Essence of Duterte’s inaugural speech: A shift from arbitrary to CONSISTENT government!


You can metamorphosize from being a tough, street-talking maton into a tough, statesman-like maton. Newly-minted President Rodrigo Duterte proved that yesterday in his inaugural speech — one that caused a lot of keen observers to both hold their breath and let out sighs of relief at the beginnings and ends of every sentence the new president uttered.

My relief was different from those who, at the beginning, cringed at the possibility of a profanity-laced inaugural speech. My relief was more around seeing Duterte stay in character; his change in language a mere messaging layer re-config that, thanks to the virtuousity of his speechwriters and the manner with which he delivered it, did not mask but, instead, enhanced his personal essence.

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In short, Duterte delivered via his inaugural speech, essentially the same message he had delivered throughout his campaign.

Is this consistency a good thing? Absolutely.

Consistency, after all, is the foundation of trust. A government that is not consistent — one that applies the law selectively, changes the rules mid-game, and arbitrarily changes its messaging to suit circumstances — quickly loses the trust of the people it seeks to govern. And it is the current lack of trust in government the Philippines suffers from today that Durerte laments in his first public address as President.

Thus, it is a shift from arbitrary to consistent governance that Duterte seeks at a fundamental level. That is my key takeaway from his inaugural address. The issue therefore is not about how harsh the measures Duterte plans to make use of to effect his vision are. The issue is whether or not he can consistently sustain their application to the delivery of his promised changes.

Only those who are able to step back far enough and regard the full picture of what the Duterte administration is all about can see the promising future ahead. Those who fail to see its strategic clarity are those doomed to quibble and nitpick on inconsequential detail — items on state banquet menus, the words or two “misquoted” in speeches, and certain names associated with hopelessly debatable historical tales.

In an era of ubiquitous technology, myth-and superstition-busting science, and a mounting aspiration to regard the world more with a secular rather than religious lens, it will be the small-minded lot in a society that will increasingly be marginalised. The future of the Philippines belongs to Filipinos who think rather than simply believe.

57 Replies to “Essence of Duterte’s inaugural speech: A shift from arbitrary to CONSISTENT government!”

  1. I can’t believe you continue to glorify this “jolog” president.

    You are on the wrong side of history my friend and you will come to regret praising this thug.

    Enjoy your blunder!

    1. I can’t believe you continue to TROLL on this site.

      Actually, you’re on the wrong side of history, son. And you will come to regret praising the Aquinos.

      Enjoy your FAGGOTRY!

      1. Well said! The troll is a noytard loser who obviously can’t see the forest for the trees, like all noytards.

    2. I can’t believe you continue to TROLL on this site.

      Actually, you’re on the wrong side of history, son. And you will come to regret praising the Aquinos.

      Enjoy your FAGGOTRY!

    3. That is EXACTLY what Duterte is, A Neaderthalic THUG.His whole family are thugs.Rule through fear is what the mafia in Sicily does.It is not democratic,in fact, there is nothing democratic about it at all.This guy is calling for the vigilante killings of drug dealers? What happened to ‘due process’?Arrest,Trial,Conviction,Incarceration,yes? what happened to that? Now,because the country has gone so far down the loo it is just acceptable to fuckin kill someone? Someone that most people do not like ? The guy is calling for curfews? WTF? That is what a ‘DICTATE’ does, and here is an article ignoring and even condoning it.Fuckin bizarre !
      And an aside:If his daughter ever hauled off and belted me in the face, I’d knock the bitch out cold.

      1. Seems you’re preferring an incompetent and inefficient emotard, eh? If someone here is a thug then it’s you, son. And your lack of intelligence is showing it.

        1. @AnonGuy: An argument and an intelligent statement were made, and you come with an insult,and NOTHING else.
          YOU ARE THE RETARD !

        2. @LOL:

          It’s not even intelligent either and yours as well. So no need to cover that up, fag.


        3. @LOL: Yeah right and so as that “elite” you’re defending for calling the author “jolog” idiot aquino follower.

      2. Oh we definitely need a thug – a strongman with common sense and integrity. Someone who will shout at or fire a government official for taking more than 72 hours to process your papers.

