Aquino supporters are violating the human rights of the police and President Duterte himself!



When you are in the heat of a standoff with an intruder in your own house and you have a weapon within reach, which of your options would you err towards: (1) recognising the intruder’s “human rights”, or (2) recognising your own right to security within your own home?

Hold that thought for a minute while we step out and up into the bigger scheme of things playing out before us.

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The trouble with the chatter all over the Net surrounding the dead bodies being exhibited and labelled as “extrajudicial killings” (EJKs) by news media today is that it is all skewed towards the rights of the ones intruding into our peace. For one thing, there is no evidence that the dead bodies being distastefully plastered all over media outlets’ pages (both digital and paper) are of victims of EJKs. EJKs are just notional assumptions applied to these observations that are figments of sloganeering created within the pointed heads of a cadre of “activists” preaching the abstract concept of “human rights” from their ivory towers.

Now step back down and into that home invasion scenario described earlier and, say, you opted to reach for the weapon and blow that intruder’s lousy head off. That’s homicide. But is it murder? There are several steps law enforcement agencies working with the justice system need to take to establish the nature of this killing. The police investigates the alleged crime, prosecution and defense debate the nuances of the facts unearthed by said investigation, then a judge rules whether or not you are, indeed, a murderer.

Those steps constitute due process. Yes, it’s that very same due process that these so-called “human rights” activists keep shrieking about as they issue their ironic cries of bloody murder whenever they see the next extravaganza of violence porn splashed all over their morning paper. By labelling the police — and, by virtue of their perverse imagination, the President himself — as murderers, aren’t these “human rights activists” also violating the human rights of the police and President Rodrigo Duterte?

The problem with Filipinos is that they have a weak grasp of the scientific method. Police investigation methods and the way a modern judiciary functions are all rooted on the scientific method — which dictates that a sound theory be systematically built upon a foundation of facts weaved together by rigorous logical constructs and then said theory tested against an established body of principles (such as a body of laws) out of which a conclusion is derived. This is the underpinning of the end-to-end due process that encompasses police work and justice delivery.

Looking at the way every “activist” and her dog are making ill-thought-out pronouncements about pictures the individual and unique stories behind which they do not bother to fully wrap their heads around, one would be hard-pressed to feel even an ounce of respect for the Philippines’ community of bleeding-heart liberals today. These “activists” have so far distinguished themselves not for the intellectual rigour of their advocacies but by the screaming noisiness of their movements.

The most hilarious aspect of this “activism” we see today is the time they waste barking up the wrong tree.

President Duterte, might we remind these “liberals”, is the chief of the Executive branch of the Philippine government. He does not make the laws. He enforces them. What these “activists” need to do is examine the law itself and understand what about it enables the police (and possibly Duterte) do what they are doing with the “impunity” they claim they apply to their work. Indeed, there is much legislators can learn from what we are witnessing today — learning that could be applied in aid of legislation.

What activists need to do is write their represantatives and senators. Be clear about what it is about the legal framework that makes the Philippines’ drug problem not just such a difficult thing to solve but one that seems to be flourishing and demanding of drastic measures to contain. Duterte and the police are doing their part — the drastic measures part. Legislators need to do their part — craft laws to pave the way for a just means to deal with the drug menace.

As for the “activists” and their “human rights” slogans, well, they need to grow a modern brain first — one equipped to comprehend the scientific method.

33 Replies to “Aquino supporters are violating the human rights of the police and President Duterte himself!”

  1. It’s amazing how fast people are able to “conclude” a death was a result of EJK these days.

    If you really followed due process in PH, it would take many years and even up to a decade to get a final verdict. Take the case of the Kuratong Baleleng gang. The shootout happened in May 1995. The local trial court gave its decision in Nov 2003. The Supreme Court’s final decision came out in Nov 2012.

    Don’t believe anyone who shouts an EJK took place. Leave that for the courts to decide. There may be such a thing as “swift justice”; but “swift due process” in PH? – we can’t be too optimistic.

  2. If someone violates my space (be it my home or my vehicle) with a clear intention against my family and/or property, I will blow his head off. Look at that statement. Who violated the rights of whom first? Of course human right activists will instantly cry murder and would rather have me and family’s life in danger because he has “rights” I need to consider. That is just plain dumb.

    Same goes for the inmates crying for better treatment. First off, they are in prison because they were found to be guilty of violating the rights of other people, and they have the gall to call for better treatment? E di pakulong na din lang lahat tayo.

  3. If I am a policeman sent to arrest a drug dealer and he pulls out his gun, I’m not going to run away and ask him to give up quietly, I’m going to show him that I’m the faster draw! Thats how it works, and with Duterte pronouncing that he’ll give me the full support of the executive department if I get charged, I sure as hell am, going to blow that bastard’s brain out. No way, I’ll end up like those unlucky 44 police officers who didn’t get the executive support they needed.

