A first in Ph history: Duterte government TALK consistent with its WALK!



Bodies are piling upon bodies recently as a wave of “rub-outs” (politely known as “extrajudicial killings”) make headline news everyday. There is no shortage of indignation about these incidents being waxed all over social media and corporate media outlets so any further feeding of the outrage will merely come across as redundant bandwagoning. What we are witnessing today has been attributed to The Duterte Effect — a rising number of homicides that supposedly strongly correlates with President Rodrigo Duterte’s cornerstone campaign promise to rid the Philippines of drug-related crime by hook or by crook.

If it is true that these killings were perpetrated by crook (i.e. not following proper police procedure around the use of deadly force on suspected criminals), then there is strong reason to hold Duterte criminally accountable for encouraging vigilantism. Correlation, however, does not necessarily translate to causation, and this is where Duterte’s critics are left scratching their pointed heads. It is hard to prove that Duterte’s leadership is what is causing unlawful killing of suspected criminals to run rampant. It may be an “effect” of his leadership, but to find evidence of a pre-meditated effort to perpetrate excessive police violence requires diligence — something Filipinos, as a people, have never really demonstrated an aptitude for.

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More remarkable is the broader Filipino public’s general indifference to all this. Limited to the circle of people I follow on social media, I would think that outrage over these killings is widespread. But when one steps back and regards the bigger picture, it would look more like most of the so-called activists and champions of “human rights” who shriek “bloody murder” on Twitter are preaching to a crowd of merely bemused observers.

Filipinos, after all, no longer buy the high-horsed notion that the law applies to all and that its implementation is above partisan politics. The fact is, the law has been perverted to the ends of the powerful in favour of family, friendships, and business interests. This tradition has tainted, well, the most high-horsed amongst the “activists” who now lamely wave their fists against Duterte in the air mouthing tired platitudes while waving the “human rights” flag. These activists who, themselves, had turned a blind eye to state-sanctioned human rights abuses when their pals were in power have lost any moral ascendancy to denounce anything today or over the foreseeable future. Ordinary Filipinos are pretty much left without moral beacons, their ethical sensibilities long having been betrayed by the Philippines’ cadre of morality Scribes and Pharisees.

What we are seeing today is a go-for-the-gold attitude with regard to vigilantism. If you must tolerate human rights abuse, then why not go the whole Nine Yards and outright ignore “human rights” and cheer on our vigilante forces?

Unfortunately for Filipinos, their leaders’ consistent pagmamalinis before the corporate media cameras while stomping in the faces of their “enemies” under the table has eroded trust between leadership and citizenship and, in the process, highlighted the complicity of corporate media in the effort to whitewash the persistently dark underbelly of Philippine society. Corporate media, once the much-relied-upon arbiter of what is true, is now seen as part of a corrupt establishment of oligarchs out to blanket Filipinos in dark ignoramity rather than shed light upon what is relevant and insightful.

Perhaps, set aside for now our biases against what we regard as “human rights abuse”. The fact is, whether by correlation or by causation, the events being reported in the news today are consistent with an overaching position categorically taken by Malacanang. In short, there are no pretensions. This, indeed, is where the power of Duterte lies. Criticise the effect of this position all we want, but we cannot fault his administration with saying one thing in polite company and doing something else in practice.

For the first time in history, the Philippine government is consistent in both its talk and its walk.

That’s a lot more than what could be said of even those who pompously criticise that walk.

[Photo courtesy Manila Bulletin.]

36 Replies to “A first in Ph history: Duterte government TALK consistent with its WALK!”

  1. It’s incredible the number of all of these drug makers and pushers around the country. Grew under the watch of previous generals, DOJ and President. Drug syndicates pa lang ‘yan.