        We can already sense his blood boil just looking at his face when he says STOP IT. And if people fail to heed his warning, the barrel of the guns of karma is on his side.

        Du30 did not promise due process to criminals. His entire campaign revolved around Killing them. Yet Pinoys overwhelmingly voted him for that – I guess you simply get what you ask for. No use complaining now – you should’ve done that during campaign season.

        Or are you hoping Leni can “save the day”?

      3. He is not only a thug. He’s fucking GANGSTA. He’s pimp, fly, badass and he is a middle finger to 30 years of yellowtard “democracy”.
        And i’ll take him. The primary function of the presidency is to lead, not to smile and look good for the cameras or fucking pray for miracles.
        We already had a shot in 2010 at someone fresh with a vision and leadership capabilities (you do remember gibo, dont you?) and what did the democratic country of the failippines do? elect the mongoloid son of the dead edsa “heroes” thats what! Now you complain about decency? What’s your moral compass, the fucking church? You want freedom, philippines? You cant handle it. the past 6 years are a testimony to that. The question now is can you EARN IT. “Never accept your freedom as a given. It was earned through blood, sweat and tears.” ~

    4. Duterte the thug or Aquino the emo Yellowtard. Take your pick or embrace both. Either way both are products of the Vote and, as such, mirror the popular sentiment of the time.

      Democracy, remember? Filipinos asked for it and they got it.

    5. spoken like a true imperialist manilan. I tell you, it is your condescending attitude that will cause the secession of thw whole south (not just the Bangsamoro). And in a war of wills, I guarantee that it is your decadent and starstruck culture that will lose in a prolonged and sustained combat.

    6. You nullified your own intellectual capacity by resorting to calling someone a ‘jolog’. It says a lot about how very little there is reason as to why you do not like the new president.

      It’s antics like this that are the refuge of the intellectually bankrupt.

      Don’t comment anymore. You have practically downgraded your own legitimacy to give opinions. You’re free to do so of course, but don’t expect anyone to take your opinions seriously anymore. It’s better to listen to the opinions of a child than listen to your opinions.

    7. I would rather glorify the thug president as you labeled him than to have your retard idol president like you surrounded by crooks. You are a typical pinoy with a crab mentality ????

  2. Calling one speech consitent when all his appearances are inconsitent is hilarious.
    He took office.
    Gave a speech.
    How bout we lay off the idol worship till he does something.
    I have a feeling his idea of “change” and your idea of ” change” may be polar opposites.
    Bringing back the death penalty for instance is not change, thats revisiting history.
    Anyway you guys keep talking up the guy that has spent one day in office.
    Im personally am worried.
    These changes he wants to implement, the curfews, the vigilante killings, the inconsitent media apperances.
    Yeah it is consistent with one form of government.

    1. @ The Voice of Reason, do not forget who wrote this article.The person who wanted the Son of the Dictator to win the election.Calling Duterte’s governance ‘ANYTHING’ when it is one day old is HILARIOUS too.
      Duterte is a Neaderthalic THUG, vigilante killings and throwing out ‘due process’ on street drug dealers BUT allowing,or not prosecuting, politicians that are rifling through the public purse? That is the mark of tyranny, through the scapegoating of the marginalized to begin with. IF vigilantism is to be tolerated it should be the thieving politicians hung on street lamps, ankles first, that should be happening ,NO?
      Why aren’t the cops shooting the REAL thieves down in the streets like dogs with no ‘due process’ ? Rather than the easy targets that everyone can more or less not miss? Who will be next ? Where does it end? or maybe, even more importantly,WHAT WILL BE NEXT?
      The Philippines has been doomed for more than a generation and a hlaf, at least….and the current wave of happenings is a tangible reason to GTFOH.
      LOL,You ain’t seen nothing yet….and remember:Filipino’s asked for this! LOL !!!!

      1. Son, it seems you’re exaggerating. And due to your anti-Marcos bias it seems you want to believe that everything is better after 1986. Not.

        Set your priorities for once.

        1. where do you see any of what you presume was stated? R U HALLUCINATING ? nothing of the sort was stated about 1986 or any time after, stop making shit up….

        2. @TROLLLOL:

          You’re just making shit up with your own red herring. I saw his anti-Marcos bias by saying this:

          do not forget who wrote this article.The person who wanted the Son of the Dictator to win the election.

