Inquirer…the rise of tabloid journalism


Dear Inquirer,

The title of your article, “Leni slams growing culture of vigilantism”, published on July 13, 2016, in your newspaper caught my attention.  I was aghast after reading it.1

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YOUR TITLE IS GROSSLY EXAGGERATED.  You used the words, “Leni SLAMS growing culture of violence”.  What a word to use, slam means to criticize harshly or to verbally attack.

I read the entire article and did not see any quote that justifies using the word slam.  More appropriate words are asserts, points out, highlights or emphasizes.  However, those words are too weak in grabbing the attention of the readers.  YOU ARE MISLEADING THE READERS ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO READ THE TITLES ONLY, who are the majority of the readers.

In the same article, you wrote “Vice President Leni Robredo BLASTED a “growing culture of vigilantism and violence”.  Really?  Are the words SLAM and BLASTED appropriate?

What did she really say?

She just said, “While we are one with the fight against drugs, we are concerned with the growing culture of vigilantism and violence. We hope that the war is not done at the expense of the innocent and defenseless”.  She is just concerned.

She also said she supported Mr. Duterte’s declaration, “that the fight against drugs and crime must be done with an uncompromising exercise of the rule of law.”

Furthermore, she also said, “We encourage authorities concerned to look into these cases.  If there is really culpability, then justice requires that appropriate cases be filed and that those proven to be accountable be punished”.  She is just making a suggestion.

Finally, she said, “Since the President is a lawyer and former prosecutor, we trust that he will do what is appropriate, “After using the words SLAM and BLASTED, the writers quoted Vice President Robredo saying, “WE TRUST HE (President Duterte) WILL DO WHAT IS APPROPRIATE”.  The writers suddenly shifted gear.  Huh?

Dissecting the Article

Further analysis of the article shows that only 9 paragraphs out of 29 paragraphs relate to the title of the article, the rest were about: unlikely drug lords; De Lima’s views on summary executions; the criticisms of Aquino allies in Solicitor General Jose Calida’s remarks questioning the basis for a congressional probe; and the lack of moral outcry from the general public as expressed by the CBCP.

More than two-thirds of the article were other news items expressing the same concerns but from different sources.  They were no longer statements that Vice President Robredo made.

Inquirer, please practice responsible journalism.

1. Aurelio, J.M., Salaverria, L.B., Dizon, N.. (2016, July 13). Leni slams growing culture of vigilantism. Retrieved from


30 Replies to “Inquirer…the rise of tabloid journalism”

  1. If Tabloid journalism is your take against the Yellow media called “inquirer”what about the mainstream networks who display garbage showbiz trivia that made the Filipino masses oblivious to reality. This is not mass media in the first place but a hodge-podge of tidbits that masqueraded as news item. Knowing The :inquirer’s” affiliation to the Yellows well it is no-brainer to deduce how they will magnify a worm into an anaconda.

  2. Carlo,

    This is nothing new. There has always been a media bias on all political figures. The Marcos supporters, and the ilokanos, are saying that the Media has a bias against Marcos. Pnoy supporters also claim the same. In fact, a majority of politicians complain of media bias against them.

    Nevertheless, I welcome tabloid/Media bias compare to what Marcos had done in controlling the media during his tyrannical rule – where people are either arrested or tortured simply because they criticize him, and labeled all the critics as activists or even NPA rebels.

    Cory Aquino was a horrible president but at least she brought back freedom of speech.

    1. Cory Aquino have an agreement with the YellowTard Media,like the Lopez ABS-CBN, to dumb and misinform Filipinos…that is the same as controlling the media, in Marcos time, if not worse…

    2. Did marcos controlled the media during his time?, i better term it as “regulated”, instill discipline on trash and junk journalism.. look at the most respected journalist now and after marcos left, they are all products and started their career during martial law time .. the like of monson palma, kiko,locsin, beltran, and who was his speecch writer,one of the best journalist and writer, cristobal i think, true some of these men were incarecerated but they learned their lesson , you dont have any idea what these media look like before martial law, they are being used as propaganda machine of the oligarchs,kaya to say marcos controlled media during his time is an exaggeration, legitimate news was not censured but if you use it to propagate hatred and biases tiyak huli ka and this is what is happening now, trash news, its not freedom of the press anymore , freedom to destroy people , watch what lee kuan yew said about about put media …

    3. Cory Aquino was a horrible president but at least she brought back freedom of speech.

      “30 years ago, there was controlled media. Now, the media men, who lost their jobs, are back with a vengeance. And yes, there was freedom of speech. Yet they made sure that the Yellows have the loudest speech. Why have freedom of speech if yours is going to get drowned out anyway?”

    4. Dude, you must be one of those “talks-like-pro-but-doesn’t-really-know-anything-at-all” people. Read History prepared by foreign journalists not yellow-influenced Philippine journalism.

      I suggest you read the book entitled “The Threat of Communism” before you conclude, and you will learn a lot why Marcos banned medias before, and that he was not the one who captured and tortured those journalists.. In fact, Marcos was even praised by China and US by that time because of suppressing the communism which Ninoy Aquino, who was then the founder of NPA, is taking advantage of. Why do you think Ninoy founded the communism, NPA, when infact it’s a threat to the nation? Hmm.. I wonder. Get a good research before you say anything Mr. Know-it-all

  3. Tabloid journalism is worst than a meme, freedom of speech and press does not mean squat unless it is controlled to a certain degree to force them to be responsible. Freedom with responsibility is a sign of a mature society.