  2. Innocent till proven guilty.
    That is the rule of law.
    None of these murdered victims have been proven guilty by a court of law.
    So what we have is a police force and vigilantes being judge,jury and executioner.
    This will balloon out of control.
    As for saying duterte is not responsible well to thst i have to offer a bemused look?
    Did the killings and vigilante justice increase since he was president?
    Well yes.
    Im all for criminals facing the law, but, crime to deal with crime is not the answer.
    Human rights activists have a right to be concerened.
    All thats needed to kill you or me atm is a bag of shaboo( placed there before or after, how will we ever know).
    Dutetre is right on things he does say though. Just not everything.
    The criminal justice system needs an uphevel.
    This should be being done.
    America is to blame for islsmic world wide terroism. Not americans themselves but the american government. Not american tourists that visit here.
    Islamic terroists though down south ARE CRIMINALS. Unless kidnapping, ransoming and chopping peoples head off has been changed to a ok in the philippine constitution.
    I’m nstead of getting up and angry about human rights lawyers wishing to investigate the current killings, if there is nothing to hide, then there is no concern.
    But we all know many of these killings are suspect.
    Only a few months ago everyone here harped on about how corrupt and bad the police force were.
    Do we really trust them now?
    Can we ever?
    I personally know some lovely, non corrupt policemen and women.
    There is good and bad in every culture and country in the world.
    I just wish there was more arrests and less murders.
    Gives some of these people the chance to change.
    Arent we all about second chances?
    I hope duterte is not consitent with his promises.
    I believe one of them was to abolish congress if they get in his way.
    But all vigilante killers should be treated with the full strength of the law.
    When citizens take the law into thier own hands thats when we have a problem.
    Tell me u disagree?

    1. None of these murdered victims have been proven guilty by a court of law.

      We can also say the same to those whoever killed them. None were proven guilty by a court of law.

      And how do we define “victims”? Say, for example a drug pusher or a drug lord under the police radar, isn’t it more apt to say that they are suspects than victims?

      1. Suspects or illegal drugs, victims of death by cop.
        You see victim means just that, a victim( a person harmed by any action)
        Sorry can not change the english language to fit the current dialogue.
        Im not saying all these victims were not damgerous to thebarresting officers.
        But surely not all these killings are 100% legit.
        Do u agree or disagree?

        1. https://www.facebook.com/gmanews/videos/10154124970401977/

          As per PNP, there is due process of law. This does not change the fact that Filipinos (dutertemangs? people who have lost trust in the gov’t? or the ignorants?) revel in this killings and just want to kill, kill, kill these drug peddlers/pushers/users. ???????????? Mainstream media not helping with how they present news, and Yellows adding to it by blaming it all on PRRD. Some people have no idea of due process and push for “purging” (Night of the Long Knives/Röhm Putsch?)

          I am trying to find Manila Times’ R. Tiglao’s article where during ML, drug users were jailed together with the political prisoners. When the drug users were released they were ‘cured’ of their addiction. It only added my respect for Apo. Accounts were he upheld law, importance of human lives keep coming out.

          I’ve seen up close and personal how a doctor was dangerous not only to his family but to his profession too. He’s recovered and is a doting father to his 3 daughters now. But also, a an 18 y/o female family on way to church had been a mauling victim of a drug user high on drugs. Criminal got away (’twas Cory time when police can’t pick up someone even if there were eye witnesses. STILL, Due process. Rehabilitation. Second chances.

          ….and then the antithesis of drug users/pushers surrendering by the thousands??? I don’t know, i don’t know. Barely two weeks… and the amount of deaths….but Mindanao’s investment in the trillions? End of Laglag-Bala? Surprise PNP drug tests, and other good news?

    2. That is the rule of law.

      And therein lies the problem. THERE IS NO RULE OF LAW in this country. Look no further than in the decision of the COMELEC to allow Mar Roxas to file his SOCE late or in allowing Marlon Garcia to modify the code for the transmission of votes to the transparency server. Where were you when all this was happening?

    3. I disagree! A lot of these killings, in my view, are done by crooked cops, or arranged by crooked politicians because they are/were involved in the lucrative drug trade, and don’t want to be named if the dealers and pushers are alive to point the finger. So, they destroy the evidence to prevent ending up in jail themselves.

      1. Exactly! And people in power will continue to kill this way to keep their names “clean” even if Duterte didn’t win the elections. Except that if Duterte didn’t win, they’d probably get away with it because no one will bother to dig up these names in the first place.

