defenseless is inexcusable, regardless of the situation. If it isn’t women it will be 10 year old girls. If males don’t end their evil behavior, rape will not change. It doesn’t have to be women.

          Threat of punishment won’t deter crime? You’re wrong. How much crime is there in Singapore? They have the death penalty for drug crimes. They have harsh and violent penalties. Hypothetically speaking, lets say there was cctv everywhere and the police would arrive at a rape scene, check the video, deal with the attackers so they cannot do it again. You think they wouldn’t think twice? The victims get some justice and the attacker is dealth with. That’s the solution. Criminals commit crimes because of a weak society that is weak on crime. Singapore essentially tortures and kills criminals; look at their crime rates.

          Yes there are sick women who make up rape allegation to get money; it does happen and they are garbage.

          Some of your sentiments remind me of Islam. The general theme of blame the woman. Your comment about all males being capable of rape says more about you than anything. If you believe that maybe you have that mindset. Some males are men, not lower primates. Some men are not cowards and would not harm an innocent woman or child.

        4. Oh please. The mere fact that rape happens means there is something fundamentally wrong with a lot of males that have not been curbed by thousands of years of “social engineering”. You’re mouthing off on how men should behave. That’s perfect on a fictional world. However the stats you keep mentioning only reinforces the argument that indeed men are wild beasts when it comes to sexual aggression. Pity the naive woman who shares your worldviews.

        5. I am not naive. This thread is not about women being responsible or irresponsible. It started because of a woman, who was allegedly raped, and people laughed at her and blamed her. Her being stupid is undeniable; that’s not the point. The point is the leftist mode – even slightly – of defending criminal behavior. The point is legality.

          I grew up engaging in conversations with my Father, who is a former state assistant attorney general. I don’t deal with emotionalism or what contrived behavior is acceptable, according to subjective arguments of gender roles based on flawed cultures. I deal with facts and law. Rape is a felony, and the individual who forcibly rips clothes off and rapes is 100% legally responsible, with evidence or admission of a crime. With regard to law, her stupidity does not change the felonious act. A woman being stupid or drunk is not a felony. You can leave your emotional arguments at the door because emotions don’t matter in a court of law.

          My worldview is one similar to a classical liberal. No, I don’t share the worldview of women who ignorantly go out without thinking of dangers; left wing, bleeding heart women do that. These are the same women who think Obama and Clinton care SO much about womens’ equality. I am a strong proponent of self-defense, gun ownership, learning to fight and following the law. Emotions don’t factor into my thinking, nor does semantic bullshit related to anything other than law and procedure. Many women fail to prepare themselves for the reality of criminality; these people are usually in favor of gun control.

          Based on your comments, I would surmise that you don’t take legality as the primary issue. Your comments mostly blame the victim, which reminds me of a leftist who blames everything/everyone for a problem, except the person 100% responsible for the problem.

        6. Greg,
          I am very glad that you are

          “a strong proponent of gun ownership.”

          It means that all those killings in US schools and other places will continue.
          And pls dont give me that babble BS that all those killers have a wiring problem in their heads.

        7. Why yes of course, legality. By all means fry/incarcerate the SOB who raped her. No argument there. She still got raped. So yeah, a lot of help “legality” did her in that case. “Yeah I’ll get drunk with a bunch of cretins because it’s illegal to rape women.” Perfect reasoning.

  5. Boys will be boys…animalistic or not. I am not condoning rape. However, the woman should never had gone on drinking binge, with her husband’s drinking partner. It is not only unwomanly, but also an stupid idea.

    Religion has nothing to do with it. I do not believe in organized religions…some priests are convicted pedophiles …

    1. 654,

      I don’t know what drinking has to do with gender. That is a sexist way of thinking. So getting drunk is manly? Actually, getting drunk is a sign of weakness, and means a person cannot deal with reality; it’s no different than doing drugs. Strength is being sober and avoiding alcohol. A strong person doesn’t have to get drunk a lot. Getting drunk is also against the bible, which is strange for a Catholic country. Does this mean there is an epidemic of closet atheists there?

      Maybe these Filipino ‘men’ should grow up and stop drinking so much. There are so many Filipino men who are useless, lazy, irresponsible drunks who would rather jack off at a cockfight, than be a responsible father. There is rampant poverty there because of all the men who are failures and cannot/ will not support their families.