          Honestly, it seems that both of you wanted to remain with the status quo. So a fag like you is hallucinating in the first place.

      2. Duterte is a Neaderthalic THUG, vigilante killings and throwing out ‘due process’ on street drug dealers BUT allowing,or not prosecuting, politicians that are rifling through the public purse?

        Well that’s the thing isn’t it? It’s all that and more and yet you’d wonder why your (presumably) idols Aquino (president) and Roxas (DILG head) did not even lift a finger to stop these so-called “vigilante killings”. For all your cynical ramblings about the sorry state of things in this place, you fail to grasp that, indeed, Duterte is the person people like you and the rest of the Pinoys deserve. 😉

        1. LOL, why do you think He likes the Aquino’s ? There is nothing in any of JPE’s statements about anyone but Duterte.
          R U RETARDED TOO? like this AnonGuy ?

        2. @LOL:

          Of course, he likes them and so are you. Because like JPE, you just want to remain the status quo. So you’re actually retarded.

          Take your TROLLING to somewhere else, fam.

        3. Hi LOL,

          Kindly see the meaning of the word ‘presumably’. Thanks. Anyway, if it quacks like a Yellowtard and walks like one…like you, well.. ????


          Says the actual faggot who keeps on spouting faggotries while calling everyone a retard while commenting on CAPS LOCKS. That’s what TROLLS do.

          You’re acting like Duterte is also a politician while Noynoy and others are giving them a pass since they’re like demigods who could never do wrong. You connect the dots.

  3. Hold the phone,Joan. How does ‘arbitrary governance’ turn into ‘consistent governance’ when the guys term in office is one day old? WHAT?

    and, WHILE I AM AT IT, riddle US this, how exactly do you square the circle that:
    ‘it is not the harshness of the measures Duterte plans to make use of to effect his vision are…..’ ,REALLY ? So, DO YOU SAY that the Man is above the law ? There are no rules to guide the governance of the people?”Throw ‘Due Process’ out completely and ‘lets just kill whoever does not do as we want them to do’, in order to ‘effect the changes’ that Duterte thinks should be made? No matter their adherance to law or popularity ?
    That is what a dictator does, so maybe the replacement of your Idol, Bing-Bong Marcos, is just the right kind of guy,HUH?

    1. Seems you have the nerve to talk about ‘due process’ yet you never realize that what we have today is not actually our current democracy. The people made a spectator sport out of it, turning it into a mob and branding it as ‘people power’.

      Unfortunately, things like the rule of law and due process never existed in the Noynoy administration. Of course you can’t even explain why since you’re a Yellow Zombie yourself.

      1. JPE did NOT mention anyone but Duterte, so why do you think he is an Aquino fan? You flips are a bunch of presumptous idiots.

        1. Honestly, son, you’re missing the point and what you actually wanted is to remain the status quo. That’s evident in your posts.

        2. @CHARLES DUMAS:

          Using CAPS LOCKS doesn’t mean intelligence. Admit that you’re just getting cucked.

    2. Assuming we all agree with your alarmist sentiment about people electing a potential dictator: DEAL WITH IT. People like you like to keep harping about democracy and it’s beauty and all that comes with it, but Duterte’s win is precisely the democratic result of your chosen system. If you can’t accept that, then good news (if we go by your way of thinking): A dictatorship is in the horizon! When that happens, you can now insist on what you want to people and everyone’s happy. You should be thanking Duterte instead of lambasting him. =)

        1. The usage of LOL doesn’t necessarily mean intelligence. Please pay at the netshop for once, fag.

  4. Just a few cents short of a peso, due to the surge of rampant anti-intellectualism in the philippines today, we all know and do agree that compared to days of old, appealing to those who were born pre-edsa. it can be safely said that the people back then had gray matter. now thirty odd years later. dumbing down and lack of empathy has been the status quo. we have them to thank yellow-barbarism for that. the people have decided for change. now my question would be what spells control for such a horde? its a big stick, a banquet, and a container van full of hope and aspirations. have a little faith ladies and gentlemen ????