        Also, compare this to the thousand of lives saved because of this so called war against drugs. Thousands of addicts and dealers vowing to change their lives. Hundreds of possible victims saved.

        Even without Duterte, killings will persist. You wouldn’t hear about them because that’s how this country works.

  3. Happens everywhere – even in the US…

    The U.S. president issued an order, approved by the National Security Council, that Al-Awlaki’s normal legal rights as a civilian should be suspended and his death should be imposed, as he was a threat to the United States.


    Remember Osama bin Laden – wasn’t even given a day to answer charges in court.

    Which reminds me: what was the last thing that went through Bin Laden’s mind just before he died?

    Ans: an Anerican bullet

    And you call America a democracy where due process reigns supreme? Ask the CIA – they do all the dirty work behind the scenes. The rosy picture media tries to sell the people is just what those behind the curtains want you to believe. Try not to be too naive.

    Duterte will use vigilantes, NPAs, MILF and maybe even ASG to do his dirty work to pile up those corpses of criminals. Filipinos voted him for this very reason – you got what you asked for. If you don’t like it, then impeach him. He’ll just set up a revolutionary government- just as he said in campaign season anyway.

    The only hope of PH getting back to normal is Leni. People calling for criminal rights and due process should help Leni usurp the throne. C’mon call for people power. Let’s install the Yellow queen.

    1. Using the usa as an example is a poor choice.
      Hundreds of other countries where due process works.
      The usa imho is not a country the philippines should want to duplicate.
      The police brutality there has become a problem and corruption of power is obsolete.
      Leni is the worst choice as a vo or a president.
      She has zero value and has no idea what her office entails.

      My fear is vigilante crime. Where even good, non criminal citizens have to fear a citizenry gestapo.
      it seems murder is cool if u tape a drugo sticker to the victim.

      If you commit a violent crime on drugs or off drugs who is to blamr? The drugs or the person?
      Violent crimInals use drugs too.
      Drugs are not the reason of violent crime. They are the excuse violent criminals use to the judge when they are caught.
      People do not blame the gun when they shoot people. Its their avtions while holding a loaded weapon that caused it.
      Nice joke about bin laden btw.

      My only question will be…when the smoke clears. Will it be a better philippines or a more dangerous one?
      40% of the population did vote for him.
      Lets just hope human rights activists and other morally sound groups fears are not substantiated as prophecy to the future.

      1. Was US actions against Bin Laden justified or you still need due process? What is your solution to stop the so called extra judicial and vigilante killings?

        1. Us us us. Is there only two countries in the world?
          America and the philippines?
          Bin laden should have faced trial.
          Killing him left too many unasnwered questions.
          I doubt everything about that operation.
          But this is not war.
          This is about the ” good guys” having rules we need to follow to remain ” good guys”.
          Why on earth bring up bin laden when there is nothing linking these two issues?
          So left field.
          Firstly a president of a country should not be publicly announcing its ok to kill people and then if u do be rewarded with a medal.
          That is a no brainer.
          If a system is broken u fix it.
          U do not become judge, jury and executioner.
          That is was seperates the moral from the immoral.
          We claim we are a just, democratic and moralistic nation yet call for blood without due process.
          Seems like pitch forks and mob mentality to me.
          If one innocent is killed then it is one too many.
          There is no romantic notions about collateral damage.
          Ignore the mob and ask yourself in your heart.
          Is judicial and vigilante killings good for this nation?
          Is fear for the very people we are meant to seek for help, healthy for our children to grow up in?
          This is not a movie.
          There are real world complications and fall outs from such an approach.
          Killing street kids and low level drug dealers is not going to change corrupt officials from being corrupt.
          If no one in our law enforement and legal department can be trusted then we hire an independent body from outside to oversee and investigate all matters until such time that an internal, non corrupt local department can be trained and take over.
          Pretty simple really.
          My very real fear is duterte will be impeached. What then?
          Martial law?
          Civil unrest?
          No one should be above the law. That includes legislators and the men and women paid by tax payers money to enforce it.
          Police are here to protect and serve.
          Not judge, jury and execute on thier own whims.
          We need stability going forward.
          We need corrupt officals to be cut out like the cancer they are.
          We need anyone breaking the law to feel the full weight of the law legally.
          There will always be crime.
          There will always be illegal drugs.
          The death penalty does not curb this.
          It makes drug dealing become more lucrative and those that deal it more dangerous.
          Lets fix a broken system together.
          Not break it further by becoming criminals ourselves.
          We are better than that.
          U know what corrupt officals fear more then the death penalty?
          Becomming penniless.
          Any public offical found to be corrupt or to be profiteering from corruption should have all bank accounts and assets seized.
          That means their wealth can not be used by their family.
          Or anyone.
          It goes back to the public and can be sold on auction to help pay for law enforecment.
          That is what i would do.
          No money, no power, fear of becoming poor.
          Watch how quickly they change.
          In a nation that believes you will go to heaven and have a kingdom of your own once u r there.
          Does the dewth penalty really deter, or does pulling their accumulated wealth from illegal means make them fear more?
          Pretty hard to be corrupt when you have zero to offer….right?