      Men should protect a woman and not attack her. It is beyond comprehension that a man would violate a woman like a wolf – but I am never surprised by rabid ‘human’ behavior. Men should not abuse women under any circumstance, and whether she is drunk does not make a difference. If a guy does this he is not much of a man. Maybe these men should stop getting drunk and look for a job.

    1. @Robert Haighton:

      In the Filipino culture, the woman is demure and thought to be fragile…not like American and Western woman…they are manly and very independent.

      A Filipino woman, drinking to the point of being drunk, with the drinking buddies of her husband is unwomanly…to us …

      1. 9999.999,
        what about getting/being ‘tipsy’, is that also ruled out for a Filipino woman?

        Is there anything that she is allowed to do that a man also is allowed to do?
        Or is it still that she must raise the kids, cook all meals, clean the house and spread her legs wide open (and preferably keep her mouth shut)?

        With your perception and ideas of the Filipino culture, that culture will never progress.

        1. I have to agree. The culture has some primitive, backwoods thinking. The idea that women have no free will, no desires, no opinions and should be there to spread their legs and nothing more. It’s time for evolved thinking.

        2. Greg,
          The most important question is what the individual Filipina woman and Filipino man wants. To leave and keep it that way (primitive and backwards. Your words not mine) or … ?

          From a human being perspective, I cant imagine that Filipina women want to keep that status quo. It will keep them vulnerable and dependent.

      2. Hyden,
        what about getting/being tipsy, is that also ruled out?

        My pinay GF and I once drank from a bottle of Tanduay. I didnt even knew what that was. Was that allowed?

        1. Robert,

          I am not sure what you are saying. All I said is there is a culture in the country that allows males to do anything, and expects women to give sex, be quiet and not have an opinion. It is backwoods if any culture frowns upon women having their own will and opinions. filipino parents raise their daughters to be submissive, which needs to change.

        2. @Robert Haighton:

          You can do whatever you do, with your girlfriend, in private. However, this case is different. The wife goes on drinking binge, till she is drunk, with her husband’s drinking buddies…

          In conservative Filipino families; people will frown upon woman, who drink till she is dead drunk.

          I , myself, do not want a woman drunkard in our family. It is a bad reputation in the family…

    2. Robert,

      You are rather stupid, aren’t you. You allow yourself to be brainwashed by CNN, and all of the propagandist media outlets that selectively push an agenda. I will say it again: school shootings are as common as people being struck by lightning. School shootings are not a problem at all. The media has been successful at brainwashing gullible, uneducated people like you. Pharmaceutical drugs cause tens of thousands of deaths( some reports over 100,000) in my country every year. School and other gun deaths? About 12,000. Automobile deaths? About 35,000-40,000. Does the media report all of those deaths? No, because it would hurt them financially. You are ignorant. Please educate yourself instead of reciting non-issues like some drone at the burning of the books, in Berlin, in 1933. You are easily fooled. Take time to learn the facts before you make an ass of yourself. You want to talk about the estimated 600,000 + successful gun self-defense cases every year in the U.S.? Hundreds of thousands of people are saved each year from violent crime in the U.S. each year, because of guns. You continue to be a child, pretend unicorns will save you, ignore statistics and rely on others for your protection. Good luck.

      1. Greg,
        I dont need to defend myself. From who must I defend myself? I will not kill anybody and nobody will kill me bec we simply dont carry and dont own/have guns.
        I can only get killed when I am in the wrong place and wrong time when a lunatic ISIS follower empties his gun while being on vacation. Like Paul Simon once sang “there are 50 ways to leave your lover” there are as many ways to die. But in my country I wont be bec of a gun.

        1. Isis radicals have guns, like in the Paris attacks. So I suppose you don’t mind being knifed or run over like in the Nice attack? You worship your government like a religion – but governments murdered over 100 million people last century. They won’t protect you; they are bringing in the Isis radicals.

        2. Greg,
          so far, they (ISIS or any lone wolf) didnt kill anybody on Dutch soil. Maybe it will happen one day but it wont be me. And they will not get the upper hand in my life time. What will happen after my death, I dont know. I am dead by then, so then I cant worry.
          I dont see my own government as a religion. Most of them are atheist like me. I pay my income tax, I pay my city taxes and I pay my VAT; furthermore I have to renew my drivers license and passport once each 10 years. So basically, I dont ‘see’ my government that often. Oh and once each 4 years, I will vote for the national elections, provincial election, city elections and EU elections.