  4. Leftists all around the world cry ‘human rights’ only when a bad criminal is being charged with a crime. Meanwhile, they say nothing about the innocent victims who are killed and oppressed all the time. There is an almost mental illness that the bleeding-heart leftists have. They love to defend the violent sociopaths who, if they could, would rape and kill these same bleeding-heart leftists. Look at what’s happening in Europe now. You cannot fix stupidity; it’s permanent. Some people are self-hating and suicidal, as well.

    1. The true red leftists however are behind the President now. The bleeding hearts however have nothing now, which is why we can so easily see their ploys.

  5. Democracy is not freedom. Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch. Freedom comes from the recognition of certain rights which may not be taken, not even by a 99% vote.

  6. Funny how not long ago u were blogging about how the filipino police force were mostly all criminals and they could not be trusted.
    The president changed not the police force.
    The same police force you were blogging about that could not be trusted are the same ones overnight you trust now?
    Hilarious how insane your mind must appear to others.

    Duterte is not out enforcing the laws.
    These same people you claimed could not be trusted are now overnight trustworthy?

    Human rights brought u many things….if u do not like human rights move to north korea.

    1. The police force has changed. You do not see it? Before the President embarked on this crusade, he made sure that he had nothing but holy warriors. Non performing police were sacked, drug coddlers were shamed, SAF now guard the Bilibid drug lords. Most importantly, the police have high morale because they now have a leader who insists on following the chain of command and who will protect those who do good.

    2. Kidapawan massacre..where is the CHR..dilaw kasi ang character doon kaya walang news ng CHR condem

  7. In my neck of the woods the intruder can only be (counter-)attacked in a proportionate way/manner. If that is the case then I will get away with it scott free. If my ‘treatment’ towards the intruder is more than proportionate than I will be in trouble.

    – if the intruder has no gun (nor any other weapon except his/her bare hands), I cant kill him/her.
    – if the intruder has no gun/weapon, and I still kill him then I will be send to jail for a couple of years.

    1. And look at what’s happening in your backyard now. Crazed Jihadis creating mass mayhem because the ethnic population is too whipped by PC to fight back.

      1. Jin,
        a foreseeable future for the EU is that it will disappear or get smaller (in number of member countries). Italy may be the next to exit, followed by France. If my country will vote (in March 2017) for a far right wing political party then the Netherlands will be out as well; it will close its borders and it will leave the Euro – Euro-zone(€).
        There will be much more paperwork (red tape) for exporting and importing goods & raw-materials.

        For personal reasons, I am against all the above.

        Every country will have its own refugees/immigration laws/rules and regulation and of course that will stop the influx of foreigners. Only highly educated foreigners will be allowed to enter and stay in the country.

        1. I really hate how Europe has become the den of right wing populism amidst the ill conceived taking of mass immigration thanks to “Mama Merkel.” It’s like it seesaws between one political extreme to another.

          But if that’s what it takes to preserve your own country and people, then so be it. Europe is Europe. Foreigners should abide by THEIR rules and customs.

        2. Jin,
          For as long as I live, there was never one (1) Dutch political party who won the national elections in my country and as a result would be in the driver’s seat. A single political party needs 50%+1 of all votes to be able to rule. So what happened in PH with Duterte only getting 37% and becoming president is impossible. For the simple reason that (100-37) 63% voted not for him.
          Secondly, we have a so divided population that again its impossible to get one PP (political party) in power.

          So what happens in Russia (Putin), in USA (Trump or Hillary), in Turkey (Erdogan) and in PH is sheer impossible.

          Political parties need to form a coalition to get those 50%+1 to get in joint-power.

          Previous and current Dutch governments made one mistake. They allowed foreigners IN and told them they could come and keep their own (backward) culture.
          And because of our constitution (freedom of religion) everybodu can come in.
          This part of the constitution cant be changed bec a) that is discrimination and b) who do we have to kick out (in case that part of the constitution will be changed)? The jews? The (roman) catholics? The protestants? or the atheists?
          And it will be almost impossible to kick someone out bec nowhere is one’s religion registered (not in City Hall, not in one’s passport; not in a birth certificate and not in any other ID document).

  8. First of all, why don’t you speak correct English so people can actually understand you. Do you know what democracy is? Obviously not because you are ignorant, which is apparent by your ghetto gutter language. Democracy is rule by the majority, as opposed to a monarchy. For instance, the majority of people wanted blacks to be slaves in the U.S. at one time, so slavery was legal. That’s not mob rule? The U.S. is actually not a democracy; it’s a constitutional republic; the Bill of Rights is supposed to guarantee individual liberties, despite what the majority wants.

    Democracy is a crap form of government – but it’s usually better than other forms, such as totalitarian systems. It’s the lesser of many evils.

    You are a dumb loser. Anyone with the name ‘Vicious Sid”is a loser who has the mentality of a 13 year old. Having a tough guy name behind your pc monitor doesn’t make you tough, you clown. It means you’re insecure and want attention. Grow up and don’t embarrass me by wasting my time, you stupid moron.