    2. I just want to laugh hard with your comment to impeach the president and Lennie will take over… Are you insane? President Duterte was the best thing to happen to us law abiding citizen.. We actually feel safer that this drug syndicate are the number one enemy of this administration. I feel as a law abiding citizen I have a voice and the administration will listen to me.. Enough of killing and raping innocent kids , student and good citizen.. Enough of this corrupt government official.. As duterte said it will be a rocky road but in the end we will have a happy ending..
      As for Leni as a president, She is going to ruin what Duterte’s accomplishment for few days such as trying to eradicate drug in this country and corrupt official. and If she will be the president, Leni will put the drug syndicate and corrupt official back to their position.. NO FOR LENI, If you are part of the drug syndicate, corrupt official and corrupt news maker.. you have to change for us to move to a brighter future..



    1. Drug Lords will kill their drug distributors, to silence them. They are like the Pirates of the Carribean who stated: “Dead men tell no tales”…murder the witnesses; shout : the rule of law and human rights…and keep the Shabu profits ! Protect your Filipino Drug Lords partners !

  6. The Chinese Triad Mafia drug cartel and their Filipino partners; never recognized “human rights”, while manufacturing and distributing/selling, the illegal drug: Shabu.

    Did the Queen of the Drug Lords, De Lima, recognized “human rights”, while she allowed the Bilibid Prison to become, the Shabu Manufacturing Company ? Did De Lima, ever thought of the destroyed lives of Filipinos addicted to the illegal drug, Shabu? They have human rights, also…

    No , all De Lima was interested, was her share, with the profits of the illegal drug, Shabu.
    The same is true to Aquino, Mar Roxas, the Narco Generals, the Shabu Swine Porky Drilon, the Narco Politicians, etc…

    Fighting the proliferation of Shabu in our country, is like fighting a “multi headed Hydra monster”…the seriousness of the situation is: the Chinese Triad Mafia drug cartel, has gained a foothold in our country and had a firm grip on some previous political leaders, the Police and the military…

    We are another Mexico, if not worse…we don’t want a nation of Shabu addicts !

    At least in Mexico, the military is not yet corrupted by the Mexican Drug cartel, only the Police and some politicians…

  7. All Duterte had to do was release soundbites via media and the scalawag cops coddling drug peddlers did the job for him. And after that all he has to do is go after these cops. Brilliant, Machiavellian execution! That, and the big fish drug lords of course. Whatever his move, he clearly does more just weeks into office compared to the Noynoying cretin we had the last six years!

  8. Filipinos are poor and uneducated immature people to legalize marijuana means getting high on drugs without RESPONSIBILITY, this people who are crying for human rights, because they want to get high but wants to be free of responsibility of whatever crimes they commit while they are high on drugs.

    1. Wow.
      Im pro gay marriage too.
      Does that mean i want to go suck a penis now?
      Just because you stand up for other peoples rights does not mean you use or do these things yourself.
      You are saying filipinos are too immature and poor and uneducated….then why should we have democracy if these people can not be trusted to make adult decisions.
      Which is it?
      No one wants to be free of responsibility if they are an adult.
      You are creating a straw man argument based on bullshit, not reality.