  5. “If there is no Vision from the Leaders; the people will perish”……written many centuries ago in the Old Testament Christian Bible…

    We don’t expect Pres. Duterte, to become a “miracle worker”… we know that, he is just human. Just like us. Bringing back the trust of the Filipino people, to their government. Which had been destroyed by many administrations, is a very hard work. I, myself, cannot do it.

    However, we have to start somewhere. “A journey to a thousand miles, starts with a single step”…says a Chinese proverb.

    We have to start with “house cleaning and putting all things in order”. Removing patronage politics; that have been there , since , Filipino politicians, were elected. It was also the result of our Spanish colonialization. The colonizers used their power and influences to control the natives.

    Discipline must be enforced to the Filipinos. “Sa ikauunlad ng bayan, disiplina ang kailangan”…from the old Marcos Sr. saying…Marcos Sr. was right …

    What will happen, if your children are allowed to do their things…it will be chaos, in your house, as we have now…

    So, we have : widespread corruption; Laglag Bala extortion scam; Bilibid Prison Shabu Mfg. Co.; Narco Politics; Chekwa Drug Lords; DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery scam; electoral frauds; politicians shifting loyalties; etc…

    All go back to the lack of discipline. They can do their things; because nobody is punished. Instead, the crooks got rich !

    So, make “hay, while the sun shines”. Do your thing, and get rich ! Rely on political patronage and your political connection ! Get on board, to whoever is in power !

    ” A house divided by itself, cannot stand”…from the New Testament Christian Bible. We have all to unite, to put our house in order !

  6. All I can say is that people here should really be a little bit more realistic. Don’t get me wrong, I do not intend to be engulf by tantrums of insults nor do I intend to degrade the newly elect President.

    Lets face reality here. With a six years term and no chance of getting re-elected, I can only guess that he can do a thing or two.

    1. how did you guess that he can only do a thing or two wherein just his 1st day as president already hundreds of addicted to drugs surfaced? what the people want, the president will give. the congress is already abolished.

      1. Enforce the Philippinne laws; let those who violated any law, be punished. No one must be above the law. Be they: politicians; feudal oligarchs; Checkwas who are filthy rich; or any other people, who thinks themselves, as important people ! Jail them ! This is to deter them from thinking themselves as special , and above the law!

      2. @yellow tard ??

        Well those are just the basics, you see if you are newly employed and you see the job description basically that is what you’ll be doing and should be doing everyday.

        Now if there’s a special project came along and you nailed it perfectly and created a huge impact on the overall environment e.g the company then that’s what we can call a change.

        The police guys waited for a thug like president to sit before they do their job properly when apparently they should be doing it already. And I’m not even sure that the pile of bodies account for a job well done.

        Just saying.

  7. what if the comelec got impeached now that leni taken her oath as the vice president? should it be bongbong or the senate president be the vice constitutionally? or the will of the people?

  8. how fruitful is to chacha where almost all sections of its articles ends up with ‘unless otherwise provided by law’? no foreign investors will come. it should be fixed not movable.


    INCOMING House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and former Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. are expected to clash over the modes of revising the Constitution. Alvarez of the Partido Demokratiko-Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan and Belmonte of the Liberal Party separately filed House Resolution of Both Houses 1 and 2, respectively, on July 1.

    Alvarez is calling for a Constitutional Convention to “overhaul” the entire Constitution, including the shift from presidential to a federal system of government that entails a nationwide plebiscite.

    Belmonte, on the other hand, wants Congress to convene itself into a constituent assembly and amend only the economic provisions, which would be approved by a vote of three-fourths of all members of the House and the Senate, with the two chambers voting separately.

  10. the yellows were on the move again. sounds like the incoming senate president will be the vice then become president. the people should watch on this and don’t let it happened.

  11. I hope he can do what he promised.para umunlad ang bansa. Yung mga kamping kampi sa kanya ngayon i’ll comments again in 3yrs. titingnan natin kung kakainin nyo ang mga sinabi ninyo ngayon.

  12. Speak what you think now in hard words and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said today. – ‘Ah, so you shall be sure to be misunderstood.’ – Is it so bad then to be misunderstood? Pythagoras was misunderstood, and Socrates, and Jesus, and Luther, and Copernicus, and Galileo, and Newton, and every pure and wise spirit that ever took flesh. To be great is to be misunderstood.

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