On Rodrigo Duterte’s Sexuality: “None Of Your Business!”


Before I begin, let me clarify that I didn’t vote for Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for president. As a matter of fact, I voted for Miriam Defensor Santiago at the time. However, now that the man is slated to become the president of our land, I believe we should all learn to own up to our choices and give the man a chance. After all, he did not at all seem as shady as some of his other adversaries like the deceptive Mar Roxas and the highly suspicious Jejomar Binay and in fact has a solid track record as a very effective mayor of Davao City.

Unfortunately, it seems that Rodrigo Duterte’s opponents are now just grasping at straws to take the man down before he is seated as president of the Philippines. They are now resorting to dastardly tactics, digging up dirt whenever and wherever they can find any, regardless whether it is reliable or not. One of the latest attacks they’ve made on the Davao mayor is his apparent lenient stance towards the LGBT community. His detractors are now accusing him of being gay or at least bisexual because he once stated that he will consider supporting same-sex marriage in the Philippines.

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Well then, allow me to express my seething contempt and disgust for all you self-righteous hypocrites!

As they say: “How low can you go?” How is Mayor Duterte’s sexual orientation even relevant in relation to him being a statesman? Why does it matter so much to certain people out there who Mayor Duterte prefers to sleep with? Will it matter for instance if Mayor Duterte has a thing for transgender persons?

Look, once upon a time, I was a bigot too. I was none too fond of gay people but I had a liking for the works of horror writer Clive Barker because of his unique take on the idea of demons in the Hellraiser franchise. When I found out he was gay, I became somewhat hesitant to explore his writings further but then, in the end, I decided that I would remain his fan still because his stories were always interesting and inspiring. Besides, when you think about it, I don’t want to know anything about his sex-life, what I do want is to read more of his stories.

That’s why I don’t know why some people think that accusing Mayor Duterte of being gay has any real significance in the grand scheme of things. Aren’t his achievements such as the low crime rate of Davao and the overall economic growth of his city far more important than his preference in gender? So what if Rodrigo Duterte occasionally prefers men? At least he has actual achievements under his belt unlike a certain president who has really done nothing for the past six years except blame others and take credit for works that are clearly not his. At least he knows how to think ahead and solve actual problems unlike a certain senator who’s only real talents are punching other people, memorizing Biblve verses and throwing money at gullible people to gain their loyalty and is even now busily licking Mayor Duterte’s heels for personal favor.

26 Replies to “On Rodrigo Duterte’s Sexuality: “None Of Your Business!””

  1. how low? as low as the guy invites you to…when he introduces vaginas, pricks, fucking, being first in a gang rape, that pretty low. So there’s no limit, baby!

    Personally, I think his chicks cunts are pretty bad smelling, which is why he’s fixated on sexual references. And I don’t need any basis…because he doesn’t either. Also, in my opinion, he has syphilis, which seems to be messing with his brain. Again, no evidence needed. Just likeour boy Rody.

    And if you disagree, well, number 1, “PUTANG INA MO” and number 2, “AND BAHO NG PEKPEK MO”….which, transalated into normal, non-Duterte language means, “Sorry, I disagree with you”. Just so you don’t need to call some Duterte “interpreter” to try to “explain” the foregoing.

    1. Now, this guy….

      Has a massive massive rear wing on his honda civic, complete with hood scoops on his stock engine. And yes, turbo stickers and massive exhaust.

      Failure to focus on things which matter. Idiot!

    2. mar, dinosaur, jim, simply talk to him in a language he understands

      for instance,

  2. exactly right. the yellow army wrecked the house of representatives and the judiciary. now that their king is out, they’re still there trying hard to control the senate and obey whatever their king would say. there will only be change in the Philippine society if the people will cry out loud who they want and don’t to seat in the house. forget about the election mandates. it’s been rigged.

  3. It really isn’t. Who cares who this guys (Duterte) sleeps with, as long as he does what he needs to do to fix the Failippines is all that matter? Fliptards are such hypocrites; they’re trying to protect a wholesome image that’s not even there.

  4. [Correct Version]

    It really isn’t anyone’s business. Who cares who this guy (Duterte) sleeps with, as long as he does what he needs to do to fix the Failippines is all that should matter? Fliptards are such hypocrites; they’re trying to protect a wholesome image that’s not even there.