  4. i hope meron batas that will stop this misleading news papers.. para may karapatan tayo mag reklamo. clearly that is not a freedom of expression. its a malicious way of misleading people making them DUMB! matagal nang ganyan ang INQ.

  5. Tabloid press is all over the free world. It is a fact that tabloids do not discriminate. It attacks all political affiliations. Freedom to offend is a part of free speech. I love the freedom of people to express their opinions, eveb if I do not agree with them than a tyrannical dictator like Marcos who oppress the opinions of those who dare to criticize him. Then again, the Marcos apologists and the ilokonos are just fine with Marcos oppression of freedom of speech as they are not affected by it nor have they been a victims of Marcos’ tyranny.

    1. And then again, you’re just fine with the continuous dumbing down of the minds of Pinoys thanks to biased media outlets. Yes, there were tabloids all over the free world, but they were not as chaotic as the Philippines had, where gossip is the norm.

      It is a new age of tyranny: the tyranny of the media. After 1986, the term “responsible journalism” cease to exist.

    2. REN CAR – You must have read “History written by the yellow media”.. hahaha what an ignorant brat.

      I suggest you read Philippine History written and prepared by foreign journalists not by “yellow-influenced” Philippine journalists. And you will see the truth.

      Get yourself out of those “talks-like-pro-but-doesn’t-really-know-anything-at-all” idiots.

  6. On Philippine TV, after ABS-CBN came back on the air, we have anchors shouting “Teeeveeee Paaaatroooool!” and applying radio-style talk that replaced the sober and more controlled manner used in RPN 9 and before. Thus, tabloid journalism is so prevalent in TV as well, and it helps corrupt resoning with buzzwords and emotional displays.

    I wonder, are Filipinos so lazy that they need radio-style shouting even on TV to wake them up?

    Tabloid journalism, contrary to what Ren Car says, is not freedom of speech because it oftens distorts the truth.

    1. Freedom of speech does not necessarily entail telling the truth. Freedom of speech means that a person can say what he/she wants even when its a lie without being persecuted. Its up to the person who listens/reads what to make of it. Its even better to totally ignore such a person/newspaper. like we do in my country.

      If you cant stand the heat, leave the kitchen but dont demolish the kitchen.

    1. Sorry, it’s the other way around. This article was published a day before the article I was referring to”(Leni slams growing culture of vigilantism).

      This makes it even worse. Inquirer recycled the news with a new title and added more content related to extrajudicial killings.

  7. The Failipino press in the Failippines are a gang of cruel faggots. Journalism is not a profession or a trade. It is a cheap catch-all for fuckoffs and misfits — a false doorway to the backside of life, a filthy piss-ridden little hole nailed off by the notoriously corrupt building inspector, but just deep enough for a wino to curl up from the sidewalk and masturbate like a chimp in a zoo-cage.

  8. What can you expect from “Philippine Daily Inqompetence”?

    By flashing Leni’s face on their top stories every chance they get, they’ve turned their Yellow idol into a useless annoying unsolicited clanging cymbal. Who gives a damn about what the lady says? Nobody cares.

    1. Philippine Daily Inquirer – No. 1 Daily Broadsheet in a nation of 100 million people with true clout in the offline real world.

      GetRealPhilippines – Almost-Never-Heard website online in the reel world, aside from Marcos Loyalists and Dutertards.

      Also, the Journalists of the PDI have much more courage and integrity than the cowardly pro-China sell-out traitors of GRP, as they actually use in public their own REAL NAMES AND FACES.

      1. No.1 daily broadsheet because morons like you perpetuate its mediocrity and support it. As for GRP being “never heard”, well, you being here (and even bothering to comment) is a start.

      2. That’s because these so called “journalists’ are being babysitted by their daddy Aquino, unlike the guys here who just want to spread the truth.
        Quite ironic that you hang around here and say that this site is unheard of.

  9. Leni Rob redo, who is a beneficiary of the Aquino Electoral Fraud. She is now parroting the words of Aquino’s cahoots.

    She did not say anything, when the Bilibid Prison turned into Shabu Mfg. Co. She did not say anything, during the Abaya/Honorado Lag Lag Bala scam extortion at the International Airport.

    She did not say anything when Drug Lords from the Chinese Triad Mafia syndicate, were doing their things, and running around like rats in our country.

    I suspect that her husband was murdered by the Chinese Triad Mafia syndicate, with the complicity of Aquino’s cahoots.

    Inquirer and all Aquino’s YellowTard Media, with the financing of the Chinese Triad Mafia Drug syndicate, are now on the run. Their cahoots in the Philippines, lost their big earnings in Shabu sales. They used Leni Rob redo, as their mouthpiece, to complain !

    1. Yet your lord and master and idol, Doodirty, hypocritically gives a presidential audience to alleged drug lord Peter Lim (Big Fish) while summarily executing sidewalk and street-corner pushers and users (small fry).

      And despite Doodirty publicly identifying the Chinese-as-a-group as the majority of arrested drug suspects and ultimate source of all illegal drugs in the Philippines, his PNP have yet to kill a single Chinese. Hypocrisy and cowardice!

  10. I once wrote to the editor of the Inquirer asking why alleged wrongdoings or crimes are always in bold letters and on the front page but when the person or persons alluded to in the headlines answers or replies to the accusations it always ends up in the Letters to the Editor or on page 5 where no one bothers to read. Their reply was it was the decision of the editor where to put the stories. They never replied to my question on where is the balance in that? I stopped buying the Inquirer after that.

  11. I have given up on Philppine Daily Inquirer and cancelled my subscription. I have also stopped following Rappler. And Raissa Robles…

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