        3. Greg,
          Let me tell you something about my country and my fellow countrymen and -women.

          Most of us were not and are not raised, brought up and educated with the national anthem. If you can find the text of our anthem (and translate it into English), you will see how fucked up the anthem is. Most of us dont even know the lyrics/text by heart.

          The national flag? Not many have/own one. And its seldomly used by the individual citizens.
          We have a monarchy (royal family). If I am not mistaken about 20% are against the monarchy.

          Bottomline, the majority are not that patriotic and nationalistic.

          Does it make me proud to fly KLM, to use Shell gasoline/fuel, to buy Unilever & Philips products? No, not particularly.

          But I am glad & happy that I was born here. Everyone can determine his/her own future and I can determine my own end(ing). Not a god decides about my life but I decide about my life.

          Failure is a choice, success is a choice.

        4. so far, they (ISIS or any lone wolf) didnt kill anybody on Dutch soil.


          You seem to be forgetting Mohammed Bouyeri, a.k.a. ‘Abu Zubair.’

          Bouyeri was a second generation Moroccan-Dutchman who murdered Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh. In November 2004, Bouyeri shot Van Gogh several times with a handgun hitting two bystanders in the process. He attempted to decapitate Van Gogh with a large knife and stabbed him with a smaller blade, severing the spinal cord. He then attached a note to Van Gogh’s body with the smaller knife. The note was a written warning to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Dutch MP who had immigrated from Somalia. Hirsi Ali was Van Gogh’s collaborator on the short film ‘Submission’ which was critical of the violence against women in Islam.

          Bouyeri is a ‘self-radicalised’ terrorist. He frequented the El Tawheed Mosque mosque in Amsterdam and met with several radical Sunni Muslims there. Together with Samir Azzouz, Bouyeri was a member of the terrorist ‘Hofstad Network.’ At his trial for Van Gogh’s murder, he expressed no remorse and said that he would do it again, arguing that in their fight against the infidels, ‘violence is approved by the prophet Muhammad.’ Bouyeri would later testify in a later trial involving the Hofstad Network where he stated that ‘jihad’ is the only option for Muslims in the Netherlands.

        5. Johnny,
          Indeed, I did forget the assasination of Theo van Gogh. So, you are completely right. Two and half years before that (may 2002) Pim Fortuyn was killed. Both killings lead to great shock and surrealism in the country. I Always was and still am a great admirer of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

  6. Manhood is defined and decided by the ability to nurture and to protect, by the capability to provide and to sustain.

    1. I agree that chivalry has its positives. It is interesting that, in Filipino culture, it is ok for men to be lazy and useless – but women have to ‘act’ a certain way. I wonder why men are not expected to be ‘men’. One reason is the fact that parents – especially mothers – coddle and pamper their sons and never discipline them. The sons grow up entitled and think they can do whatever they want. There is no expectation for Filipino males to be men.

  7. Pagkasabi pa lang niya, I knew there would be controversy. Pero agree ako sa iyo, 7:06. I’m sure it will be the same remark he would make sa mga daughters niya. More of pagpapa-alala. No matter how mature we want to be sa ganitong bagay, marami sa atin still won’t get it.

  8. In essence, I think pinagsabihan Lang niya yung babae na Hindi dapat nakikipag inuman sa mga lalaki dahil mataas ang chansa na mapagsamatalahan siya kapag nalasing na sila.

  9. Parang fatherly advise lang naman yung pagkakasabi sure ganyan din yung way ng pagsasabi nya sa anak nyang babae..napakabalat sibuyas ng mga tao minsan..tapos reklamo kau ng reklamo kung binabastos kayo pero halos nakahubad ka na..tsaka kau magreklamo qng kahit balot na balot na kaya minamanyak pa rin kayo.i know karàpatan ng mga babae magsuot ng kung anong gusto nla isuot pero dapat maging responsable din kayo sa magiging kalalabasan..