        1. @ Greg, you make me laugh, you start by stating democracy is ‘MOB RULE’ while ignoring that in a democracy criminals can’t vote(need an eplanation?).You are the loser Sonny, the reason slavery was legal was NOT because the majority wanted on it….it was never voted on,retard, so you can not know that,YOU JUST CAN’T ! it was legal because cheap labor was needed by Southern Plantation owners. Your entire argument is an opinion based on false/non-factual reasoning. GO PUT YOUR DUNCE CAP BACK ON, You earned it.
          I hope you don’t like the name MUNGO TOO, ass hat !!!

        2. @ Leg,no one stated they were a tough guy,you embarrassed yourself by stating that Democracy is a crap form of government and then turn around and state its better than…..
          So who are you kidding,YOURSELF? YOU have no argument, just opinion, based on fantasy and most likely do not have a degree in psychology and are ill-siuted to diagnose what anyone is/wants or otherwise based on the readings of a few sentences.

        3. Hey Mungo, are you there? Your incomprehensible posts don’t have a reply option so I am responding here. You are attacking me personally because you have no arguments. I think you are ‘Vicious Sid’ but just changed your name. You seem very offended which would verify that you are. Did I strike a nerve? Why are you so bothered by a post that is intended for someone else? Have some balls and own up to who you are, you coward.

          You cannot spell or craft sentences correctly, so you better be careful when you call someone else stupid. You have a low level of education.

          Inmates can vote in a few states and after they serve their time. Tell me, why is this relevant?

          Slavery was not outlawed in the Constitution, which is the reason the 13th and 14th Amendments were required. It was protected legally and was created by the system. The majority of people wanted slavery, which is mob rule. Your are stupid.

          Democracy is a crap form of government. You have a better form? You have no argument other than to call names. Instead of being immature and insecure, try refuting arguments. You are a knee-jerk leftist who makes personal attacks because you lack arguments.

        4. Indeed he is Greg, this MUNGO guy here only seems to pepper his posts with incomprehensible gibberish and insults that are only making him look dumb and immature by comparison to GRP regulars.

          This MUNGO fellow also seems to use the same style of posting whenever he changes handles.

  9. Leftist bleeding hearts are coming out now
    Who want due process for criminals, and and who are more concerned that the price of drugs will be so high that no one can afford it, are more concerned on the corrupt who use and abuse the system for their advantage while millions of Filipinos are crying for justice. This just utterly insane. Yellow army should learn to accept reality this government will no longer put up with BS.

  10. These YellowTards, who call themselves “Human Right Activists” are the remnants of Aquino’s attack dogs. They were in deep in the Shabu Trafficking business; and are still affiliates of the Chinese Triad Drug Mafia syndicate.

    It seems, they are “ON HIGH” on Shabu, when they blog in GRP. This is the tactic of Aquino’ YellowTards. When they see a dead body, they shout : “Human Rights”…

    During Aquino’s term. When the Mamapasano massacre SAF victims came home. Aquino went somewhere. These human rights “activists” , were nowhere to be seen.

    During the Chinese Tourist standoff with a crazy policeman, in Luneta. These human rights “activists”, were not there, to shout :”Human Rights”…

    Now, if they see any victim of any crime, or a dead body; they shout :”Human Rights”…it is “attrition tactic”, that they are using. Not to further their cause, but to become a Nuisance in their own way !

    1. drug money was badly needed during LP campaign..only became a problem after no legitimate donor available. they over confidence like 2013 election that they can get away as a winner no time for loosing. this last election, they didn’t expect to loose so they didn’t prepare for the worst like the SOCE that never enter to their greedy mind.Andy bautista is the savior,did all the best to make Boy droga as number 2 overtake binay and Poe

  11. the yellow dynasty and its army vs. pres duterte and the pilipino people power for a bloody civil war. it’s the tone of the music. America will be on the side of pres duterte no doubt for a better Philippines.

      1. Meh. I have always despised the practice even when done by females. I suppose that due to my background in nursing, I find colored nails unsanitary.

        But yes, I still can’t understand these die-hard Aquino fanatics. They defend only the criminals but not the victims. Indeed, if Duterte is willing to go all the way with his “War on Drugs” campaign, I will delight in seeing the oligarchs be cast down from their lofty positions.

      2. I noticed too. Not a big fan of this myself but it looks like MANicure is getting trendy…

        Smith is hardly alone. Plenty of other men as of late have been seen wearing nail polish, including Johnny Depp, Taye Diggs, Seal, Jared Leto, Brad Pitt, Zac Efron, Elden Henson of The Hunger Games, Darren Criss, Harry Styles and more. Early in 2015, Elle even asked if ‘MAN’icures were going to be the next “thing.”

        It’s better than tattoo – which is permanent. At least limit it to just a finger or two please.

  12. i also got nail polish.the other side of my nail on the tip section and it is colored black.. U know why/ I am a labourer.A sewer guy

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