      Filipinos are not what you say they are, so why put them down and treat them like children?
      Human rights are there to protect you and others with your rights as a human being,
      stop putting down the filipino people.
      They are smarter and more capable then you know, if given the chance.

      1. Giving marijuana to a Filipinos is like giving them a loaded gun on New Years Day. It is a fact Filipinos has no moral value in anything maybe in some unknown universe that your argument may sound logical. Democracy is a sham here. Yeah, it is only logical to drug people in a shit hole country.

        1. High on life here.
          Just know the facts…i do not voice opinions.
          Just facts.
          Marijuana does nothing to reduce peoples morals.

          I love how everyone puts down the people here, then defends them in a different sentence.
          If democracy is a sham and all filipinos are dumb and immoral thrn what r u?
          An alien?
          Its only logical to people who know the facts, have BEEN and LIVED in other countries and see the mistakes some countries keep making and the leaps and bounds other countries are making by not repeating the same mistake over and over again.
          Problem is with the public is fear fuels their opinions.
          Not logic.

      2. Thevoceofreason,Where are human right when this drug ruin the life and mind of so many people.. Where are the human right when kids as younger as 1 year old was been rape and killed. Where are the human right when a mother stabbed her 3 years old 7 times, Where are the human right when students was rape, killed and dump everywhere. Where are the human right when this young kids, younger the 10 years old was inside the drug pusher house taking shabu instead of going to school.. Where are the HUMAN RIGHT to supposedly protect the people.. where are they when the law abiding citizens are crying for help because they don’t know where to run.. WHERE ARE THE HUMAN RIGHT? they did not make a noise and protect us from previous administration.. THIS HUMAN RIGHT PEOPLE ARE SITTING PRETTY WATCHING THIS INOCENT PEOPLE DIE AND RAPE by drug addict and drug pusher. THEY ARE SITTING WAITING FOR THEIR COMISSION.

        1. THEVOICEFREASON, We are not afraid, we are not scared, WE ARE FRUSTRATED, we know the fact, and I am actually not living in Philippines. I live here in America.. But my family who is in Philippines are victims of this horrible crime .. And it is not nice when you are in that position that you need help but the government and police will not listen and they will no do anything.. and infact they will make you feel that its is your own fault that it happens to you..

  9. Pres. Duterte. The Chinese Triad Mafia crime organization , is operating in various SouthEast Asian countries…in the Philippines, they already got a foothold.

    They are involved in: illegal drug manufacture and illegal drug trafficking; political corruption; human trafficking; prostitution; kidnapping/extortion; election frauds; child pornorgraphy & prostitution; protection racket; racketeering; counterfeiting of goods and currency; etc…

    We must pass a Law like the Anti- Racketeering Law (RICO), of the U.S. This is how the U.S. fought the American Mafia…The Chinese Triad Mafia crime organization operating in the Philippines, is mostly based in Hong Kong, China…

    “Hit them, with a “thousand” thunderbolts”… !!!

    Some Chinese Filipinos are members of this criminal organization…Aquino may be a member, also…look at those rich Chinese Filipinos, and other Filipino officials. They may be members …



  11. Lately, there seems to be also a consistency with the President’s appointments of celebrities:

    Arnell Ignacio (comedian) – AVP for Community Relations and Service Department of the PAGCOR;

    Kat de Castro (TV host/producer) – Department of Tourism Undersecretary of Media Affairs;

    Jimmy Bondoc (singer) – AVP for Entertainment at PAGCOR;

    Freddie Aguilar (folk singer) – Head of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA);

    Ramon “RJ” Jacinto (musician) – Presidential Adviser on Economic Affairs and Information Technology Communications.

    More appointments-in-waiting?!

    Cesar Montano
    Robin Padilla
    Mocha Uson
    Liza Diño
    Aiza Seguera
    Annabelle Rama

    The President has been star-struck?!

  12. To criticize Duterte for his lack in the use of ‘DUE PROCESS’ is NOT, as the author states, POMPOUS !

    HARDLY, killing anyone without a death warrant sworn by a government elected/appointed judge is MURDER, GET IT YO ?

    and to point that out is not POMPOUS.

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