  10. I think tama naman yung sinabi ni Tito Sen. Parang tatay lang yan na nangangaral ng anak. Don’t tell me never pa tayong ginamitan ng linyang “kababae/kalalake mong tao…” ng mga magulang natin? So pag mali ka tapos pinagsabihan ka ng ganun kahit magulang mo pa nagsabi, ma-o-offend ka? Bakit ba? Iisipin mo agad na napakabastos naman ng magulang mo para pagsabihan ka ng ganyan. Eh kung sa mali ka talaga, ba’t ka pa magagalit? Ang point dito is may kasalanan din naman si ate, siguro kaya nyo nasabi na bastos si Tito Sen kasi talagang ayaw nyo sa kanya. Pero kung ibang artista yan, okay lang? Biased din kasi tayo minsan eh. Don’t tell me NO sagot nyo? Wag na tayong maging hypocrites dito. Kahit ano pa yan, mali talaga ni ate. Kahit anak nya pinagsabihan sya kasi mali talaga sya. Kahit saang anggulo tingnan, may negligence sa part ni ate. Kaya di mo masisisi kung napagsabihan sya nang ganun ni Tito Sen. Ang hirap sa ting mga Pilipino eh masyado na tayong nagiging opinionated kahit alam naman nating mali tayo. Siguro kahit ako, kung kapatid ko yan, pagsasabihan ko rin. Nakakawala kasi ng respeto si ate. Tingnan nyo kahit anak nya napagsasalitaan na sya ng di maganda. Stop defending that woman who kept on insisting na she was innocent kasi obvious naman na may pagkasinungaling at defensive sya. Just watch the whole segment and place yourself on the Dabarkads shoes. Siguro di naman maiiwasan na mapagsabihan nila yun kasi gusto nila maging maayos lahat, yung family ni ate at sya na rin, at mapunta sa mabuting bagay yung perang ibibigay nila. Hay naku, wag kasi magpaka-righteous mga Tsong at Tsang.

  11. oo nga naman ke babaeng tao shot shot siya. minsan kaya naabuso ang babae dahil din sa kagagawan nya iinom tapos mga lalaki kasama. may mali din ang lalaki dahil nag take advantage pero may mali din ang babae dahil kung matino ka hindi ka iinom na kasama mga lalaki.

  12. As a Senator, after learning that the woman is sexually abused (under Republic Act 9262, Section 3, B. “Sexual violence”), his first reaction should be if the woman get the justice for being victimized. Drinking is not the crime there. It’s the woman being sexually abused. He’s like saying you can be acquitted of a crime because you did it while you’re drunk.

  13. is this the same tito sotto who told pepsi paloma, a 15-year old rape victims of vic sotto, richie de horsey recant her allegations against them or else. he put a gun on the table to make it very clear what would happen if she did not. pepsi paloma later allegedly committed “suicide”. she was planning a huge birthday party at the time. who plans a birthday party, and later commits suicide?

  14. I have always appreciated the post here but I find it sore in the eye using a Muslim woman covered in nikab used as example.

    Muslim women use Nikab as an option and not obligatory.

    I just hope that there is more sensitivity and research made, it might send a negative message.

    1. That’s a burqa. And no, most Muslim women (especially in conservative Muslim countries) do not have that many options compared to Muslim men.

  15. It is just plain common sense if a woman had enough sense to go on a drinking spree and get drunk with drunk people, Drunk people will do stupid things. I am not blaming the victim but it’s partly her fault.

    1. Lots of people use “being drunk” as an excuse for doing stupid things. Frankly, anyone who has been pissed drunk knows that one wouldn’t have the energy to even stand up, let alone rape someone. So no, men who rape women while “drunk” are still aware that what they are doing is wrong. They are just taking advantage of the situation.

      1. It’s not an excuse but why will someone put herself in an uncompromising situation regardless, like I said it is partly her fault. I can’t answer if how people react when they are drunk but I know people die because of driving while they are intoxicated.

        1. The woman didn’t want to be sexually abused. Yes, it was naive of her to trust his husband’s friends not to touch her while she was drunk. But I wouldn’t blame her and crucify her for what the man/men did.

  16. I never mention anything about crucifying the victim, My point is one has to take RESPONSIBILITY for his or her own action.

      1. I would blame both it is just common sense, if one wants to get drunk whatever happens after is their problem not mine.

      1. What makes you think I’m not allowed to make others think that what I’m thinking is likely what other people think?

        Now where was I …
        Long hair – check
        Sun glasses – check

        I’m quite positive that being accustomed to such a huge fan-club following Ilda can handle a light comic relief comment from a puny 3rd grader like me.

        A wolf-whistling President who describes his host Karen D during an interview as “delicious” might be a different story though. You guys should have seen Karen’s reaction. She’s a pro alright.

        1. Haha – a safe answer is fair enough. Sorry for my lack of originality but I’ll have to borrow your lines: What makes you think I had any desire to die by Ms. Ilda’s hands? Just a piece of advice: try not to take me too seriously.

          But had that been you Ilda, your Pinoy fans here would have mounted a campaign to have you run for national government office.

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