  5. Grimwald, I vehemently disagree with you – sometime – and I think there were times when you were being intellectually dishonest but I still keep reading your blogs because I respect you, especially your intelliigence even if we do not meet eye to eye. I repect you because of your eloquence – the way you lay out your arguments tho I must admit some of them are biased and one-sided, which I am also guilty of – so touche’ 🙂

    Besides, we can always agree to disagree yet still maintain respect for each other. You are what I refer to as a worthy opponent.

    This is one of your articles that I agree with. Like you, I was once a bigoted prick. I looked down on gay people as if they were second rate citizens and disgusting human beings except for my gay friends. That was the level of my stupidity and sheer ignorane but that was when I was 15 years old, lol.

    Yes, there are a lot of fking bigoted idiots in our country, sad to say. Some people just grow old but not wiser.

    Oh, and talk about the religious self-righteous hypocrites. I personally view them as human excrements. These are the people who sits on their moral high horse and denounce someone’s sexual immorality of persons for just being gay. kinda reminds me of the ultra conservative republicans in the U.S., or the bible thumpers and self-appointed moral authority.

    although disheartining to have people like that, I am still rooting for the filipino in general – that the idiotic bigots are the minority. More and more pinoys are now tolerant and open-minded.

    The days of the ignorant bigots are numbered but i must admit, there are times when you can’t fix stupid

        1. Maybe just “OY”


          “Yeah you, with a coconut for a head. Get lost already you are scaring the children….. and stop drooling.”


          “Oy dunderhead! Stop looking so dumb.”
          “You are going to jail.”

          followed by

          “Oy! Yeah you! Pick up the soap!”

    1. I agree, he better send pnoy in prison otherwise the lp may hinder him doing his job as a president.

      What do you think could be used for the top yellows to be imprisoned.

    1. because “bakla” is derogatory, just like “cocksucker”. in a way its a good thing because it separates the respectable from acceptable. now you dont call nph or james randi “faggots” instead use “gay”. this is because despite being homosexual, they do not exhibit “bakla” traits of the likes of vice ganda.

  6. What does it matter, if the President is: gay, transgender, bisexual,homosexual, etc… If he/she can do a good job in reforming and changing our country. He/she is a good President.

    The YellowTards “asungot” of Aquino and the Feudal Oligarchs, are at work. To put , Pres. Elect Duterte down, before, he assumes power. They know that their Puppet: Leni Robredo, is waiting in the corner…

    Anyway, Aquino is a closet homosexual. However, he is the worst President, the Philippines, ever had in history.

    1. 543Hyden007Toro8888777.99,

      “Anyway, Aquino is a closet homosexual. However, he is the worst President, the Philippines, ever had in history.”

      I couldn’t have said it better.


  7. …and besides, between pnoy and du30, who do you think is more likely to be gay? so why make a stupid issue of it now?

  8. I wonder what Du30 has to say about this Transgender…


    Apparently – the shemale died not for sexuality reasons but for being such an annoying moocher asshole.

    The suspect claimed that he got annoyed after Reilly kept on asking for money even though he had nothing more to give.

    Du30 might say what’s on everybody’s mind: “buti nga sa bayot na yan!” All media/human rights activists’ hell breaks loose again… (and the saga continues)

  9. Ana P. Santos is a bitch, who is willing to be used by the Feudal Oligarchs.

    There is a good TV network here in the U.S. It is called the : Public Broadcasting System (PBS). It is not financed by Corporate Sponsors; but is financed by public contributions; private foundations; etc…so, it does not owe its existence to any corporation.

    It features: World News; it affiliates with foreign TV news networks, from : Germany, Japan, and other European countries. It features also: advances in Science and Technology; advances in Arts and Architectures; World History; People’s Forum; Business and Financial topics; Performing Arts; it shows how things were invented /discovered and developed; Advanced Technology; Philosophies;World Travel; other countries’ cultures; etc…It is a very good and informative TV network…

    I, myself, is a fan of the network; and I am a contributor to its finances…

    1. Sex is both a necessity and an obsession throughout history; it’s a part of our human characteristic. In Third World countries like the Failippines, it serves as a practical obsession for survival.

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